Chapter 848, Yumeng’s Misfortune

    "How can there be a breath of fire here?"

    Mu Yu was not surprised by the existence of Mu Youmeng. After all, when he was attacked by ghosts in the 100,000 mountains of the Mohe Mountain Range, the old tree tree appeared to save him, so if Muyou was in the old tree The words of seclusion under the leadership of this are justified.

    However, Mu Yu always thought that the fire of the Yumeng Mozu is a strong fight, the temper is violent, and should not stay in the Mo Yunshan.

    "It's hard to say that not every fire is so good."Luo Wei said simply.

    Xiaoshuai asked curiously: "The Yumeng Mozu ran out of the Mouyun Mountain in the past. What are you doing here now?"

    At the beginning, the Yumeng Mozu left the Mouyun Mountain Range because the Mouyun Mountain Range had the existence of a sleepy Xianji, and the aura was exhausted. Now, even if the sleepy Xianong disappears, they have no reason to return here.

    "No matter what they do, the purpose of this time is not for them, to try to get around."Mu Yu said.

    Although Mu Yu believes that the old tree will not harm him, but because the situation here has not been clarified, he does not want to be in contact with Yumeng and avoid the other attributes of Yumeng.

    However, they still encountered obstacles, because the deep forest in front of Fulong Mountain did not know when it was stopped by a very wide river!

    The river was left from the upper reaches, the source didn't know where it was, but the other side couldn't see it. Looking at it was a flowing river. Mu Yu even had an illusion. He seemed to be back to the original Yao. Tianhe.

    "When did this river appear?"Xiaoshuai asked inexplicably.

    When they came here, they never remembered that there was such a big river. Now this river is very abrupt. The most important thing is that there are several waters swimming in the river from time to time. !

    These waters are all made up of water, and the skin on the body seems to be flowing, sparkling with a blue-blue luster, which looks quite strange.

    Not only that, but there is also a house made of ice on the river. These igloos float directly on the water, just like a natural, without any trace of carving.

    The structure of the house is similar to that of a human-built hut. There are corridors around the house. At this moment, several naked children are happy to run around the igloo corridor and play with each other. There are some adults sitting in the hallway chatting, they are wearing blue clothes, these clothes are like silk.

    Whether it is an adult or a child on the igloo,

Their shapes are no different from humans. But when the children were chasing each other, they chased each other and then jumped into the river directly. When they entered the river, they completely became the appearance of the water!

    Mu Yu remembered what the old tree had said. At that time, the old tree chief told him that as long as Yumen did not use the ability of the five elements, they were indistinguishable from human beings. It seems that the old tree is true.

    There are countless igloos on the wide river, and even some houses are made up of water directly, without ice.

    Roughly, there are at least a few thousand houses in the house. It is like a small tribe built on the water. There are also a lot of water, and everyone is busy with their own affairs.

    Mu Yu once suspected that these are not the sinister Yumeng Mozu in the mouth of the comprehension, but the sacred fairy who lived in the paradise.

    "I remember going to the transfer array, I have to go through this river, but now that there is so much water, how can we go?"Mu Yu feels that things are a bit tricky.

    "Fly from the sky?"Xiaoshuai suggested.

    "No, through the territory of Yumeng, no matter how high you fly, you will be noticed."Luo Wei shook his head.

    He has been tracking the movements of the Yumeng Mozu, and he knows more about the Yumeng Mozu than the Mu Yu.

    "What do we do now? Killing directly? ”Xiaoshuai asked.

    This method is naturally even worse. Fighting on the waters of the Mongolian territory, perhaps the water priest alone can deal with Mu Yu and Luo Yu.

    "Luo Wei, where do you feel the fire is so beautiful?"

    Mu Yu retired to the woods and didn't want to disturb the water.

    Luo Wei pointed to the left: "At least two hundred miles from here."

    "I feel the Muyou scent in this wood, but I did not find any traces of Muyou."

    Mu Yu feels very strange about this. It is reasonable to say that if there is Mu Youmeng in the trees, he will know it, but in his perception, the trees of five hundred miles are not traced by Mu Youmeng, but this One piece is the smell of Mu Youmeng.

    "Let's leave here first, don't be amazed."

    Mu Yu decided to return to the original road. Now that the Yumeng Mozu has returned to Fulong Mountain and changed the landscape here, it is not wise for them to forcibly break into it.

    "It's not good, we will first arrange a small dragon-seeking array. I have a little five-line array here. Let's see if we can find the south."Luo Wei said.

