Chapter 851 Xiaoshuai and Tianjian

    "Lost the sword? Are you referring to this sword? ”

    The front of the wood feathers flashed a smash, followed by his right hand, and the shadow sword was punched out from the formation!

    Tianjian nine lead swords, swordsmanship and array surgery, where the whereabouts, the sword is everywhere!

    "How can it be? I am forbidden to live with you…Did it disappear? ”

    The blood lotus was shocked. It was only when the petals of the lotus flower were used to seal the shadow sword and sent it into the trunk. With the hard degree of these trunks, it is impossible to be cut off by the shadow sword. When I was trapped in the shadow sword, the blood lotus also obviously did not feel any abnormality. What is going on?

    "Just do you still want to trap my shadow sword?"

    Mu Yu Jian Feng moved, the pattern was scattered, mixed with the cold sword, squatting down. However, this time, the blood lotus did not dodge. It was directly greeted. At the same time as the welcoming, the petals of the body began to burst out quickly and blasted the sword.

    The shadows of the sword are on the seemingly weak petals, but what surprised Mu Yu is that these seemingly weak petals are smashed by the sword when they meet the shadow sword. A petal was rotated very hard, taking away a trace of sword and making countless crashes.

    The blood lotus is also deceived, and this time the arm is directly used as a wǔ qì, once again caught the shadow of the wood feather sword.


    The shadow sword was cut on the arm of the blood lotus. The arm of the blood lotus was not cut off as it was just now. Instead, it was as hard as iron and became invulnerable!

    "This guy has changed the side of the skin more difficult to deal with!"In the distance, Luo’s voice and fighting voices came.

    Mu Yu’s heart is also a dignified heart. Blood lotus is a person who responds to both of them at the same time. Such a powerful technique of controlling wood is really rare, but it still does not fall into the wind. This guy’s strength is too powerful!

    "The game is over!"

    The blood lotus smiled coldly, the petals of the whole body spread out, and countless petals were swirled and made a rain. Not only that, but the branches around them began to come together, forming a closed cage, which will be all the way back. All sealed.

    "Wood feather, can your blood kill this monster?"Xiaoshuai asked.

    Mu Yu shook his head, only when his arm had been cut by sharp petals.

It overflowed with blood and was stained on the petals, but those petals did not stop at all. The blood that had not been adversely affected before seemed to have no effect on the blood lotus.

    The lines under his feet flashed, and the Scorpio star was launched. He wanted to teleport and escape the branches that were imprisoned in all directions. However, there was a powerful five-line array around him, shaking the space and letting him star. The array of lines was disturbed and he could not move out.

    "You guys will be in the lineup, can we not have a surgery?"Blood lotus sneer.

    Around the bloody trees came the unique brilliance of the five-line array, like a bloody sea to block the direction of the wood feathers teleported!

    "This guy is really hard!"

    Mu Yu pays attention to those five-line arrays. Fortunately, he learned the basic five-line array at Luo Wei. He can infer the five-line array and find the weakness of the array. The defeat is.

    However, at this time all the branches and petals have fallen towards the wooden feathers, covering the line of sight of the wooden feathers. To tear the wood feathers, the wood feathers can only give up the thought of breaking the line, and the whole body has a white pattern. The surgery began to protect him, and the branches and petals were barely blocked.

    "I see how long you can hold on!"

    The branches have surrounded the wooden feathers in all directions, forming a cage, constantly squeezing the end of the world, and want to break the battle with brute force.

    Mu Yu feels more and more difficult, the other side's repair is far more than him, smashing his footsteps is only a matter of time!

    The most terrible thing is that the blood lotus is still in the case of avatar. It deals with Mu Yu and Luo Yu. If you go all out to deal with Mu Yu, Mu Yu will be more difficult to cope.

    "Little handsome!"

    "I know!"

    Xiaoshuai has jumped out and turned into a human figure. His small claws popped out and flashed a white light in the air. The unbreakable branches were suddenly opened by Xiaoshuai's claws!

    Xiao Shuai's claws are extremely powerful, and they are truly a weapon of invincibility. At least Mu Yu has never seen anything he can't grasp. Usually, this guy's claws are used to cut all the thick beasts, and they are not used to fight, but now the handsome claws can break the trees that can't help the wood feathers, they must rely on him.

    But Xiaoshuai suddenly shouted and was swept away by the sudden branches, and the tree that was opened was healed again.

    Xiao Shuai’s claws are powerful, but he is a guy who has not been repaired. Although the speed is fast, he is also suffering from the bloody lotus during the robbery period. Muyou is the most powerful Yumeng, and it is a breeze to heal his own injuries.

    In the hands of Mu Yu, the movement was rolled back.

    "Xiao Chai Wo actually dared to smoke me!"Xiaoshuai touched his butt and his face was twisted into a ball.

    "It seems that we can only use the capabilities of the field!"

    The power of the blood lotus is beyond his imagination. The Yumeng priest must be much more familiar with him when he uses the power of killing, because he only fully accepts the killing power now, and he does not know much about the killing power.

