The No. 847 chapter can hear you!

    Mu Yu also didn't want to understand this matter, just two people in the fight, his sword gas swept on the wall, caused by the vibration of the very fairy pavilion, attracted the eyes of outsiders, night flying Ann's expression immediately changed, so Mu Yu to open a hole to test the night, did not expect the night to fly Ann really very afraid of being repaired the real see.

    How can a person who is a Mie Palace still worry about being seen by a self-cultivator? This wood feather did not want to understand.

    Luo Wei suddenly said: "Wu Yu, why can he hear you talking?"

    Mu Yu stunned, he just ignored this point!

    Blood protection can make the wood feathers avoid being peeped by the people of the Mie Palace. It is reasonable to say that the night flying is not seeing the wood feathers, and can not hear the wooden feathers. The wooden feathers are equivalent to a yǐn xíng person in front of the Mie Palace. This point has been confirmed when talking about Tiandao and Baijie.

    However, when Fang Muyu was inquiring, the night Fei An was directly answering, and even Mu Yu himself ignored this detail.

    Looking back now, Mu Yu felt a little uneasi in his heart.

    “Don't the killing power cause the blood-protecting array to fail?”Xiaoshuai asked curiously.

    Mu Yu could not confirm this.

    "The blood-protecting array is still effective. He can't see you, but when you kill him, he can notice your position. I remember that you said that the soul of the Sangong Palace could not be hurt. Yours, have you just noticed the threat of soul power?"Luo Wei continued to ask.

    Mu Yu nodded: "When his beads were used, it made me realize the illusion in an instant."

    This fact is too strange, because when the lawmakers of the Miegong Palace started to deal with the dead wood, the wood feathers were blocked in front of the dead wood, and the soul of the law enforcer penetrated his body and did not harm him. However, it broke the heart of the dead wood old man, which shows that the soul force is ineffective for the wood feather.

    However, just now he was affected by the spirit of night flying, and the other party was able to hear him, which was really strange.

    "In short, we still have to leave here first. There should be more people coming in the Fairy Pavilion."Luo Wei said.

    Mu Yu’s heart was moved, and all the woods that pulled out the branches of the Great Fairy House were all in place, leaving no abnormalities. Then he disappeared into the Fairy Pavilion with Xiao Shuai and Luo Wei.

    More and more self-cultivators are gathered on the streets outside the Fairy Pavilion. Everyone is thinking about the brilliance and roar of the genius.

    Just when a daring comprehension person wanted to knock on the door, the extremely fairy pavilion suddenly collapsed and slammed into a pile of ruins!

    "what? Extremely beautiful pavilion was ruined? ”

    The onlookers are all stunned! The extremely fairy pavilion is a powerful force. It dares to use the immortal as a selling point. It is not afraid to offend any martial art. The treasurer of the extremely fairy pavilion is a character who fits in the mountains. It is reasonable to say that the power of such a behemoth is indestructible. It is impossible for the Fairy Pavilion to be destroyed.

    But what is left to everyone now is a pile of ruins!


    On a mountain outside the city of suffocation, the night Fei An has reappeared. He once again put on his robes, put on his hood, and looked at the mountain peaks looking at the suffocating city, seemingly waiting for something.

    After an hour, the two black men who dressed up with him also floated.

    "Today's cloud, the ancient rain, the speed of the two of you coming over is too slow."The night flies quietly.

    "You met Mu Yu and Luo Wei?"

    The opening is a beautiful woman's voice, ethereal and ethereal, like a mysterious girl above nine days, this person is the present day cloud in the search for traces in Dongsha City, ranked 18th on the list of the most popular!

    "Yes, I still have a fight with them."Fly at night.

    "You shouldn't play against them in front of so many comprehensions."The sound of the ancient rain seems a little unpleasant.

    Gu Chaoyu, ranked 17th on the list of the most popular!

    Night flying quiet channel: "They counted me."

    “Does the self-cultivator discover your identity?”Asked this evening.

    "Not yet."Night Feian shook his head.

    "How are they two strengths?"Asked about the ancient rain.

    "The power of killing, what do you say?"

    The night fly back to think of the scene with Mu Yu Luo Yu, the heart is still quite taboo, he may not be afraid to fight alone, but the two men deal with him, he is difficult to get benefits. If you don't escape by the secret technique of the extremely fairy pavilion, I am afraid that things will be troublesome today.