    But just as they were about to leave, the sound of [email protected]@ suddenly sounded in the woods, and then countless trees began to move automatically, and then many people appeared in the trees, and they were sent to the group. live!

    "You are not welcome here!"

    The low voice sounded.

    From the trees, there are all the wooden Yumeng. They appear in the form of trees. Every rén miàn is eyeing the wood feathers and Luo Yu, especially focusing on Luo Wei.

    The head of Muyou looked like a poor face, and his body was comparable to the fit period. He stood in the woods staring at Muyu: "The smell of killing is on you!"

    Mu Yu felt that something was wrong. In front of this wood, the eyes of Muyou also showed a greedy look, like the killing scent of Yumu Yu. The strangest thing is that Mu Yu just didn't realize that these trees were hiding in the trees!

    "Don't stop the road."

    There was a flame on Luo's arm. He would still be jealous of two points against the water, but he would have no scruples when dealing with Mu Youmeng.

    "What about the old tree?"Wood feathers cool channel.

    He felt that Muyou was very strange in front of him. It was completely different from the wood Yumeng he had seen before. It seems that there are some strange things in his body, but Mu Yu can't tell what these are.

    "Old tree long? Humph! The timid old guy has been executed by us! ”

    The head of the wood Yumeng snorted, the body of this Muyou body looks like a needle pine tree, the body is covered with a strip of pine leaves, upside down, sharp.


    Mu Yu was slightly shocked, and the old tree was dead?

    The news came too suddenly, so that Mu Yu did not turn around for a while!

    He never thought about this situation, because the old tree chief said that Mu Youmeng did not like war, so he would try his best to avoid war with the self-cultivator.

    Mu Yu has always believed in the words of the old tree, because if Yumeng Mozu and the comprehens are to fight in the future, at least Mu Youmen will not intervene, but now if this Yumeng is true, does it mean that it will depend on the future? The trouble?

    "You Muyou also wants to fight the Terran?"Mu Yu asked quietly.

    "Yes, the old tree is not eager to avoid the war, but we can disagree. You have the power of killing in your body, and the spirit of Muling, but you are not a big man, it seems that I need to catch you and let the man return! ”

    The head of Muyoum revealed a cruel smile.

    These Muyou Mozu and Mu Yu have seen the wood Yumeng before, and it seems that there is a difference in the wood Yumeng.

    Originally, there was enough trouble. I didn’t expect to have more of these bad things now, so that Mu Yu’s heart was annoyed.

    "There are more people who want to catch me. What are you counting?"

    The wooden feathers stepped on the foot, and the surrounding trees swept around and entangled each other, enclosing all the woods.

    The woods were so shocked that they wanted to regain control of the trees, but they found that the cold atmosphere of the trees made them feel very heartbroken!

    The wood control power of Mu Yu is still far better than these wood Yumeng.

    "The power of killing is really strong, but you are here today to vote for the net, no wonder who!"

    The head of Mu Youmen did not have any panic look. He pulled out countless green pine leaves in his hands and turned them into a stream that burst into the air and blasted in the air.

    And a more powerful killing force in the distance burst open, like a response, is quickly approaching here!

    Mu Yu's brows are slightly wrinkled. This killing power is the same as the strength of the three Yumen priests that were first seen in Dongsha City, but the owner of this killing power is also a robbery!

    "It seems that this new Muyou priest has taken over the killing power of the old tree chief."Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

    Luo Wei's body ignited a fiery flame, and the whole person was shrouded in a black flame, and the smell of killing was not faintly steamed.

    "If you want to catch us, you have to see if you have this ability!"

    Luo Wei’s eyes are also burning. UU reading

    Mu Youmeng was scared to the edge by Luo Wei’s flame. They were afraid of Luo Wei, but at this moment, the trees controlled by Mu Yu’s side were suddenly torn open. A figure shrouded by leaves descended from the sky, and the blue light spread out. The leaves are flying all over the sky, revealing the figures inside.

    This is a beautiful girl with a beautiful skin, wearing a blue dress, revealing slender legs, and a long green hair is particularly eye-catching.

    This is supposed to be a girl who doesn't care about the world, but the ice-cooling in her eyes makes people shun the house, and the killing smell on her body is not weaker than that of Mu Yu.

    "who are you?"

    Mu Yu feels an unprecedented danger from this girl, because the other person's cultivation and killing atmosphere are stronger than him, not only that, but even more dangerous than the night flying that I saw in a few days!

    "I am a blood lily, the new priest of Muyoumeng."

    The voice of the girl reveals a chill and a sense of maturity that does not belong to her age. (https://)

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