Chapter 868 is enlightened

  Wood Folding Star laughed: "A few days ago, so many people came to crusade us. It was Mr. Bai who ran away from them. The old man regarded Mr. Bai as a savior. Later, Mr. Bai introduced himself as a friend of the true God and also your father-in-law. Because he said a lot of things, and the strength is unfathomable, the father is very happy, no doubt. what. ”

    The wooden folding star paused, and there was a wave of swaying in the calm eyes: "But I didn't take it lightly, but I was always wary of this white man. I thought he had come to our house for what purpose. Fortunately, you are coming back. I was relieved. Mr. Bai’s origins are unknown. Although he has been deliberately depressing his momentum and not letting us feel pressure, but the words and demeanor inadvertently reveal the kind of hegemony that gives me who I am, I can see that he must have been a hero before. The big man on one side. ”

    Wood Folding Star laughed: "The repair is so superb, it is easy to run a group of comprehensions of the fit period, and also show us good, Lenovo rumors that you let go of the White Demon King, so I infer this Mr. Bai’s true identity.”

    Mu Yu silently, the original wood folding star is actually a thoughtful person, unique vision. He found that he never knew his own biological father, because the wood folding star had been drunk and looked like he was doing nothing. Now it seems that Mu Yu is the first to go.

    If the wood folding star is really a mediocre person, how could Mu Tianhe’s former thundering because of the wooden folding star and an ordinary woman?

    "He is indeed a white demon king."Mu Yu admitted, and then said, "But he will not harm the wooden family."

    "I know that if someone likes to start with our wooden house, we can't stop anyone."Wood folding star smiled.

    Mu Tianhe is the owner of the family. He needs to meet powerful people to protect his family, so when the White Demon King shows him, he will not refuse anything. Plus the white demon king said a lot of things about Mu Yu, even more than they know Mu Yu, they believe that the White Demon King, and the White Demon King are very friendly.

    However, the wood folding star only called the white demon king as "Mr. Bai", did not go to Gao Pan, because he must figure out whether his son admits this father-in-law, otherwise if his son does not like this marriage, if he is a direct family Called, isn’t it a dilemma for your son?

    "So do you think he is your father-in-law?"Asked the wooden folding star.

    "The White Demon King is trustworthy."Mu Yu did not respond positively.

    "I understand.

"wood folding star nod.

    Mu Yu was silent for a moment and asked: "You don't ask me what happened this time?" I don't want to know why everyone in the realm of cultivation is crusting me. Why do I become like this? ”

    Wood Folding Star shook his head: "When I was indulging two years ago, you awakened me. I was surprised by the way you handled things. At that time I knew that you would not do anything wrong. So I won't ask why you will become like this, because I always trust you, no matter what you do, you have your own reasons. ”

    "You trust me…"

    Mu Yu clenched his fist.

    In his mind, he once again passed the 100,000 slaughtered residents of Dongsha City. The horrors of those who died in his hands. In order to avenge the Xuan Zhengtang family and the old city, he chose to destroy the city by hand.

    Even if those people are damned, there are still many innocent children like Mu Xin who have lost their lives without their independent judgment.

    He did such a terrible thing, but the wood folding star only used a trust to comfort him?

    Mu Yu felt very upset again, and he blurted out: "But the person you trust slaughtered the entire Dongsha City, so you still trust him?"

    He gasped and said the truth, which made him feel a lot better, but he made him more confused. He didn't dare to look at the wood folding star.

    A long silence.

    "Are you not shocked?"Mu Yu asked with a low head.

    "Shocked, but I still trust you."Wood Folding Star said.

    "why!"Mu Yu asked, he could not accept this answer, and the inexplicable trust would only make him feel annoyed.

    Wood Folding Star calmly asked: "Why are you killing them?"

    "Because they are damned!"Mu Yu angered.

    "Then why can't you still let go? If you have a damn reason, you will get the damn end, isn't it? ”Wood Folding Star said.

    "There are many mortals in Dongsha City who are innocent."Mu Yu can't deceive himself.

    "If you don't appear in Dongsha City, what will Dongsha City do?"Asked the wooden folding star.

    After Mu Yu was silent for a long time, he said: "Dongsha City will also be destroyed by the Yumeng Mozu."

    "So whether you appear in Dongsha City, Dongsha City will perish, is that true?"Wood folding star looks at the wood feather.

    Mu Yu bit his teeth: "Yes."

    "Outside the news, there are more than a hundred survivors in Dongsha City. They were rescued by people. Are you saving?"Asked the wooden folding star.

    Mu Yu nodded again: "Yes."

    "So the demise of Dongsha City is doomed. You have saved more than 100 people. Why do you feel embarrassed?"

