No. 853 Chapter The Sword meaning of the heavenly Sword

    The flaming swordsmanship rolled up a hurricane, blocking all the branches in all directions. Compared with Fangcai, Luo’s swordsmanship seemed to become more publicized. The trees that could not be destroyed were in an instant. Directly ignited by Jianqi!


    All the trees that came into contact with each other in the burning of Jianqi gas ignited the flames of the sky. The horror sword of Luo Wei was actually to break the body of the trees that did not invade the blood lotus!

    "impossible! You can not light me, I control the trees are not afraid of the flames! ”

    Blood Lotus screams incredulously, countless sparks splashing, burning on the trees it controls, making it feel extremely angry!

    "The flame is not only controlled by the fire, but the world is not only your ability to control the five elements!"

    Luo Wei said coldly that he had not used his own ability to control fire. The flame used to ignite the trees of the blood lotus came from his sword. The burning of one of the nine swords had its own powerful heat. Luo Yu Ling Li is in harmony.

    "I do not believe!"

    Blood lotus angered, all the ignited trees bloomed green and green, and the flame was extinguished, but the breath on it was weak again!

    At this time, the swords that are endless but cold and cold in the back are quietly coming to the body of the blood lotus.

    Blood Lotus is not good, it is attracted by Luo Wei, but ignores the existence of a wood feather!

    Mu Yu’s body is full of powerful ripples. The ripples are turned into a black and white taiji yin and yang fish. The sword is filled with air, and the black and white spirit is wrapped around the tip of the sword. It is just to the sun, to the soft to the yin, and it is overbearing, but It’s still alive.

    The tip of the sword of the shadow sword has a gossip formation, two instruments of Taiji, two images of the four instruments, four images of the gossip, and the gossip of the world. The gossip formation of the sword is like a small world. The small world covers a powerful sword, and comes from the void, born out of heaven and earth!


    The gossip of the shadow of the sword suddenly bursts into countless swords, and each sword is powerful and swift, as if pouring from a small world, stirring the world.

    For a moment, the whole world seems to be covered by a powerful sword, and the trees controlled by the blood lotus are also shrouded in the shadow of the sky. The trees that could not be destroyed under the encroachment of these swords and shadows gradually weathered and withered, and could not resist!

    "how come!"

    Blood Lotus never thought that this change would happen.

At first it also clearly suppressed the two men, but after the sword that fell in the sky, the strength of these two men seems to have risen to a grade, so that it can not accept this fact for a while!

    "This is just the tip of the iceberg that Tianjian nine cited."

    Pushing the door open, Mu Yu discovered the greater power hidden by Tian Jian Jiu, a set of swordsmanship, all-encompassing, not limited to form, not limited to and moves. It will fit perfectly with the swordsman and is closely related to the character of the swordsman.

    Different people make different swords, just like Luo Wei’s swordsmanship, and the feathers of Mu Yu’s swords are endless, just because of their character. In the past, the four brothers with different personalities in Qingshui City used the Tianjian nine guides, but the momentum they exerted was the opposite!

    "I do not believe!"

    The blood lotus is roaring again, and the violent killing of the whole body rises to the sky. The blood red lotus is like a road of blood and rain, blooming in the air, covering the whole sky again, wanting to block the sword of the wood feather.

    However, Mu Yu’s sword has already come to the fore, covering the blood lotus. The sword is endless, which seems to affect the growth of the blood lotus, so that the blood lotus is more intense, but when the lotus blooms to the limit, it begins to decay and fade, turning into dust and drifting to the earth.

    His sword gas has affected the growth cycle of the trees, and the prosperity is bound to decline. This is the power of Mu Yu Jianqi!


    Like the mirror flower water month, all the blood lotus is broken, can not resist the sword of the wood feather, the blood lotus burst into disarray, the shadow of the wood feather does not stagnate, directly pierced the body of the blood lotus!

    "impossible! impossible! ”

    The blood lotus screamed in anger, but the suffocating sword of Mu Yu had invaded its body, began to let it expand continuously, and then began to wither…

    However, at this moment, there were three terrible killings in the distance of Fulong Mountain. These three killings were so abrupt, as if they suddenly appeared near the mountains, and quickly came to Muyu on their side!

