Chapter 86 Olive Branch

After dawn, the school was completely blocked again, no one could go out, no one could come in.

Yesterday, Xiaohu’s murder has not passed, and today people are killed!

No one expected that the school had a life again last night. This time it was not the disciples of the Qingsong school, but the four disciples headed by the Jiuhua faction, including Tu Panshan, died at the same time!

The same technique as killing the tiger, the throat was cut and the heart disappeared.

The same murderous methods appeared in the Qingsong disciples and the Jiuhua sentiments, and the huge sensation caused by this incident can be imagined. Jiuhua real people and Qingsong Taoist are the Yuan Ying period defenders. They are in the midst of the majesty of the realm of cultivation. Who would dare to provoke?

However, the disciples of the two sects died so bloody, or in the place where the school has the most comprehension, the murderer did not leave any clues!

Someone was on the ground, but this person did not leave footprints on the soil.

"How did the Jiuhua sentiment also have an accident?"

"Live it! Yesterday, they were taught by the dust-stricken Muyu, and went back to let the gray disciples heal. I heard that a gray disciple did not handle the wounds in the Tupanshan, and was abolished. ”

"They hurt like this and they have the strength to bully the gray disciples. It’s really amazing."

Many people are pointing around in front of the Jiuhua faction's other hospitals to communicate with each other. Nowadays, the Qingsong and Jiuhua factions want to merge the entire realm of the truth, and divide the world. The disciples of the Qingsong and Jiuhua factions are even more arrogant. I don’t know how many comprehensions are full of grievances against the people of the Qingsong and Jiuhua factions. There was no sympathy for the news of their murder.

Out of such a big thing, Mu Yu could not have known it. He also came to make a fun, but the situation he heard was the same as when Xiao Hu was killed. There are no other clues. .

For the gray disciple who was abolished, Mu Yu suddenly felt a groan. After all, the injury of Tu Panshan and others was caused by himself. The gray disciple was an indirect victim. The death of Tu Panshan and others is also a bad report, although this retribution is a bit bigger.

The news of the Jiuhua faction has already rushed over. With such a big deal, their reaction is the same as that of the Pines. However, the Qingsong faction is a famous tiger, but Tu Panshan and others are not the core disciples like Xiaohu. Even so, now Jiuhua real person has just achieved the real body of Yuan Ying, his dignity and tolerance for others to challenge? This matter is sure to check out the water!

I learned about the friction between the Jiuhua School and the Qingsong disciples yesterday, and the death of Xiaohu, so Jiuhua sent those disciples directly to Qingsong to ask for sin. They believe that the Qingsong faction was secretly retaliated because it was suspected that the death of the tiger was the result of the Jiuhua faction. The reason is very good. Why is it only Jiuhua’s disciple who died that night, and there is no disciple of the Qingsong school?

Which of the Qingsong disciples will give up? They would have suspected that the death of Xiaohu and the Jiuhua School could not be separated, and they had not asked the Jiuhua faction to ask for it! Instead, I was bitten by a bite. How can this be for the proud Qingsong disciples? Suddenly the two sects were arrogant and almost hit again.

In fact, if you think about it, you will understand that the death of Xiaohu is not the result of the Jiuhua faction, but someone secretly provokes the contradiction between the two sects.

The Jiuhua School and the Qingsong School have already planned to engulf the sects of the Moyun Mountain Range. The two sects and many sects will face the threat of being annexed. How can many self-cultivators be willing? I am afraid that this is something that a comprehension person intends to do, whether it is revenge or create chaos. As long as the contradiction between the two schools of the Qingsong and Jiuhua factions begins to intensify, this is what other comprehensions are willing to see.

It is a pity that the disciples of the Qingsong and Jiuhua factions are all congested and yelling at each other. They don’t think about who is benefiting from this incident. If it is not the white wave that appears in time, I am afraid that the school will become the first battlefield of the Qingsong and Jiuhua factions.

Yesterday, Bailang himself was in the school, and Mu Yu took a lecture at the entrance of the school to learn about the Jiuhua School and the Qingsong School. Bailang was also aware. However, he did not go to Mu Yu to ask for sin after he knew the reason.

Instead, blame your younger brother for not being too frivolous.

This problem is also easy to figure out. The Qingsong and Jiuhua factions want to merge with other sects, so they naturally have to start to acquire qualified cadres to join their respective alliances. Mu Yu has such a terrible talent. Compared with the disciples who are born and raised under his own door, he does not know how many times higher. If such a person is willing to return, it will be a great help for the sect.