    What did you think of at night, then asked: "I can hear Mu Yu talking, is this normal?"

    "Do you hear him speak?"This evening, the cloud is a bit surprised.

    "Impossible, blood protection is protecting him. He is completely non-existent to us. You can't hear him."The ancient dynasty rains the channel.

    "Whether you believe it or not, I did hear it just now. And don't forget, when the law enforcer kills the dead wood, he can see the wood feather! ”

    "When the law enforcement officers were killing the dead wood, the blood-protecting sky was just beginning to protect the wood feathers. The dead wood was dead and the blood-protected sky would be fully effective! If you are telling the truth, then there must be something wrong. ”

    There are still some doubts in the ancient rain, because he clearly remembers the blood-protecting and cover-ups. This kind of life-saving battle is very powerful, and it can cross the sea, and even their mains can't break it!

    "What the sun is like this day?"Night Fei An asked.

    This evening, the cloud sank for a moment and said slowly: "If my thoughts are correct, you can hear Mu Yu talking, it must be the reason!"

    "Is it because of killing power?"Night Fei An asked.

    "No, blood protection is invisible and powerful, and killing power cannot shake this battle."

    "What is the reason?"Night Fei An and Gu Chaoyu asked at the same time.

    Today, Yun did not answer immediately, but made a pleasant chuckle: "The next time I meet him again, we can confirm this."


    Three people, such as Mu Yu, have left the city of Choking and flew towards the Moyun Mountains.

    Their next goal is Fulong Mountain. They found the transfer line of the Yumeng Mozu from the Mouyun Mountain Range. There is a rich five-line array, which is enough for Mu Yu to display a searchable array of dragons!

    Xiaoshuai ran to catch a monster to roast and eat, because the pie is tired, he still prefers to eat meat.

    It took a long distance to pass through the Mouyun Mountain Range. Because of the request of Xiaoshuai, they stopped at a mountain. Mu Yu and Luo Yu sat on the stone and watched Xiao Shuai cooking there happily. .

    Luo Wei suddenly asked: "Would you like to find a promise?"

    Mu Yu’s mouth squirmed a bit, and he knew that he would face the master one day.

    "I do not know."Mu Yu shook his head.

    The promise is that the master is mature and steady, and he can handle everything well. His temper is very easy-going, and influenced by Master's subtle influence, he inherited many qualities of Master.

    However, after the Qingshuicheng, the opinions of the four divisions and brothers were divided. They insisted that they should continue to follow Master’s path and struggle to protect the entire cultivation community.

    However, Mu Yu and Luo Yu directly slaughtered the entire Dongsha City, and the Master’s wishes run counter to one another. It is said that as a master, they will not forgive them.

    Xiaoshuai interjected in the side: "Today's comprehension, the promise is also on the list of crusades. He may be disappointed with the comprehension as you are."

    "The promise is not going to."Luo Wei said calmly.

    His tone was calm, but it seemed so unquestionable.

    "Why not? You look at our wood feathers. At the beginning, even the individual was grinded. Now it is not directly a city. ”Xiaoshuai has nothing to worry about.

    Mu Yu was silent for a moment, saying: "The promise is different from us. He won't get the killing power."

    His own killing power came more accidentally. In order to deal with the powerful enemy, he had to use the killing power. After only using it several times, he was affected by the killing power. The influence of this power on him made him unable to pull out now.

    "How can he deal with the people of Sangong in the future? You don’t rely on the killing power of Mu Yu. Your cultivation is only a fit period. Is he almost the same? ”Xiaoshuai said with a small head.

    Luo Wei shook his head: "He will have a way."

    "After the Qingshui City, have you seen the promise?"Mu Yu asked.

    Luo Weidao: "No, I didn't even see the Linger." I think Linger must hate me now, because I don’t say goodbye again. ”

    There was finally a wave of undulations in Luo Xiao’s indifferent eyes. Even though their temper is now affected by the power of killing, it is also because people who are still in the bottom of their hearts can stay awake.

    Lan Linger is a person who is worried about Luo Xin. He once fell in the dusty mountain because he did not control his ability and hurt Lan Linger, so he chose to leave the Mouyun Mountain alone. It’s hard to meet again, but she left her again because of her choice.

