No. 858 Chapter of the Lightning Guide

At this time Costin has become one of the array, and the Dragon Demon King gave him another piece of dragon scales appeared in the search for another corner of the Dragon array.
  "Remember, when consciousness is out of the body, be careful, there are many extraordinary things in the real world, though I know you will be strong, but be careful." ”Mu Yu reminded again.
  "I know."
  Luo war put out finger point in the body of Costin, then Mu Yu hand again light up the pattern of cyan, into the Luo in the body.
  The dragon scales on his side are also blooming, and the moment is shocked, pulling the consciousness of the wood feather out of the body.
  The cyan mosaics bloomed, and the mysterious streamers began to rotate. The eyes of the wood feathers were filled with black and white light. The two black and white rays rushed into the sky, shattering the clouds and plunging into the sky.
  Mu Yu felt that his consciousness had rushed far away, and the entire desert had been shrouded under him. The dragon hunter with his consciousness kept drifting, passing through countless ghosts and ghosts in the world, and continued to spread toward the distance.
  The old tree gave a lot of bases for the wood feathers. When Mu Yu used this time to search for dragons, the scope of the search was very broad. His consciousness wanted to go where he was controlled by himself, so he chose a direction to search quickly.
  Dragon scales are like a beacon in the desert, always guiding the wood feathers forward. According to the Qinglong demon king, as long as there is a person of eternal life, then the other side of the five elements of the body will echo with the dragon scale, this is the key to Mu Yu to find the eternal life!
  Mu Yu’s consciousness passed through the mountains and rivers, passing through the criss-crossing rivers, passing through the lush forests, watching the world’s vast seas and fields, watching the city of comprehension, watching the farmhouses of the people… …
  There are a lot of drawbacks in the search for dragon arrays. The self-cultivators and monsters that his consciousness sees are vague shadows. It is like a black ball, and it is impossible to distinguish the true face. Even in those mountains and rivers, the outlines of the surroundings are blurred, and only one can be seen, and nothing can be seen.
  His heart suddenly became ethereal, even if there were many souls around him who wanted to take his body, he did not pay attention to it.
  He saw the entire realm of cultivation, and some places were hurricane, and the violent hurricane seemed to want to destroy everything. In some places, hailstones, fist-sized hail fell on the houses, the streets were squeaking, some places were thundering, and huge lightnings fell from the air, as if the whole sky was torn open with a blue mouth, thunder and lightning. There is even a figure in the courage to fight…
  The shadow in the lightning!
  Mu Yu slammed a fierce spirit. The figure in the thunder and lightning was so brave. He led the thunder and let the thunderbolt slam on him. The thunder and lightning were even shackled in his palm and turned into a rush. A smart snake, a flying geese, a wild horse.
  In the sky where the thunder and lightning were mixed, the figure was ethereal and moving, and in his hand, all the lightning-scarred monster animals suddenly burst open and turned into pieces of dust, which drifted away.
  "Broken dust?"
  Mu Yu was shocked!
  Broken thunder and dust, in the past, in order to conceal his identity, the dead wood old man borrowed the real ability of the real person against the thunder, and the real ability of the real person against the thunder is "breaking thunder and dust"! The person in front of the lightning bolt looks exactly the same as the ability to "break the thunder and dust" when using lightning!
  "It's him! It must be him! ”
  Mu Yu clenched his fist, and suddenly the whole person trembled, because he always wanted to get the soul of the dead wood, and he knew that the soul of the dead wood would be handed over to the dead wood. People, that is, the ability to have the ability to "break the thunder and dust" field!
  However, Mu Yu suddenly did not know!
  The Qinglong demon king said that the real people of the thunder are also an eternal life, but they can't find the real person against the thunder, but mainly because the compradors of the Mahayana period know how to hide their whereabouts and will not be searched for dragons. It was found, and the dragon scale did not react to this figure in the lightning.
  Then, whether this person is a real person against the thunder, Mu Yu can't figure it out.
  The thunderstorm lasted for a short time, but it disappeared after a while, and the figure of that person disappeared into the thunder.
  "Is it him? Is it him? ”
  Mu Yu stared at the mountain under the lightning, and wanted to find the whereabouts of this figure again, but there was no one in the mountains.
  In fact, he even suspected that he had an illusion at the moment, because the figure that the dragon hunter saw during the search process was vague, like a shadow, unable to see the true face of the shadow. But the person in the thunder and lightning was so clear on the back, although he did not see the face, but the person's back is incomparably real compared to the surrounding shadows.
