Chapter 852, I want to save him.

    The sword shadow dust wind stood there, the back of the stalwart seemed to be a mountain, so reliable, and let the cold heart of Mu Yu give birth to an infinite pride. He also imagined that the master killed the enemy and guarded the world.

    One person and one sword broke the powerful existence of the triple heaven, and the figure was deeply imprinted in the mind of Mu Yu, so that he could not forget it for a long time.

    The sword light in the hands of the sword shadow dust flashed, and the figure of Xiaoshuai has jumped out of the sword of the sword shadow dust, turned into the appearance of a little beast, and jumped to the shoulder of the sword shadow dust.

    "Where are we going next?"Xiao Shuai still holds an apple in his hand, as if he was a snack food when he followed the sword.

    The sword shadow dust wind looked at the distant stars, and said: "Go and do that."

    Xiaoshuai took a bite of an apple and asked: "Is it dangerous?"

    "It may take my life."The sword and the dusty wind laughed. When he said this sentence, he seemed so casual. Life and death seemed so dull in his eyes.

    "Then I will follow you."Xiaoshuai said without thinking.

    "If I can come back alive, I will stay in the triple heaven forever, guarding this world I like."

    The shadow of the sword shadow dust seems to have broken through the hollow, clear and waveless, but deep and vast.


    However, the memory stopped abruptly, and there were countless colorful pieces in Xiao Shuai’s mind. There were swords and swords everywhere, and the swordsmanship and the sword were so stunned that they could no longer be connected.

    Mu Yu suddenly returned to reality. He gasped and looked at the handsome handsome man holding the sword. He was surprised to find that Xiao Shuai’s original innocent face had endless sentimentality.

    "He was injured and suffered a very heavy injury. I tried my best to bring him back to the triple heaven. He said that he wants to guard the world…"

    Xiaoshuai’s little hand suddenly grabbed his head. The scattered memories made him feel painful. He shouted anxiously: “I don’t want him to die, don’t want him to die, I want to save him, I want to save him…what……"

    Xiao Shuai’s pure eyes actually shed two lines of tears, so sad, so screaming, the desire to save people makes him tremble, the sword light above the sky trembles, the whole film The world seems to be broken.

    Mu Yu has never seen Xiaoshuai crying. Xiaoshuai has always been a very simple child. He is looking for food all day long.

I have never been troubled, my thoughts are very simple, and there is no sadness in his world.

    But today, Xiaoshuai seems to have thought of something inadvertently. He remembered the past of the sword and the dusty wind, which made him feel extremely anxious. He could do nothing about it, but he wanted to save the man, the one who lived with him. ……

    "I want to save him!"

    In the eyes of Xiao Shuai, two extremely horrible swordsmen suddenly appeared. These two swordsmen spurted out from his eyes, and they fell into the sky and connected with the vortex of the sky.

    At the same time, the burning sword in the hands of Luo Wei in the distance was also captured by Xiao Shuai. He held the sword with two small hands and held the sword in one hand. The swordsman was horrible from the sky. !


    Two of the Sword mans from the Jiuxiao above the urgent turn, the sky suddenly thunder and lightning, the sword is radiant, the sword mans to place, the blood Lotus turns out the impenetrable tree is like the bean curd general, simply cannot stop this horror sword Italy, hundred meters thick branch completely by the sword awn has been twisted into the powder, originally the blocking out of the tree branches completely into the Ashes, The air is left only the fury of the sword gas, so mighty!

    The blood lotus screamed in anger, and the swordsman was mixed with Huanghuang Tianwei, which made it feel extremely chilly. It once again turned out its own blood lotus body, and wanted to meet the violent sword, but the sword slanted Passing through its body, it instantly destroys one-third of its body.


    The blood lotus screamed in horror, and it quickly retreated, fleeing the sword of the terrible horror! Within a hundred miles, all the thick branches were smashed by the swordsman, and the blood-red trees were shattered in an instant, and the ground also appeared in a thousand miles, and the bottom was not seen!

    "I want to save him…"

    Xiaoshuai whispered, but his voice became weaker and weaker, and the swordsman in his hand gradually dissipated. The terrible sword of the sky was beginning to become unstable. Jianguang quickly contracted, and all the swordsmen They all recovered the shadow sword and the burning sword.

    "You have survived, great, I am so sleepy, so sleepy…"

    Xiaoshuai suddenly showed a smile of relief, and the swordsmanship in his eyes disappeared. Instead, he was replaced by a confused look, and then his body fell to the back.

    "Little handsome."

    Mu Yu hugged the body of Xiaoshuai tightly. Xiaoshuai seemed to fall asleep in his arms, but his mouth was hung with a relieved smile. It seemed that he saved the person who wanted to save. Happy.

    Then Xiao Shuai’s figure radiated a radiance and gradually changed back to the appearance of the little beast.

    At the last moment, Mu Yu saw the picture in Xiao Shuai's mind. Xiao Shuai was also lying in the shadow of the sword shadow, and the small hand grasped the clothes of the sword shadow dust tightly.


