Chapter 850 Battle of Blood Lotus

    The branches of Muling's illusion disappeared and the flame dissipated from Luo. The two stood in the air, and they exuded a very strong momentum. Two different swords were surrounded by them, and the shadows and burning days were held in their hands.

    "Close."Mu Yu said.

    "I know."Luo Wei simply replied.

    In the previous match, they have already seen the abnormality of the blood lotus. Her control of the wood is very powerful, but when she manipulates the trees, her body is very clumsy, the scope of movement is not large, and everything depends on the strong Bright red branches.

    Every time the tree is out, there will always be a two-meter gap in the blood lotus. There is no tree body protection, because she needs to ensure that there is enough space to display the control wood, and she believes that Mu Yu and Luo Yu can't do it. Break through these peripheral trees.

    However, Mu Yu and Luo Yu have never been ordinary people. They are not to mention the identity of the Lord Yum Ling, and the two of them are no match for ordinary comprehensions!

    "I am positive."Mu Yu said.

    "understand."Luo Wei nodded.

    The figures of the two dispersed from the air and went in different directions.

    "Do you think that you can escape if you are separated? You are dead! ”

    The branches of the blood lotus branches spread out from the air, and they were rolled over to Mu Yu and Luo Wei respectively.

    The pattern emerged from the wood feathers, spreading like ripples around, the shadow sword has been integrated into the void, and the figure of the wood feather became light and incomparable.

    The black and white qi in his eyes was transformed into a mysterious blue pattern, and the cyan scent was still flashing in the cyan squall. At the moment, it was not the same as the killing scent of the blood lotus.

    The gossip formation was transformed at his feet. He stood in the center of the gossip, and his fingers pointed at each other. The golden lines flowed from the fingertips and interweaved on the chest to form a complicated inscription.



    The hard and incomparable branches of the blood lotus slammed down like a venomous snake. The buzzing sound in the air continued to linger on the lines in front of the wooden feathers.

    But at this moment, the golden pattern on the chest of Mu Yu has been transformed into white, the air is like being cut off, there is a fault, the branches of the incomprehensible are slamming down, and now I will fall down to the wood feathers. Body,

But it is always a step worse!

    Out of reach!

    Array surgery, a long way to go!

    The shadow sword in the hand of Mu Yu has already been pulled out of the void. The sword has a golden pattern of incomparable ambiguity. Facing the overwhelming branches, the shadow sword is turned a blind eye, and all the branches are crossed in an instant. Came to the blood lotus!

    Array, the end of the world!


    The bloody lotus screamed, and her branches were still swaying in the air. I thought it would be more than enough to block the flying shadows. At least on the way to the shadow sword, it was enough to stop it, but where I thought, the film The sword simply crossed the dense branches and came over.

    "This can hurt me!"

    The branches were thrown out on the ground in front of the blood lotus, and it turned into a huge blood hand, and caught the oncoming shadow sword!

    However, the foot of the wooden feathers was pulled again, and the whole person had disappeared in the same place. At this time, the shadow sword in the air suddenly shook, and suddenly spread a lot of swords, and then spread out around the world, bypassing the giant hand and continuing to face the blood. Lotus caught.

    However, the blood lotus body leaped and surrounded by countless blood-wood giants, and did not seem to want the wood feathers to approach. However, when the countless blood-wood giants she controlled were about to catch Mu Yu’s sword, she was surprised to find that those blood-wood giants dared to go straight through the shadow sword!

    These shadow swords are not really at all!

    At this time, she clearly felt that there was a very horrible sword on her right side. This sword was so awesome that she did not find out how close this sword was at first!

    At this time, the shadow of the sword is so sullen, like an electric light outside the nine days, extremely fiercely kneeling, smashing the head of the blood lotus head! The speed of the shadow sword is extremely fast. When the blood lotus reacts, there is only one inch left from her head!


    The blood lotus is very strange at a critical juncture, just like the head is retracted into the chest. The whole person is suddenly short, but it is this weird movement that makes her safe and dangerous to avoid being broken. The danger of the head can be so much that the green hair on her head is actually cut off the top, revealing the white scalp!

    "Bastard, you dare to cut my hair!"

    At this time, the blood lotus no longer has a cold and beautiful look. The center of her head is like a bald head. It looks very funny.

