Chapter 849 Blood Lotus

    "Did you kill the old tree-length?" ”Mu Yu frowned.

    "The old guy is weak and has no temper. He is not qualified to lead us Muyou!"

    The sound of blood lotus does not have any feelings, just like them, they are cold and cold, with a strong killing spirit.

    "So you want to kill me too?"

    Mu Yu also has the power to kill, and since the old tree has already had an accident, he must find a way to deal with the next trouble.

    "She wants to take up your consciousness and replace you with the body of the body."Luo Wei said next to him.

    "It seems that the fire priest has not succeeded. It really disappoints me."Blood lotus said contemptuously.

    Mu Yu looked at Luo Wei inquiringly. He didn't know what the Yumeng Mozu would do after they caught them.

    "The fire priest wants to do this to me."The flame on Luo Wei is even stronger.

    Mu Yu stared at the blood lotus: "Although try."

    The killing scent of the blood lotus is very strong, but the combination of Mu Yu and Luo Yu is not without the power of a battle.

    Xiaoshuai has turned into a body and jumped into the clothes of Mu Yu.

    "It seems that today the fire priest has owed me a favor!"

    The blood lotus snorted and all the trees moved quickly and were contaminated by her killing scent. Countless branches stretched out from the trees and entangled them with Mu Yu and Luo Yu.

    These trees are all bright red, whether it is branches or leaves, as if they are soaked with blood, very different from ordinary trees!

    Luo Wei stepped out in a step, the black flames were overwhelming, and the hot waves rolled toward the invasive branches. His flames were so violent that he swallowed the branches.

    However, those bright red branches are in the flames, but they have penetrated the flames and continue to sweep over them!

    The trees controlled by blood lotus are not afraid of flames!

    This point, both Mu Yu and Luo Yu did not expect it, because even if it was Mu Yu, he would feel awkward when facing Luo, and Luo’s flame would restrain his trees.

    At the time of the Fairy Pavilion,

If it wasn't for Luo Yi's deliberate control, his trees could not remain intact under the black flame of Luo Wei.

    But the trees of the blood lotus are not afraid of the flames.

    "For the control of the killing power, the two of you are still too tender!"Blood lotus sneer.

    The branches are like snakes, and they roar in the air. The wooden branches of the wooden feathers greet them, and they are directly crushed by the branches of the other side!

    Mu Yu looked at the bloody red branches of the blood lotus and found that there was a weird smell in the branches controlled by the blood lotus, which seemed to have made the trees no longer pure.

    He grabbed the oncoming branches and tried to seize control of the other branches, but a strong repulsive force came from the branches. Not only that, but the wooden feathers were blown out by the powerful forces of the branches.

    "Good weird trees!"

    Mu Yu felt a touch of familiarity in the heart, because the repulsive force of this tree was seen somewhere. However, as a tree ancestor, his ability to control wood was not as good as a wooden priest, or he was very annoyed.

    Muling was held in his hands, and the smell of killing was all over the body. He rolled up his sword and slammed it down, trying to cut the branches.

    However, I did not expect that the wooden swords and the branches of the blood lotuses collided with each other. At the same time, the gold and iron intertwined sounds were sent out, which was crisp and sweet, but the bright red trees were not cut off by the wood feathers. Even the wood spirit was naturally controlled by the trees. Can't break into it!

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    The branches of the blood lotus are like the shadow of the sky, bringing the red whirlwind, arrogant and swift, and swaying to Mu Yu and Luo Yu from different angles.

    The figures of Mu Yu and Luo Yu flashed in the air, and the branches controlled by the wood feathers and the black flames of Luo Wei could not block the trees controlled by the blood lotus.

    "This guy is a great strength! It is much stronger than the three Yumen priests we met in Dongsha City! ”Luo Wei Shen Sheng.

    "I didn't think that Muyou will be so strong."

    Mu Yu is also very surprised, because in everyone's eyes, whether it is the comprehension or the Yumeng Mozu, it will be considered that Mu Youmeng has the lowest combat power, but the blood control ability of the blood lotus is not even afraid of Luo Lan's flame. Surprising!


    Muling instantly also produced thousands of sharp branches and bloody branches colliding with each other. The two killings screamed at the same time as the collision, and all the trees in the whole forest began to turmoil. Half of Mu Yu and Blood Lotus are in control, and they are like a vague shadow in the air, violently colliding.

    The ground is shaking, the trees in the woods have been displaced, and it is impossible to tell which tree is normally born in the soil. All the places where they are located are the branches and roots of the coils. The trees that are controlled have become very red and bloody, the huge branches are pumping on the ground, and even the ground is cracked with a horrible big seam!

    The leaves are flying, and the broken branches are spurting out, bursting out loud sounds, and spreading far away, as if the entire Fulong Mountain will be torn.

