Chapter 844, we are the ones in the market.

    Mu Yu wrinkled his brow and did not move.

    But the drowsy man who was sitting on the counter saw the man behind Muyu, and immediately came to the spirit, and said with a smile: "The cloud knows the son, you are here!" I have been waiting for you for a long time. ”

    He said that he also came out in person and greeted the cloud to the teahouse next to him.

    "Liu deacon, this time is another party to let me go? I am very busy. ”The man who was called the cloud self-awareness looked like a arrogant man. After he finished, he glanced at the wooden feathers and snorted and sat down.

    "This is the case, the 60-year-old of the Tang family in Wangtiancheng, ready to invite you to be happy, how?"Liu’s deacon at the Fairy Pavilion said politely.

    “Is the same price?”The cloud asked myself.

    "Yes, the price is based on the ranking of the best, so it is the same price."Liu said.

    "Cloud knows…Cloud knows…"

    Xiaoshuai's little hand slid on the list, and quickly reached the 73rd place, whispered out: "Cloud knows, distracted nine heavens, Tianhe faction, the appearance price of 2.88 million? Can you earn 2.88 million for a meal? God! ”

    Xiaoshuai shouted and shouted, and then waved his fists happily: "If someone invites me, I can definitely eat him poorly!"

    The cloud knows that Xiao Shuai was surprised and never seen the world. The superiority of being a fairy is suddenly revealed: "Let your brothers do this, first go to the top of the fairy list!" Also want people to invite you, what daydreams? ”

    Speaking of his chest, he showed his arrogant look.

    Xiaoshuai glanced at the cloud and knew it. The milk said with a milky voice: "You are proud of a ghost! 2.88 million is amazing? Do you know how much is 250 and 38? That is your playing price, don't you understand? ”

    The face of the cloud's self-awareness suddenly turned green. He took the case and angered: "Little bastard, are you looking for death?"

    Liu’s deacon did not expect that Xiaoshuai’s three- or four-year-old child would actually say such a thing. Originally, the price was fixed in 280, but it’s just a good idea. Who can think that it’s true that it’s wrong, he immediately said it. Dao: "Little children, don't talk indiscriminately."

    The little handsome gobbled the last piece of pie into his mouth, then clap his hands, smashed the residue in his hand, sorted out the clothes, and put on a look of anger. "You know what our brothers are doing." ?"

    "Come to our very fairy pavilion,

Just give me a good obedience to the rules of the extremely fairy pavilion, and casually insult the immortal, even if the age is small, it is no wonder who is killed! ”Liu deacon yelled.

    Xiaoshuai crossed his waist and snorted: "Let me say that there is nothing, I tell you, our brothers are coming to the scene!"

    The voice of Xiaoshuai’s milk is not known to be very penetrating. It has spread all over the entire Fairy Pavilion. The original fairy is full of voices, and various sounds come and go, but after the Xiaoshuai’s voice, it instantly becomes incomparable. Quiet, as if the needle fell off and could be heard.

    Then all the comprehensions of the entire Fairy Pavilion are laughing!


    "I'm not mistaken? This little baby is coming to the market? ”

    "Haha! Where did you come to the little boy, I don’t know how to live and die, dare to come to the place of the Fairy Pavilion to find you, is you impatient? ”

    "Is this child still not weaned?"

    Many of the comprehensions have been amused by the words of Xiaoshuai. This little boy has a big say that he wants to come to the place of the sacred fairy pavilion. This is a big joke!

    The extremely fairy pavilion suddenly rises in the realm of cultivation, dare to blatantly give you the price of the immortal, and even the dead relics are dare to bring chū shòu, the power behind this is what the average person can shake?

    This little baby is really ignorant!

    Liu’s deacon also smiled happily, watching Xiaoshuai shook his head: “Xiaowazi, you have nothing to do with this, how come you come to the field?”

    Others may not know what it means, but he naturally knows the bottom of his family, dare to open such a very fairy pavilion, and to do a very fairy business, naturally facing the self-cultivators who come to the disaster. Otherwise it will not open at all.

    It’s a faint sorrow in this singularity of the city. There are no more than five comprehension people sitting in the town, and there is a master of the nine-day fit, enough to deal with all the troubles, not to mention this child, that is Eight people will not be able to see them, they will be afraid!

    The cloud knows that it is also contemptuously glanced at Xiaoshuai, looking at the airy but not very strong Mu Yu, said: "Liu deacon, you can rest assured! If someone comes to the market, I will help you solve it! ”

    Xiaoshuai didn't care about the ridicule of the other people in the Fairy Pavilion. Instead, he took the small hand behind his back and put on the old-fashioned look. He took two steps and said, "You guys!" It’s really a dog’s eye to see people, and I’m talking about it today. Hurry and let him out of charge, let me ask him! ”

    Liu’s deacon took a smile and said: “Little Mao, this is not the place where you are making trouble. Hurry and get out of the way, otherwise I will take a few slaps to let you know what is wrong!”

    Xiaoshuai said impatiently: "I am looking for you in the shopkeeper, are you looking for so much nonsense?"

