Chapter 855 Master and Apprentice

    The old tree long words reveal more helplessness, blood lotus used the image of the innocent little girl to deceive him, this kind of heart is really deep.

    "Then the priests of gold, fire, and Tuyumon found me and the water priest, and I knew that they had not treated the body of the seal killing power as I did, but had directly refined it into their own power, because only then would they be able to control the killing power." ”The old tree said.

    "You are blinded by the appearance of the blood lotus, can't bear to refine her to control this power?"Mu Yu asked.

    "Yes, I don't refine her. I can't control this power myself, so I have to spend a lot of energy to deal with this power every time." At that time, after the blood lotus had gained my trust, when I slammed against this force one day, I suddenly got into trouble, killing me and taking this power. ”

    It is also very helpless for the old tree to think of these things. Who can think that his own good thoughts have become a big mistake, and let the blood lotus successfully take away the leadership from him.

    "The heart of Bodhi has let me escape. It is the linden tree that saved you just now. It is the god tree of our wood, and its origin is very old. Blood Lotus is very skilled in controlling the power of killing. She uses the power of killing to influence the hearts of the people and control them. I hid here with the uncontrollable Mu Youmen, here is the boundary of the water, and the blood lotus will not come at random. ”The old tree said.

    "Is the water priest not planning to fight?"Mu Yu asked.

    "The water priest does not like to participate in the war, but she has not yet found the killing power of the Xuan Ming spirit, or she found it but did not move it. In short, her help has saved me from a hard time, but also willing to give We have provided this place, and the blood lotus still doesn't know that I am alive."The old tree said.

    It is no wonder that the old tree is like an island on the sea. The water priest is also a good Yumeng.

    The old tree grower continues to look solemnly: "The blood-controlled lotus killing power is far stronger than you, so the trees she controls are very indestructible to you. I think you are still rejecting the killing power, if you don't accept it. That power, your Muling can't fully exploit its true potential. Its power is very powerful, as long as you agree with it, the trees it morphs will not be afraid of anything, including…"

    The old tree looked at Luo Wei and continued: "Flame."

    Luo Wei snorted without a word.

    "We have the strength to destroy the blood lotus. If only three other priests are coming, the blood lotus will be killed by both of us."Mu Yu said.

    "You two can kill the blood lotus?"The old tree is very surprised.

He knows the strength of the blood lotus, and even if he is now fighting with the blood lotus, he can't resist it.

    "We don't need to rely on Eugene's ability to kill her."Luo Wei said indifferently.

    What the old tree tree thought of, nodded: "Forgot that you are the disciples of the sword shadow dust, the sword shadow dust is indeed a great person."

    "She won't be so lucky next time she meets her again."Mu Yu already knows how to kill this blood lily.

    The old tree shook his head: "You are still too small to see the killing power. This time, the blood lotus will definitely leave the Mouyun Mountain Range to gain more powerful killing power. They will continue to create killings, and each time they kill a person, their strength will be stronger. The next time they meet them, their strength will definitely improve a grade. ”

    Mu Yu frowned, and the Yumeng Mozu is now making killings in the realm of comprehension. If the old tree leader said it is true, then he and Luo Yu also need to quickly improve their strength.

    "I can only pin the hope of Mu Youmeng on you now, you have already got your own killing power, then you should…"

    "We will not merge with the Umming spirit."Luo Wei said straightforwardly.

    The old tree long looked at Mu Yu: "Do you mean this too? I remember that you are going to resurrect someone. If you don't integrate it, you can't use the field ability of the man. ”

    Mu Yu did not answer immediately. Resurrection of the dead wood is a must for him, but if he wants to successfully display the complete "life and death", he needs to become like the south. He will not know before he finds the soul. Consider these.

    "Old tree, we are looking for the five elements, can you find a way to help us?"Mu Yu temporarily put down this topic.

    "This is no problem, how much do you want in the five elements?"

    "The more the better."

    The old tree grew up for a long while: "Yes, but it takes a little time. The five elements are also very precious to us. ”

    "Old tree, there is one more thing to ask you."


    "How to suppress the killing power?"


    The wooden bun sits under the Bodhi tree, and the Bodhi tree emits a faint cyan glow, shrouded in the wood feather.

    He asked the old tree chief about the problem of suppressing the power of killing, and the old tree led him to come here.

    The Bodhi tree exudes a strange rhythm that echoes the breath of Mu Yu.

    He closed his eyes and wanted to calm down and seriously begin to guide the killing power in the body. However, as soon as he closed his eyes, various memories came one after another.