    "Because most of the comprehensions in Dongsha City are killed by me!"

    "You said that they are damned, they will die, then you will have no scruples when you kill these comprehensions. All you are jealous of are mortals, but these mortals have already been destined for fate and have nothing to do with you. ”Wood Folding Star said.

    "I could have saved them…"

    "You have saved! What you are worried about is whether you have done something wrong, how others think about you, and you doubt who you are. But at least I know that being a man is alive for himself, not for others, and living in the eyes of others. It is too tired to live to meet others. ”Wood Folding Star said.

    Wood Folding Star wants to live to see for himself, so when he faced Zhu Xiaoyu, he chose to turn his back and he hoped that Mu Yu would understand this truth.

    "Being a man is alive for yourself…"Mu Yu kept repeating this sentence in his heart.

    The wood folding star is like lighting a light in the dark.

    He has been unable to let go of the lives of 100,000 people in Dongsha City and suffer for the death of the 100,000 people. He was suffering because he felt that he was sorry for Master and lived up to those who wanted him to save the realm of comprehension.

    Just like Fang Cai and Xin Hao, he still treats him as a big hero. He is afraid that he can't be a good brother.

    He felt that he was sorry for Master, but now he thought about it, just as Luo Wei said at the beginning, how could Master blame him?

    Master always told them that no matter what you do, just do it when you feel that you are worthy of your heart.

    He said that he does not want to be a good person, but wants to be a bad person, but good people and bad people are judged by others. Since he wants to live to see for himself, what kind of relationship does he have?

    "I know."

    Mu Yu’s eyes gradually faded away from the cold, as if the light was re-emitted. He looked up at the wooden folding star, and the wooden folding star was watching him.

    "So can you talk to me about Joe Snow?"The wood folding star shifts the topic.

    When I thought of Joe Snow, Mu Yu eased his mood. He thought that everyone in the wood family knew nothing about Joe Snow.

    "Qiao Xue is a considerate girl, gentle and kind, principled, polite, good for anyone, I am very happy with her."

    There was a smile on the corner of Mu Yu’s mouth.

    Wood Folding Star said: "Your mother is also such a person, I think she will be very happy to know."

    Mu Yu thought of her mother, my heart is not a taste, he has never seen his mother.

    "How did you and Qiao Xue know?"Wood Folding Star continued to ask.

    "Double Heaven happened to be awkward. At that time, we met Yumen. We both helped each other to escape the pursuit of Tuyoumeng. Later, I realized that she went to Double Heaven to save the White Demon King. At that time, for some reason, I could not let her be framed by the ghost door, so that she and her demon king could escape from the Double Heaven. Later, she gradually I liked me. ”

    Mu Yu simply said the story, he can only tell the wood folding star has inferred things, about Qiao Xue will control the water, he will control the wood itself, Mu Yu still did not say.

    "But sometimes I can't figure out her temper. I always feel that girls are complicated and don't know what they are thinking."

    Mu Yu remembered that Joe Snow sometimes slandered him inexplicably, not letting him go close to cultivation to do those things, and sometimes he would inexplicably want to practice with him.

    It is strange to say that he can infer a very complicated gossip array in his mind. The way of thinking is stronger than many people, but he can't guess the girl's mind.

    Wood Folding Star nodded thoughtfully, then smiled: "Although I can't teach you other reasons, because you understand." But I can teach you how to face a girl. After all, I used to be a rogue to get along with your mother. I still have this experience. ”

    Mu Yu was dumbfounded. He used to listen to the wood folding star and said how to meet him.

    "Girls are actually very good at getting along, they have their own temper, and the temper is also changing, but changing is nothing more than having a relationship with you…"

    Wood Folding Star began to talk about it, telling Mu Yu how to provoke the girl to get angry, what girls like to do, they want men to do what they feel safe.

    Perhaps in order to cherish the memory of the dead wife, Mu Fen Xing tells Mu Yu how many people have been with his wife. Mu Yu discovered that the original wooden folding star was not only thoughtful, but also a person who would like to please girls. His problems in dealing with feelings are far more mature than Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu carefully listened to the life experience of Wood Fold Star, has been smiling, smiling and laughing, his original haze seems to be less important, and soon dissipated, the body's suffocation has also reduced a few points.

    "But I still like another girl."Mu Yu said softly.

    A wooden fold star, immediately asked: "So you do not know which one to choose?"

    Mu Yu shook his head: "For both of them, it is difficult for me to say clearly who I like more, especially if both of them like me."

    He first encountered the stunned, but the simple temper touched him, because the wooden feather character at that time was also very simple, optimistic and energetic, curious about everything, and no worries with the simple stunned, want to open It’s a joke about what kind of jokes, and both of them are ignorant about things like feelings.

