Chapter 865 Threats

    Xiao Shuai seems to have made a long dream, his dreams are all kinds of fat and tempting to roast legs, and so he wants to catch the flying duck legs, accidentally rolled out.


    Xiao Shuai touched the nose from the ground up, his sleepy eyes blurred, looked at four weeks, here is a quiet forest, the sun through the forest sprinkle on them, exceptionally comfortable.

    "You are awake!"

    Mu Yu slowly opened his eyes and woke up from the state of cultivation. Then he reached out and touched Xiao Shuai’s head. Just now Xiao Shuai slept on the soft wooden bed next to him. It was specially made by him. Going up to the soft, lying very comfortable.

    Xiaoshuai climbed onto Mu Yu’s shoulder and yawned and said: “The stomach is starving!”

    The first thing this guy woke up was to find his feathers and find the wooden feathers to eat.


    Mu Yu handed two chicken legs to Xiaoshuai, and touched Xiaoshuai’s head by the way, smiling slightly.

    This is the first time he has laughed in so many days. There have been too many things happening this time, so that he is very depressed, and there is only killing in his heart.

    Only when facing Xiaoshuai will he force the killing in his heart to be forced down. Xiaoshuai is Master's sword spirit, naughty and tricky, lively and lovely, so that there is at least a solace in the heart of Mu Yu.

    "How long have I slept?"Xiaoshuai asked inexplicably.

    "More than a month."

    "More than a month? Fortunately, it’s not too long. What interesting things happened in this month? ”

    Xiaoshuai swallowed two chicken legs, and Mu Yu handed him the thigh of a roasted golden-haired tiger demon. These are the survivals he left after Xiao Shuai’s coma, which is to explain to Xiaoshuai. of.

    "I found the ninth eternal life."Mu Yu said.

    Mu Yu said in detail that Xiao Shuai’s coma happened in more than a month. How did he meet the old tree after Xiao Shuai’s coma, and then how to use the dragon to find the ninth person, how to kill The ancient dynasty, and Mu Yu, went looking for the ninth eternal life.

    "what! How can the ninth eternal life be him! ”The chicken legs in Xiao Shuai’s hand fell to the ground.

    Mu Yu shook his head: "I didn't expect it to be him.

    "It's really unpredictable!" So you have done various protective measures against him? ”Xiaoshuai picked up the chicken legs again, took a sigh of relief, blown away all the dust, and picked it up again.

    Mu Yu nodded. "I used all the thoughts that I could think of. How to prevent him from being used by the Dragon Array. I actually used it. But in fact, he has a powerful Thunder guard. This thunder will only be triggered when life is at risk. If I think it's right, the Thunder should be the ability of the real world of the thunder – the thunder and dust. ”

    Xiaoshuai asked: "Do you know the identity of the real person?"

    "There is no trace left in the real thing, he does not want me to find it."

    Mu Yu has been careful, except for the Thunder, there is nothing related to the real thing.

    Xiaoshuai snorted twice, and it was not good to eat the wood feathers, but went to cook himself.

    Mu Yu hesitated for a moment and asked: "Little handsome, how much do you remember the day?"

    "what's up?"Xiaoshuai sprinkled a bit on the barbecue.

    "When you used the sword of the sword of the day, the pictures that flashed in your mind, have you forgotten?"Mu Yu asked.

    "Hey, you said that I used the sword to play handsome things that day?" I don't know, don't you say, I am still saddened to think of the old man with white beard. I don't know why? ”Xiaoshuai stopped his life, his eyes looked at the flame of Dan Flint in a confused way.

    "But it doesn't matter, we will definitely save the old man with white beard."

    Xiaoshuai laughed a bit, and soon drove out the thoughts in his mind, and continued to turn the roast leg, and sprinkled some vegetable oil into it. These vegetable oils are all credits of Mu Yu.

    "you're right."

    Mu Yu closed his eyes and continued to enter the state of cultivation. Since he was riddled with the power of killing, his original cultivation has also risen rapidly, and now he has reached the seven-day repair of the fit. The killing power has been affecting his body, but after he killed Dongsha City, he found that his cultivation was so terrible.

    In the face of the Triple Palace, he does not reject the cultivation of the killing power. On the contrary, he still wants to reach the robbery period faster. Only in this way can the killing power be more powerful.


