No. 846 Chapter Night Fei an

    Luo war to kill Italy to say aloud way: "Triple Palace of people?" ”

    The black man chuckled: "I thought I was very careful when I was doing things. I didn't expect both of you to fool me, it was amazing!"

    "You are too stupid."Luo Wei has already ignited a black flame.

    The black man glanced around, his eyes fell on the side of the table, although he could not see the people there, but he could clearly perceive the killing.

    "Your brothers and sisters are really amazing. Pretend to leave, I am actually waiting for me here."The black man did not move, just staring at Luo Wei, and his attention was placed on the invisible Mu Yu.

    There were a lot of bodies lying on the ground, filled with a repressed atmosphere. The air seemed to solidify in an instant, and even the noisy sounds on the streets could not be passed in. It seemed to be isolated from the world, only Xiaoshuai was on the side. Eat a pie and make a chewing sound.

    No one has ever opened up, and there is no direct action. The violent atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger. Both sides are gaining momentum and want to defeat their opponents in an instant!


    The crisp sound broke the silence.

    Xiaoshuai blinked innocently: "Sorry! I bite the peanuts. ”

    However, the voice of Xiaoshuai is like a fuse, and the three figures begin to become illusory in a flash!


    The mahogany floor under the black man’s feet suddenly took out the green branches, leaving a phantom in the air, with a powerful and powerful killing, rolled up to the black man.

    A white light flashed, and the black man jumped into the air and went to the second floor. However, the whole house of the Pianxiang Pavilion was built of wood. All the stair railing beams began to sprout green leaves and spread in the air, completely blocking the black man's retreat!

    "Good and strong wood control!"

    The white light of the black man's feet lit up, and the glory of the whole body appeared, turning into a barrier to block the oncoming wicker.

    But the black flame has been entangled on the branches, without igniting the branches, but it is a direct burning of the black man's illusion.

    The barrier looks indestructible, but the branches of the wood feathers draw incomparably slender roots and blend into the barrier, and the black flame spreads over the roots!


    The black man’s use of the soul to transform the barrier is actually directly broken by the roots.

It is even ignited by the flames!

    A black shadow emerged from the darkness of the sky, but before he stood still, the horrible sword slammed into the shadows.


    The sky is full of swords, and the black man’s robes are smashed in an instant, revealing his face!

    This is a young man with a white mans, dressed in a blue suit, but the blue coat is also covered with white awns, his face is like a knife, his eyebrows are long snakes, his eyes are filled with white light.

    His holy light made him the focus, the next awesome momentum.

    This awe is for the self-cultivator. For Mu Yu and Luo Wei, this kind of light makes them resent.

    This is the 19th in the ranking of the immortal list, one of the geniuses of the Triple Palace, the night fly!

    "Good is great!"The night fly could not help but admire.

    Mu Yu and Luo Yu did not like nonsense, Luo Wei’s figure once again smashed out, the black flame suddenly turned into a bright red, the bright red flame splashed, and it became a flame sword in the air. !

    There were thirteen white holy beads around the night, and the size of the fists was about the size of the fists. There were countless flying shadows in the thirteen beads, and then circled around him, then quickly rotated. For a moment, Fei’an’s side seems to have countless beads to link, and Luo’s attack should be taken down!

    At this time, Mu Yu’s sword is also quiet, his goal is the head of the night Fei’an!

    "Soul Faro, open!"

    Night Fei An couldn't see Mu Yu, but he could perceive the position of Mu Yu's sword. The killing atmosphere was extremely strong and could not be noticed by him.

    Before the wooden feathers in his sword, his bead suddenly sounded a heavy sound. The sound was like a tap on the wooden feather ear, which made him illusion!

    Mu Yu felt for a moment that he came to the dead wood valley and saw that he had successfully resurrected the dead wood and even saved his master.

    However, the wooden feathers were stunned, but they shattered the illusion in front of them and returned to reality. The whole process didn’t even have a breath. However, it was such a stagnation that the night Fei’an had gone backwards and escaped the wood. The feather will kill!

    The feathers of Mu Yu swept across the walls of the Great Fairy Pavilion –


    The whole fairy pavilion swayed violently, attracting the attention of the comprehensions coming and going from the street. They all listened to the loud noise in amazement and watched the extremely swaying I don't understand what happened to the extremely fairy pavilion.

    There are countless killing branches in the celestial pavilion, but there is no change in appearance. More and more comprehensions have begun to stop and want to explore the movements in the Fairy Pavilion.

    At this time, the face of Night Flying Ann finally became serious.

