Chapter 845 Master of the Fairy Pavilion

    There was a small footprint on Liu’s face. His entire face was swollen and his teeth were dropped. He couldn’t speak in horror.

    This foot is still light, dare to smash the sword and dust, and the three of them will never easily pass through the Fairy Pavilion.

    The self-cultivators of the extremely fairy pavilions are mostly people with heads and faces. This is the first time that people are so threatened to get out. Unfortunately, none of them have a bit of complaints, because if you don’t do it, I’m afraid it’s not just a matter of losing face. .

    Soon the guests of the extremely fairy pavilion have been smashed out by Xiaoshuai, and Xiaoshuai has also closed the door. There are only people in the Fairy Pavilion.

    However, at this moment, Mu Yu and Luo Yu both frowned, they looked at each other and had already noticed something wrong.

    There is a personal shadow on the roof of the Fairy Pavilion.

    "You go, I am here."Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

    Luo Wei did not say anything, the whole person has disappeared into the extremely fairy pavilion.

    "what happened?"Xiaoshuai asked curiously.

    "Killing."Mu Yu said simply.


    "Someone is peeking at the movement here."

    Mu Yu’s eyes glanced coldly at the entire Fairy Pavilion. The guests of the Fairy Pavilion were already running out. The rest of the comprehensions were thrown on the ground by the wooden feathers, but he still felt some corner of the Fairy Pavilion. Someone is peeking here.

    The seemingly absurd atmosphere seems to exist in any place in the Great Fairy, but it is impossible to determine the specific location.

    When he visited the entire Fairy Pavilion, he did not notice this breath. At the moment when Xiaoshuai closed, the breath appeared very suddenly. Then he quickly left the Fairy Pavilion, as if he was deliberately Disturbed them in general.

    "Then why don't we chase?"Xiaoshuai asked.

    Mu Yu looked indifferently and said: "Tune the tiger away from the mountain."

    “Tune the tiger away from the mountain?”Xiaoshuai still does not understand.

    Luo Wei has already turned back and reappeared next to Mu Yu.

    "That is a fake breath.

    "I know, I just let you go and make sure."Mu Yu nodded.

    "He should be still near the extremely fairy pavilion, ready to shā rén."Luo Wei said.

    "He has no chance."

    Mu Yu has long discovered that there is a ban in these people that can be killed in an instant. It is laid out using arrays. This array has already been broken by wood feathers.

    Mu Yu’s soul squad has invaded the mind of Yan Shan and controlled him. Then he whispered, “Who is the rumor that tells you to spread the true God?”

    The eyes that stretched out in the mountains dissipated: "Night fly."

    "Who is Feifei?"

    "I don't know where he came from, nor did he see his true face. He usually wore black robes and hoods, covering himself so tightly that he didn't even reveal his hands. ”Yan Yan said honestly in the mountains.

    "You are the treasurer of the extremely fairy pavilion. Even nobody knows who he is? So how do you usually communicate? How did you do things for him? ”Mu Yu asked quietly.

    Yan said in the mountains: "There will be some jade slips on my desk. I am only responsible for following the instructions on the jade. The only thing I know is that if I don't do what he says, I will be severely punished! ”

    Yan Yanshan said here, like recalling something terrible, that expression is even more frightening than he was slammed by Luo Wei, it seems that the night Fei An left him a very deep shadow .

    "What characteristics does he have?"Mu Yu continued to ask.

    Yan said in the mountains: "The specifics are not good, but every time I see him, the feeling he gives me is extremely sacred, let me from the heart low and fear him, willing to do anything for him. But once I saw clearly a sacred white awn under his black robe, I didn't know anything else. ”

    "Sure enough, it is the miscellaneous of the Mie Palace!"

    Mu Yu’s eyes are cold and ice skates.

    The people of the Mie Palace, the white mans of the whole body seem to be so sacred and inviolable to the outsiders. They use their holy light to cover up their dirtyness and make Mu Yu feel aversion.

    At the time when the lawmakers of the Mie Palace killed the dead wood old man, Mu Yu still can't forget it!

    "It seems that the Essence Pavilion is indeed opened by the people of the Mie Palace. It is no wonder that they can do any business as a cargo, and even do things like chū shòu immortal relics."

    Luo Wei looked at Yanshan indifferently, and the killing intention on his body did not decrease. He would not forgive him for being jealous of the dust of the sword because he was only running errands in the mountains.

    Xiaoshuai sat on the counter and suddenly said: "Night Fei An, is a very fairy! Ranked 19th! ”

    "Great fairy?"

    Mu Yu walked over to the counter and pulled out a detailed list of the best immortals. She saw the words "Night Fly Ann" and ranked in the 19th life, but there is no specific information. .

    "Do you have a very good business in the Fairy Pavilion? Didn't the information on the top 20 of the list of the immortals not be collected?"Mu Yu asked.