    Mu Yu walks in Jianying City. On the way to the ghost gate, he just came here by the way. He wants to inquire about some of the current realm of comprehension, and listen to what is happening in Sangong, and where the Yumeng Mou attacked. .

    The rumors of the Yumeng Mozu have been raging in the realm of comprehension. It is said that a trace of the fire of the Yumeng Mozu was found in the desert in the northwest a while ago. At that time, hundreds of comprehensions who had gone to the exploration were burned. The person is already at risk.

    "The fire near Qingshui City was very intense. It is said that all the squares were burned into a pile of scorched earth!"

    "Yeah, the Yumeng Mozu is getting more and more embarrassed. We don't know what to do now."

    "This incident blames the sword and dust. How can he train five disciples who have the ability of the Yumeng Mozu? I heard that the flame of Qingshui City is the second disciple of the sword shadow dust, and the person who has the ability to control fire is deliberately killed! ”

    "Yes, I also heard that the fire in Dongsha City was also released by him!"

    "Not only that, I heard that Mu Yu is still colluding with the Yaozu and wants to deal with our human race!"

    "Too much, I have thought that the apprentice of the true God should lead by example and lead us to declare war on the Yumeng Mozu!"

    "Hey, the shadow of the sword shadow is too much. For the sake of one's own self and the triple heaven, it also plunges us into the deep water. We also named this city pool as a loss. I think this city is renamed as Sancheng. It!"

    Mu Yu sat on the tea stall, listening to the comprehension next to him, silently.

    "The fire in the northwest desert has burned hundreds of comprehensions?"Xiaoshuai looked at Mu Yu with surprise.

    Mu Yu shook his head: "At the time, the two of us who together killed the Sangong Palace were afraid of being trapped by another Sangong Palace."

    All the conspiracy is planned by the Mie Palace in the back. They must first solve all the five unstable factors of Mu Yu, so that they can't lead the Terran to confront the Triple Palace.

    "You don't know?" Now I heard that everyone is dissatisfied with Mu Yu and wants to force Mu Yu to show up. Do you know what is the best way to force Mu Yu to show up? ”

    "I heard about this, and the best way to force Muyu to show up is to go to Qingshuicheng to find his family!"

    "Yes! As long as you grab the wooden family, you can let the wooden feathers smash, and we can solve a true god apprentice. ”

    "I really hope that I can also make a contribution. The five people who have the ability to be Yumen are hard to understand!"

    Mu Yu’s body trembled fiercely, and the anger in his heart had reached the extreme!

    These people actually turned their minds on his family!

    The dragon has a counter-scale, and he will die. If something happens to his family, he doesn't mind killing another city!

    "Mu Yu, let me come!"Xiaoshuai stretched out his hand and gently stroked it.

    "it is good."Mu Yu stood up and glanced at the three comprehensions who were still discussing his life. The smell of killing did not flash.

    Those comprehensions who were still talking about it suddenly felt like they were stared at by strange smells. They looked around in surprise and found that there was only one innocent and lovely child sitting next to them holding tea.

    They thought that they were suspicious, they turned and continued to drink tea, but at this moment, they suddenly looked at themselves and stared at the tea cup in their hands.



    In the clear cup, there were two drops of scarlet blood, so it was shocking and reddened.


    The three comprehensions have fallen on the table, and there are three blood holes in the center of their foreheads.


    Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai have already quickly traveled to Qingshui City. Xiao Shuai turned his body on the shoulder of Mu Yu and blinked his eyes, looking at the surrounding flashes.

    The few people who are the only ones are small and handsome, and it is no big deal for Xiao Shuai to kill the individual. All three comprehensions have the idea of ​​killing Mu Yu. Mu Yu does not need to let them live in this world.

    Mu Yu has already raised the speed to the limit, he must rush to the wood home as soon as possible, otherwise his family will have an accident!

    "Don't worry, isn't the person in the ancestry protecting your wooden family? Not to mention the sect, the entire Qingshui City was controlled to the south, and said to the south that it would protect your wooden home, there will be no accident. ”Xiaoshuai comforted.

    "The people who want to work with my family are not the people of Qingshuicheng. I think everyone can't wait to grab my family to force me to show up. I am afraid that many masters have already rushed to Qingshuicheng."Mu Yu cold channel.

