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Chapter 843 Extreme Fairy Pavilion (below)

    Into the extremely fairy pavilion, people come and go, there are various counters, tí gòng different extreme fairy fú wù, including the counter of the extremely fairy information consultation, the purchase of the most popular list, the fairy bet and the ranking forecast of the fairy, extreme The fairy challenge book and the immortal relics chū shòu.

    "How can such a place even the most immortal relics chū shòu? Really shameless! ”Xiaoshuai snorted.

    The celestial list is changing almost every day. Every day, there are new celestial beings, which means that there is a certain immortal death.

    Can get to the death of the immortal relics, for many practitioners are also very eager, after all, can become extremely immortal repair true all are extraordinary, they are not all relics of the goods.

    Mu Yu They entered the very fairy pavilion, there is a door faction and counter on the shopkeeper rivalry, it is a middle-aged, full face of mournful and anger, seems to be forcing the very fairy pavilion to their door faction of the extremely immortal relics handed out.

    "This is our 79th place in the reverse of the most immortal money from the sword, we get back to their own things, still need to pay money?" You are very popular! ”

    The middle-aged man named Qian for three years, is the elder of the rebellious sect. He heard that the genius of his martial art, the relics of the disciples, appeared in the singularity of the suffocating city, and rushed over to want it. At this time, he was angry and reprimanded for the sales counter. Dude.

    But the guys lazily replied: "Now the most famous place in the 79th is the common water, not the money. When the money began to die in the common sailor, his relics were found by us, and you want to buy it. ”

    The folks who are responsible for the sale of the immortal relics have a period of cultivation, and the elders of the reincarnation are in the same realm. This is really not to be underestimated.

    "one million? Why don't you grab it! ”

    The money was obviously quite angry for three years. The genius disciple in his own door was killed. It is even a matter of spending a million back on the relics. It is simply deceiving.

    "We naturally have our rules in doing business. If you want to go back, you will buy it at the price. If you can't afford it, please leave. There is always someone who can afford the price."The man is not moving.

    The money looked very angry for three years, but he looked up and looked at a middle-aged man who was sitting on the second floor and was not angry. However, there was a period of cultivation, that is, there was a big resentment in his heart, and he could only swallow his voice. Finally, he slammed a piece of Lingshi jade on the counter and took away the long sword.

    The long sword has ample aura, and the origins are extraordinary. It is the treasure of the rebellious sect of the town. Because the rebellious sect has made the money to be the celestial genius, so the head gave the sword to Qian Qi, never thought Qian Qi died in the hands of another great fairy.

Three years of money is here to buy back the treasures of his town.

    "The extremely fairy pavilion does this kind of business, what is behind him?"

    Mu Yu had some doubts in his heart, then turned around and saw that Xiao Shuai was gone.

    He was moved, and Xiaoshuai was sitting at a table with two hands holding a pie and was very happy.

    "Little handsome, we are coming to the market, can you be serious?"Mu Yu walked over and said.

    "Yes, I have forgotten it!"Xiaoshuai took another bite of the pie. "But there is a free pie tí gòng! And it's still delicious, or do we have to eat it again? ”

    Xiaoshuai squinted with his big eyes and snorted.

    "After eating?"

    Mu Yu showed a helpless smile. His mood has been very heavy these days. Only Xiao Shuai sometimes makes him smile and relieves his troubles.

    Xiaoshuai, this guy, just heard that he was coming to the market, he was still too angry. He came here for half a moment and was bought by the pie.

    "Look, there are small clay figurines selling famous celestial beings here! I just saw that you have also been pinched into a little clay figurine! ”Xiaoshuai pointed to a counter next to him and said, "You have to go and see if your little clay figurine is handsome and handsome. I will start eating after eating a few more."


    Luo Wei glanced indifferently at Xiaoshuai. His eyes fell on another inconspicuous corner on the second floor. There was a very strong atmosphere, and then he turned to the north side of the attic, which also caught his attention. .

    The scene is not the focus, the focus is to find out the people behind the extremely fairy pavilion, so Luo Wei is looking at the layout of the extremely fairy pavilion, and wants to find the clues behind the fairy pavilion from the layout.

    Mu Yu walked to the Fairy Mud Man counter and saw the statue of his master's sword shadow dust, about three feet high, and there are five people next to it, that is, Mu Yu, their four brothers, and Joe Xue, the following is written Named, two feet tall, lifelike, especially conspicuous.

    Mu Yu even found his shoulder on the shoulder of a statue of a young handsome animal in Shanghai. Sure enough, his relationship with Xiaoshuai is already known to many people in the realm of comprehension.

    At this time, three or four teenagers were surrounded by them, and they were arguing about which one of their fathers would buy them.

    "Buy the sword shadow dust! The god is very handsome! ”Said a little boy.

    "Xiao Feng, have you heard that?" Now the true God is spurned by everyone! ”

    "really? How is this going? ”

    "I just listened to the treasurer of the extremely fairy pavilion and said that the Yumeng Mozu and the real God have collusion."

    "impossible! Where the true god will collude with the Yumeng Mozu, definitely deceive! ”

    "Don't believe you to ask the guys in the store yourself."

    The teenagers were arguing about this, and Mu Yu didn't care. He turned his head and glanced at the counter next to it. The counter next to it was "The Fairy Price Consultation."

    Mu Yu walked over and glanced at it and found that the business of the Fairy Pavilion was really done, and even the business of inviting the immortal was clearly priced.

    There are different prices for invitations to different rankings, such as letting a fairy attend a wedding party of a certain family, a birthday party for a big man, a new store opening, a fairy to cut the ribbon, etc. Being able to have a very beautiful presence is a very face-saving thing.

    What surprised Mu Yu most is that UU reads The slogan here reads, "Only the price that can't be spent, there is no such thing as a fairy." get.

    And he saw that the price of his own and Luo Wei’s appearance was as high as ten thousand.

    It would be so easy to find the apprentice of the true God. It is nothing to say that the anti-positive celestial singer is so arrogant, because such a high price is estimated to be unaffordable.

    These extremely sensational appearance fees, the ninety-nine-year-old sensation has 880,000, which is really expensive.

    "Oh my God! Brother, let's try it! Just take a scissors and cut a ribbon is a monopoly! ”

    Xiaoshuai went to the front of Muyu and looked at Muyu’s “appearance fee”. He extended the small index finger and the small middle finger to make a scissor-like stroke. He counted several appearances and counted a few zeros.

    "Don't be dreaming in the daytime, you are so poor, and you want to cut the ribbon, give me away, don't block."

    A man behind him said impatiently. (https://)

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