Chapter 867 Unqualified Bad Guys

Returning to the wooden house, Mu Yu felt very uncomfortable and seemed to be out of place with everything in Mufu.
Since the killing power has gradually changed his character, it is difficult for him to face his loved ones. He didn't have a deep affection for this because he didn't grow up here, but he still didn't want to pull the wooden family into his affairs.
In the eyes of all Mu family members, Mu Yu is an easy-going, organized, childish, and likes to squash with Mu Hao. But after returning this time, even if Mu Yu wants to hide it any more, he can't let himself go back to the state he used to, and he has become a thousand miles away. Everyone understands that something unexpected happened on Mu Yu. .
Mu Tianhe believes in Mu Yu, so he secretly lets everyone not ask this question. However, Mu Xin is not the same. When she came back, she was entangled in Mu Yu. Both she and Mu Hao liked their "mu Yu brother" and regarded Mu Yu as a hero of the human race.
Every time Mu Xin said the word "Mu Yu brother", it was like a sun in the abyss for Mu Yu, let him see the warmth.
However, when Mu Xin once again mentioned the big hero, Mu Yu suddenly feared the words "big hero".
"The "big hero" is not going to slaughter 100,000 people in Dongsha City.
Mu Yu often remembers that 100,000 people died in front of him while he was practicing, and died under his wood spirit. Although he knows that these people are damn, Mu Yu always can't let go.
In order to avenge the revenge of the righteous people, it is hard to say clearly who is the devil.
"Brother Mu Yu, have you met many fun things outside? Can you talk to me? ”
Two years have not seen, Mu Xin's man has grown a lot higher, but still so pure, looking at the big eyes of Mu Xin's water, Rao is now the indifferent wood feathers will not let the cold heart melt.
"Outside? The things outside are not fun. ”Mu Yu shook his head slightly.
The self-cultivator is full of intrigues, and it is good to find a place to live when he drifts outside. Where is the person concerned, where is life.
"The last time Mu Hao brother came back, he said that the array had a lot of powerful methods, and also gave me a lot of arrays, but I think that Mu Yu is more powerful. ”Mu Xin took the hand of Mu Yu.
Mu Yu smiled and still smiled very stubbornly.
It seems that since this time, he has forgotten how to laugh.
"Mu Yu’s brother is going to be happy. He said that the world of Mu Yu’s brother is not in Qingshui City. I don’t quite understand this sentence. However, I said to you, I will leave Qingshuicheng in the future and play with my brother Mu Yu, ok? ”Mu Xin said earnestly.
Mu Yu touched Mu Xin’s head and said, “That’s time to wait until Xiao Xin grows up, understand?”
"Well, that statement is fixed. When I grow up, Mu Yu’s brother will take me out to play! ”Mu Xin stretched out his little finger. "Let's pull the hook."
"Pull the hook? ”
Wood Yu looked at Mu Xin's little finger and felt that this movement was so naive.
As a child, he would do this with other children, but now that he has grown up, he can destroy one side of the land by waving a wave, Muxin the action in his eyes is so ridiculous.
He suddenly realized that he was very naive when he left the dusty mountain. He always imagined the world as beautiful. He felt that the life of every comprehension is worth cherishing. Everyone should have a reason to live. No one is there. Who should deprive him of his life.
But now, in retrospect, the original ideas are not as naive and laughing as the so-called "hook"?
Everyone will grow up. When they are used to the right and wrong of the realm, the initial heart can no longer be maintained.
"Let's pull it. ”
Mu Yu slammed his fingers and hooked it with Mu Xin’s little finger.
Very naive action,

