No. 841 Chapter Gossip

    Luo War said, LAN-interest city, is the last place to appear in the south.

    LAN-Interest city, the closest to the desert Yun Jiangyong a city, is also the first hundred years to be Youmont the evil clan attack of the cities.

    That time, the demon clan just left the desert Yun Jiangyong vein soon attacked the LAN-interest city, was at the Dan Ding faction held in the Dan Trial Conference, caused a tragic loss.

    The words of the Yumeng Mozu at that time were that Yumen would re-open the Terran.

    Thus the Triple Palace began to set up a very immortal list, the real world has sprung up countless geniuses, for the practitioners of the relish, all think defeated Youmont Demon race more than sufficient.

    After the birth of the immortal list, the Yumeng Mozu did not confront the Terran on a large scale, so the comprehension felt that the Yumeng Mozu was not an opponent of the Terran.

    However, no one thought that after a few years of rest and recuperation, the Yumeng Mozu had grown stronger enough to destroy the existence of the Terran City Pool, and destroyed the most important city of Dongsha City, such as the realm of comprehension!

    The self-cultivators began to panic. They realized now that the Yumeng Mozu had developed to a terrible level without knowing it. The self-cultivators began to be in danger. They worried that they would become the end of the 100,000 people in Dongsha City!

    But at this time, some rumors began to spread in the realm of comprehension.

    "Is the Yumeng Mozu more than a hundred years ago sealed by the true god in the Mouyun Mountain? How did it come out? ”

    "That's right! How can the true gods be so superb, how can the Yumeng Mozu escape? ”

    "I heard from others that the Yumeng Mozu was deliberately released by the true God!"

    "what? how come? How can the true God do this kind of thing? ”

    "Have you all forgotten one thing? The apprentice of the true God, that is, the wooden feather, has a very close relationship with the Yaozu people. Not only did he release the white demon king from the second day, but also the previous release of the Siren King with the help of Mu Yu! ”

    "what? Is there another demon king out of trouble? Is this true? ”

    "It's true! It was said by a Yaozu. And I heard that! Mie Miyag is very dissatisfied with the practice of Mu Yu. Going to find the real god of Mu Yu, it seems that the true god and the Miegong do not agree with each other, so the real god will release the Yumeng Mozu in order to revenge the Triple Palace! ”

    "How could this be? How can the true God do this kind of thing? Where did you hear about it? ”

    "What others said! Otherwise, do you think about how the Yumeng Mozu escaped from the Mouyun Mountain Range? ”

    "And I also heard that Mu Yu has the power of Muyou! He is one of the five people in the legend.

    "what? Can wood feathers control trees? ”

    "Not only that, I heard that the true God has already accepted the five people as apprentices. The remaining four people are named Luo Wei, Cheng Yan, Xiang Nan and Qiao Xue. These five people can control the Jinmu water and fire."

    "The true God definitely knows this, but still accepts the five people who have the ability of Youmen as an apprentice. The disciple of the true God and Yumeng have a relationship. I am afraid that the true God wants to overthrow the Triple Palace and rule the Triple Continent!"

    "It's incredible. The true God has always been my respected person. How can he do these things?"

    "I used to fear the true God, but since the birth of the Yumun Mozu, I understand that this is not so simple. Now we can only rely on the Triple Palace."

    "I don't believe in the true God anymore. I lost the statues of the true gods in the big cities. I didn't expect him to be such a person!" We should marry those statues! ”

    In the city of suffocation, many people are talking about it, and these rumors are quickly spread throughout the comprehension world, and also into the ears of Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu listened indifferently to the talks of those people, silently holding the little handsome who was desperate to go to those who were comprehension.

    "Let me go, don't you be angry?" Are they starting to marry the gods now? I will never allow it! ”Xiaoshuai is extremely angry.

    There is also a volcano hidden in Mu Yu’s heart, but he tried his best to suppress it and not let himself break out.

    "Do you still understand these rumors?"Mu Yu took the little handsome and walked into a tea house.

    "No matter how I come, how can they question the old man with white beard? Still upside down? If not originally…If it wasn’t for the old man with white beard, the world would have been destroyed! Why are they doing this? ”

    Xiao Shuai's delicate face is full of irresistible anger.

    "This gossip is released by the Mie Palace. It is impossible for anyone except the Mie Palace to know so clearly. As for why Miegong did this, I thought it was to find us and not let us have a foothold in the realm of cultivation. ”Mu Yu glanced at Luo Wei.

    "I will kill the ungrateful person."Luo Wei said simply, the flame in his eyes is burning.

    Mu Yu has the ability to control trees. He has always carefully concealed it. Other things are not said. Cheng Yan, Luo Wei and Xiang Nan have always been very low-key in the realm of comprehension. No one knows that the three of them are sword shadows. The disciples of the wind are even less likely to know that they will have the ability of Yumeng.

