No. 836 Chapter destroy the city!

    Protect the city array with the statue of the true God as the base, the statue of the true God destroyed, the protection of the city will be shattered!

    The Youmont in the sky see that resist their guard city array broken, then all roared, send out the strange cry, like Hungry Wolf jumped on the grassland panic sheep, began to enjoy the feast of killing!

    Countless flames, countless boulders, countless metals, and all the comprehensions of Dongsha City.

    The flame instantly ignited the trees in the city, lit the clothes, lit the weeds, and ignited the self-cultivators who had not had time to react. The streets all became the sea of ​​fire!

    The slate of the ground began to roll up one by one. All the houses were broken in an instant, the sand was flying, the boulder was turned over, and all the self-cultivators who were dodging on the street were buried directly.

    Many of the superb comprehensions have leapt to the sky, but they are greeted with countless sharp metal blades, shimmering in the air, tearing the void, piercing the body of the comprehension, cutting them into Countless paragraphs!

    However, their bodies have not yet landed, they have been ignited by the flames of flying in the air, and then they are opened by gravel.

    "Do not! I want to live! ”


    "The Lord of the City, save us!"

    "You, the Yumeng Mozu, should kill the demon, he is the one you want, we are just innocent victims!"

    "You demon, save us with a transmission! I am the elder of Xuan Lingmen! If I die, you will inevitably suffer from my sacred spirits! ”

    All kinds of ridiculous voices echoed in Dongsha City for a long time, they will never understand how ugly their faces are.

    They are still thinking about asking the city owner to save them. Now they are still thinking about the Yumeng Mozu to kill Mu Yu and let them go. Now I still think that I can be a decent person. Live down.

    But they can only think about it!

    The screams of horror sounded everywhere in Dongsha City. The comprehensions fled around and became a group. Most people were crowded in the gates of the city. When they fled, they all collided with each other. A fireball went down. A hell of fire!

    And they trust the admired city master, at this moment has rushed out to the place without the Yumeng Mozu, his cultivation is the highest, and the fastest escape!

    But he didn't have time to escape,

Because Mu Yu stopped his way with a sly killing.

    All the comprehensions who wanted to kill him were trapped by Mu Yu’s array, and all the comprehensions of the distracted period were stopped by Luo Yu.

    Xiaoshuai stood silently beside the remains of the old man and others, watching the wood feathers and Luo Wei, who were smashed by the killing.

    Gao Yixing was terrified, and he was covered by Mu Yu.

    "You can't kill me! Can't kill me! I am now the head of the Burning Party. We are an affiliate of the Star Gate, you…"

    Gao Yixing shouted, he wanted to struggle, but Mu Yu’s sword had already penetrated his Dantian.

    The wooden feather face is expressionless, and there are already many star-studded people who have died in his hands. He will kill the cancer of the Star Gate sooner or later!

    The breath of Gao Yixing has already succumbed. He made a scream of inhumanity, and his voice was miserable. Like a dead dog, he was thrown on the ground by Mu Yu.

    "Do not kill me! please! please! ”Gao Yixing glared at the abdomen and kept crawling.

    Mu Yu’s arm has been stretched out and broke into the chest of a high star. The body of the high star is like a paper paste, and can not stop the hand of Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu took the heart of a high star and took the dirty heart!

    "The heart of the Old City Lord and Xuan Zhengtang should be the most worthwhile to continue to beat, not you."

    Mu Yu is like a demon, looking at the high star of fear.

    The heart of Gao Yixing has been picked up by Mu Yu and beat in the hands of Mu Yu.


    Gao Yixing’s eyes were rounded, looking down at his empty chest and looking up at the heart of Mu Yu’s hand.

    "You, you are a demon!"

    Gao Yixing spit out these words from his mouth, and his face gradually solidified.

    He still doesn't understand what kind of person he has offended.

    His head hangs down, but the sword light passes, the head has already rolled to the ground, and the wooden feathers stepped on the foot.

    Mu Yu turned his head and looked at Tian Ziming, who was firmly bound by the pattern.

    Tian Ziming was completely frightened. The death of Gao Yixing made him all soft and his eyes filled with despair.

    "Yes, I am a demon."

    The power of Mu Yu’s hand was shocked, and the heart of Gao Yixing turned into a bloody day, and it was sprinkled on Tian Ziming’s body, dyeing Tian Ziming into a blood person.

    Gao Yixing’s blood dripped down on Tian’s face, and Tian Ziming completely frightened his courage, and there was no such thing as a daring and arrogant gesture.

    "But I was originally an innocent demon, and you, a dirty demon!"

    Mu Yu’s green shirt is spotless, and he won’t let dirty blood splash on himself.

    "who are you?"Tian asked from the voice of Ming.