    The nature of the comprehension of all kinds of greed and fear of death makes Mu Yu annoyed. Up to now, he still wants to smash the dust of the sword and shadow, but also wants to threaten Mu Yu’s family. Mu Yu does not want to be a good old man any more, but he wants to care for him. If the person is unfavorable, he will kill it!

    Half a month ago, he just came out of the desert, but did not expect this time to re-enter the desert.

    His speed was very fast, and he almost disappeared from the desert. The hot desert could not slow him back to Qingshuicheng. He even forced his cultivation to speed up.

    The outline of Qingshuicheng soon appeared in front of him. He entered the city of Qingshui directly, and he saw the huge mansion of Qingshuicheng. However, his face changed because he felt that there was an incomparable hide in the wooden house. A strong breath!


    Muyu’s figure has quickly landed in the courtyard of Mufu. The killing atmosphere instantly covered the entire Mufu compound, and the anger has spread all over the body. Once his family is injured, Muyu will never let go. anyone!

    "what happened?"

    Many people rushed out with trepidation and saw the figure of Mu Yu but did not dare to step closer. The raging killing atmosphere made them very surprised.

    "What about my family?"

    The sound of Mu Yu is cold to the limit!

    "Wood feather? Is it really you? ”

    The familiar voice came out from the lobby of Mufu. Mutianhe looked at his grandson with great surprise, but when he saw the breath of Mu Yu, he immediately stopped and didn't dare to step closer.

    "Grandpa, are you okay? What about the rest? ”

    Mu Yu immediately came to the side of Mu Tianhe, looking around, the body's killing is still not reduced.

    Mu Tianhe looked at the strange grandson in front of him. The killing smell on Mu Yu made him feel like a hail. He asked with some trepidation: "How come you, how can you become like this?"

    Xiaoshuai reached out and patted the shoulders of Mutianhe, so that the wooden crane would not be affected by the killing of Mu Yu.

    "Grandpa, what about other people?"

    Mu Yu did not put away his own killing atmosphere, and the strong breath seemed to be nothing, let him feel a crisis!

    "Mu Yu brother!"

    A cheerful voice sounded, and then a small figure had already plunged into the arms of Mu Yu, and it seemed that he did not care about the killing of Mu Yu.

    "Mu Xin."

    Mu Yu’s heart moved, and his body’s killing was weakened by three points. He tried to calm himself down.

    "Mu Yu brother, are you going to leave this time?"Mu Xin asked Mu Yu’s hand and asked happily.

    Then Wood Folding Star and Mu Rongxuan and others also rushed over. They all frowned and saw the killing of Mu Yu’s body was very scared. Obviously this is completely different from the gentle and childish wood feathers.

    Wood Folding Star walked to the side of Mu Yu, hesitantly asked: "Wu Yu, what happened to you?"

    He felt a hard-to-suppress killing in the long-term, and thought that it was a strong enemy who invaded the Mujia, and hurriedly came over to check the situation, but found himself to be his son.

    "You all okay?"

    The killing intention of Mu Yu was weakened by three more points. The little handsome touched the ears of Mu Yu, and the killing smell of Mu Yu gradually disappeared.

    "Sorry, I thought someone was going to be bad for our wood house."

    Mu Yu avoids the doubts of the wooden family. Today, the last thing he wants to face is his family, because he does not want his loved ones to see that his killings are not intimate. He does not like himself and does not want to let himself The family is worried. UU reading

    Mu Yu used the demon element of the white demon king to stay on his shoulder, concealing his own killing atmosphere, and then continued to ask: "I feel that there is a strong atmosphere here, someone threatens you?"

    Mu Tianhe and others saw that Mu Yu converges on the breath, and this is a sigh of relief. He said: "There were a lot of foreign self-cultivators in the past few days who were clamoring to crusade our Mufu, but fortunately, the pro-family rushed them all. gone."


    Mu Yu brows a pick.

    "Oh, my good son-in-law, can't you even recognize my breath?" Come in and let me see if you have grown taller these days. ”The sound of the lazy demon king slowly spread out from the hall.

    The heart of Mu Yu was completely relaxed. He forgot the things of the White Demon King in Qingshui City.

    But there is another nameless fire in Mu Yu’s heart: “Pro-family?”

    The last thing he wants to see at this time is his family. Now, what is the family of the demon king?

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