    As for Qiao Xue, who lived in the Yaozu all the year round, he did not deal with many Terran people. However, this kind of news has also been transmitted. If you can do this, no one else can do it except Mie Palace.

    "Why is the triple-bottle bastard smashing the old man with white beard? What good is this for them? ”Xiaoshuai asked with a grin.

    "Mie Gonggong seized Master, but we are still outside, becoming a factor of instability. I think Triple Palace realizes that our existence is already a threat, not to lead the Yumeng Mozu and the Terran, so we are prepared to deal with it. we."

    Destroying the sword and dust, you can let the comprehension put all the hopes on the Mie Palace, and firmly believe in Mie. When Muyu wants to fight against the Mie Palace, it means fighting against the entire comprehension!

    Mu Yu found a position by the window, looking at the people on the street who came to the comprehension, the heart was surprisingly calm, these gossips can no longer affect him.

    The nature of the comprehension has already been seen in the city of Dongsha, and he understands how to do it when dealing with this situation.

    "But these comprehensions can even be questioned by the true God. It is really ungrateful!"Xiaoshuai said indignantly.

    "The ugliness of human nature is far from what you can imagine. They only believe in the Triple Palace. The trivial words of the Triple Palace will make them forget Master's kindness and turn to question that Master is helping the Yumeng Mozu. This kind of person is not worthy. We help."Luo Weidao.

    Nowadays, the Yumeng Mozu is arrogant and heart-rending. Everyone hopes that the true God can stand up again to eliminate Yumeng, but at this time, the Mie Palace instructs some people to smash the true God and let everyone lose hope to the true God. Then I want to To deal with the Yumeng Mozu, you can only pin your hopes on the Mie Palace.

    This is the conspiracy of the Mie Palace. Before starting the war, it must first win over the hearts of the people.

    But when will these comprehensions understand that their lives are only tools for the Triple Palace to gain soul power, and the sacred appearance of the Triple Palace is a terrible evil heart.

    "In this way, when we get there, we will be alone."

    Xiaoshuai is sitting on the table and still sulking.

    “The approach to the south was correct.”Luo Wei opened the road.

    To the south, they knew this earlier than they did, so he controlled 100,000 comprehensions in Shimizu Castle. If he started the war in the future, he would at least not fight alone. He still has 100,000 demon people to resist.

    Both the original words and Luo Wei wanted to stop south, but now Luo Wei has changed his mind.

    Mu Yu also lost confidence in the comprehension.

    "How do we find the south?"Mu Yu asked.

    There is no news to the south, as if it disappeared in the realm of cultivation, the demon person he controlled lost control and became arrogant. Before this switch was done, Mu Yu would reject those demon people, but now he no longer wants to pay attention to it.

    "When I last tracked the trace to the south, his breath was near the suffocating city. I think there must be something in it to attract him."Luo Wei frowned.

    But the two of them have already gone to the suffocating city to explore. Now the Yumeng Mozu in the suffocating city seems to have been withdrawn. Without any trace, they can't find other traces to the south. Come to suffocate the city.

    "Wu Yu, are we going to find the eternal life?"Xiaoshuai suddenly asked.

    Mu Yu stunned. The things in Dongsha City have been bothering him for a few days. He has forgotten to find the eternal life.

    “What do you mean by people looking for eternal life?”Luo Wei asked.

    Mu Yu simply explained the matter again. When he thought about it, he felt sorry for Master! Master paid so much for the comprehension, but what about the comprehension? How do they treat Master now?

    Luo Wei was silent for a moment and asked: "What power does the eternal life have?"

    Mu Yu shook his head: "At the beginning, the Qinglong demon king said that as long as we cultivated to achieve the Mahayana period, we will feel the power, and if we gather nine eternal people, we will be able to control the world, and the Mie Palace will be defeated!"

    "If you say so, is Miejo also looking for the ninth eternal life?"Luo Wei asked.


    Mu Yu suddenly found that there is no time to delay, UU reading Since the Mie Palace has now begun to instigate the self-cultivator, the sword and the dust, then they will certainly think that the nine powerful immortal forces will become a threat. They will also do their best to find those who are eternal life!

    Luo Wei pondered for a moment: "You just mentioned the search for a dragon array, we may also try to use this to find the south."

    "Looking for a dragon's array needs something to the south. What kind of clothing is there to you on the south?"Mu Yu asked.

    "When I left the southern fifty-mile garden to the south, I took everything that belonged to him. I must have known that we would use the dragon to find him, so he would not leave any clues."Luo Wei shook his head.

    When I was in the dusty mountain, the old man used to use the dragon array, so I must remember this point to the south, so he walked very thoroughly when he left.

    "Then we can't find him."Xiaoshuai said depressed.

    Mu Yu's mind is moving: "No! I know how to find him with the dragon array! There is something in him that can be used as a guide! ” (https://)

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