Chapter 862 is born!

Across the desert, a red light was brought up in the air, with a blazing blast, a sharp whistling sound throughout the deserts, so that the ground sand was incinerated, leaving a blazing path of fire.
  He quickly crossed the desert, the flames burning in his body, seemed to want to escape the ancient winds of the chase.
  However, at this moment, the void in front of Luo Wei was surging, and then thirteen white beads galloped out from the void and smashed toward Luo.
  "Sword Shadow Wind Apprentice, the original is so vulnerable, as you this strength, but also want to and our triple palace against, really wishful thinking!" ”Guchi's voice came from the void.
  The progress of Luo Wei’s advancement was suddenly blocked. The burning sword in his hand was turned out and greeted with thirteen white beads. The huge fluctuations exploded again, and the blasting sound shook the clouds!
  The figure of the ancient dynasty has already appeared in front of Luo Wei. His face has a mad smile and he looks at Luo Wei with a playful look: "You can't escape."
  Luo Wei said indifferently: "I didn't intend to escape."
  The formations swayed from the desert under the feet of the two men, and a gossip pattern swept out. This gossip pattern was very vast, covering the desert with a thousand miles.
  At this time, the sky above the thousands of miles also appeared a pattern, echoing the ground pattern, a quaint pattern fell from the top of the sky, bounded by the edge of the gossip, formed a cage, will be Luo Wei And the ancient winds are all covered!
  "You can't escape."Luo Wei said indifferently.
  The ancient dynasty looked calm and looked at the strong ripples around it, and then reacted: "Wu Yu!"
  His eyes glanced out and wanted to find the traces of Mu Yu. However, there was no conspicuous killing of the wood feathers around him. There was no second killing atmosphere within a thousand miles.
  "Are you tempting me to come here?"
  The ancient dynasty tried to tear the void and walked, but the space here was blocked by the gossip array under the foot and could not be broken.
  Luo Wei looked at the ancient dynasty coldly. He even dismissed anything to answer. The burning sword was raised again. This time, the power of burning the sword was even stronger than the original, as if he was in an instant. The cultivation was suddenly upgraded, and it was just like two people!
  "Do you deliberately hide strength?"
  The ancient dynasty looked more and more gloomy. It’s no wonder that he just felt very wrong. Luo’s disciple, who was a sword and dusty wind, was only injured by a blow, and he fled and left. It’s just that he is tempting him. .
  The burning sword in the hands of Luo Wei broke out with a stunned sword. The sword gas spurred out from the sky, and fell into the sky. The sky was soaring, just like all the auras were attracted by the sword of the burning sword. The sword of Nahadao seems to communicate with the heavens and the earth, and the majestic and arrogant swordsmanship falls from the sky!
  "The soul of the law is hidden, the soul of the gun!"
  Guchi shouted, the hands of the spear for a moment as high as thousands of Zhang, 13 beads all strung together, into the white spear, the long gun suddenly become extremely fierce, white soul continuously from the beads scattered, forming a vortex interwoven in the spear of the Spear Blade, a spear out, the air seems to be picked broken fault, The air has become incredibly sticky!
  The Soul Gun and the Burning Sword collide with each other, as if there was a confrontation between heaven and earth. The whole desert trembled again, and the violent fluctuations swept out. It was like a storm, and the space around it was like a paste. Breathing stops without stopping!
  The sword gas and the gun shadow are once again intertwined, and the sharpness is revealed. The heat wave is all over the sky, and it is extremely scary!
  Luo Wei has been deceiving himself, burning the sword with a hot sword on the broken soul gun, a hegemonic atmosphere rushing out, let the ancient wind arm are paralyzed, the body instantly burst out , opened the distance from Luo Wei.
  "Sure enough, it’s a small one!"
  The ancient Chaofeng hands were slightly numb, and the aftermath of Jianqi was surrounded by his arms. Then the whole body was shocked and the sword gas was destroyed.
  "But if you think this will be able to deal with me, then you still think too much!"
  The soul-breaking gun in the hands of the ancient Chaofeng has disappeared and re-translated into thirteen white-sized fist-sized beads, all of which stopped in front of him in an instant, and then suddenly broke out in each of the pillars. The soul gun, a total of thirteen handle broken soul guns left a shadow in the air, stabbed to Luo Wei.
  However, at this time, the ancient dynasty suddenly turned his head. He looked at the place 30 feet away from the east. He sneered: "Strong killing, Mu Yu, are you hiding in this place?"
  Saying that there are seven guns and shadows, a corner of the bend to the east thirty feet to stab!
  The killings came quickly and went fast. The seven gunshots didn’t hit anyone, but they hit the gossip on the ground, letting the gossip pattern tremble again!
  At this time, Luo Wei’s burning sword has shattered the remaining six gunshots, which is almost the same as the ancient wind!