    However, she has not had time to make other actions, and the crisis is once again on her!

    The red sword air is constantly flashing in the forest. Luo Wei has only one red shadow that can't be pondered in the air. The dusty footsteps under his feet are light and infinite, and he is flashing on the branches of the blood lotus.

    Every time Luo's feet are about to fall on the branches, the branches immediately grow countless branches to wrap around Luo, but Luo Wei just walks away, his feet seem to be stepping on a red wind. You don't have to be close to the branches to borrow.

    The figure of the whole person is also constantly disillusioned, through the layers of branches obstruction, and immediately came to the blood lotus body, and the swordsmanship rose up, rolled up a gust of wind, and turned to the right arm of the blood lotus!

    "Dare to approach me? court death! ”

    The blood lotus was sideways, and the branches spread out from the bottom of her feet. The green leaves were like sharp flying knives, and they rolled up behind the strong branches, and the blood lotus turned around without hesitation, and caught the past with Luo Wei!

    But the blood lotus suddenly burst into horror!

    Because she is empty behind her!

    "Where are you going?"

    Luo Wei’s voice came from the left side of the blood lotus. The burning sword in his hand seemed to ignite the air. The overbearing and wild sword spurred out, and the left arm of the blood lotus squatted down!


    The blood lotus screamed in pain, her arms flew high, and after breaking it, it was turned into a branch in the air, and it was twisted into sawdust by the sword.

    The blood lotus roared, never thought that Luo Wei’s sword was so fast, obviously at the beginning of her, but then she had already come to her left.

    "I must kill you!"

    The blood lotus angered and raised the remaining right hand and grabbed it toward Luo Wei, but at this moment, a green front crossed the line, her right hand was suddenly separated from the body, and the shadow of the wood feather did not know when. Also quietly.

    Not only that, Luo Xi’s burning sword has already turned to the waist of the blood lotus, and the shadow sword of Mu Yu has also straight down from her head! There is no need to deal with this kind of Yumeng!


    Blood Lotus thundered, she careless under the arms are sword gas twisted, watching will be Mu Yu and Luo war together kill, suddenly at the foot of a sudden emergence of a pot of thick trunk, will she swallowed up, and Mu Yu and Luo War Two swords also exactly in the tank of thick trunk, again issued Jin Tie strike Sound, But the trunk is intact, and grows fast, soaring up!

    Mu Yu and Luo Yu have already retired and jumped into the sky, facing the tall tree trunk in the air.

    "The trunks of her body that are not controlled are hard."Mu Yu said.

    "I know."Luo Wei nodded slightly.

    Want to defeat this Muyou priest, only take the opportunity to approach each other, use the powerful sword to smash the other side!

    "Do you guys really think that you are amazing?"

    The icy sound rang from the trunk, and then the trunk was continually expanding. In the blink of an eye, it became a few hundred meters in diameter, as if a giant mountain grew out of the sky, and the horrible breath faintly from the trunk. Dissipated, this breath is based on the estimation of Mu Yu, at least the repair of the nine heavens!


    The trunk slowly shapes, and countless blood-colored lotuses grow slowly out of the trunk, making them look nondescript.

    At the very top of the trunk, a huge blood red lotus blooms. The blood lotus blossom blooms 100 meters wide and is very spectacular. Even the wood feather is the first time to see such a huge blood lotus.

    At this time, the petals of the blood lotus all fell off, and they kept spinning in the air, and then reconstituted a tall body.

    This time, it is no longer a beautiful girl, but a wooden Yumeng, which is covered by a piece of petal. It has no human characteristics. It is completely transformed into a wooden Yumeng.

    "How dare you ruin my favorite body, sin can't be forgiven!"

    The blood lotus is opening again. This time her voice has become very high. It is clearly the voice of a big old man. I think of the pure girl who just saw it. Mu Yu suddenly felt a disgust!

    "It turns out that this guy has a special hobby, deliberately pretending to be tender."

    Xiaoshuai looked out of his head and looked at Yumeng in front of his eyes. At this time, Yumeng did not look like a man or a woman, and could not determine his gender.

    "I just wondered why this guy didn't reveal his body when he used Yumun's ability. Now I understand."Luo Wei nodded thoughtfully.

    "You die!"

