Chapter 856 returns to the desert

    There is not much intersection between Luo Wei and Mu Yu, but he at least regards Mu Yu as his younger brother.

    He lived very simply, didn't want to take responsibility for the world, and didn't want to think about Master's feelings.

    But Mu Yu can't, because people live in this world, they have to bear all kinds of responsibilities. He wants to resurrect the dead wood, who is the responsibility of a son. He wants to save Master. It is the responsibility of an apprentice.

    When faced with the entire realm of comprehension, he also wants to stand by. However, Master wants to protect this comprehension. If he wants to be an apprentice, he must help Master.

    But this comprehension is so turbid, the comprehensible is so greedy and afraid of death, he does not understand what it means to be.

    He couldn't figure out why Master wanted to guard the world.

    The sun shines on Mu Yu, but the heart of Mu Yu is still so cold. Xiaoshuai made a slang in the hands of Mu Yu, and turned over again, but there was no sign of waking up. He seemed to be tired. The sword of yesterday consumed a lot of energy.

    "I won't let you do this in the future, I will protect you."

    When Mu Yu only looks at Xiaoshuai, his eyes will have a hint of emotion. This simple little guy has no troubles all day, laughing and joking, but his past has also experienced many sufferings. If it is not severely damaged, it is impossible. What amnesia.


    Three days later, the old tree chief has already prepared them for the five elements. These bases are not as much as the five-line Yumeng transmission array, but there are also many. The old tree chief said that some of the five elements are from the water. With the help of the Yumun priest, it would not be possible to get together so much.

    "The killing power is very strong. I didn't melt it into my body. I could barely suppress it by relying on the Bodhi tree. But after I got into the body, I couldn't help it. Everything has to be explored by yourself. After the blood lotus and the other three Yumen priests get the killing power, they are directly refining, do not need to suppress, I am afraid that now know how to suppress that power, and only the spiritual master, you can ask the mang. ”

    The old tree chief knew that Mu Yu had not succeeded in suppressing it with the help of the Bodhi tree. He also knew that the sentence was sealed in the wood feather body and gave a suggestion to Mu Yu.

    "Thank you."

    Mu Yu does not intend to ask the mang, he can communicate with the sentence in the body, but he also understands that the sentence is not a trustworthy existence. The nine-day magic array is still very strong at this time. After killing the power, they can directly crush the seal. However, both Mu Yu and Luo Yu chose not to seal.

    "Can we see the water priest?"Mu Yu asked.

    So many days in the water, but they did not see the water priests appeared, Mu Yu thought that greeting people is a polite thing.

    The old tree smiled and shook his head: "She said that she didn't want to involve you and the other four Yumun priests, so there is no need to meet."

    Helping Mu Yu and Luo Yu have been equal to the secrets of the four Yumun priests. The water priest did not make killings on the triple continent like the other three Yumen priests, indicating that she wants to live peacefully and does not want to mix. And other Umon's are right and wrong.

    As long as any one of the Eugene spirits does not return, the other four Eugene priests will not be able to coerce the water to the priests with them.

    "So old trees, how do we get out of here?"Mu Yu asked.

    "I have arranged a transmission array, and you can leave the Mouyama Mountains through the transmission array. The transmission array that you used to go to has been monitored by other Yumeng and cannot be used. ”The old tree said.

    "Old tree, thank you."Mu Yu said.

    The old tree smiled and said: "No thanks, I still believe in you."

    Mu Yu didn't know if the old tree grower believed that he could change the war, or that he would merge his sentence into one, and he didn't want to go deeper. In any case, in this case, the old tree is standing on his side, this is enough.

    Under the leadership of the old tree leader, they came to a temporary construction of the transmission array, which will send them to a place near the suffocating city, where the transfer point is controlled by the water, the old tree Chang has already greeted the waters.

    The five-line transmission array shimmered with dazzling light, and both Mu Yu and Luo Yu had been taken away by a huge pulling force, and when they appeared again, they were already in a lake.

    The lake is located on a hilltop and used to look like a volcano. Now the volcano has been filled with rainwater and becomes a lake.

    Mu Yu and Luo Yu flew up to the shore, and there were ten waters in the water. They jumped into the air and looked at them.

    "You should leave now."

    Headed by a man in blue, he looked at Mu Yu and Luo Wei's eyes very badly, but did not start, knowing that this time the person sent is the water priest commanded.

    "we know."Luo Wei replied coldly.

    "Go east, the east is the suffocating city."Blue Yumou said.

    "Thank you."Mu Yu nodded.

    The two of them rushed to the sky and found that there were mountains of all sizes, the highest is only a hundred meters, the lowest is ten meters, and the foot of each hill is covered by running water, surrounding these mountains, the summit of each mountain They are all small lakes.

