Chapter 854, the origin of Yumeng

    The woods were rather eccentric, at least Mu Yu thought, because he had never seen normal trees grow like this.

    The trees around are very tall and cover the sky. Every tree is at least 100 meters high, and it is ten meters thick. It seems to have come to a strange and huge forest.

    However, after seeing the trees that the blood lotus had just manipulated, Mu Yu was already eccentric about these trees.

    Walking in the woods that cover the sky, the sun can't pass through, it seems a bit dark. However, there are all kinds of birds in the forest, and the squirrels are jumping around on the branches. There are not too many fierce monsters, and the atmosphere is very peaceful.

    Mu Yu is not wary of the old tree. He believes that the old tree is long. If the old tree grows to want to harm him, Mu Yu cannot stand here now.

    Mu Yu looked at the little handsome boy who was lying in his arms and couldn't help but ask: "Old tree, what happened?" I thought that Mu Youmen didn't want to participate in the war. How could he appear as a blood lotus? ”

    This is what he always wanted to know, because the blood lotus has a killing atmosphere, and Mu Yu remembers that this killing power was originally kept in the hands of the old tree.

    The old tree sighed and said: "Most of the woods are not like war, but there are some alternatives. In short, the situation is very complicated."

    The old tree walked slowly in front, passed through a climbing slope, and then came to a depression, and then Mu Yu saw many wooden Yumeng.

    Strictly speaking, Mu Yu sees people, because Yumen does not distinguish between people and people when they do not use the five elements.

    The clothes on these Muyou are different. Some of the clothes are rough, but some clothes are very smooth and the colors are different. From green to brown, there are various reds and even strange blues. .

    This wooden feather is not surprising, because there are many kinds of trees under the sun. Wood feathers are familiar with all the plants. Many plants are different in color, but the green color is the main color.

    Here is the tribe of Muyoumen, whose houses are built on trees and are different in height from the ground.

    Looking up, the lowest is more than 50 meters. The branches of each tree are intertwined to form a tree house. It looks very natural and has no abrupt feeling.

    There is also a wooden ladder hovering next to the tree house, which spreads to the ground one by one. These wooden ladders are also integrated with the trees and have leaves on them.

    Some of the thick branches also have some large balconies like rest and tea.

Next to the fence, there are some children in green clothes running around the woods.

    These children are innocent and lively, and they are no different from ordinary humans and children. They just look more flexible. They often pull the vines hidden in the branches and start to sway in the air. It's like a dexterous little monkey.

    After the old tree came back, many of the woods were involuntarily greeted by the old tree, and when they saw the wood, they were awe-inspiring. Obviously, because the woody body was closer to the former sentence.

    When I saw Luo Wei behind Muyu, I was full of warnings. There were even some wooden Yumeng showing hostile eyes. The flame is the natural enemy of the trees. Not every Muyou is like a blood lotus. Not afraid of the flames, these Muyou did not welcome the arrival of Luo Wei.

    Luo Wei did not care about these different eyes, he did not have any extra expression, just indifference behind the wood feathers.

    The old tree grows with wooden feathers and they walked under a quaint banyan tree. The banyan tree also looked like a few hundred meters high. He stood on the third floor ladder. Mu Yu and Luo Yu just wanted to follow. As the ladder climbed up, I found that the ladders themselves began to move up one by one.

    The ladders that come out of these trees all have their own consciousness, and the speed of movement is very fast. The branches that are traversed above will actively avoid them, do not touch them, and then automatically return to their place after they have passed.

    Soon the old tree took them to the door of the tree house in the air.

    "This is where I live."

    The old tree smiled and took them through their houses and came to a balcony behind the house. There were several wooden chairs on the balcony. The old tree long signaled that Mu Yu sat down.

    "Not here -"

    Standing on the balcony, looking up, Mu Yu was surprised.

    They have already reached the height of more than two hundred meters without knowing it, and this banyan tree seems to be the tallest in this forest.