    But with Qiao Xue, more is a kind of misunderstanding, misunderstanding, and Yu Yu even suspects that because of the relationship between the sentence and Xuan Ming, he and Qiao Xue will attract each other, because they can also practice together. This reason.

    "If it is you, how would you choose?"Mu Yu asked.

    Miao Xingxing pondered for a moment and smiled: "It is a very lucky thing to be liked by two girls. You don't have to think too much. The boat is naturally straight to the bridge, and when you get back to yourself one day, you will know how to choose. ”

    Mu Yu asked slightly curiously: "I have she told you this question?"

    Wood Folding Star revealed a nostalgic smile and nodded: "Your mother said that others like her husband, it seems that her husband has the ability, but also shows that her eyes are right, at least not married."

    "She can see it so open? Can you tolerate that you like two people? ”Mu Yu was surprised and seemed to be eager to know more about her mother.

    "Yeah, she looks very open, she is a show-in-one."Wood Folding Star said affirmatively. "If she didn't threaten me to interrupt my legs, it would be perfect. ”


    Both Mu Yu and Wood Fold Star laughed.

    Laughter came out of the yard and floated into the air. The white cloud in the sky seemed to be transformed into a look of bamboo Xiao Yu, looking at a pair of strange fathers and sons in the yard.

    Life seems to be very simple at that moment.

    For a long time, Mu Yu discovered that his feelings of sorrow in the past few days seemed to have vanished. He forgot the nightmare of Dongsha City, and forgot his inner guilt, he felt that he had regained his former self.

    "She is not that kind of person, right?"Mu Yu smiled, he couldn't imagine his mother's look in his mind.

    "Well, she can't bear to hurt me, so I don't think she will interrupt my leg. I think you probably mean this."

    Looking at the sky, the wooden folding star is like watching the wife who has passed away.

    Just like the wood folding star has not liked another woman for so many years, Zhu Xiaoyu is very reassured about the wood folding star.

    "Your way is still very long. If you have someone you like, just cherish it. If you like someone, you can't bear to hurt you."Wood Folding Star hesitated for a moment, reaching out and taking a picture of Mu Yu’s shoulder.

    This is the first time he taught his son as a father. In the past, he was very strange to his son. Because Mu Yu is taller than him, he has his own ideas, but in terms of feelings, Mu Yu is still only a child, and needs someone. Guidance, this is the only place where he can afford the role of "father."


    I have two words: Some people may think that Mu Yu has to entangle the problem of killing. I write novels that pay more attention to the growth of writing people. The character should be slowly transformed and shaped. Like some reborn novels, the protagonist does not need to grow at all, because he is already an adult when he is born again (some reborn characters are still very naive). If I want to write a cool text, I don't have to think about these logical issues. I want to kill and kill. The massacre is a massacre.

    I hope that Mu Yu is emotional, at least not only knowing to kill, he can make mistakes, but to perfect his character. Mu Yu from the beginning of the three thieves is going to the whole city, because he experienced a lot, Master's disappearance, the death of dead wood, the manipulation of the Triple Palace, just like a person growing up slowly, he needs to know How do you change yourself?

    Therefore, if the killing of 100,000 people, Mu Yu can still feel at ease, it is too much to say.

    However, I still like Mu Yu to be a little more cheerful, joking, doing things, how good, too depressed and dislike. So I want to make him happy, find yourself, and go back to Xiaoshuai. (Well, Mu Yu usually listens to my opinions. Everyone is assured. )

    – The author, do you still have to face it?

    – Don't don't, that stuff doesn't work.

    There are still three million novels. At the beginning, when I signed the contract, I only signed one million words. Later I wrote that I couldn’t take it. Now I have to go to three million, but how to develop the story is very important. problem. UU reading Because of the three million, the subscription is not up to standard, the editor will not recommend it, this book will be scrapped, and writing it is like doing nothing…

    However, I feel that many things have not been written. It is a pity that it is so over. I don’t want to be so bad, too irresponsible. Even Mu Yu will tell me that I will not give him the chance to destroy the land. The author is not people!

    I will finish it, mainly for the genuine readers who support me, and those who like Mu Yu.

    Therefore, I still hope to see the pirated version, can download the mobile client of the Chinese language network, register an account, click on a collection of what, subscription is very important to me, please.

    You will never think of the extent to which my novel subscription is as low as it is horrible! It’s hard to say that any author will not stick to 3 million words with this subscription.

    The next step is to start talking about the Three Palaces one after another, and about the ninth eternal life, everyone can guess, I will bury a pit, Mu Yu knows. You also know.

    This gossip is less than a thousand words, so there is no charge.

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