  There is even a little familiarity, as if I have seen it somewhere.
  What exactly is going on?
  Mu Yu quickly searched for the mountain again, but the time has already been missed. There is only a group of vague shadows running in the mountains. Mu Yu knows that it should be an unknown monster, and can never find the clear figure.
  "Where is this mountain…"
  Mu Yu’s consciousness began to jump quickly into the sky. He remembered the shape of the whole mountain in his mind, and finally quickly searched for the markers around the mountain. Soon it was about five north of the mountain. A thousand miles to see a city!
  The outline of the city is still very vague, and the word Yu Yu written above the gate of the city is not very clear. He continues to use the city to spread out to find things that can be marked, mountains, rivers, forests, these are too common, wood feather roots This can't be found.
  Where is this place?
  He is in a hurry, the triple continent is very big, he has not been to all the city, and he has not visited all the rivers and rivers everywhere. Many of the landforms are not clear, and his sense of direction is also very poor. If there is no guide in a strange place, get lost.
  In the end, Mu Yu could only forcibly find a towering mountain peak in the city five thousand miles north of the city as a mark.
  This mountain is like a broken sword. The foot of the mountain is like a hilt. The sword is straight to the sky, but it is cut off by the people in the most important place.
  Mu Yu can only remember the approximate appearance of this mountain, and then look for the map of the triple continent, must find the mountain, find the city, and then find the mountain!
  This time he was originally looking for someone who had just appeared in eternal life, but he didn't expect that the man in the thunder and lightning would find someone who was excited by Mu Yu!
  Just as Mu Yu was ready to regain consciousness, ending the search and looking for this destination, suddenly there was lightning in the consciousness of Mu Yu.
  This time, the figure in the thunder and lightning appeared again, the figure is still only facing him, but this time the figure suddenly reached out and pointed to the southeast direction, just like deliberately guiding the wood feather!
  "He, is he giving me directions?"
  Mu Yu looked incredibly at the clear back in the lightning, and his heart was shocked! But how is it possible? How can someone know that he is looking for him at the moment?
  And what does the direction he indicates mean? Is it instructing Mu Yu to find him?
  At this moment, Mu Yu is filled with all kinds of doubts. Is this person against the real person? If it is a real person, what should he do?
  This back in the thunderbolt disappeared once again after reaching out. Mu Yu immediately followed the instructions of the back and shifted the consciousness to the southeast. When his consciousness turned to the southeast, the scope of the search for the dragon array turned to the southeast.
  Mu Yu’s consciousness crossed the countless mountains and rivers in the southeast. He had been waiting for the appearance of that person. Just when he was waiting impatiently, the thunder and lightning appeared again, and the back appeared again. Then he reached out and pointed to the south again. !
  Mu Yu did not hesitate to continue to transfer the scope of the dragon hunter to the south, although he did not know what the figure in the lightning was doing, but Mu Yu went to the south to understand the doubts in happiness.
  But this time, Mu Yu moved to the south for more than half of the time, but the figure in the lightning did not reappear, UU reading www. is like the evaporation of humans.
  Mu Yu began to be anxious, because he would like to know if the figure in this lightning is really against the real person, and his purpose is for what.
  When he searched again in the south, he probably shifted nearly 10,000 miles or there was no trace of that person.
  Mu Yu wanted to find the trace of that person quickly, but did not expect that the array of lights at this time suddenly lit up.
  The dragon scales of the Qinglong demon king are used as the array guide, and have been shifted with the direction of the wood feather search. When the wood feathers are shifted to the south, the dragon scales begin to flash and shine, just like finding the same kind, The attention of Mu Yu is to attract the past.
  The dragon scales up, which means finding the eternal life?
  At this time, in the mountains of the mountains, crossed the river, crossed the forest, crossed the city walls, and saw a golden light in a blurred place!
  This golden light echoes the dragon scales of the array, like old friends who have not reunited for a long time. It seems to be greeting kindly.
  "This, this is – really find someone who is eternal?"
  Mu Yu was shocked. He didn't react at the beginning as a dragon scale, but only found the figure in the lightning. In order to determine whether the figure in the thunder and lightning is against the real person, he has been following the guidance of the other party. He did not expect the other party to guide him to find this eternal person!
  "Who is the ninth person who will live forever?" Is this person who guides me to look for him in the end? ”
  There are countless questions in Mu Yu’s mind, and he can’t wait to uncover this mystery!

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