    Silence for a long time, Mu Yu said: "Linger will not hate you, but will care about you."

    Before Muyu got started, Luo Wei had already left the Dust Mountain. At that time, after the introduction of Mu Yu, young and ignorant liked Lan Linger, but Linger had only her second brother.

    The words that Mu Yu’s ear heard were all the words of Lan Linger’s “two brothers and two brothers short”, which led Mu Yu to the two brothers.

    Luo Wei did not wait to see Mu Yu, because when Mu Yu was in the face of the ghost Xuan Yue out of control, he almost hurt Master.

    Now, what they can trust now is only two people who don’t want to see each other.

    "The rumor should still be in the southern 50th park, he will take care of the spirit and the air is wonderful."

    Luo Wei’s voice finally looked less apathetic, but on the contrary it was awkward.

    Luo Wei did not go back because he knew that he might not be able to convince himself to leave after seeing Lan Linger. However, if you stay in the southern Fuli Garden, you can't save Master, so he can only force himself to stay away from that place and go the way he wants to go.

    Mu Yu also fell into silence because he remembered the loss.

    That simple and brave girl, is it okay now?

    Since the beginning of the battle with the Yao people for the reiki eyes, Mu Yu has never seen it. He thought that he would like to be single-minded, but now Qiao Xue and Hao Ran each occupy half, so that he can't make a choice.

    Now he wants to see it, but he has no courage to see it. Today, Mu Yu is like a person, no longer ignorant and ignorant, and will follow the use of "tree shrew" That simple boy. He is now a cold killer, like Luo Wei, afraid to face the people he likes.

    Mu Yu and Luo Yu did not speak again on the road, they are thinking about their own affairs.

    Xiaoshuai was eating something boring on the side. Since Longtan was not there, Xiaoshuai also had fewer arguments. But Xiaoshuai will never be lonely, because he is like a naive child, always has a lot of fun, no unreasonable troubles, want to eat and eat, want to say.

    No matter what he says, Xiaoshuai will not make Mu Yu angry, because he is a sword spirit left by Master, Mu Yu will protect him. Xiao Shuai and Mu Yu are both on the road. Although they have been provoked everywhere in the realm of cultivation, they have never been separated.

    "Let's go! I'm stuffed! ”Xiaoshuai took his cookware up and cleaned up the oil stains.

    Mu Yu and Luo Yu both re-started.

    It took a long time, even months, to pass through the 100,000 mountains of the Mouyun Mountain Range. Today, it took only half a day for them to cross the Mouyun Mountain Range, while Fulong Mountain was not far from the exit of the Moyong Mountain Range.

    Both Mu Yu and Luo Yu have been to this place, but they just suddenly entered the Fulong Mountain, but suddenly alerted.

    "You noticed?"Mu Yu looked at Luo Wei.

    "The smell of Yumeng."Luo Wei said.

    "It’s the water."Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

    Because of his relationship with Qiao Xue, it is particularly sensitive to the smell of water, and Luo Wei feels a slight suppression, because water will restrain the fire.

    However, there is no other atmosphere of Yumeng here except for the water.

    Yumeng, who attacked Dongsha City, only Fire Yumeng, Tuyoumeng and Jinyoumeng, but only Yuyoumeng and Muyoumeng did not participate in it. This shows that Yumeng is not actually so united. .

    When the old tree chief told Mu Yu, Mu Youmen was the race that did not like war at all, so Mu Youmen would not take the initiative to invade the Terran, but why is Water Yumeng not present?

    The two looked at each other and the UU reading was careful to hide their breath. Mu Yu also used the array to cover them.

    Because they don't know the temperament of the water, they must be careful not to reveal any sound. If the sacrifices in the water are also using the killing power, it will be extremely dangerous!

    The two slowly moved in the woods, the trees became the eyes of Mu Yu, and he quickly found a small river.

    There is a breath of water in the river, but there is no trace of water.

    With the cover of the trees, Mu Yu took Luo Luo quickly and went to the original Yumeng, but at this time, Mu Yu and Luo Wei stopped at the same time.

    "Mu Youmen."

    "Fire Yumeng."

    Mu Yu and Luo Yu both said at the same time, the two looked at each other and their eyes flashed through the incomprehensible look.

    More than just water is here! (https://)

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