    "Come on! You are dead! ”

    The petals of the blood lotus showed signs of withering and steadily withered, but it burst into laughter and made a heavy and unpleasant sound, making the faces of Mu Yu and Luo Yu slightly change!

    "The three Yumun priests, go!"

    Luo Wei shouted.

    Mu Yu is not reconciled. The blood lotus has a very strong vitality, but it is hit by the sword of Mu Yu. As long as it is half a quarter of an hour, he will be able to use the bloody sword directly to make it wither and end the blood. Lian's life, but these three sudden killings made him unable to continue.

    "You count your life!"

    Mu Yu Jianqi swept, opened the body of the blood lotus, and broke one third of its body again, but the spiritual power remaining in his own body was completely exhausted. He understands that if he does not leave at this time, in the face of three Yumen priests who have a killing atmosphere, he and Luo Wei will be more fierce.

    Blood lotus angered, but it was severely traumatized and could not cause damage to Mu Yu and Luo Wei, but it still manipulated the bloody lotus flower and wanted to block the two.

    Luo Yan’s hot swords swept out and ignited all the blood lotus in front. At this moment, a black stone wall suddenly appeared on the ground in front!

    This stone wall is like a weird scorpion. It is made up of countless ores. It is golden and clear, giving people a feeling of incomparable weight. It is still climbing constantly. Not only that, but there is also a strong suction behind them. Let them The moving figure has become extremely slow!

    The suction came from Kim Youmeng. The powerful force field made of metal made people unable to fly as they wished. It was said that they had used this ability to deal with Mu Yu.

    The swords of Mu Yu and Luo Yu instantly poured on the black stone wall, but the stone wall was stable and indestructible. It was actually similar to the trees of the bloody lotus!

    The strength of the priests in the country is really terrible!

    At this time, there was a red-red flame in the sky, covering them both.

    "I actually found two, luck is really good!"The hoarse voice rang from the air.

    "Pity! It turned out to be a mangling master and a wishful spirit master, and it has nothing to do with me. ”The thick voice came from the stone wall in front.

    "Stop them and talk about it!"The sound behind it is very sharp.

    The three Eugene priests actually surrounded them from different directions!

    The sword is arrogant, and the two of them can't stop and fight and retreat, but they have already been forced to a dead end, and soon will become the shackles!

    “How could the three of them suddenly appear here?”Mu Yu asked solemnly.

    "I don't know, I also feel weird. No one knows where our whereabouts are."

    Luo's figure slowed down, and all the roads were blocked by three Yumun priests. It is very difficult for them to escape.

    "No, my current state can't fight with them any more."

    Mu Yu’s chest was still slightly undulating, and he was taken away by Xiao Shuai for most of his spiritual power. Later, he took advantage of the silky sword he had just realized, and he smashed the blood lotus. At this time, there was no way to escape.

    "You can only fight together! You follow me! ”

    The burning sword in the hands of Luo Wei was raised high, and the hot sword gas burst out again.

    However, at this moment, Mu Yu suddenly remembered a voice in his heart:

    "Thirty miles to the left, fast!"

    This voice appeared in the heart of Mu Yu very abruptly, let the wood feathers glimpse, then moved in the heart, did not hesitate to drink: "Luo Luo, thirty miles to the left!"

    Luo Wei frowned, although I don’t know why Mu Yu would suddenly say this, but there is no time to question, and immediately step on the tiptoe and go to the left!

    Wood feathers followed, and the two men's body escaped the numerous stone spurs that came from the ground and the powerful force field of Kim Yumon.

    "Do you still fight for the beast? You can't escape! ”

    The three Eugene priests suddenly went to Mu Yu and Luo Wei, and their speed was no slower than the two. At this time, an earth wall was erected in front of it, blocking the way of the two.

    "I come!"

    Luo Wei sighed low, and the burning sword in his hand spurted high. The violent and fierce sword slammed, bringing a fiery storm, a sword stabbed, like an unstoppable god, all the swords. The gas is condensed to a point!


    A simple sword, hot and overbearing, go straight ahead!


