The NO. 863 chapter is no man or ghost.

At the beginning of the night, the Fairy's Night Fly was to use something similar to the transmission array to escape in front of them. Mu Yu knew that the Mie Palace had many means, which made Luo Wei pretend to be invincible and attracted the ancient wind to him personally. In the trap of the cloth, ensure that nothing is lost. /p>
At this time, the ancient dynasty wind was invaded by the sword of Mu Yu, and the swordsmanship contained incomparably powerful swallowing power and deterrence power, which made the ancient dynasty winds lose their resistance. /p>
"I have blood protection, why do you hear me?"Mu Yu looked at the ancient wind and asked. /p>
The ancient dynasty laughed: "The blood protection is really powerful, but at this time we have already had a hardness of this array. The specific reason is what I will not tell you. In short, the dead wood Changqing guy can't protect you! Hahaha! ”/p>
The sword in the hands of Mu Yu is even more powerful. The sword gas invades the body of the ancient dynasty. The ancient dynasty screams, and his body is constantly shaking, reaching out and trying to catch it, but Did not catch the figure of Mu Yu. /p>
Mu Yu has stood in front of the ancient dynasty, his eyes are cold and murderous. /p>
"Dirty chop!"/p>
γ€€γ€€Mu Yu took a sigh of disgust, and the Muling Sword has been turned into numerous meridians with numerous branches and veins all over the ancient dynasty. The branches are surrounded by powerful anger and death. These dead and angry are born to the soul. The nemesis walked in the ancient meridian meridians, so that the ancient dynasty could not gather any spiritual power. /p>
The sacred white light of the ancient dynasty gradually weakened and slowly revealed his original appearance. /p>
This is a man who looks like he is in his thirties. At this moment, the whole body is wandering with black and white breath, and even the blue veins are like a black and white worm moving. /p>
"Now you are a prisoner, you have no arrogant capital."Wood feathers cool channel. /p>
The ancient dynasty looked at Mu Yu with sorrow and sorrow. After the white radiance of light was faint, he looked very embarrassed at this time, no different from ordinary people. /p>
"You are dead this heart! I won't tell you anything! ”The ancient dynasty squeezed this sentence out of the teeth. /p>
"I heard that you are repairing the soul, I will see what you would be like if you have no soul!"/p>
The branches controlled by the wood feathers invaded the ancient wind, and only sucked the soul of the other side, and did not move any vitality. /p>
"You bastard!"/p>
The ancient dynasty screamed in anger, but the means of Mu Yu was specifically to restrain these souls. He did not intend to show mercy. /p>
The white light slowly retracted into the ancient wind, and his skin gradually dried up. /p>
The original ruddy skin lost its support of the soul, began to deform, became terrible, like the loss of water, like a crumpled layer of skin stuck on the skeleton. /p>
"stop! stop! ”The ancient dynasty shouted in pain. /p>
Mu Yu stopped absorbing the soul, watching the ancient wind, the human skin to deal with is like a layer of camouflage, ugly. /p>
"answer my question."Mu Yu said. /p>
The ancient dynasty gasped and sighed: "We made a deal, let me go, I will tell you why…what! ”/p>
The roots of the woods are again absorbing the soul of the ancient winds. /p>
"I am not interested in trading with you, not saying that I will find the reason myself."Mu Yu said simply. /p>
Oh! /p>
The dry skin of the ancient Chaofeng began to crack and peel off, revealing a group of white sticky skin. The skin is covered with red blisters, as if it had been boiled by boiling water. His face began to grow longer, his ears became sharp, his nose collapsed, and his eyes turned yellow. /p>
"The old monkey said that your cultivation of soul power will become a ghost, not a ghost, so this is what you originally looked like?"/p>
Mu Yu looked at the ugly face of the ancient dynasty. He originally thought that the so-called "human beings are not ghosts and ghosts" is a kind of mockery of the possession of holy light. I did not expect it to be a real person. No one is ghost or ghost!" /p>
Recalling that this guy started with a holy white light to make himself look like a god, now it is like a dirty nose worm, a sharp contrast between before and after, it is a great irony! /p>
"How does your disgusting thing look like a human skin?"Luo Wei slowly came to the ancient Chaofeng, and the disgust in his eyes was full. /p>
"You two bastards, dare to treat me like this, will inevitably let you die without a place to die!"/p>
The ancient dynasty that was dismantled in shape showed sharp teeth. It was originally the image of the sacred stalwart. After the soul was absorbed by Muling, it turned into an ugly appearance. I am afraid that no one in the comprehension would think of it. The Triple Palace they believe in is really so long! /p>
"It looks so ugly, so that you can use the soul to make a disguise to make yourself look sacred and become the faith of the self-cultivator. Is that true?"/p>
Mu Yu hated the monsters of the Mie Palace to the extreme. The monsters of the Mie Palace and the people of the original Moon family had a fight. /p>