    The blood lotus is now intact, and the body that was just cut off is just the body it made. It raised its hands, the ground smashed, and then numerous strong branches extended from the ground. Each of these branches was more than ten meters thick, like a pillar. The whole forest disappeared in the blink of an eye, as if They all became part of the terror-stricken branches.

    Not only that, but the branch of the mountain, which stands like a giant mountain, has extended numerous branches. These branches are large and small, and the thickness is different. The sky and the ground are quickly covered by tentacles. The clouds in the sky seem to have been shattered!

    The bloody red brilliance rises and fills the whole sky, just like bringing the wood feathers and Luo Yu into a forest of water and sea, a thick bloody smell spreads, it seems to suck up 10,000 The blood of the human being, with the horror of the horror, the blood of the sky blooms around the two.


    When each branch swept out, it was mixed with the momentum of destroying the earth and destroying the earth. It was as if it could squeeze the void into pieces in the void, and it was on the ground, and the ground suddenly appeared.

    "Wood feather, how do I feel that your wood control ability is much weaker than it."Xiaoshuai probed the brain in the chest of the wooden feather.

    "I have not tried to control the trees like this!"

    Mu Yu said that his footsteps had disappeared in the same place, and at the same time a hundred meters thick branches swept past the position where he stood.

    The hundred-meter-tall branches swept over, letting the heavens and the earth change their colors, and rolled up a horrible horror, as if they could cut off a mountain, like a blood-red giant snake tangling and screaming, making a loud sound. !

    The wood feathers fell on the ground, but then the sky once again reached a hundred meters thick branches, covering the sky, as if a giant mountain was pressed down, the wood feathers could only be flashed again!


    The place where Mu Yu had just stood was torn apart from the underground cracks of a thousand feet, and the soil splattered. However, there were countless blood-colored branches in the cracks. These branches of blood red scorpion followed the footsteps of the wooden feathers.

    Mu Yu is more and more shocked. He can control the hundred meters of thick branches. He can do it. But the spiritual power of controlling so many trees is enormous. But the blood lotus is not exhausted at all, very weird. !

    The strangest thing is that the trees he used to enchant the trees do not have the indestructible characteristics of the other side, and the trees of the blood lotus are completely indestructible, too terrible.

    However, there are still many doubts and explanations at the moment. The air has been shrouded by countless huge branches. It is like a giant with claws and claws. Each strange hand has different thickness, but the hair is thin but the thickness is 100 meters. Thick, squatting down to cover the sky, Mu Yu and Luo Yu are very small among these branches.

    Blood lotus controls so many branches, but each branch is not clumsy. On the contrary, it is very dexterous. Even if they collide with each other, they are separated and will not be confused.

    After encountering the blood lotus, Mu Yu knew that the control wood used by him was really awkward.

    "Luo Wei, left."Mu Yu shouted.

    The figures of the two of them have been separated by these branches, but their goal is very clear, and they need to attack the other side again, directly killing the body of the blood lotus.

    The pattern at the foot of Mu Yu kept moving on the branches. His speed was very fast, but because of the huge branches at the moment, Mu Yu almost evaded the journey back and forth. Sometimes the whole person can only keep on Jump down and avoid the sharp and strong branches.

    "Do you want to play close to me? it is good! I am fulfilling you! ”

    The sound of the bloody lotus is deafening, and UU reading seems to cover the entire sky. While Mu Yu’s footsteps were just stepping on the branches, the blood lotus suddenly got out of the branches and grabbed the feet of Mu Yu!

    Mu Yu did not panic, his foot movements moved, and the shadow sword had been stabbed from the formation and stabbed toward the opponent's forehead. The blood lotus snorted and raised the hand and grabbed the shadow sword directly, but Mu Yu also took the opportunity to withdraw and escaped the thick branches that came again.

    "Without the sword, I see how arrogant you are!"

    There are countless petals in the hands of the blood lotus, and the shadow sword is wrapped, and then the shadow sword is stuffed into the indestructible trunk next to it.

    At this time, the blood lotus also stood firmly on the trunk. As if it were flat, it was covered by the petals of the lotus flower layer by layer. It looked nondescript.

    Mu Yu is still flashing and avoiding, even if he loses the shadow sword, he is not worried.

    "Kid, lost the sword, I see you still squatting and smashing it!"

    The face of the blood lotus showed a very strange smile. (https://)

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