This incident is the fault of the Qingsong disciple. Bailang is also a clear person. If he really ran to ask for Yu Yu, I am afraid that Mu Yu will choose to join the Jiuhua School directly. This is a huge loss for the Qingsong faction.

Bailang thought so, but the disciple who Jiuhua sent to deal with this matter was a straw bag. Where did he consider this? Jiuhua real person achievement Yuan Ying Yuan Ying real body has let many disciples swell up, they only think about how to triumphantly outside, how to fox fox, but forget that if you want to get the entire real world, the people's heart is the most important.

When you are a big one, you are proud of what you dare to say. When there are two choices, if you have no one, I will choose another one. When you are isolated, you can compete with your opponent.

Bai Lang called away his disciples. There is no evidence for this. He will not allow direct conflict with Jiuhua. The Jiuhua faction found that the Qingsong faction did not want to confront them, and they pointed the finger at Mu Yu.

Mu Yu was identified when he had not left, and he shrugged and looked at the people of Jiuhua.

"Yesterday is that you guys who don't know how to die, dare to hurt my disciples, and kill them all?"

The Jiuhua faction came to deal with the affairs of a strong person in the Golden Age. This person seems to be in his fifties, named Lu Changyuan, who is self-cultivated and tempered. Upon hearing the death of the disciple under the door, he was brutally beaten by the disciples yesterday, and suddenly he was looking for Mu Yu to settle accounts.

"Kill? If I want to kill them, they will start yesterday. Why bother? ”Mu Yu said faintly. He will not cringe because the other party is the strongest of the Golden Age. The Jindan period he has seen has gone more, and there are three in his own sect. What is this old man?

Lu Changyuan saw that Mu Yu did not put him in his eyes, and he was very angry in his heart. He said: "You have a dusty pie who killed my Jiuhua faction and even dared to be so arrogant? court death! ”

Lu Changyuan waved his hand, and the majestic pressure of the majestic rushed toward the wooden plume. Mu Yu’s face changed slightly, but his footsteps were light, and he avoided the Jindan period’s blow in a dangerous and dangerous way. In the past, when he was trained by An Shu in the mountains, An Shu’s strength was much higher than that of the old man. This old man only had Jin Dan’s heavy heaven. Although Mu Yu could not beat the old man, he was more than enough to protect himself.

"The killing is about the evidence, you are the one who killed me, and your Jiuhua faction is really great!"Mu Yu is not the first time to be smashed by the Jiuhua faction. When Lan Linger went down the mountain, he was also forcibly slain by the Jiuhua faction.

Lu Changyuan saw that he did not take Mu Yu down, was angry and angry, his body flashed, and his big hand grabbed the neck of Mu Yu. Mu Yu felt a burst of pressure, this old bastard came true! The sword in his hand surging, squatting in the hands of Lu Changyuan, and the body retreated.

"I said that you killed you is killing you!"

Lu Changyuan saw that he had caught Mu Yu twice. His old face could not be hanged. It was a shameful thing for a Jindan period defender to make a base shot, and he still lost two hands in a row. Big!

"Is the Jiuhua School so arrogant?"

The pressure in front of Muyu suddenly dissipated, and the figure of white waves appeared in front of him. Once he raised his hand, he resolved Lu Changyuan’s offensive.

"White waves, your Qingsong faction and our Jiuhua faction, we will count again! You are obstructing me to punish the murderer. Could it be that you are not motivated? ”Lu Changyuan stopped and said indignantly that Bai Lang’s strength is higher than him, and he would not ask for trouble.

Bai Lang smiled slightly: "This matter has not yet come to the fore, and you have decided that your Jiuhua faction is indiscriminate. I am really worried about the future Jiuhua Alliance! If the Jiuhua Alliance has these people to teach, I really don't know where your Jiuhua disciples have been wronged. Where should they go? ”

Lu Changyuan has come to the forefront and has already alerted many people to join in the fun. The white waves magnified the sound and deliberately let many people hear it. He revealed the savage style of the Jiuhua School in a few words, and many people immediately made a very bad impression on the Jiuhua School.

Now that the month has not arrived, each sect has not yet made its own choice. At this moment, the Jiuhua faction is so arrogant and unreasonable. If you choose to join the Jiuhua School in the future, when there is a contradiction, you will rely on the preferences of Jiuhua’s disciples. Judging, is there no way to apply?

Whitewater is a talent, directly discrediting the Jiuhua School, so that when people choose to join the Qingsong or Jiuhua School in the future, they will certainly tend to be fair to the Qingsong faction.

"This Jiuhua faction is too much."

