Chapter 840 People in the Valley

    The wind blew the figures of three people, and the clothes hunted.

    "Where to go?"Luo Wei asked.

    "I want to go back to my old valley."Mu Yu said.

    He wants to put the remains of the five old people in the valley, because it is the place where Mu Yu feels the most peace of mind. As for the future, he will talk about it in the future.

    Luo Wei did not ask again, followed by Mu Yu.

    Xiaoshuai became a little beast again, fell asleep in Mu Yu’s arms, snoring, turned around, scratched Mu Yu’s clothes, and touched his mouth.

    The five coffins floated behind, which was very weird.

    But neither of them felt that there was any abruptness. They were very fast, but Dongsha City was far away from the Deadwood Valley and it took at least a day.

    At this time, both Mu Yu and Luo Wei did not speak. When Xiaoshuai woke up, he sat on the shoulder of Mu Yu and ate something. The atmosphere was somewhat depressed.

    On the morning of the next morning, the wood feathers fell above the valley, but he just landed, and suddenly his brow wrinkled.

    "what happened?"Luo Wei asked.

    "There are people in the valley."

    The figure of Mu Yu has already flashed into the valley.

    This valley is the home of the dead wood, and the wooden feathers do not allow anyone to tarnish it, but no one with a long-sighted person will destroy everything here, he will not be merciful.

    The demon tree is still there, and it is full of fake demon fruit that can bite people. These demon fruits look fruity, but if anyone wants to pick it, they will be bitten by the sky. At the beginning, Xiaoshuai was the forerunner of the car.

    A delicate wooden bridge spans the small river in the valley. The river is clear and flowing. From time to time, the water splashes and the purple flowers are scattered on the shore. It is a common herb used in alchemy, and some edible vegetables and fruits. .

    It seems to have been built by some people into a place to live.

    Mu Yu looked a move, but a sword crossed the neck of Mu Yu.

    “This is a private territory.”A cold voice came.

    "This is also my place.

    Mu Yu turned and saw a frosty glamorous woman, the cold temperament is even worse than he is, just like a thousand years of icebergs, people are far away.

    Cold and snow, Dan Ding sent the pulse of the cold peak.

    "It's you."

    Cold and snow retracted the sword, and glanced at Luo Wei, who said nothing, and looked sad and unhappy.

    "Do you know that we are here?"

    Cold ice and snow go to the back of the demon tree, there is a medicine pot, which is filled with all kinds of precious medicinal herbs, cold ice and snow continue to bow to take care of her medicine garden.

    "now I know."

    Mu Yu is aware of what he is looking at. He looks at the demon tree, the demon tree is very big, and there is a tree house inside the trunk. At this time, there is a person lying on the bed in the tree house.

    He knows who this person is.

    Mu Yu walked silently toward the demon tree, and the demon tree shook a little gently, not doing anything. He pushed the door of the tree house, the room was bright, and there was a huge night jewel on the ceiling, which gave off a soft glow.

    There is a row of bookshelves in the corner, filled with books for recording herbs, and there are cans on the table. I don’t know what to put, there is a wooden bed next to it.

    The dead wood old man was lying on the bed, looking calm, as if he was just asleep.

    All kinds of strange emotions suddenly came to my heart, destroying all the cold temperament of Mu Yu for a few days, just like tearing open wěi zhuāng, countless memories flooded his heart, and his whole person could not help but tremble.

    "Sorry, old man."

    The original cold heart of Mu Yu was caught by someone. An unspeakable pain came to life. It seemed that everything returned to many years ago. At that time, the dead wood gave him back from Fuxianyu and was shut down. This valley forced him to learn various herbal knowledge and methods.

    At that time, he always disliked the feeling of being locked up. His speech was never too big or small. He used the old and stubborn old wood to be very fluent. The violent old man could tolerate the rudeness of Mu Yu. It’s a miracle to shoot dead wood.

    Things are human beings now, and everything can never go back.

    "I have been working hard, really, I work hard and try to make you make up for those regrets."

    Tears seem to want to come out, all kinds of confession, resentment, sad emotions all poured into the heart, like a helpless child, telling the old man the pain of these years.

    In front of the dead wood, the wood feather is no longer the demon of the day, just a child with too much pressure, so many things make him almost breathless.

    But in any case, Mu Yu did not think about giving up, because Mu Yu said, he will let the old open his eyes.