    The woody branches of Mu Yu could not resist the attack of the blood lotus, and the branches were directly attacked by the branches of the blood lotus. When the branches of the blood lotus are wrapped, more small twigs are formed, along the wooden spirit, and go to Muyu himself!

    Muling grew up constantly, but it still fell in the wind, and was constantly intercepted by the waist. The blood lotus is either the control of the wood or the repairing is far above the wood feather!

    "Don't think that you have a holy thing like Muling and want to fight with me! After all, you are a personal family. How can Muling exert all the power in your hands? ”

    The blood lotus burst into laughter, not like a girl's look, it is like a thousand years old demon.

    boom! boom! boom!

    The wood feathers are retreating, and the figure has retreated to the edge of the woods, and behind it is the territory of the water. At this moment, I don’t know when, the water and the Mongolian territory have already built a huge water wall with a height of one kilometer. The battlefield here is divided. It seems that I don’t want to let the wood feathers pass.

    Mu Yu stopped, and his eyes flashed with endless killings, but his heart was sober.

    In the hands of Mu Ling, all the shadows of the trees were turned into nothingness. He slowly raised his head and stared at the opposite person who was fighting him and Luo Yu, who was still full of bloody lotuses, and his heart was filled with turbulent warfare!

    "It is a wrong decision to trap the Lord of the Spirit in your dirty human body. It is time for me to liberate the Lord."

    The blood lotus screamed, the branches lingered, and each branch brought strong power, as if a branch could cut off a giant mountain, and the aura in the air became violent and uneasy.


    The branches squatted on the ground in front of the wood feathers, and the ground directly pulled out a huge crack that could not be bottomed out. Even the earth could not bear the power of the blood lotus branches!

    Luo Han’s figure was also forced by countless branches, and returned to the edge of the water wall with a height of 1,000 meters. His flames were also in the wind against the trees facing the blood lotus.

    However, the war in the eyes of Luo Wei is getting stronger and stronger.

    "You two are human beings, and you are not worthy of using our ability!"

    The branches of the blood lotus whistle in the air and fall down.

    boom! boom!

    Both Mu Yu and Luo Yu were flung out and slammed into the water wall, but the water wall only swayed a shackle, blocking their body shape and preventing them from going further.

    "The blood lotus is not allowed to invade the territory of our water!"

    A beautiful flowing sound came from behind the water wall and echoed over the entire forest, as if warning them of the battle on this side.

    This breath does not have the smell of killing, but it is also very powerful, and it is also in the robbery period. Obviously, the master of this voice is the priest of the water, and the other party is not arbitrarily killed by the killing power!

    The blood lotus face showed a disdainful smile and replied contemptuously: "I don't want to cross the border, I will keep my boundaries, coward!"

    The blood lotus seems to despise the water priests, but it does not seem to want to rip the skin with the water priests.

    Behind the wood, the water wall began to make a "squeaky" icing sound, and soon the water wall that was not high in the length of the square turned out to be an ice wall.

    This horrible huge ice wall is like a large mirror, smooth and sleek, with their reflections clearly reflected in it, the whole forest, the mountains in the distance, the white clouds floating in the air are reflected in the mirror. It was as if they had a forest behind them.

    The blood lotus did not say anything about the practice of the water priests, but looked at Mu Yu and Luo Wei again with a sneer: "The ice wall of the water is very hard and can't be broken. It really helped me a big favor!" I see where you are going this time! ”

    The bloody red branches of the blood lotus are once again slamming toward the wood feathers and Luo Yu. The front ends of the branches she controls are sharp and sharp, like a sharp awl. The thousands of cones fall, almost blocking the back of the wood feathers.

    "Hold me!"

    Luo Wei lightly sighs, UU reads A piece of wood feathers is pulled, the flame instantly covers the wood feathers, and then the black flame spreads like a sea of ​​fire. Luo Wei has already disappeared into the flame with the wood feathers. At the same time, the cone of blood lotus is also coming!

    The black flame was poked by the tree cones of the blood lotus, and the flames were all torn by the tree cones. The figures of Mu Yu and Luo Yu had already rushed out from the flame of a tree shadow and stood in the air.

    "You are really vulnerable to the human race. In front of our Yumeng Mozu, what is your poor spell?"

    The blood lotus sneered, and in the moment when Mu Yu and Luo Wei appeared, all the branches had already surrounded them.

    "You are wrong, we are disciples of the sword shadow dust!"

    They are the descendants of the sword shadow dust, with the most powerful swordsmanship in the world, but since they have the power of killing, they are immersed in the powerful momentum that Eugene power has brought them, but they have forgotten the inheritance of Master.

    The film and the burning of the sky, the two Tianjian each out of the sky, the sharp edge of the shadows opened the shadow of the tree in front of you, pointing to the blood lotus! (https://)

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