    The earth wall controlled by the priests in front of the earth was immediately pierced by Luo Wei, but what he did not expect was that Tuyoum did not know when he had already erected countless earth walls!

    boom! boom! boom

    Numerous shattered earth filled, dust was flying, and Luo’s sword gas penetrated through a block of earthen walls. The time when these earth walls were set up was very rushed, not as hard as those black stone walls, but even so It also slowed down the speed of Luo Wei and Mu Yu.

    At this time, the remaining spiritual power of Mu Yu once again waved, and the endless swordsmanship was blessed in the sword of Luo Wei. The figure of the two was swift and incomparable, and the speed of slowing down again increased.

    However, they saw the black stone wall rise again in front of it. The black stone wall was filled with cool luster, and it was very thick. It turned a corner in the air and surrounded the wood feathers and Luo Yu!


    Both Mu Yu and Luo Yu’s hearts sank. The black stone walls of the Tuyumen priests were too hard. If they hadn’t played with the blood lotus, maybe they still have a chance, but now the wood feathers are exhausted. It takes half the spiritual power to face the dirt that is best at defense. It is hard to get rid of these things!

    But just as it was surrounded by the black stone wall, a slight wave of flickering suddenly under the ground, this wave suddenly shrouded in the wood feather, just like someone who slammed the wood feather Back, I want to take him away.

    Luo Wei was not covered by this weird wave. In a hurry, Mu Yu grabbed Luo Wei in time, and then this wave pulled them into a dark space!

    There were countless scenes flashing past, brilliance, and three angry screams of the Yumun priests. Then they slammed into the hard land, and they almost couldn’t stand still and fell. On the ground.

    Luo Wei and Mu Yu stood up, and the sword in their hands did not close up. They were still concentrating on the surroundings, but the situation around them was beyond their expectations.

    They came to a forest.

    "what happened? What about the three Eugene priests? ”Luo Wei frowned.

    "Not clear."Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

    "Fortunately, it is timely, and one step later, I can't deal with the three of them."

    The old voice sounded behind Mu Yu and Luo Yu, and the two immediately turned to watch the people behind them, but Mu Yu suddenly stunned and said: "Old tree grows?"

    It’s the kind of kindness that looks good and looks like an amiable old tree. At the moment, they are in a place under a lush linden tree. This Bodhi tree feather is very familiar, because the wood spirit sword came from this. Bodhi tree!

    At this time, the leaves of the linden tree still have residual light, which gradually fades down, but the bodhi tree exudes a happy rhythm, and a branch extends to the wood feather, pats the shoulder of the wooden feather, like affectionately Say hello to Mu Yu.

    "Fortunately, the remaining ability of the Bodhi tree can force you to pull it over. It is really dangerous."The old tree stood on the edge of the Bodhi tree, touched the bodhi tree trunk and smiled.

    "Is you saving us?"

    A stone in the heart of Mu Yu finally fell to the ground, but he still has a lot of questions, why is the old tree grower here? Was he already killed by the militant Yumeng Mozu?

    "Mu Yu, you are very dangerous to come to Fulong Mountain now."The old tree smiled and said.

    Mu Yu looked at the old tree in surprise, and decided that the old tree was undoubtedly asked: "But blood lotus is not saying you…"

    "Say me die? Yes, she thought I was dead. ”The old tree shook his head helplessly.

    "What exactly is going on?"

    Mu Yu is not very concerned about the indication of the Bodhi tree. UU reading wants to know the current situation. The old tree manager has saved him for the second time. The last time in the hands of the ghost gate, this time It is from the hands of the three Eugene priests. If it weren't for him, the two wood feathers might fall into the trouble of dà má.

    "The old way, the Bodhi tree feels your existence, so let me save you, but the Bodhi tree could not save the one around you, but you just pulled him in time, it is yours. The brothers are lucky."

    The old tree leader nodded to Luo Wei, apparently he knew the identity of Luo Wei.

    Luo Wei hesitated for a moment, and also nodded his return, thank you.

    Mu Yu looked at the bodhi branches on the shoulders and reached out and touched it. My heart was also grateful.

    "In short, you two come with me, if you have any questions, let’s talk."

    The old tree turned and sighed, slightly squatting, hands behind his back, and squatting deep into the woods.

    Mu Yu and Luo Yu looked at each other and followed them up. (https://)

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