    Mu Yu held the hand of the dead wood tightly. The dead wood had the ice crystal under the snow, and it was cold and biting, just like the wood feather of the day before yesterday, but the heart of Mu Yu slowly recovered, and the person in front of him made his heart feel It’s warm.

    What Mu Yu wants to do, others don't understand, he can only walk alone on this road.

    He has been working hard to do what he thinks is right. He thinks that he has a clear conscience. In order to let his old man wake up, he has been insisting on saving Master from the hands of Mie.

    "But even you are against me doing this, you don't want me to resurrect you."

    Mu Yu looked bleak and returned to the past in Tian Yan's reincarnation. He saw the young dead wood old man. He told the truth of everything about the dead wood, and hoped that the dead wood would help him. However, the young dead wood old man refused Mu Yu’s request. At that time, even if he knew he would die, he did not want Mu Yu to resurrect him.

    "But the realm of comprehension has become more and more unsightly. I just want to make the living person live better. I won't listen to you, just like I didn't obey before. ”

    Tears are already going down, but Mu Yu laughs and tears dissipate again.

    He does not like to cry, because he feels that life is to learn to be strong, all tears are sensational wěi zhuāng.

    The dead wood old man closed his eyes so slightly, as if he would wake up at any time, and then screamed at Mu Yu.

    For a long time, Mu Yu has not been heard of the scolding voice of the dead wood old man. He is accustomed to those scolding, and even accustomed to the loss of the repaired dead wood, the old slap in the palm of his hand, to the back of his head, no pain.

    However, few people have scolded him so unscrupulously these years.

    "I don't want to be the savior of the true world, nor the great hero of the Terran. I just want to be myself and be responsible for a son and apprentice."

    Mu Yu looked at the face of the dead wood, and remembered that the 100,000 self-cultivator was destroyed in front of him, and he was the initiator of all this. He was in a bad mood. He would not have done this before, even if he would not even have a dead wood. Things to do.

    But if time can go back, he will still do it because he can't forgive those people!


    For two days, Mu Yu stayed in the Tianyue tree for two days. He sat on the ground, leaning against the bedside of the dead wood, and stunned, as if he had forgotten the passage of time, as if he had returned to his original self.

    Carefreely squashing in the dusty mountains and Lan Linger, and working with the air and wonders, and complaining about how hard it is for An Shu’s dishes, and listening to Master’s stories at night on the cliff. .

    Mu Yu is also willing to return to the moment when he just met the dead wood old man. He angered the old man all day long, and then he was screamed by the old teacher, but his skin was thick because he was smashed two times. Will not hurt the bones.

    But I can't go back.

    Xiaoshuai opened the door and stuffed a leg in his mouth. He said, "Wood feathers, two days, do you want to eat some food, the cold ice and ice cooking is not bad, I really can't see it."

    Mu Yu stood up and glanced at the dead wood old man, then went out silently and brought the door.

    Luo Wei was sitting and practicing at the foot of the distant mountain. He had not bothered the wood feathers for the past two days, and he did not talk to the cold ice, and the five coffins were placed next to him.

    Cold ice and snow stood on the bridge and looked at Mu Yu silently.

    Mu Yu walked over and whispered: "Sorry."

    "Not needed."

    "Why are you here?"Mu Yu asked.

    "Because if I am in Danding, I will kill that person."Cold and snow did not hide anything.

    Mu Yu was silent for a long while, he knew who the cold and snow was, the culprit, when he was not waiting for the day, he went to heaven!

    "I will kill him."Mu Yu said indifferently.

    His tone is calm, as if killing a person is a simple matter.

    For him today, shā rén is really simple.

    "They won't let you kill, he is a pulse master."Cold and snow said.

    "I know, but I will still kill him."

    Mu Yu shā rén never looks at his identity, and his identity will not let the damn person survive.

    Cold and snow did not speak again.

    "And I will definitely resurrect the old man."Mu Yu Road.

    "I don't know what you want to do, but he believes in you, I believe in you."Cold ice road.

    There was not a lot of intersection between the two of them, and they didn't even say a few times. It was only because of the dead wood, so Mu Yu took cold and snow as his own.

    For a long time of silence, only the wind blew through the sky, and the river under the bridge flowed.

    "I want to borrow a piece of land here."Mu Yu opens the way.

    "This is what he left for you."Cold and snow said.

    "Thank you."

