Chapter 84: Overbearing Pines

Every day, people die. Some people die when they die. They are unknown. Some people will die and cause a huge sensation.

The death of the tiger is like a calm lake. A huge stone has been cast, which has stirred up thousands of waves. The whole world of comprehension is turbulent.

The Qingsong Dao people have already entered the Yuan Ying period, and they have achieved Yuan Zhen’s true body. No one dares to challenge him. As a well-known and talented disciple of the Qingsong School, Xiaohu died in the school. The school founded by the Qingsong Taoist is a great shame!

Not to mention that the day the Qingsong Taoist became the celebration of the Yuan Ying Supreme, the festival of the Qingsong Taoist became the taboo of his apprentice, and the anger of the Qingsong Taoist can be imagined!

"Check it out for me! Can't find out, you don't have to live anymore! ”Qingsong Taoist angered a group of gray disciples in the school.

The gray disciples crouched on the ground and shivered, and the atmosphere did not dare to take a breath. They saw the legendary Yuan Ying ancestor. This should be a thing worth showing off, but no one was excited.

The Yuan Ying period was angry, and the horrible pressure made everyone horrified. If the Qingsong Taoist people were restrained, I am afraid that these people had already been shattered, lost their lives, and went to the funeral.

No one pity these gray disciples, their lives are completely worthless. Even if the Qingsong Taoist kills all the gray disciples of the school, every self-cultivator will think that it is taken for granted. After all, the life of the tiger is lost in the school!

His life is more precious than many people in the real world, let alone these gray disciples!

The gray disciples who were present did not know what happened. They didn't know why Xiaohu would come to the school on the day of the celebration. He didn't know why Xiaohu died naked in his bed, and he didn't know why Xiaohu's heart was gone.

They only knew that a gray disciple who routinely cleaned the room on the second day opened the door and saw the bright red blood dyed a naked teenager into a dark red blood. Even the white sheets were dyed red, so shocking. Almost shocked the gray of the gray disciple!

Xiaohu’s neck has five deep claw marks, which cut through the throat blood vessels, and the blood splatters out and spills on the ground. It has solidified.

There is a hole in his chest that is clearly visible, and the heart that beats in the chest has disappeared.

When the Qingsong Dao got the news, it was noon. The hot sun was roasting the earth. However, the school was covered with a layer of frost, cold and biting. All the comprehens who stayed overnight in the school were like winter.

"Master, the younger brother seems to have been attacked by a monster, and the claw marks and the techniques of grasping the heart are like the monsters. However, the disciple had inquired about it. There is no trace of the beast in the Qingshou City. The monster has no wisdom. It is impossible to appear in the school. It is even more impossible to bypass so many people and go straight to the room of Xiaohu. ”The white wave tightened his face and looked at the body carefully, feeling very heavy.

"It’s not a monster, it’s what the comprehension is. Why did Xiaohu appear in the school yesterday? ”The Qingsong Taoist asked coldly.

No one knows that the reason why Xiaohu appears here is probably only known to Liu’s deacon. But Liu’s deacon has already scared his courage. His body was found in his room, and a rope was placed around his neck and hung on the beam. He was already guilty of suicide!

"Master, the younger brother's temper is unrestrained, and his body is traced. I am afraid that I will stay with the people last night."White waves and small channels.

"What about the people who live with them?"The Qingsong Taoist asked again.

Bailang shook his head, because no one knows where the people who had sex with Xiaohu went. This is only known by some gray disciples. However, those gray disciples were so scared that they could not speak in front of the Qingsong Taoist people. I am afraid that I could not interpret this in the face of the Qingsong Taoist people.

The three girls were taken away by Mu Yu, and Mu Yu sent them out of the city, telling them that they could not go home again, and they could not go to school again, otherwise their lives would be difficult to protect. Mu Yu can't leave them there because he knows that if they are in college, they are likely to go to Huangquan Road to accompany Xiaohu.

"Master, you said that with your current Tongtian repair,

No one dares to commit crimes with us. The only one who dares to be against us is Jiuhua. The disciples just inquired. Last night, Jiuhua lived in the school, but left very early in the morning. You said ― ―"

"Jiuhua Real People!"

The Qingsong Taoist people have an anger, and the Jiuhua faction has reached the point where it can compete with the Qingsong faction. Only under the universal sky can they dare to do such things.

However, the Qingsong Taoist was not stunned by anger. He did not have any evidence. It would be ridiculous to rush to the door of other people’s homes to ask for sin. So many people stayed at the school last night, and did not rule out that some sects angered the tiger because of the sect of the sect, but they started with Xiaohu.

"No matter who I am, I need evidence! Then I will let him know that killing my apprentice will cost ten times! ”The icy sound of the Qingsong Taoist is in the school.

Everyone bowed their heads and didn't dare to go to see the Qingsong Taoist.


Mu Yu had already left the school. He tried to find out who the black shadow of the tiger was killed last night. Unfortunately, the speed of the other party was faster than him. After a blink of an eye, the whole body would be retired. Do not drag the water.

At the moment, Mu Yu was at the foot of Jiuhua School and did not go up the mountain. He was in trouble.

Jiuhua sent the whole mountain towering into the clouds. The rock below the mountain is composed of rocks. The top of the mountain is covered with lush green trees, but the wood feathers cannot be close to Jiuhua Mountain because the mountain is protected by a powerful force.

In the Yuan Ying period, the guardian of the mountain, without permission, can not enter!

