Chapter 837 is destroyed!

    Walking on the street and bathing in the setting sun, Mu Yu’s heart is extremely calm, just like enjoying a magnificent elegy, and the brilliant light is like a fireworks, so beautiful.

    Five new coffins floated behind him, and the coffins were connected by branches, like a weird tree with five people who wanted to protect Muyu. They seemed to be watching the entire Shura scene. The sad ending of these cowards.

    Countless comprehensions were burned out by flames and smashed by stones. He didn't save anyone, just watching it indifferently.

    The three Eugene priests have not yet arrived, and if these comprehensions rise up to resist, they will at least have the power to fight. Because the Yumeng Mozu is only a few thousand people, and they are a whole hundred thousand!

    However, when the flames of the Yumeng Mozu came, the houses on the ground turned into boulders, and the sharp metal swept around, everyone panicked and messed up their hands and feet, just avoiding these things and not stopping to resist.

    The sword shadow dust has created a comfortable life for them for more than 100 years, so that they have forgotten how to deal with the Yumeng Mozu and forget where the weakness of the Yumeng Mozu is.

    In their eyes, those Yumeng Mozu are so invincible, can't be alive!

    More and more self-cultivators are screaming, and even if the magic weapon is not drawn, they have been killed, killed, and hacked.

    They have lost psychologically. Without any fighting spirit, they are not opponents of the Yumeng Mozu.

    Mu Yu walked past the side of these poor worms, the gravel flew, the flame splashed, and the violent whistling, but could not stop his progress.

    The branches of the vines were pulled out from under his feet, like a dragon that was free to roll on the ground, floating and floating around him, cleaning up all the obstacles.

    The self-cultivator who has been hidden in the corner and has not been stunned by the Yumeng Mozu is instantly entangled in countless trees and becomes a tree man.

    Those who do not know the life and death of the Yumeng Mozu want to rush toward the wood feathers, but also the branches that are not invaded by the firearms and fires, tearing!

    Mu Yu face walked facelessly, at the end of the street, Luo Wei stood there, as if standing there for a long time.

    The flames on Luo Wei have turned black. These flames are filled with the smell of killing, as if they can burn everything in the world, and even the soul will be burned to ashes. The place where the flame burns is not extinguished until now, but like having life, desperately trying to find the self-cultivator as a fuel to strengthen oneself.

    "Is regret it?"Luo Wei asked indifferently.

    All the distraction period and the comprehensions who want to escape have been burned into ashes by the flames of Luo Wei. Here is Shura’s killing, trapped by the ugly villain, no one can escape!

    "When they chose to give up their resistance to the Yumun Mozu, they were already dead."Mu Yu said calmly.

    Think of the old man and the Xuan Zhengtang family, Mu Yu can't forgive these people!

    He gave these people the opportunity, as long as these people are still bloody, retaining the dignity of the human race, they will leave the city like the twenty-three people, leaving this Shura to kill.

    But this group did not, they made their own choices and chose cowardice.

    At the moment they made their choice, they buried themselves.

    If Mu Yu saved these selfish self-interested comprehensions, who should save the bloody old town owner and the upright Xuan Zhengtang family?

    Why can they ask others to die for them, and they want to survive?

    What is the significance of these cowards to survive?

    If they survived, when they encounter the Umon Mozu raid again, will these selfish self-cultivators still find another person to die for them?

    "Even if they?"

    Luo Wei’s gaze fell into the middle of the ruins. It was a panicked old man, holding his two-year-old granddaughter tightly, and keeping his granddaughter under his body, wanting Use your body to block the dangers that are coming.

    They are just mortals. When the Yumeng Mozu came, they could only pin their hopes on the immortal. Unfortunately, the immortals were weaker than they were.

    Mu Yu looked at the old and the young indifferently, looked at their desperate look, looked at their weak and helpless look, and their eyes were calm.

    A Tuyoumeng Mou discovered them, screaming at the arm, and suddenly the gravel smashed toward the old one. The old man closed his eyes desperately, clinging to his granddaughter and welcoming death.

    But these gravel did not fall, the branches formed a barrier to shatter all the gravel, and the slender branches climbed onto the body of the Tuyu Mozu, and the roots spread to the body of the Tuyu Mozu. The family roared and screamed, and the body was like a broken stone, and it was broken by the roots!

    Mu Yu looked indifferently at this old and young, there are countless mortals in the city, they can't survive in this catastrophe, they have no ability to resist than the self-cultivator, they are not like the self-cultivator, the comprehension is at least still There is a battle, but they don't.