    If you continue to fight, I am afraid that the entire celestial pavilion will be destroyed. They will appear directly in the suffocating city. Mu Yu and Luo Yu are not afraid of anything, but Ye Fei An is worried about his identity.

    The people of Mie Palace do not want to appear in the realm of comprehension in the light, and naturally they have their concerns.

    "how? Do you dare to face all the self-cultivators in true face? ”Mu Yu has noticed the change in the expression of the night flying.

    "Even if you face the comprehension, they are on my side, not on your side!"The night flew and snorted.

    "Then why don't you try?"

    Mu Yu’s beckoning, the wall of the extremely fairy pavilion suddenly broke open.

    The night fly is a sinking face, and a rainbow of light flashes in the hand, covering the wall gap of the extremely fairy pavilion!

    "The disciple of the sword shadow dust wind is really amazing, but unfortunately, I can't play with you anymore!"

    The thirteen beads of the night flying around again rolled again, colliding together, and then a strange texture appeared under his feet, the texture above the radiance, followed by the holy white light again!

    "We will meet again!"


    The ground of the very fairy pavilion was blown up by something, and all the floor redwood was turned into debris, a road of colorful light suddenly leap out from the ground, this time is no longer a pure white light, but red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple, where the different light of each other staggered, forming a circular beam, the night is shrouded in it!

    "The soul of the law, the sound of disillusionment!"

    The colorful brilliance flashed, giving a very strong breath, this glory can not even get close to the wood feathers, when the two of them returned to the gods, the figure of the night flying has disappeared!

    Luo Wei’s killings spread throughout the Great Fairy Pavilion, but still did not see any figure of the night Fei’an, as if it disappeared from the air, without any fluctuation of breath.

    "How did he leave? Transfer array? ”Luo Wei asked.

    If it is a transmission array, it is impossible for Wu Yu to be unaware of it, because Mu Yu has used the array method to isolate everything in the Fairy Pavilion.

    "This is a texture similar to the sacrifice, I have seen it."

    Mu Yu recalls the strange texture that flashed under his feet when he left, and he used to see this texture in the twenty-fourth floor of the town demon tower.

    At that time, the Temple of the Moon was inadvertently triggered by Long Teng, and the same was true at that time.

    "Little handsome, do you notice something wrong?"Mu Yu turned and asked.

    Xiaoshuai squinted and nodded. "Yes, I just smelled the smell of the meat-winged horns."

    "Flesh-winged horns?"Mu Yu did not find this.

    However, Xiao Shuai’s words will not be fake, because when they faced the horns and horns, Xiao Shuai was also present.

    "Does that mean that the people of the Mie Palace can't kill at all? Once they can't beat them, they can escape directly? ”

    The flame on Luo Wei gradually disappeared. Whether it was him or Mu Yu, this was the first time that the people of the Mie Palace had a positive confrontation, but they did not expect that the two of them would not join the Nineteenth Night Fly of the Fairy. under.

    Mu Yu shook his head: "It shouldn't be. There is a retreat from him in the Fairy Pavilion."

    He landed on the ground, only to focus on the extremely fairy pavilion, but suddenly the things on the ground of the extremely fairy pavilion.

    The branches splashed, and the soil covered by the ground was quickly opened, revealing a huge slate. The slabs were already divided, but the weird textures on the slabs were still clearly visible, as they were in the Moon Temple. of.

    "He just used this to leave."

    The branches rolled up the slate and wanted to fight well, but a white awn was suddenly uploaded from the slate, and the slate was turned into a powder.

    "It is also possible to destroy the remaining things. It seems that they have already prepared everything when they established the Great Fairy."Mu Yu stood up.

    The entire Fairy Pavilion has been covered with winding branches. Whether it is on the beam, on the stairs, on the counter or on the fence, the green branches and green leaves bloom, and the leaves grow vigorously. Energetic, but full of horrible killing. UU reading

    "If you are alone with this person, how likely is it to kill him?"Mu Yu asked.

    "I can't kill him alone."Luo Weidao.

    Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully, and the two of them joined forces to deal with the night Fei An could not leave this person, the strength of this person far beyond their imagination.

    This is only the 19th person in the ranking of the elite. In addition to the south, there are still seventeen. What is the strength of these people?

    "But I still don't understand why people in Sangong are not willing to show their faces in front of the self-cultivator? If you and they appear in front of the comprehens, the comprehensions will definitely stand on their side! ”Xiaoshuai asked curiously.

    On the one hand, the Mie Palace, who is respected by the status, and Mu Yu and Luo Wei, who have the ability of Yumeng, do not want to know which side of the comprehension will stand.

    However, the night Fei An chose to retreat.

    This is really weird! (https://)

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