    "You said that you want to take me to eat the best things in every world, you can't die."Xiao Shuai's eyelids are very heavy, but he also showed a clean smile. So simply looking at the sword and dust, his wish has always been simple.

    "I shouldn't bring you to risk, sorry…"The sound of the sword shadow dust is very self-blaming, but his own breath is also very weak, and suffered great trauma.

    "I am not afraid, but I don't understand, you are hurt like this, or do you want to build a sleepy prison?"

    "There are not enough people to support the eternal life of this world. Sleeping Xianji can also keep those aliens out of the triple sky…"

    "But that way, you will…"

    "I want to guard the world, I like it."

    The sound of the sword shadow dust gradually disappeared, the memory in Xiaoshuai’s mind gradually disappeared, and the darkness came to the young handsome…


    Xiaoshuai firmly grasped the corner of Mu Yu’s clothes and fell asleep.

    Mu Yu silently said, his original cold heart appeared endless waves, just like the original dead sea suddenly burst into the wind and waves, so that his heart can no longer calm down.

    "I want to guard the world, I like it."

    Master’s words echoed in Mu Yu’s mind, which made him unable to calm down.

    Mu Yu still doesn't understand why Master would like this world, this dirty world, this abandoned his world, those selfish self-cultivators, those who are ignorant and believe in the Triple Palace.

    "It's okay, take a good sleep."

    Mu Yu put Xiaoshuai carefully into his chest clothes. He slowly stood up and the shadow sword appeared in his hand. Luo Wei also fell to the side of Mu Yu, the burning sword was held in his hands, he looked at Mu Yu.

    "what happened?"Luo Wei asked.

    "Little Shuai remembered a lot of past events about Master."Mu Yu Road.

    When Luo Luo stunned, he tightened his lips.

    Then he said: "You are very weak."

    "What Xiao Xiaoshuo used was my spiritual power."Mu Yu said.

    Xiaoshuai recalled how to use the concept of Tianjian, but he couldn’t maintain such a strong sword by his ignorant state. Mu Yu used the wind and the heart to connect himself, his original majestic power. Suddenly it was taken out!

    The use of the sword between the heavens and the earth, as if the entire sky has become the two swords in the hands of Xiaoshuai, this powerful Tianjian nine cited whether Mu Yu or Luo Wei, are the first to see, but Even if Mu Yu used the power of killing to reach the robbery period, there was no way to maintain the length of the sword.

    However, the sword made Mu Yu suddenly have a lot of different things in his mind. He thought that he had completely mastered the meaning of Tianjian Jiugui, but the real power of Tianjian Jiuqiu was once again upgraded to a grade. Let Mu Yu feel a feeling of being overwhelmed by his back.

    But this is often the feeling, but it also allows him to seize the opportunity of a breakthrough, as if pushing the door of the dust, and re-finding another buried world of Tianjian, which is quickly interpreting in his mind. That sword, I want to hold this fleeting sword in my hand.

    "Feel?"Luo Wei asked.

    "Yes, that sword."

    The spiritual power in Mu Yu’s body was drawn, and the black and white spirit at Dantian was slowly flowing, recovering the missing spiritual power.

    "How do you realize a few?"Luo Wei asked.

    "Four percent."

    “Can you play a few?”


    Mu Yu was not reluctant, but the shadow sword in his hand seemed to respond to him, giving a soft whistle and a slight tremor.

    "That time I came to the main attack."

    The burning sword in the hands of Luo Wei violently illuminates the red swordsman, and the black inflammation of his body has disappeared, leaving only the sword, enthusiasm, but cold and chill!

    His whole person seems to be integrated with the burning sword in his hand, pointing to the blood lotus that has been hit hard!

    Blood Ephraim was that horror of a sword cut to one-third of the body, UU reading at the moment but no receded, see the air that mighty sword gas has disappeared, understand such a powerful sword meaning is simply short-lived, can't maintain too long, Blink of an eye again the ground again countless blood red branches, countless branches again in full bloom!

    "Dare to hurt me, I want you two to be buried with!" ”

    The blood lotus screamed fiercely, and the thick and incomparable branches swept past Mu Yu and Luo Yu again, but this time, there was no such impossibility to cover the sky. Xiao Shuai’s sword seemed to let the blood The lotus hurts to the root, and the momentum that makes it play out is weak.

    The burning swords and the sky are rising, the red swordsman is more conspicuous than the branches controlled by the blood lotus. The clouds in the sky seem to be ignited by this sword, and the surrounding aura has become extremely hot and even started. It seems a little distorted.


    Luo Wei’s burning swords greet the branches of the blood lotus. The two touched in the air, rolled up the squally fluctuations, and quickly dispersed. The air seemed to be rapidly compressed and quickly released. The buzzing sound, shaking the sky, moving him, resounding through the clouds!

    That's a defiant sword! (https://)

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