    Liu’s deacon saw the jokes of the guests around him and was ready to end the farce. He said: “It seems that I have to teach you personally, and we have nothing to do with the treasurer. It’s not what the cats and dogs want to see…”


    Liu’s words have not yet fallen. Suddenly a figure has been squatting in front of him, and the floor of the mahogany paved is shattered!

    Like a killing god, Luo Wei stepped on the chest of the middle-aged man on the ground, and the middle-aged man was terrified to the extreme.

    Liu’s deacon suddenly stopped!

    "The palm, the treasurer?"

    The beggar who was stepped on at the foot of Luo Wei was the shopkeeper of the suffocating city of the celestial pavilion. This kind of strength is not daring to offend the entire realm of repairing, but at this time it was like a dead dog being stepped on by a young man!

    In the mountains, he was so angry that he had a leisurely drink of tea on the second floor of the elegant room, look at the above to his task, did not think suddenly appeared a horror bleak and cold killing breath, he has not reacted to be directly picked up, involuntarily to the ground fell down, the whole process not more than a breath of time!

    "You, who are you?" I dare to come to our very fairy pavilion and live wildly…"


    After the Yanshan language has not finished, Xiaoshuai has already slapped the past, and there is a bright red palm print on the face of the mountain! The sound is crisp and beautiful, and the reverberation is so clear and audible in the eyes of everyone in the Fairy Pavilion.

    Everyone inadvertently swallowed a spit, knowing that the treasurer of the extremely fairy pavilion was extended in the mountains, but the repair of the nine-days of the fit, like Xiaoshuai’s uncultivated, even if the strength of breastfeeding could not be combined The face of the nine-day-day comprehension has left a paw print. How did the child do it?

    "All said that we are coming to the market, but also grind, owe it!"

    Xiaoshuai licked his little hand and looked at Liu’s deacon triumphantly. The five little fingers bent back and forth twice and asked: “You just said that you are in charge of the treasurer?”

    Liu’s deacon was shocked and opened his mouth. How did the shopkeepers who fell in the nine-day period fall?

    "Give me, give me these two troubles!"

    Liu’s deacon quickly woke up and immediately shouted at the second floor.

    However, when he looked up and asked for help on the second floor, he found that five figures were thrown down like sandbags, squatting around him and encircling him and the cloud!

    These five dead-dog-like comprehensions are also the masters of the combination of the extremely fairy pavilions, used to sit in the town of the Fairy Court!

    Mu Yu slowly fell from the air, killing Liu’s deacon.


    The whole scene is silent!

    No one thought that the six masters in the secret of the Fairy Pavilion were so vulnerable in the face of these two god-killing youths, and there was no room for rescuing!

    "You just said that you want to help the extreme fairy pavilion?"

    Xiaoshuai went to the cloud to know himself, and looked at the cloud without knowing it.

    The face of the cloud self-awareness changed again. He was only invited by the Fairy Pavilion to accept the task of making money. Where would he think that the two people who were initially despised by him turned out to be such a terrible master!

    "No, no, I, I didn't say anything…"

    The cloud knows that Mu Yu and Luo Wei’s murderous look has already scared the urine. At this time, they are crying and sorrowful, and they are afraid to move. They are afraid that they will be like the comprehension of the six fits. Lying on the ground is not clear!

    "Now let's come to the market, do you have any opinions?"

    Xiaoshuai glanced at the self-cultivators who were looking for the business opportunities of the immortals. These were all businessmen and sectarian elders. They all had heads and faces, and they were all very savvy. Where can they dare to say something in the first place?

    "Will you kill everyone?"Luo Wei asked plainly.

    Everyone in the extremely fairy pavilion changed his face instantly, and his breathing was a little quick! Looking at the killing of Luo, the heart is half cold. Just kidding, even the shopkeepers who have been acquainted with the celestial celestial bodies have been stepped on their feet, and they have nothing to count!

    "Three big, adults…We are just innocent…"The cloud knows the war and says, there is no such thing as no one else.

    Xiaoshuai walked to the door with a big sigh, holding a congenital base that portrayed the soul of the soul. The voice was milky and said: "Come, UU reading one by one, lie down, get out of this door Whoever doesn’t look good, he will leave his life.”

    "I am rolling! I am rolling! I am rolling! ”

    The cloud knew that the first one was lying down, and he rolled over to Xiaoshuai. Xiaoshuai looked disgustedly at the guy whose appearance price was two hundred and five plus eight or eight. Then the soul of the soul had erased his memory, and Xiaoshuai also took him directly to the extreme fairy pavilion.

    "Fast, time is limited, who has not rolled over within a quarter of an hour, it will be directly slaughtered!"Xiaoshuai snorted.

    Hey! Hey! Hey!

    In an instant, many people were lying on the ground, and quickly rolled toward the young handsome. When they rolled to the door, Xiaoshuai was flying, and when they erased the memory, they also took them out.

    "I didn't let you roll!"

    Xiaoshuai discovered that Liu’s deacon actually rolled over at the door. He turned back to be a small ankle. He squatted on the face of Liu’s deacon and gave Liu’s deacon back. “All said that we came to the scene, You are rolling, who are we going to be?" (https://)

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