    Yan Yan shook his head in the mountains: "In addition to the disciples of the sword shadow dust to the south, the top 20 immortals of the immortal list can not know their identity."

    To the south, he ranked ninth in the celestial list, and his ranking has not changed since now. Now his identity is the same as that of Mu Yu, making everyone in the realm of comprehension.

    "The top 20 even you can't know the identity?"

    Mu Yu has already thought of many possibilities in his mind. The most likely one is the top 20 immortals. Except for the south, I am afraid that it is related to the Mie Palace, because only the identity of the Mie Palace is not Will easily leak out.

    Mu Yu told her about her thoughts.

    "So, to the south, two years ago, I killed a miracle of a triple palace?"Luo Wei said thoughtfully.

    Mu Yu also felt very surprised. I recalled that I confronted them in the desert two years ago. Now Mu Yu understands that if the top 20 immortals of the celestial list are from the Sanchong Palace, they will kill the south. Ranked ninth in the immortal, then the strength of the south to the beginning has at least a period of robbery!

    If the brothers and sisters were really fighting, the three of them were not opponents to the south.

    "So the so-called nine Xuan Xian has no meaning at all?"Xiaoshuai didn't know where to pick up a piece of pie.

    "Nine Xuan Xian has no meaning at all, just a gimmick created by the Triple Palace."Mu Yu said faintly.

    If other people in the realm of comprehension want to fight against the people of the Mie Palace, it is absolutely impossible. If Mu Yu did not guess wrong, the person who peeped around the extremely fairy pavilion must be the night Fei An.

    Can not be exposed in front of Mu Yu and Luo Wei who have the power of killing now, this kind of strength is at least a robbery period!

    Among the major sects in the realm of the realm, even if it is eight, there are very few people who have completed the robbery period, and there is no one who has completed the robbery period before the age of forty!

    These geniuses are also full of hopes and hopes to become the nine sects of the leader family, but they do not know that the so-called Terran leaders have no connection with them. Everything is just a means of self-directed self-directedness by the Mie.

    "Is the command of the sword and dusty wind he also let you do it?"Luo Wei asked.

    "Yes, I only received this jade slip five days ago, let us hire someone to spread the news, I am only ordered to act, I don't know the rest."Yan nodded in the mountains.

    "There is no need to leave you with this."There is already a flame in the hands of Luo Wei!

    But Mu Yu stopped him: "Let's go!"

    "Don't kill them?"Luo Biao's brow wrinkled and screamed at his master's reputation, even if it was a jealousy and died!

    "They are just being instructed, killing them and dirtying our hands."

    Mu Yu has already walked toward the door.

    Luo Wei’s eyes flickered and he followed up silently. Xiaoshuai also jumped to the front of Muyu and opened the road.

    The two men left the city of suffocation and rose to the sky.

    A moment later, a tree in black and a hood appeared suddenly under a tree outside the city of suffocation.

    "It was still discovered!"

    The black man looked at the figure of Xiaoshuai and Luo Wei gradually disappearing into the sky, seems to be thinking about something.

    "The disciple of the sword shadow dust wind can not be underestimated, even give me the opportunity to kill the mouth!"

    When the black man found out that something was wrong, he wanted to kill everyone in the extremely fairy pavilion, but when he led Luo Wei out of the extremely fairy pavilion, he found that there was a horrible killing in the extremely fairy pavilion!

    This killing is definitely not from the young man who is eating pies, but from a person he can't see among the extremely fairy pavilions. It is this killing that makes him not take the shot.

    The black man looked at the figure of Xiaoshuai and Luo Wei and said to himself: "The owner of the killing can't see it. It seems that Mu Yu is no doubt! The long-lasting blood of the dead wood is really powerful, and it is a person who makes the owner jealous. ”

    At the beginning, Mu Yu was taken away by the grass. In order to save the wooden feathers, the dead wood used a powerful array of techniques to exchange his life for Mu Yu, and also sealed the breath of the Mie Palace in the array. Mu Yu could not be seen by people in the Mie Palace.

    This matter has been mentioned by everyone in the White World and the Triple Palace. UU reading www.

    "This time, I have met the powerful squad of Mu Yu, and I can't even use it."

    A white mang in the sleeve of the black man did not flash. He had already laid the soul of the instant in the body of the mountain and other people. As long as one thought, it was enough for these people to directly kill, but Mu Yu I expected this for a long time and broke his technique in advance.

    "In short, you still need to kill these useless comprehensions to get rid of the aftermath."

    The black man is in shape and the whole person has disappeared. When he appeared again, he had already arrived in the Fairy Pavilion.

    However, just as he was about to find the extension of the mountain shā rén, he suddenly saw that Yan Yanshan and others had already lie on the ground and had no breath!


    The black man turned sharply, but found that Luo Wei stood at the back of him at the moment, and two amazing killings broke out in the extremely fairy pavilion! (https://)

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