    In the distance, there is a vast ocean, and there is no end to it, but Mu Yu quickly reacts. It is not a sea, but a land of water.

    "Old tree, where are we in the end? Will the blood lotus and the three Eugene priests not find it here? ”

    Mu Yu walked to the fence made of wood and looked at the scene above the river. There were some igloos and water houses on the river, and some water was faintly visible.

    "No, we are at the other end of the water, and the blood lotus will not cross the border."The old tree said.

    "What does it mean to have another head of water?"Luo Wei asked.

    The old treeman looked at Luo Wei and said with deep meaning: "This area of ​​Fulong Mountain is not what you think."

    "I thought that Yumeng couldn't wait to escape the Mouyun Mountain Range. I didn't expect you to come back."Mu Yu sat across the old tree and said.

    The old tree nodded a little: "The desert mountain is a pure land."

    "You Yumen also has a pure land?"Luo Wei asked.

    Mu Yu believes that the old tree is long, but Luo Wei does not believe it. At this juncture, no one, Yumeng Luo, would believe it, just as he would not believe in other comprehensions in the realm of comprehension.

    "The old tree is trustworthy."

    Mu Yu knows what Luo Wei is scrupulous about, because the old tree chief is strictly a Yumeng priest, and watching his steady and introverted cultivation, I am afraid that the strength is at least in the robbery period.

    The old tree long for Luo War's rude disapproval, laughed: "We left the desert Yun Jiangyong veins just because of the trap, back to Sanchong mainland, because many places have been occupied by the real, at that time we are very weak, can not be recaptured, so the life is not good, and the desert Yun Jiangyong veins Although the lack of Reiki point, At least we've got used to the quiet life here. ”

    "I am afraid that only part of Yumeng is used to this life!"Luo Wei said.

    The old tree chief did not refute, but nodded: "The middle of the Umon is divided into the militant and the peaceful, no matter which property is the same." In addition to the wooden Yumeng led by the blood lotus, the remaining four attributes of Yumeng are all advocating peace. Other militant groups have left this mountain range and traveled to the triple continent to compete for a living space. . ”

    "Since the blood lotus is in the deserted mountains, why are the other three Yumen priests coming so soon?"Mu Yu asked.

    The old tree grew up for a moment and replied: "It should be a transmission array. Although I am not very clear about what the other three Eugene priests are doing on the triple continent, I know that they will deploy a transmission array every time they go." I think it must be the blood lotus to inform them of three. ”

    It is no wonder that the three Yumun priests will find it so quickly. The blood lotus should signal to the other three when they are fighting against them, so that they can come quickly.

    However, there is a limit to the distance that the transmission array transmits. This is the same for the five-line transmission array. So they should have been transited many times, and fortunately, otherwise they will face the four Yumen priests. At the time, Mu Yu and Luo Yu were completely helpless.

    "So how did the new priest of the blood lotus come? How did you get the power of him? ”

    Mu Yu is very puzzled by the sudden rise of blood lotus, because the priest of Mu Youmen is obviously the old tree. If there is a restless family in Muyou, the old tree leader should not let it go.

    "The emergence of blood lotus is caused by me."The old tree sighed.

    "What did you cause?"Mu Yu was amazed. "You gave the killing power to the blood lotus?"

    "The power of killing belongs to the man of the sentence, but since the disappearance of the mang, the power has also been lost. When I found this killing power, this power was sealed in a blood lily, blood lotus. It was only a plant at the time, and it did not open the mind."

    When the old tree saw some doubts about Mu Yu, he explained: "Yes, I said, Yumeng and the Terran and the Yaozu are the same in many ways. Just like a mortal person must have the talent to cultivate, the beast must open the intellect to become a demon, any of the five elements, whether it is plants, flames, certain stones, some kind of water, certain metals, will reach in the aura Only after a certain degree can the mind be opened and become a Mongolian. ”

    Mu Yu was also the first to hear about the origin of Yumeng. He was quite fresh and asked: "All plants will become Muyou Meng after they open their minds?"