"Yes! Now that the situation is forced, I think it is better to join the Qingsong faction. ”

When the discussion sounded, Bailang was organized, and the people in the cultivation of the real world were also the model of the younger generation. The Qingsong faction must also be his master in the future. Obviously, choosing to join a temperate martial art is much better than joining an unreasonable martial art.

"Humph! A disciplinary disciple of a district, my Jiuhua faction is still not in the eye! ”

Lu Changyuan still didn't realize what stupid things he had done. He felt that his head was already in the Yuan Ying period. He didn't have to think about it at all. Whoever loves to come, whoever loves to come down, is irrelevant.

Bailang laughed: "My Qingsong faction is exactly the opposite of your Jiuhua faction. We welcome everyone to join the Qingsong faction. The Qingsong Alliance we founded is not in the status of identity, and does not look at the martial forces. As long as you have the ability, we are always welcome. The dusty faction, the Qingsong faction, does not have any identity problems in the Qingsong Alliance. Mu Yu brother, I really welcome you to join us in the future. ”

Bai Lang had to be said to be a talent. When Jiuhua sent a low-scoring faction, he said that if he had a general understanding, he would undoubtedly win the favor of the comprehens present. Imagine the dust-breaking faction at the bottom of the comprehension world. White waves can throw olive branches like this. What do the martial art that are stronger than the dust-sucking party need to worry about?

The league is interested in who has more supporters. As long as the disciples of the Qingsong Alliance are strong, even if Jiuhua is a Yuan Ying period, he can't compete with the Qingsong faction! Because the Qingsong faction is not bad.

"You are also collecting the ridiculous martial art of the Dust Collector. It seems that you have any garbage in the Qingsong faction!"Lu Changyuan sneered.

"Shut up in the long run!"

A cry of screaming fell with a shadow, and Ju Wenxing actually came. When he came, he glanced at Lu Changyuan and then turned around and bowed to everyone.

"Everyone, don't misunderstand! My brother's long-term temper is violent, please forgive me for the offense. We are the only talents in the Jiuhua Alliance. We will be fair and just about everything. No matter what sect you come from, we will treat everyone equally. I believe that Mu Yuxian did not kill anyone. We will definitely check out the incidents. We will not marry the Mu Yuxian, but also ask Mu Yuxian to bear with me! ”Ju Wenxing showed a kind smile and a sincere speech. It was such a thing.

Mu Yu scratched his nose, how did he suddenly become a sage from the murderer? This attitude turned too fast, and Mu Yu almost didn't respond.

Ju Wenxing did not have the long-term vision of Lu Changyuan. It is natural for the comprehension to refer to him and Bai Lang as two representatives of the younger generation. If the current situation is not handled well, I am afraid that after a month, many people will choose to join the Qingsong School. How will the Jiuhua Alliance compete with the Qingsong Alliance?

The onlookers also felt a bit stunned. Yesterday, they were also used by the disciples of two martial arts as junk wood. Today, they suddenly became fragrant, UU reading, whether it is Bailang or Gu Wenxing, they are so It is rare to be polite.

"Mu Yu Xiandi, killing people, I know that it has nothing to do with you. If someone dares to marry you, even if you tell me, my Qingsong will definitely preside over justice for you."Bailang said with gentleness.

"Mu Yu Xiandi, Bailang brother said very much. I Jiuhua faction will not marry anyone, you can rest assured! In the future, I will be a good student to teach Jiuhua to send my brothers. It will not happen again after today. ”Lu Changyuan originally wanted to say something, but was stopped by Ju Wenxing.

Mu Yu naturally knows what they are thinking. The other disciples of the Jiuhua School and the Qingsong School are in no way, but the two are blind.

Although there are few people in the dusty school, no matter whether it is the wooden feathers in the foundation period or the deep-spoken Jindan period, it is so young to achieve this kind of cultivation. This martial art is not as unbearable as it looks.

Ju Wenxing remembers that there is also a girl who builds a foundation and nine heavens. The age of the wooden feathers is similar to that of the foundation. The qualifications of these days are much better than the little tigers, let alone There are also two elders of the Golden Age.

There are few people in the dust, but everyone is worthy of being attracted.

The representatives of the two big sects invariably threw the olive branch to the wood feather, but the wood feather did not appreciate it. Under the persecution of the Yuan Ying period, the dust-splitting faction naturally could not be set aside. Joining the Jiuhua Alliance or the Qingsong Alliance, Mu Yu would not really be loyal to him. What he wanted was to determine the safety of Master. .

"Then you go find the murderer yourself! I believe that with the ability of two people, it is a matter of hand to pick up the murderer. ”Mu Yu smiled and turned and walked to his other hospital.

The two of them sang in front of the practitioners of the school and did not have to cooperate with their performances.

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