Chapter 842 Extreme Fairy (on)

    "What" Luo asked.

    "Sha Ying demon Wang Haidongqing!"Mu Yu’s eyes sparkled with different lights.

    "Sha Ying demon Wang Haidongqing?"

    "Yes, I took the heart of the sand eagle demon king to the south. The heart and the sand eagle demon king are connected together. We only need to go to the sand eagle demon king and use the sand eagle demon king as the array of dragon hunters. , you can find the location of the heart."Mu Yu said.

    Seeking the dragon array is the breath as a primer, bringing together two things that are similar in breath, so you can find the whereabouts of this person with one person's things, but in turn means that you can use a person as a matrix to find the body. There is still something left in this breath.

    After so many years, even if there is something left to the south, the breath is basically wiped out, but he took the heart of Haidongqing, Mu Yu can use the Shaying Eagle King itself as a seal to find his heart. You can also find the whereabouts to the south.

    "What are we waiting for? Hurry to find Haidongqing! ”Xiaoshuai’s enthusiasm is very high. He knows where Haidongqing is trapped.

    The Shaying Demon King has not been released from the seal and is trapped in the desert Gobi. This kind of seal can not be broken by others. At that time, Mu Yu estimated that the power of the seal could be lifted for at least ten years, so the Shaying Demon King must still be there.

    "No hurry, we need to go back to the Mogan Mountains."Mu Yu said.

    “What are you going to back to the Mou Mountain Range?”Xiaoshuai asked inexplicably.

    "The array of dragons is not enough, you have to make some supplies."

    There are so many bases that you need to spend on the search for a dragon. If you want to search for a person on a large scale, you need a very large number of five-line arrays. The five things like Tianwai Iron, Wannianqingmu, Xuanhai Chenbing, Guling from the fire and Shenyan frozen soil are common and uncommon. At least the repairing world is difficult to buy in large quantities.

    Although Luo Wei also has some five-line arrays, there are not many. If Mu Yu wants to search the entire triple continent in a haystack, he must get more five elements.

    However, Mu Yu knew where to go. When he first left the Mouyun Mountain Range, he was relying on the Yumeng transmission array. There were a large number of these five formations in the Yumeng transmission array in Fulong Mountain.

    Mu Yu’s mind calculated a little bit. If you use the huge base of Fulong Mountain, he can create a very powerful dragon-seeking array, even if it is searching for the entire triple continent!

    "Okay, but before I leave, I need to do something.

    Xiaoshuai glared at his little fist and squeaked, his eyes fixed on the next door, the moustache that was spreading the rumors, and screaming at the worthlessness.

    This mustache thief's eyebrows and sharp-nosed monkeys seem to be irritating. The rumors about the true god and the true god apprentice are all he said. This guy is only a Yuan Ying period, but he speaks without breathing. Vicious words point to the true God.

    "By the way, ask him how he knows the identity of the true god disciple."Mu Yu said.

    "Ok, no problem."

    In the hands of Xiaoshuai, a piece of animal bone is thrown. It is a congenital array, which depicts a powerful soul array, which is suitable for interrogation.

    After the moustache finished here, he got up and walked along the street.

    Xiaoshuai ran over, and he still had a piece of Lingshi jade in his hand. He had a million, innocently pulling the clothes of the moustache, and said with a smile: "Uncle, I want to buy candy, here. Where can I sell candy?"

    Xiaoshuai also deliberately waved Lingshi jade in his hand, and the harmless expression of humans and animals made people unable to bear to refuse.

    The mustache looked at the Lingshi jade in the hands of Xiaoshuai, swallowed his eyes, his eyes wandered for two laps, revealing a disgusting smile, saying: "Little brother wants to buy candy?" Uncle knows where to come, come, uncle takes you there. ”

    "Thank you, uncle!"Xiaoshuai said with joy.

    The moustache turned into a small alley with a small handsome.

    Mu Yu shook his head slightly, and the little man who looked down on Xiao Shuai would not look good in the end.

    Sure enough, after half an hour, Xiao Shuai once again ran back and forth from the alley innocently, and picked up a song.

    "How's it going?"Mu Yu asked.

    "He may not be able to speak anymore."Xiaoshuai sat down. "Oh, you shouldn't be able to walk."

    "I mean what you asked."

    Mu Yu didn't have the mood to manage the life and death of that person.

    "He said that he heard it from the extremely fairy pavilion. The Fairy Pavilion hired a large number of people who can talk and talked about it to more people. He is one of those hired."

    Xiaoshuai’s eyes turned and turned, “Would we like to go to the Fairy Pavilion and turn around? We can also be hired to earn some spiritual stones! ”

    The Fairy Pavilion is a kind of self-cultivation shop that has just emerged in the realm of cultivation in the past two years. It is a life of exchange and sale of information on the immortality. The emergence of the immortal list has given birth to this kind of business, which makes the comprehension very popular.

    Which black horse appeared on the celestial list, what strength is there, what is the estimated potential, what changes have occurred on the celestial list, information about a certain celestial being, etc. Xiange will be in the first place, and the source is very reliable and fast.

    "go with."

    Luo Yu’s tone is indifferent, but it is mixed with a murderous murder.

    Mu Yu also nodded slightly, and the genius of the genius dared to spend money to spread the rumors of smashing the true God. If there is no support from the people of the Mie Palace, it is absolutely unbelievable. If you can find the clues of the Triple Palace from this incident, then it is also very important for them.

    The Fairy Pavilion is distributed in many cities and towns. It is not only the comprehensibles of good deeds, but also the disciples of some sects. There are many great immortals who come to buy information personally. UU reading

    When challenging a great fairy, if you can know yourself and know yourself, nature is the most important thing, so here is the place where you can see the most immortal.

    The Great Fairy of the Choking City is like an elegant building. The comprehensions in and out of it are temperamental and graceful. Even if there are some ordinary people, the repair is absolutely not low. The elders of all parties, the shopkeepers of the shops, etc., but those who can get value in the immortal will come here to pay attention to the latest changes in the list.

    "You follow me and listen to me."

    Xiaoshuai slammed openly in front of the road. Today is the place to come. He is more than anyone else. Two small hands are behind his back, taking a big step, raising his head, a small uncle who looks like no one, compared to wood. Yu and Luo Yu are behind the little handsome, more like a handsome bodyguard.

    Only the temperament of these two bodyguards is restrained and cold, and the appearance of a pair of people who refuse to be thousands of miles away is contaminated with terrible killing!


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