    Xiaoshuai jumped to the side of Muyu, and stretched out the hand of Mu Yu. The hand of Mu Yu was very cold, just like the ice of the year. But Xiao Shuai's hand is very warm, like a winter stove, able to melt the frost.

    Xiaoshuai hesitated for a moment and said: "Mu Yu, give me the innate foundation!"

    Mu Yu indifferently handed the congenital formation with the transmission array to Xiaoshuai.

    Xiaoshuai took over the innate foundation, and the clear big eyes turned and said: "There is still a soul."

    Mu Yu waved his hand calmly and portrayed the soul of the soul in the innate array.

    Xiaoshuai's body turned into a white shadow, and it has disappeared into the original place. He came to the old and the young, and the soul and the transmission array acted together on the old and the young. The two men have disappeared. Xiao Shuai once again turned into a shadow, and shuttled through a mess of ruins.

    Mu Yu did not stop Xiao Shuai and did not move on.

    The branches turned over and over the entire Dongsha City ground, broke through the ground, disappeared into the ground, harvested the life of the comprehens, and blocked the gravel flame for countless mortals.

    Luo Wei looked at Mu Yu and did not say a word more.

    The black flame raged in Dongsha City, igniting the body of one self-cultivator, igniting one after another, and even the fire Eumon was burnt to ashes by the black flame. But when these flames meet mortals, they will surround them and burn all the sharp blades and gravel that come over.

    "Even if you don't shoot today, when the Yumeng priests use the five elements to die, the people in Dongsha City can't escape."Luo Wei opened her mouth in indifference.

    He looked at the self-cultivators who died in the hands of Yumun, and even the brows did not wrinkle.

    Luo Wei has long been tired of the ugliness of human nature. He does not want to help these comprehensions again, but he still chooses to help those mortals who have no power.

    "I know."Mu Yu simply replied.

    Luo Wei looked up at the East. There were three very strong atmospheres that were gradually approaching Dongsha City. It seems that they have already noticed that the Dongsha City defending city was broken. They are rushing here quickly to win the killing power. !

    Luo Wei regained his gaze and said: "After saving Master, Master would like to punish me, I will not regret it. Even if Master wants to kill me, I will not resist. My life is given by him. He can withdraw it at any time, but I want to go my own way. ”

    Mu Yu’s heart showed a little fluctuation, the smell of killing became more and more powerful, and Mu Ling absorbed countless soul powers. It seemed to be very weird, but Mu Yu didn’t have the heart to care about where the weirdness was.

    Luo Wei’s body was full of killing, and the black flame rolled out from him. The horrible killing scent rolled out of him again, and instantly filled the entire Dongsha City.

    All the self-cultivators who have escaped in the future, even the fires of Yumeng, Kim Youmeng and Tuyoumeng, are ignited by the flames full of killing, just a glimpse of the whole piece of Dongsha City, there is only a sea of ​​fire, no life. people!

    Muling surrounded the entire Dongsha City and did not let a trace of soul escape.

    More than 100,000 people, and Yumeng, who was nearly tens of thousands of people who came after him, were all buried in Dongsha City!

    "Let's go, the Umon priests are coming, the two of us are not their opponents, their killing power is stronger than us. They are the cultivation of the robbery period, and the control of the killing power is more familiar than us. ”Luo Wei said.

    The three Eugene priests are quite powerful. They are more skilled in using killing power than Mu Yu and Luo Yu, let alone three people. If they really fight, Mu Yu and Luo Yu can't win!

    "it is good."Mu Yu nodded indifferently.

    The figure of Xiaoshuai was rolled back by the branches of Mu Yu, and he was brought back with him, and there were countless horrors of horror.

    "Do not kill me! Do not kill me! ”

    "We don't know anything, we can't do anything."

    The mortals looked at the murderous Mu Yu and Luo Yu, and they scared each other into a group.

    "You can make a choice."Luo Wei said coldly.

    Just like the young boy of Qingcai, the UU reading book makes its own choice.

    The black flame on Luo Wei is like a demon god, scaring all mortals to speak, and no one dares to say anything.

    "But you are lucky, because some people don't want to kill you."

    Xiaoshuai also showed a contemptuous gaze, and the gods in his hands flashed a ray of light, shrouded all these mortals in the soul, erased their memories, and then sent them away.

    The black flame of Dongsha City is still burning, and the blue-green branches and vines can be seen everywhere, echoing the black flame.

    But at a certain moment, all the black flames and branches of the vines disappeared, as if they had never existed. There was only one ruin left in Dongsha City, and there was no complete house, a complete slate and a complete The body.

    The night falls, and the thick smoke rises in the ruins, blending into the dark twilight.

    The moon is like blood, the cool breeze is like a knife, and the crow is sobbing. (https://)

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