No. 838 Chapter Demon

    The transmission array set by Luo Wei is on a low mountain in the 500-mile north of Dongsha City. It is a hidden volcanic cave. The transmission array is on a huge rock in the volcano, and the lava is underneath.

    The Twenty-three and the only ones who were only able to save the 1300 mortals were huddled in the corner. The magma was too close, and the hot breath made them feel a little difficult to breathe. People use spiritual power to cover all mortals, and I am afraid that many mortals will directly suffocate.

    The blue-shirted middle-aged man looked at the crater, the crater was covered by magma, and there was a layer of five-line array on it, and there was no way to go out.

    Other comprehensions are also confused and looking around. They thought they should face the Yumeng Mozu, but somehow they suddenly came to this inexplicable cave.

    The transmission array flashed again, and Mu Yu and Luo Wei also came to the cave. Xiao Shuai took Mu Yu’s hand like a well-behaved little brother.

    "You two are back? What about the Yumeng Mozu? Where is this for us? What about the rest? ”The middle-aged man in the blue shirt greeted the face and asked awkwardly.

    He had already asked the mortals who had been sent back, but each of them did not remember what happened, as if they had suddenly lost their memory.

    Mu Yu glanced around, the fire of the melt reflected on every rén miàn Pang, no one had the joy of the rest of the robbery, more only puzzled and worried, because they worried that they were transferred to the nest of the Yumeng Mozu .

    "We should go out."Mu Yu looked at the hole above.

    Luo Wei has jumped up, Jianguang swept over, and smashed the five-line array above, revealing a starry starry sky. Mu Yu has already rolled up everyone, leaving the craters with these mortals one by one, and the remaining comprehensions are close behind.

    There are higher peaks around the dwarf mountains, which cover the dwarf mountains, and it is hard to find them even if someone flies through the air.

    The killing atmosphere of Mu Yu has already converged. After accepting the killing atmosphere, the breath can make him control freely, but his inner suffocation can't dissipate. The smell of killing seems to have spread all over him. There is a chill, and people are rejected thousands of miles away.

    He took the mortal people to the opposite side of the mountain, and the temperature in the mountains was very low. These mortals were shivering in the cold, and they had just been in the volcano. The comprehension originally wanted to ask the situation of Dongsha City, but when they saw the appearance of Mu Yu and Luo Wei, they did not pursue it.

    Xiaoshuai has already got a lot of Dan Flint from Mu Yu.

I also found a lot of firewood to warm these fires.

    "Brother, thank you."Only two-year-old Qingfan said seriously.

    Xiaoshuai touched the blue sail that was shorter than him. He smiled and said: "No thanks, Xiao Qingfan is brave!"

    Qingfan asked with big eyes: "Brother, is the Yumeng Mozu being beaten?"

    Xiaoshuai glanced at Mu Yu and Luo Wei, scratching his head and said: "The Yumeng Mozu has been beaten by us."

    Both Mu Yu and Luo Yu are silent.

    "Big brother, you are amazing!"Qingfan revealed a revered face and said excitedly.

    Xiaoshuai took a shot of Qingfan’s shoulder and said nothing. He walked over to Mu Yu and sat down.

    However, Qingfan seems to have any problems. They ran over to Muyu, and they did not care about the looming coldness of Mu Yu and Luo Wei. Instead, they asked: "Big brother, does that mean that we will be tomorrow? Can I go home?"

    The only remaining 20 comprehensions fell on Mu Yu and Luo Yu, and there were more than one hundred remaining mortals who wanted to know this. If the Yumeng Mozu has been rushed away, where have the rest of Dongsha City gone?

    Xiaoshuai hesitated and said: "There is no Dongsha City."

    Qingfan’s face was white, and he asked with a grin: “Our home was destroyed by the Yumeng Mozu?”

    Xiaoshuai does not know how to answer this question.

    A long silence.

    "Where are the rest of the people going?"Qingfan asked again.

    Mu Yu looked up at Qingfan and said plainly: "Dead."

    Everyone is stunned, Dongsha City has more than 100,000 people, all dead?

    "died? Big brother, are they all dead? Have you been killed by the Yumeng Mozu? ”Qingfan eagerly asked.

    He is only two years old, and his childish words are not angered by Mu Yu and Luo Wei. He also tells the questions of everyone's heart.

    "Dead in the hands of the devil."Mu Yu said indifferently.

    The murderer of the whole city, Mu Yu and Luo Wei are demons.

    Killing the old man and the Xuan Zhengtang family, who want to hand over the wood feathers to the Yumeng Mozu, is also a demon!

    These people died in the hands of Mu Yu and Luo Yu, but they also died in their own hands. They couldn't have died, as long as they were a little bloody and a little dignified, Mu Yu would save them.

    However, among the more than 100,000 people, only 23 people in the district did not forget the blood and dignity of the human race. Mu Yu could not do anything about these people.