But it made Mu Yu very embarrassed.
"What does it mean to grow up? ”Mu Yu asked himself.
When he just walked out of the dusty mountain, he was so ignorant at that time. He thought that he would follow the path of Master, protect the Terran, fight against Yumeng, and fight for the tomorrow of the realm.
But now, he feels tired and smells the ugly side of the human form. He is completely disappointed with the comprehension.
The destruction of more than 100,000 people in Dongsha City has always caused him to suffer.
That day he said in front of Master's statue that when a good person is too tired, he wants to be a bad person.
But the bad guys should not be embarrassed by the demise of the Dongsha City comprehension.
He thought of the fire of the day, whether there are also innocent children like Mu Xin, full of hope for the future, can't wait to see the whole world and see tomorrow.
But they never had a chance.
"I am sorry! I am sorry! ”
Mu Yu clenched his fist and his heart was blocked.
He hoped that there were no lively and innocent children like Mu Xin in Dongsha City that day. The children did not dare to stand up just because their family members did not let them know anything.
Mu Yu’s heart is shaking, he can’t deceive himself.
Being a bad person can live a good life, but he is not a qualified bad person.
Mu Xin asked curiously: "Mu Yu brother, why should you apologize? You didn't do anything sorry for Xiaoxin! ”
Mu Yu’s mood was very uncomfortable, and he asked softly for a long time. "Xiao Xin, what kind of person do you think Mu Yu is? ”
Mu Xin touched the back of his head and stared at his eyes: "Mu Yu's brother is very powerful, punishes evil, is the apprentice of the true God, the great hero who protects the world peace, Mu Hao brother often said this to me."
Wood feathers undulating in the chest, he remembered the stupid boy, blindly worshipping himself, often talking in front of him about how great the true God apprentice.
At that time, Mu Yu was still only "wind wood". He did not say that he broke his identity. He listened happily to Mu Hao's silly in front of Mu Yu and praised Mu Yu as a hero.
However, the great hero in Mu Hao’s eyes is no longer the same as that of the past.
"Xiaohao, is he okay? ”Mu Yu asked bitterly.
Mu Xin nodded: "Xiao Hao brother is very good! He said that the people of the sects are very good to him. They also secretly say that you are really an amazing brother. Anything will be a genius of the ancestors. He is now treating you as a goal of transcendence. But he is so tens of thousands of people that I don't want to tell you this, or you know that he is still boasting about you now, he will feel very shameful, because he said that he would not worship you again, he Don't want you to be too proud…Damn! I, I, I said a leak. ”
Mu Xin was embarrassed to hold his little mouth.
"That silly boy, did he say that? ”
Mu Yu’s mouth couldn’t help but rise up, but he was in a panic. If Mu Hao knew that he was already another person, what would happen? Will Mu Hao worship him?
If Mu Hao is no longer proud of him, is this what he wants to see?
Mu Yu feels somewhat lost.
I don't know why, he suddenly cares about Mu Hao's opinion, because Mu Hao's "Mu Yu brother" is a big hero, and he is not.
The calm footsteps sounded in the yard, and the wooden folding star had already come over. He bent over and touched Mu Xin’s head and said softly: "Xiao Xin, you should go out and play for a while, Si Shu and Mu Yu said. Is that alright?"
"Ok, four uncles. ”Mu Xin ran out and jumped out.
Mu Yu looked up and looked at his own biological father. This man did not have much intersection with him, and he did not have deep feelings. They looked at each other like strangers and fathers.
Wood folding star smiled and said: "You seem to have changed a lot."
Mu Yu moved his lips, he did not know how to answer.
The wooden folding star sat down beside Mu Yu, and it seemed to be somewhat restrained. They seemed to be strangers to each other. There was nothing to talk to each other. For Wood Folding Star, what happened to his son now, what happened, and what responsibility he had, he didn’t know anything about his father, and he couldn’t help.
Wood Folding Star thought for a moment, said: "What kind of person is she?"
"Ok? ”Mu Yu looked at the wood folding star.
"You found your beloved girl, but never told us! ”Wood folding star smiled.
Mu Yu came back to this, UU read He forgot, he never mentioned Qiao Xue and the awkward things with his family.
Wood folding star smiled: "Your mother said that she will not arrange any brethren for you in the future. She wants you to pursue the girl you like. So no matter what kind of person you are looking for, I will not dislike it, but I think if one day I see a daughter-in-law, at least I can't know nothing about it? Mr. Bai has said a lot about you in these days! ”
Mu Yu remembered the shameless personality of the White Demon King, worried that he would give him a mess, and asked: "What did he say?"
"Did not say anything, just said that you two lang are beautiful, very suitable, he is very satisfied with you. ”
"Old monkey…What did Mr. Bai say? ”
Mu Yu was extremely unexpected. He always thought that the white demon king would complain to him with a big face. Every time Mu Yu and the white demon king met, they always came and went without a few good words, and they even dismissed him. To die, I did not expect that the White Demon King would actually say something else in front of Mu Yu’s family.
"Yes! Mr. Bai said that he gave the niece to you with great reassurance. He also said that he wanted to make you a relative, but you said that we are not there, and we strongly disagree. Mr. Bai’s character is straightforward, but it is a very good person. ”Wood Folding Star said.
Mu Yu’s heart fretts, and the old and unruly guy of Bai Yu’s demon king has a rare normal side, and he will help him in front of his family.
"Mr. Bai, his identity is not simple, right? ”The wooden folding star asked meaningfully.
Mu Yu said: "Why do you think so?"
"I think he is the white demon king, isn't it? ”Wood Folding Star looked at his son and his eyes were calm.
"You already know? ”Mu Yu is a bit stunned. )!!

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