This Jiuhua faction is really a great means to set up this array. The Qingsong faction also has a formation method, but the mountain of the Qingsong faction is ineffective for the wood feathers that can be integrated into the trees, and the mountain of the Jiuhua faction directly cuts off the path of the wood feathers up the mountain.

The inability to go up the mountain means that it is impossible to determine whether Jiuhua’s real person is behind the support, and it is even more uncertain whether Master is in the Jiuhua School.

He was very upset. He hovered for a long time at the foot of the mountain. He searched all kinds of methods and could not get close to the mountain. He could only give up helplessly.

Mu Yu returned to the school, and the school has been guarded by the disciples of the Qingsong school. Because of the death of the tiger, the entire Qingshou City is covered with a thick layer of haze, and even the mortals are afraid to shout loudly. At this time, if you want to enter the city, you are not allowed to fly directly into the comprehension. You must register everyone.

"Do you want to be so troublesome!"

He had only planned to rest in the school for one night and rushed back tomorrow, but when he entered the school, he was questioned by the disciples of the Qingsong school, which made him very sad. The attitude of the Qingsong disciple was not good. It was learned that Mu Yu came from the dusty school, and his eyes were even worse, and he screamed at him with arrogance.

"Dusting the dust? Humph! After the ancestors succeeded Yuan Ying, they could finally clean up those garbage sects. Can the sects of less than ten people be called martial art? This martial art is still given to Jiuhua School. If it is merged into our Qingsong School, I am too shameful! ”The disciples of the Qingsong faction said disdainfully.

"Haha! The dust-splitting faction defeated your Qingsong faction in the test. You don’t want the Qingsong faction. How can we Jiuhua faction? ”Just then, a few people laughed behind Mu Yu.

Mu Yu turned and looked at the four people. These four people were dressed in the costumes of the Jiuhua School. They were named Tu Panshan. They were seen in the test, and he was one of the main forces of the Jiuhua School.

"You Jiuhua faction even dared to come to school!"

The Qingsong disciple was named Sun Yin. These people also believed that the death of Xiaohu and the Jiuhua faction could not escape. When they saw the Jiuhua School of Jiuhua School, they dared to bring three people to the school, so they became angry. .

"Why are we not going to school? Although the school is built by you, but the maintenance costs of our Jiuhua faction are not less than you, we want to come, what can you do? ”Tu Panshan sneered.

Within a day of the death of Xiao Hu, he spread throughout the realm of comprehension, and he was so eloquent that he knew it. However, today's Jiuhua real people are also the cultivation of the Yuan Ying period. Their Jiuhua faction is not weaker than the Qingsong faction, so they are not afraid of anything!

"Less nonsense, no matter who you are, you must come to the school today to accept the cross-examination registration. Where are you from? What is the martial art? The name of the gender, the magic weapon used, are honestly written here before they can enter. ”The Qingsong disciples kept the gates of the school and took pictures of the paper on the table.

Tu Panshan was not happy at the moment: "You Qingsong used to be overbearing. Do you think that the world is invincible? Do you dare to stop the road of our Jiuhua faction? ”

"Jiuhua faction? Humph! Why don't you dare? The death of the little tiger, you Jiuhua faction itself can not get rid of the relationship, you better give me the truth! ”Sun drink sneered, the fire of the Qingsong and Jiuhua factions had already burned up in the dark, and both of them had the backs of the Yuan Ying period, so they never groaned.

"Do you still rely on the death of Xiaohu? How dare you! ”The butcher mountain anger road.

Mu Yu watched the disciples of the two sects biting the dog. He was too lazy to pay attention. No matter who wins or loses, he has nothing to do with him. He turned and went straight to the entrance of the school.

"stop!"Sun drink extended his arm to stop Mu Yu, UU read book www.uukanshu. Com "The last sect of the Dust School is not allowed to enter the school!"

"When is this the time to set the rules?"When Mu Yu was called to fill in the messy information, he had accumulated a lot of anger. At the moment, he was filled and he was not allowed to enter. The clay figurine still had three points of fire, let alone Mu Yu.

Sun drinking eyes stunned: "I have set the rules, I said that you can not enter, you can not enter! Your garbage disciples are not worthy of entering the school. ”

"Compared to the disciple who lost to a garbage gang, isn't your Qingsong factary?"

Mu Yu looked at the eyes of the Qingsong disciple, and thought that all the disciples in the future would enter the Qingsong League. Wouldn’t they be looked down upon by the local disciples of the Qingsong faction?


Sun Yin waved his sleeves with anger and a flying sword pointed to Mu Yu. "The tiger was originally sneaked and defeated by you. Do you really think that you can beat us in the eyes of the tiger without looking at us?" Even your master will squat in front of our Qingsong ancestors, and today I will give you a good lesson! ”

main idea? Sneak attack? lucky?

Mu Yu is extremely angry, and the Qingsong disciples have always pretended to be pretentious. They never admit that they will lose. Even if the tiger loses to the wooden feathers of the dusty group, they will not admit it, because their ancestor Qingsong Taoist is the Yuan Ying period. Repairer!

However, these Qingsong disciples did not know that their Qing dynasty ancestors, such as the gods, were in the dark, but they were only an old servant in front of others. This group of people did not know, and it was ridiculous. Extremely!

"The disciples taught by Yuan Yingzun must be extraordinary. Then I have to teach them!"

The sword in Mu Yu’s hand trembled slightly. He was never a troublesome person. He often had trouble finding him.

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