  The ancient dynasty again raised its hand, and thirteen white beads were rotated in front to form a white hurricane, blocking the burning sword of Luo Wei.
  "Your Masters are already prisoners on the Lord. What are the five waves of the five of you who can pull out?" I will take you to see your master! ”
  The ancient dynasty laughed and shook back Luo.
  "You have to have this ability!"Luo Wei said indifferently.
  "how? Are you still unable to survive? ”
  "No, you will die!"Luo Wei said indifferently.
  "Haha! I would like to see if you have any way to make me die! ”The ancient dynasty is so arrogant that even if he is arrogant, it still looks so sacred.
  "I said you will die!"
  Luo in the hands of burning the sky sword suddenly flutter up, his clouds in the sky seems to be burned by the flames deformation, there is a strange red mans, and at this time his hands of the burning day sword seems to have changed nine sword Shadow, each sword shadow in the air to deduce the day sword nine, each burning the sword is so unstoppable, in a moment, All the shadows of the sword were all aggregated, and the sky was the only one that burned the sword!
  One by one!
  Burning the sky sword seems to make the whole piece of air be violently compressed, and the violent swords are swaying and smashing, and the waves are soaring, just in the blink of an eye, they come to the ancient dynasty!
  The ancient face of the wind changed slightly, this sword was extremely powerful in his eyes, and it was unstoppable. He slammed and the soul-breaking gun appeared again, and he greeted the burning sword!
  After the soul-breaking gun ushered in the burning of the sword, it was broken and the white soul was scattered everywhere, but the sword of the burning sword was not lost, and went to the chest of the ancient wind!
  Thirteen white beads reappeared, and each white bead burst open, followed by a white vortex in front of him, sucking him in!
  Luo Biao’s brows were slightly wrinkled, and the sword turned slightly, and turned out, and went away to the void in the distance.
  boom! boom! boom!
  Numerous waves of volatility appeared in the void, and countless white brilliance emerged from the void. Luo’s swordsmanship was chasing after the void, and he wanted to force the ancient dynasty.
  However, the speed of the ancient dynasty escaped very fast, and Luo Jian’s sword was unable to catch up!
  However, at this moment, the gossip pattern trembled fiercely, the whole piece of emptiness seemed to be squeezed, and then the pressure was getting bigger and bigger, and the path of white light escape was also blocked by the formation, just like being Holding an invisible big hand, the strength of the big hand is getting stronger and stronger –
  The shadow of the ancient dynasty was blown out in the air, but before he stood firm, a killing reappeared again. This time the ancient dynasty did not escape!
  "How can it be–"
The ancient dynasty looked incredulously at his chest, where I didn’t know when it was like a hole.
  But he didn't see anything. He didn't know what was in his body. The shape of the wound should be a sword, but the sword seemed to be invisible to him.
  What surprised him the most was that there was a terrible tearing force in the empty blood hole in his chest. This terrible tearing force was actually consuming the soul of him.
  "How, how come?"
  The ancient wind whispered, then suddenly remembered something, and screamed in agony: "Wu Yu!"
  "You know it is too late."
  The appearance of Mu Yu’s killing appeared in the back of the ancient dynasty. There was endless resentment in his heart that he wanted to vent on this person. The wooden spirit sword quickly swallowed the soul of the ancient dynasty.
  "Damn, you dare to do this to me-"
The ancient dynasty looked quickly wilting, and he struggled to break free of the invisible sword, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com, but he can't see anything.
  Luo Wei’s sword gas dissipated in the air. He looked indifferently at the ancient wind that was worn by Mu Yu’s sword. He said, “You can kill this dirty thing without you.”
  "You can beat him, but you can't kill him."Mu Yu responded.
  Luo Wei snorted and did not refute.
  There are too many means in the Mie Palace, and the means of escape is only if Mu Yu had blocked the space in advance, and maybe it would really let the ancient wind escape!
  "Damn, the night Fei An waste, actually did not stop you!"The ancient dynasty spit out a few words.
  "Do you mean this?"
  Mu Yu’s hands were leaping, and a white ray of light ran out. It’s the means that the ancient dynasty wanted to intercept the wood feathers at night.
  "You–" the ancient dynasty winds!
  "To tell the truth, I also want to kill the night fly, but we still have something to do, first keep his dog life."
  The wooden feathers swayed, and the white ray that the ancient wind used to communicate was broken.
  Mu Yu had already noticed that someone was behind him, so he was separated from Luo Wei, and laid a trap here, so that Luo Wei led the ancient dynasty to the trapped battle.
  He knew that the people of Mie Palace must be guided by their killing power, and they used the real element of the white demon king to stay in him, concealing his killing power, and letting the ancient dynasty never noticed it. .
  "Directly killed."Luo Wei is stunned.
  "I still have some questions to figure out."Mu Yu said indifferently.

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