    Nowadays, there are four field abilities that he has given to the demon king. He has never used it. There is no other way than the ability to use the four demon kings.

    But Xiaoshuai shouted in a snarl: "I am mad at me, I am going to marry this pile of firewood!"

    The pattern is still rovering around the wood feathers. Xiaoshuai also learns the appearance of Mu Yu. He stretches out his right hand and holds it in the void. The shadow sword is drawn from the void by him!

    Xiaoshuai is the sword spirit. The nine swords of the past can be completely controlled by him. However, Mu Yu has never seen Xiaoshuai use the shadow sword, even if it was once in the Yaozu’s Thanglong meeting, it was only Hold the shadow sword and do it.


    Xiaoshuai suddenly made a doubtful voice. At the moment when his little hand held the shadow sword, he stared at him twice, and then whipped up the gang, as if thinking about something.

    "I seem to think of something, isn't Tianjian used like this?"

    Xiaoshuai scratched his head with another hand, then placed his left hand on his forehead, and then his body flashed a strange sword, which was illuminated from his forehead. In his body, he was also introduced into the shadow sword.

    Xiaoshuai's eyes widened. At the moment when his body changed, the surroundings suddenly became quiet, as if all the trees were stopped in the air, and the time seemed to solidify at that point.


    The shadow sword suddenly trembled, giving a long-distance whistle, like a sigh from the vast sky, and like the thunder of nine days.

    The sky was uploaded with the sound of the wind and thunder, and the wind blew through the trees that covered the sky, and the aura became very turbulent. The air seemed to have a tight string, and the dignified atmosphere covered the whole piece. Earth!

    “How are you so familiar?”

    Xiaoshuai stroked the shadow sword, his eyes crossed a sword, staring at the blood lotus in front of him, shouting loudly: "No matter, Xiaochai Wo is dead!"

    The image of the shadow sword is the return to the source, touches the most primitive things, automatically shrinks, and changes to the degree of fit with Xiaoshuai. An unparalleled sword swells out from the small handsome body and flows through the shadow sword. The shadow sword is like a moment of vitality.


    The shadow of the sword is skyrocketing, and the Jianguang light directly penetrates the indestructible trees. Those trees that have been cut down are swept by the shadows of Xiaoshuai, and they are instantly turned into powder!

    Jianguang emerged from the hands of Xiaoshuai. It was like a giant sword in the sky. It went straight into the sky and it was like a smashing of nine days. The sky suddenly rushed and steamed. With the sword of Xiaoshuai as the center, a huge horror of a kilometer was formed. swirl!

    This whirlpool contains the sword of incomparable horror, just as there is a god in Tianyu who is brewing this sword. The sudden change of Xiaoshuai made both Mu Yu and Luo Wei shocked because they never knew that Tianjian could reach this level of horror!

    Blood lotus is also very angry, this horrible sword is like a punishment from God, making people chill!

    "Oh, I have no strength, Mu Yu will help me!"Xiaoshuai suddenly shouted in a hurry.

    Mu Yu did not hesitate to link the lines, the blue gossip came out from his feet, and the wind and the heart will cover the small handsome.

    At the moment when the wind and the heart are combined with Xiaoshuai, Mu Yu suddenly felt that the spiritual power in his body seemed to be taken away by the young master. Xiaoshuai was like a bottomless pit, and the spiritual power required was extremely incomparable. powerful.

    In his mind, he also saw Xiaoshuai’s thoughts. It was a complicated and overbearing sword. It was unstoppable and invincible. A sword turned out to be like the whole world, but each sword seemed to be extremely simple. It’s like the sword in the whole world, so arrogant, fierce, brave, and unstoppable!

    This sword is like communicating the world, shattering the stars, and even tearing the whole world into pieces!

    Mu Yu shockedly looked at the fragments of Xiao Shuai’s mind that flashed quickly. In Xiao Shuai’s mind, a swordsman fluttering in Tsing Yi’s feet was starving, and the sword in his hand was unstoppable. A sword fell and the sky was directly Being ripped open to a real rip, UU reads The horrible atmosphere rolls in from outside the gap.

    Then the swordsman stepped into the crack of the sky in one step, appeared in a void of air, and countless killings instantly covered, want to destroy him!

    However, he just raised the sword in his hand, and the sword was stunned. The Jianguang suddenly bloomed like a majestic cymbal. He shook him around and shrouded countless strange figures in the distance.

    Each of these figures contains the power of incomparable horror, as if it would tear up the whole piece of the universe and destroy a world, but they are not willing to roar, each shadow of the body cracked a broken mark, vast Sword gas bursts from these figures, shattering all these figures!

    "Three heavens, not you can be contaminated."

    The voice was extremely calm, as if to explain an irrefutable truth, but echoed in Mu Yu’s mind, but it was like a thunder!

    Tsing Yi swordsman, long hair flying, swordsmanship, arrogant star.

    That is the master of Mu Yu, the sword shadow dust! (https://)

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