    "Yes, the Muyoumons you just saw below, in the words of your Terran, they are made up of pines, eucalyptus, ivy, immortal flowers, etc., all kinds of plants open up the wisdom. ”The old tree explained patiently.

    "Isn't that more like a demon?"Mu Yu asked.

    The old tree long said: "The plant opens the mind, it does not belong to the category of the Yaozu. The Yaozu is the spirit of the monster. You are open to the mind by something that cannot be moved at will. You can understand this."

    "What about the dragon?"

    "Dragon vines are a very special existence. They are the darlings between heaven and earth. They absorb the aura of 10,000 years to transform themselves, and they have long since detached from the scope of plants. Like the demon's Qinglong demon king, his existence is too special. After the transformation, after the millennium of cultivation, he will get rid of the shape of the plant. You should know that the Qinglong demon king is the perfect five-line body? Normal plants can't reach the balance of the five elements. ”

    The old tree was also amazed when talking about Long Teng.

    There are many questions in Mu Yu’s heart, because he used to hear how the Yumeng Mozu was evil, but never knew how they came from. He asked: “If this is the case, then Tuyoumeng and Jinyou I can imagine that because soil and stone are also divided into many kinds, the metal is countless, what about water and fire? Are there many types of them? ”

    “Water is especially dependent on elements, just like tea, well water, river water, and stream water. The things contained in different waters are different. Some waters are strongly corrosive, and some waters can not freeze at low temperatures. And some of the simons are from the ice to open the wisdom, as for the fire…"The old tree said.

    "As long as anything can burn, there is a chance to open the mind to become a fire."Luo Wei said indifferently.

    "Yes, including plants, metals, and even stones, like plants are ignited by Mars, it will no longer belong to plants, this time the fire Youmont will be born from, and many metals can also be burned, but we wood Youmont fire Youmont is very not to see, because most of the fires are from the burning of plants out, It's probably just a dislike to each other. ”

    When the old tree chief talked about this matter, there was no prejudice, just to explain a fact.

    Luo Wei snorted and said nothing. He was a person born in a human race, and had nothing to do with the old tree-changing spirit.

    Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully.

    The old tree leader continued to return to the topic of blood lotus: "The blood lotus was used to seal the killing power. The blood lotus body is the purest ice crystal snow lotus in the world. It was transformed into a blood lotus by the killing power. After I found it, it was sealed by the man of Mang, and I couldn’t open my mind. After I unwrapped the seal, I took away the killing power, and accidentally let it open the mind. ”

    "So the blood lotus after the opening of the mind has become what it is today?"Mu Yu thinks of the strength of the blood lotus, it is really tricky.

    "When she started the intellect, she was just a very lively little girl. UU read I didn't care at the time. Later, after we left the Mouyun Mountain Range, we fixed the transmission line to the Double Heaven. I think you have been to the Double Heaven? In order to restore strength as soon as possible, I sent some of the tribes to the aura of mellowness. At that time, I saw that the blood lotus was sensible and let her go. This is probably the most wrong thing I have done. ”The old tree shook his head.

    Duo Tianmu Yu naturally went there. At that time, he and Qiao Xue met on a piece of earth in the double heaven. It is no wonder that at that time, the Yumeng Mozu will be seen in the second day. It is because of this reason.

    "The innocent character that blood lotus shows in front of you is disguised?"Mu Yu asked.

    "Yes, in fact, she has long been affected by the power of killing, but she is very clever, knowing that she has just started to be smart and weak, so she has been disguising herself and gaining my trust. In the double heavens, relying on the aura of the double heaven, so we will recover soon, but the double heaven and the triple heaven are different. After all, many plants are quite difficult to control, so it is not suitable for us to live, so we will return. Three days. ”

    The old tree paused and then sighed: "After taking her back to the triple heaven, the trouble begins." (https://)

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