    There are ice-built houses at the foot of the mountain or halfway up the mountain, and some of the people who are transformed into human figures are busy in the mountains. It seems that this is also a gathering place for the water.

    Mu Yu and Luo Yu did not stay and went east.

    It took an hour for them to see the outline of the suffocating city, but they did not intend to suffocate the city this time, but to go to Qingshui City, where the seal of the Shaying Demon King.

    Qingshui City is located in the desert and is a long way from the city of Choking. They both flew all day to reach the edge of the desert.

    The desert is endless, braving the heat of transpiration, the wind and sand drifting from time to time, leaving a series of yellow sand curtains, the hills are undulating, even if the footprints on the sand dunes will soon be covered up.

    Mu Yu re-entered the sky above the desert. The clear water city in the desert is his home. This family does not have his mark, but at the beginning he chose to help and save the wooden house.

    Now back here again, he finds that he does not know how to face the Mu family.

    Both Mu Hao and Mu Xin have always worshipped Mu Yu. They think that Mu Yu is a great hero of the Terran. In the future, he will lead the comprehensible and the Yumeng Mozu to fight, but now?

    After the incident in Dongsha City, Mu Yu knew that he and Hu Hao’s image of the hero brother had a far cry.

    It took about seven hours to fly in the desert. At this time, the day was just bright, and the two had been on the road for so long, and they had not rested.

    When Luo Wei knew that there was a house in Mushui in Qingshui City, he asked: "Do you want to go back to Qingshuicheng to see it?"

    In the distance, you can see the outline of Qingshui City. This is an oasis in the desert. At this moment, it is crouching in the heat wave. The moat will keep all the heat waves out, so that the whole city can maintain the scenery of the four seasons.

    There is also a statue of the true god on the gate of the city of Shimizu Castle. The statue of the true god is watching the two visitors in the distance. The sword in the hand is flying, the Tsing Yi is floating, as if there is this statue, there is no danger in the whole city.

    Mu Yu looked at Qingshuicheng and finally shook his head: "I don't want to ruin Qingshui City again."

    He understands that the situation in Dongsha City is not unique. No matter which city's comprehensions are facing the Yumeng Mozu, they have no fighting spirit, because they have long forgotten what the Yumeng Mozu is. Race, how to deal with the Yumeng Mozu is correct.

    Comprehensions are accustomed to standing in front of them at a critical juncture and fighting for them. Whether it is the sword shadow dust, or the Sangong Palace, even the original Mu Yu, want to do everything possible to save Dongsha City, but they are greedy and fear of death and want to compromise with Yumun to make Mu Yu completely chilling.

    "Let's go, go directly to the death Gobi."

    Luo Wei turned a corner and went in the direction of the death Gobi.

    The sand outside the death Gobi is still flowing like a flowing water, which is a wonder. It is no stranger to them. The last dispute was made to the south. Several brothers and brothers also explained their positions here.

    But when they first came to the vicinity of the death Gobi, a group of figures emerged from the sky above the death Gobi, and the feather brows were slightly wrinkled.

    "Stop, you are not allowed to be here!"

    The head of the demon is a seductive period. After seeing Mu Yu and Luo Yu, the expression is very serious. Then there are several seductive people who rushed out from the death Gobi and stopped in front of Mu Yu and Luo Yu. .

    "Go away."Luo Wei said indifferently, a hot breath swept out of his body, and he was even more powerful than the hot air of the desert.

    "Is it a wooden friend?"A pleasant voice came under the death Gobi, and then the old doctor appeared in front of Mu Yu.

    "You are not rude, this is a small friend of Mu Yu, the great benefactor of our demon!"The old doctor quickly yelled at other Yao people.

    Other Yao people also recognized the wood feathers at this time, which seemed a bit confusing. After all, Mu Yu’s shot at the Thang Long Club killed the talented dragon in the fit, and the dragon and the dragon were also folded in the hands of the wooden feathers. They didn’t recognize it for a while. UU reading There is still some guilt in my heart.

    "Old doctor, how are you here?"Mu Yu nodded and responded.

    The old doctor greeted him and smiled: "Mu Yu Xiaoyou forgives the crime. Just a few dragons don't know how to lift it. This is the case. Based on the clues you provided, we came here to find the seal of the Shaying Demon King. Now I am trying to crack the seal. ”

    "What do you do for a medical practitioner here?"Mu Yu asked.

    The old doctor said a little embarrassedly: "Because I used to sneak into the Terran's site to pick herbs, or go to the Terran city to buy medicine, I am familiar with the Terran, so let me bring the team here."

    “How many of you want to crack the seal?”Mu Yu glanced at other Yao people.

    The Shaying Demon King was originally sealed by the sword shadow dust. The seal here is very powerful. Although after five thousand years of destruction, the power has gradually weakened, but it is not easy for these Yao people to break.

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