    The sword light passed, and Tiantian’s dantian had been destroyed. He sent out a scream of tears and tears. It seemed so harsh in the entire Dongsha City, and even overshadowed the blazing sound of the flaming stone.

    "You ruined me to repair, our star gate will definitely make you pay a painful price! Let you live forever and never live! ”Tian Ziming’s face is mixed with hatred, grievances and fear.

    "I don't know if your young master is super-born."

    Mu Yu’s hand is once again exploding like lightning!

    The heart of Tian Ziming has been held in the hand by Mu Yu.

    "You, you, are you -" Tian Ziming stared at Mu Yu with fear, he had already thought of the identity of Mu Yu!

    "Your heart doesn't beat!"

    Mu Yu once again pinched the heart of Tian Ziming, and the blood was once again sprinkled on Tian Ziming.

    Tian Ziming did not finish his words. The last memory of his life was a blood red, and a Qingyi people who were murderous.

    The green branches whistling in the air, and the sky was self-piercing, and then trembled. The branches instantly shredded the whole body of Tian Ziming, turning into a bloody rain, life essence and soul power were all Devouring it!

    "But I am no longer an innocent demon now."

    Mu Yu looked back at the old man and the Xuan Zhengtang family. They were also destroyed by Dan Tian and pierced the heart. Mu Yu revenged them in the same way.

    He did not have the pleasure of fù chóu, only deep sorrow, this sorrow spread in his heart-wrenching heart, it seemed so awkward, as if his heart was suddenly shocked.

    "Sorry, I have the ability to kill the whole city, but I can't protect you."

    He tried his best. He always wanted to protect the old man and the Xuan Zhengtang family and let them live, but he could not stay with them forever. As long as he left, he would definitely have an accident.

    He understands that the most effective way to protect a good person is to kill the wicked!

    He wants to let the whole city be buried with the old man and the Xuan Zhengtang family!

    Muling made countless branches, swept up, and entangled those who embraced the self-cultivation of the self-righteous period.




    The branches are like a sharp-edged thorn in the heart of these self-cultivators. Throughout the heart of these people, how do they kill the old man and the Xuan Zhengtang family, and in what way Mu Yu kills them!

    These comprehensions of the comprehension only have a look of fear on their faces. They are not willing to break free and want to escape from Dongsha City, but they can't escape, no one can escape. In front of Mu Yu, selfishness and ungratefulness The coward can't escape!


    Numerous foliage vines emerge from these people's bodies, from their mouths, from their eye sockets, from their ears, from their skin joints.

    They are like being parasitic by trees. The flesh and blood of the body are dried up, the skin is broken by the branches, and no blood flows out. The people who are parasitic by the trees suddenly move up. They are like dexterous trees in Dongsha City. The self-cultivators who fled around have rushed over!

    Once the comprehension is wrapped around the branches, the branches of the branches will invade them, sucking away their flesh and blood, sucking away their spiritual power, turning them into trees, and continuing to comprehend The person rushed over!

    Just like a sudden explosion of viruses, the branches of horror stretched like a tentacle from the center of the city gate. The green leaves floated in the air. Even the flames, boulders and golden awns did not destroy these plants. The icy murder is harvesting one life after another.

    Every imaginary dantian is destroyed, every dirty heart is broken, and the soul of every soul is swallowed by trees.

    The fire of the Yumeng Mozu, the Jinyoumeng Mozu, and the Tuyoumeng Mozu have all entered the city of Dongsha, and they have created a terrible killing.

    The sun is like blood, shining on the mess of Dongsha City, and also shines on Mu Yu, dragging the figure of Mu Yu long and long.

    Mu Yu walked on the street as if there were no ones, watching those who were ignited by the flames rolling over the ground, trying to put out the flames, but the boulder pressed them in an instant, and the Jin Geli also cut them into Countless paragraphs. UU reading

    "Save me, beg you! help me! I sent it out with a transmission array. I didn't mean to kill you. I swear. ”

    A young man dragged his body halfway and crawled slowly around Mu Yu. His body was cut off by his own heart, because the skyfire ignited his legs, he couldn't extinguish the skyfire, but even if he cut his leg, the skyfire still burned in his wound. His left arm was gone, and he was stunned by a huge stone.

    He crawled like a dirty, poor dog on the ground, forgetting that he was one of the most screaming people in the woods. He was horrified to use his right arm to pull the wooden feathers and ask for help. Save his despicable life.

    However, if the wood feathers are ignorant, the branches will be drilled from the ground and the young people’s heart and Dantian caves will be worn!

    "You could have saved your life."

    Mu Yu looked up at the sky, and the afterglow of the setting sun dyed the evening glow. It seemed that the clouds of the whole sky would burn and reveal a beautiful beauty.

    It was a funeral at dusk. (https://)

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