    Mu Yu turned and walked toward Luo. Luo Wei opened his eyes and looked at Mu Yu. His eyes were not shocked.

    "You wait for me for a while."

    When Mu Yu waved his hand, he lifted five coffins and slowly walked along the upper reaches of the valley.

    The river banks here are all cold and snow-covered, full of various herbs, and a variety of vegetables and fruits, which are quite different from the deserted valleys once filled with poisonous fog.

    Mu Yu stopped in the middle of the river and looked up at the mountain wall, where there was a cave, not far from the ground. When I first entered the valley, because the dead wood old man set up a mirror array here, trapped them, and at night the river would climb out of various beasts, and Mu Yu and Lao Tan took refuge in this cave.

    He stood up and landed in this cave.

    The swordsman swept out and expanded the entire cave, then slowly placed the five coffins in the cave.

    The coffin has an incomparably powerful life, and the wood feathers have carved a pattern, which is enough to ensure that the remains of these five people will not rot.

    "I said, I will let the surviving person survive."

    Mu Yu silently looked at the five coffins. The whole Dongsha City was buried by the old city owner and the Xuan Zhengtang family. The lives of the five people are more important than the whole city.

    He turned and the formation had covered the entire cave, and the green trees were covered with holes, except that no one could come in.

    Luo Wei was watching the wood feathers falling from the cave entrance not far from the river bank.

    "What are you going to do next?"Luo Wei asked indifferently.

    Mu Yu looked at this familiar valley, remembering that the old dead wood was not brought to the place, and was forced to kill Wan Tianming here. Sangong Palace took the opportunity to kill the dead wood, and now he still hasn't. Can live.

    Every time Mu Yu thinks of the person at the Star Gate, his heart is full of anger.

    In Dongsha City, the power to encourage everyone and the Yumeng Mozu to compromise and kill the old city owner and Xuan Zhengtang's Tian Ziming, is also from the Star Gate!

    "I am going to collect debts."

    Mu Yu’s voice is full of murderousness. He used to be so weak that he couldn’t fight against the giants of the Star Gate. But now he has the power to kill, relying on the killing power, he can fight the people in the robbery period. !

    “Where is the debt collection?”

    "Star Gate!"

    The star of the Star Gate, behind the shadow of the Triple Palace, Mu Yu wants to deal with the Triple Palace, you must first unplug the three palaces!

    Luo Wei stared at Mu Yu for a long time and said: "Every martial art of the eight gates has existed for thousands of years, and the richness of the foundation is impossible to be easily destroyed by you."

    The Three Continents are respected by eight gates, and the Star Gate is one of them. Any small martial art wants to tie the eight sects. The small martial art is proud of the eight elders and disciples who have met each other. Once they can get in touch with the eight doors, the small martial art people will be more emboldened in the practice of the real world.

    No one dares to provoke the authority of the eight gates, because there are countless masters of the eight-door masters sitting in the town, like an unattainable giant, can not be shaken!

    "The seven peaks of the Star Gate are also falling."

    Wood feathers slowly walked to the river, his heart was like water, it was difficult to calm down, and the water grass under his feet grew rapidly with the fluctuation of his mood.

    "Have you been to the Star Gate?"

    "I've been to."Mu Yu said indifferently.

    When he was in the sect of the sect, he once went to the Star Gate. The Star Gate was made up of seven gods and floated in midair with a powerful array.

    This array of methods was arranged by Tian Tiandao. Mu Yu got all the inheritance of the heavens, and naturally knew the weakness of the star array method.

    "As far as I know, UU reading Each of the eight sects has at least three masters of the robbery period, and the comprehension of the companion period is no less than forty or fifty. How do you deal with the three masters of the robbery period? ”Luo Wei asked.

    Mu Yu did not answer, he could handle one of the masters of the robbery period, but could not cope with three at the same time.

    "You and I can cope with each other, but can't deal with the third person, especially the doorkeeper of the Star Gate. It is said that the repair is a self-cultivator who will reach the Mahayana period, far more than you and I."Luo Wei continued.

    Mu Yu looked up at Luo Wei and shook his head. "This matter has nothing to do with you."

    Luo Wei did not go to see Mu Yu: "I have nothing to do."

    Mu Yu’s mouth moved and there was no sound.

    "So we have to find a third person."Luo Weidao.

    "Who are you looking for?"

    "southward!" (https://)

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