    Qingfan clenched his small fist and said firmly: "Big brother, when I grow up, I will destroy the Yumeng Mozu like you, and destroy all the demons!"

    Both Mu Yu and Luo Yu looked at Qing Fan, and their eyes were not shocked. They did not say anything.

    Xiaoshuai moved his mouth and wanted to tell Qingfan what the "devil" meant, but he did not say anything.

    Qingfan looked at the five neat coffins behind the wooden feathers and asked in confusion: "Big brother, what are these five xiāng zǐ?"

    "Sleeping five loyal people."Mu Yu said softly.

    Qingfan touched his head inexplicably and asked: "Big brother, do you mean that the grandfather of the city is sleeping here?"


    "When will the grandfather of the city wake up?"

    "When the demons get lost, they may wake up, maybe they won't wake up forever."

    "Why do demons lose themselves? The devil lost himself, will it be killed by us? ”

    Mu Yu looked at the clear and innocent eyes of Qingfan. I don’t know why. He looked at Qingfan’s pure eyes, but he did not give birth to a bit of irritability.

    "I don't know, but if you want to kill the devil, you must understand whether you are a demon."Mu Yu said calmly.

    "I will be a good person like my brother, not a demon."Qingfan said seriously.

    "We are not necessarily good people. The self-cultivators are not necessarily good people, understand?"The sound of Mu Yu appeared a little fluctuating.

    Qingfan seemed to understand and nodded.

    Then he seemed to think of something, from the bosom of the size of a pair of thumb-head porcelain man, one hand to Mu Yu and Luo war: "Big Brother, this is the true god of porcelain, can bring me good luck, Big Brother you saved us, killed the Youmont Demon clan, is our Big hero, these two porcelain to Big Brother, It will bring you good luck in the future. ”

    Luo Wei did not pick up, but said: "I am not a big hero."

    Mu Yu did not pick up. He was afraid of the word "big hero" because he remembered the Mu Hao, who is now studying in the sect. At that time, Mu Hao always said that his brother is the "big hero" of the human race, but now The "big hero" in Mu Hao's mind has become the demon of Tuyu Dongshacheng.

    He can no longer be a big hero.

    "The big brother is a big hero in my heart."Qingfan said innocently.

    Mu Yu hesitated for a moment and reached out to pick up the porcelain man. His fingers touched the hand of Qingfan and suddenly shrank back.

    His body is cold, like a piece of ice, Qingfan's hand is very warm, as warm as Xiaoshuai, but Xiaoshuai will not be frostbitten. He is worried that Qingfan will be frostbitten by himself.

    "Big brother, how cold is your hand? are you sick? ”Qingfan asked with concern.

    Mu Yu took a deep breath, the body's coldness gradually subsided, and the temperature in the body gradually rose.

    "Thank you."

    Mu Yu took over the small porcelain of Qingfan. It was the appearance of the true god. The craftsman of the porcelain master was very smart, exactly the same as the true god on the upper gate.

    "what about me? Didn't you give me anything? ”Xiaoshuai blinked.

    "I still have, I bought nine of them. I said that God has nine avatars before, and can control nine swords. It is very powerful, so I bought nine."Qingfan took another one from his arms and handed it to Xiaoshuai.

    "This big brother, do you really want it?"Qing Fan asked Luo Wei.

    Luo Wei was silent for a moment and reached out and took over the porcelain.

    "Great! This is the protection of the true God, we will have good luck in the future! ”Qingfan said happily.

    Is the protection of the true God?

    Mu Yu and Luo Yu looked at the porcelain in their hands, and there was a strange feeling in their hearts. Their master was the true god in Qingfankou, but where is the true god now?

    "Right, big brother, you saved us, I don't know your name! Are you a very good teacher sent out by the gate? ”Qingfan asked again.

    The silent twenty comprehensions have brought up the spirit, UU reading This is what they want to know. These two people look so young, but they can fight against the Yumeng Mozu and send them all out. Which big door is it?

    Mu Yu and Luo Wei looked at each other and did not speak.

    However, Xiaoshuai intervened greatly: "The three of us have no gates, no ones, nowhere to go, and the world is home, and we are guilty of martial arts. My name is Da Mao, he is called Ermao, and he is called San Mao! ”

    "Da Mao brother, you are the youngest, why is it called big hair?"

    "I told you! Age is not a problem, but I am their master, don't look at my youngest, actually I am the best…"

    Xiaoshuai began to talk to Qingfan about the mess, and Qingfan listened very seriously, his face was amazed and his expression was colorful.

    This is a sleepless night, everyone is listening to the little handsome screaming and arrogantly telling how he used the two hairs and three hairs to defeat the chuán qí story of the Yumeng Mozu, diluting the sorrowful atmosphere and giving this long torment. The night adds a touch of color. (https://)

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