    The flames, the blades, the sand, terror of the Killing power, a group of impassioned faces in the crusade against him, to give him to three priests executed, Xuan Zhengdong family and the old man's body in the sky above the gate, despair, disheartened, master of the statue broken, east sand everywhere flames monstrous, feishazoushi, swords, All kinds of screams, begging for mercy …

    "I want to guard the world, I like it."

    Master in the memory of Xiaoshuai said that when Master said this sentence, he was very calm and very casual. Mu Yu knew what this sentence meant. It was Master’s determination. Master has always been an easygoing person, but he will do it if he says it.

    This sentence is what Master said to Xiao Shuai. Resounding in Mu Yu’s mind is like a Hong Zhong, which makes his whole mind tremble.

    Mu Yu suddenly opened his eyes, he gasped, his cold heart was panic, and it was difficult to calm down for a long time.

    The power of killing is still all over the body, and he can't suppress this power.

    "why! What does this dirty comprehension mean to Master? ”

    Mu Yu held his fist tightly, and the whole body swayed uncomfortably, sweeping out, and the horrible power slammed into the Bodhi tree.

    However, when the power of killing touched the Bodhi tree, it seemed to be like a snow and ice. The breath of the Bodhi tree was filled with joy, and the sparse sunshine sprinkled from the leaves and fell on the wood feathers. So warm. Cozy, but can not melt the chill of Mu Yu.

    "This tree is amazing."

    Luo’s voice came from the side. He sat on the branch of a banyan tree and leaned on the trunk.

    The linden tree is really amazing. The surrounding trees are tall and vigorous, hundreds of meters high. The sun in other places can't penetrate, but the sun can penetrate the surrounding shelter, shine on the bodhi tree, and fall under the bodhi tree. On the wooden feather, it is as if the sun in the sky was born for this tree.

    Mu Yu lowered his head and did not answer. Luo Wei did not see Master's expression of the words, he would not understand, but Mu Yu could not forget, that sentence made Mu Yu unable to calm down.

    "The point is not what the world means to Master, but what the world means to you."Luo Wei said indifferently.

    "What does that world mean to you?"Mu Yu asked.

    "The world of Yumeng Mozu and the Terrans can't tolerate me, but I want to live in this world and why should I get their consent? What kind of onions are these people who are not pleasing to the eye? They want to kill me, I will kill them. ”

    Luo Wei snorted and then said: "When you were in the desert, when you said you wanted to do your own thing, I wanted to understand this truth."

    Mu Yu is silent. He also has his own rules. In the past, he was a heartless person. He likes to provoke things everywhere. He never cares about the eyes of others. Whoever pits him, he will definitely go back. The old man with a high morale and a high morale has not let go.

    He believes that life is alive and he is doing something he is happy with, so he has been doing what he wants to do. For those who are good to him, he will double protect them, and those who want to kill him will not be soft.

    But Master has always been a belief in him, and he is unbreakable in his heart. When he saw the sentence that Master said to Xiaoshuai, he thought of killing the entire Dongsha City. He once again doubted his decision.

    Luo Wei said: "Master said that anything, as long as it is worthy of your own heart, is correct."Mu Yu shook his head: "The killing of 100,000 people is right for us, but it is wrong for the master who wants to protect the world."

    Killing 100,000 people in Dongsha City, just because he wanted to get a fairness for the Xuan Zhengtang family and the old city owner, Mu Yu did not regret it, but he always couldn’t pass this hurdle in his heart, and he could not go to Master. Hom.

    When one thing has a clear conscience to yourself, but it violates Master’s wishes, how do you decide right and wrong?

    "What do you think Master will think about this?"Luo Wei asked.

    "I do not know. UU reading www. ”

    "Master will not blame us. He never blames us. He said that many things need us to understand, so even if we slaughter the whole city, Master will not say anything."Luo Wei said.

    "You are not a master."

    Mu Yu replied coldly, and he did not like Luo Wei to look at this matter from the perspective of Master.

    For a long time of silence, only the leaves between the trees were slightly shaken, rustling, accompanied by a harmonious bird song, echoing in this land of peace.

    Luo Wei said: "You are right, I am not a master. But at least I know what it means to live, to make myself stronger, to kill the Triple Palace, to save Master, to protect Lan Linger, to protect everyone in the dusty mountains, even if this world is ruined. ”

    "But it is related to Master."

    Mu Yu stood up, and the whole person had disappeared in the same place, and the top of the Bodhi tree appeared again. He sat on the treetop and looked at the endless river in the distance. His hand touched the still handsome, and his cold eyes appeared a trace of confusion.

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