The Moon is also a race that is good at camouflage. Wood Yu still remembers that when he first saw the Red Crescent in the burial valley, the other party was a woman who looked very beautiful and only showed up later. The appearance of the meat-winged horns. /p>
"It’s amazing to practice the soul and turn yourself into this, and you can accept it."Luo Wei looked coldly at the ancient dynasty, and his tone was full of disdain. /p>
The soul is taken from a kind of power in the soul of the dead. This power is indeed powerful, but it is a pity that it is too much to be a ghost. /p>
"You two ants, I, I will not let you go!"The ancient dynasty was contaminated by anger and death, and the ugly body had shrunk. /p>
"I will let him speak."/p>
Luo Yan’s hand has already lit up a white flame, and the breath is very cold, like a wildfire from Huangquan Road. /p>
The white flame pulsed to the ancient wind, like a flowing water, slowly covering every inch of the ancient wind, but it is strange that there is no burning trace on the ancient wind, but he suddenly A terrified voice! /p>
"Ah – bastard, how do you have this kind of flame? Ah – stop – "/p>
The ancient dynasty wind slammed directly into the ground from midair, and the whole person was constantly twisted on the ground. The flame leaped lightly on him, without any characteristics, but made him unhappy. /p>
"Bone fire, once contaminated, the body will not burn the flesh and blood, but the bones will be directly burned, I will make you a pile of rotten meat without bones!"Luo Yan said with a sullen face. /p>
Mu Yu didn't know much about Luo Wei's ability. Even if it was a bone fire, he heard it for the first time. It seems that this thing seems to be somewhat cruel. However, at this time, Mu Yu could not give any sympathy to the monsters of the Mie Palace, even if he had to slap the Mie Palace. /p>
"Is my master still alive?"Mu Yu asked. /p>
"I want to know? Do, dream! ”The ancient dynasty roared. /p>
In the hands of Luo Wei, there was another illusory white flame: "If you burn your bones is not enough, I can burn your soul with the soul fire!"/p>
The ancient dynasty wind smashed into a big hole, and the flame of Luo Wei was already afraid of the extreme. If it is normal, he will not let these flames close, but now the wood spirit of Mu Yu has taken away all the soul power, it is already a life-like death, and can no longer bear the torture of this flame. /p>
"Hahaha, don't think about putting any news out of my mouth. What you need to know is that it is impossible for you two to save the sword and dust!" Hahaha! ”/p>
The veins of the ancient dynasty began to become extremely hard, and the skin began to show an ugly brown color. Then a powerful power was waiting in the body. This horrible trend could not be stopped even by Mu Yu! /p>
"He wants to blew himself!"/p>
Mu Yu's Mu Ling couldn't let the ancient winds stop the trend of self-destruction. He immediately pulled back Mu Ling and disappeared into Mu Ling. Luo Wei also quickly entered the flame and disappeared! /p>
γ€€γ€€The violent breath blasted openly around the body of the ancient dynasty. This breath was chaotic and horrible, destroying the earth and destroying the earth. The layers of gas and waves rolled out, and all the gossip arrays set by the wood feathers were destroyed. The yellow sand of the desert was In a moment, it became nothingness, /p>
With the sound of the explosion of the earth, the radius of the square is like a big earthquake. The air is full of countless faults. It seems that the void is torn. Broken, raging waves of the sea blasted the ground out of a bottomless kilometer crater! /p>
A person who has the strength of a robbery period blew himself, UU reading www.uukanshu. The power generated by com is so terrible! /p>
Mu Yu and Luo Yu re-appeared, and the violent spiritual power around them was still echoing, but they could not help them. /p>
"You are wrong, we will definitely save Master."Mu Yu clenched his fist. /p>
In any case, they will save the Master, even if Master is taken away from the body of eternal life, they must also take back the Master's eternal life! /p>
Mu Yu closed his eyes and tried to suppress the hatred in his heart. /p>
"This person is called the ancient dynasty, and the top ten is ranked 18th."In the hands of Mu Yu, a very fairy logo appeared, and then he was crushed. /p>
"You just tried to test what he is doing?"Luo Wei asked. /p>
So far, their understanding of the Mie Palace is still too small, because the Mie Palace is not the former force that the White Demon King said to be purely to protect the human race. Therefore, Luo Yu’s defeat brought the ancient dynasty wind here, just to cover the ancient dynasty and learn more about the information of the Mie Palace. /p>
"If I kill him, I will be perceived by him even if I don't use the killing atmosphere."Mu Yu said. /p>
When Gu Chaofeng and Luo Wei played against each other, he had always concealed his own killing atmosphere. Later, he only showed a little killing. The ancient dynasty wind noticed his movements and attacked him with a broken soul gun. This is just The temptation of Mu Yu, but exposed the drawbacks of the wooden feathers to protect the sky. /p>
"So, as long as you want to kill the people of the Mie Palace, it is useless to protect the sky?"Luo Wei asked. /p>

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