Chapter 87 clues

Mu Yu did not return to the mountain, he has been in the school for three days.

Because of the stagnation of Bailang and Ju Wenxing, the dark shadows in the dark did not seem to dare to act rashly. No one happened in the school these days. In fact, Mu Yu also feels strange, the shadow is so fast, it seems impossible to be human by killing means. The swaying claws and the practice of digging the heart are not something humans can do at all, but the monsters are not so high-intelligent.


Mu Yu is not sure about this, because if the Yaozu evolved into a human being, it will retain more or less the characteristics of some monsters. They will definitely be noticed when they enter the school. The most important thing is that the Yaozu is said to have disappeared thousands of years ago. The demons of Fulong Mountain have not evolved incompletely. They are only tools controlled by the Yumeng Mozu. With their IQ, it is impossible to do this kind of thing in the school.

This black shadow seems to be quite familiar to the school, so many practitioners do not kill, but only choose the disciples of the Qingsong and Jiuhua factions, but it seems to be intentional.

There was no progress in the investigation of Xiaohu’s death in the past few days, and Ju Wenxing did not find the murderer. But both of them are the mainstays of the martial art. They have more important things to do, so they will leave soon.

Ju Wenxing evacuated all the Jiuhua disciples from the school, in case of any eventuality, and Bailang still left the two disciples to deal with the remaining trivialities of the school.

Mu Yu knows that the shadow will not stop, maybe he is waiting for the opportunity, and it is the best time for Bai Lang to leave the school and let the two disciples stay. Mu Yu plans to go to the other hospitals of the Qingsong School in the evening to see if he can find the mysterious shadow.

Mu Yu did not know why he was going to trace this mysterious shadow. It is reasonable to say that this matter has nothing to do with him. He can stand by and wait to see who is trying to provoke the contradiction between the Qingsong and Jiuhua factions. Only he was in the same room with the black shadow that night, and he also had a hand with the other party, but he didn't even see what the other party looked like, which made him curious.

Now he wants to find Master and he doesn't know where to look for it. He simply finds something to do.

Just entering the night, Mu Yu found a place where no one was, and then hid in the trees. There are a lot of trees in the school, which provides a lot of convenience for Mu Yu. When passing by the gate of the gray disciple's courtyard, Mu Yu discovered that there was a person who was obviously a comprehension who was embarrassed by a gray disciple.

The gray disciple was arrogant, and he was pleased with his face.

"I miss the gray disciples of you most. The talents that have not been cultivated are counted. It is so slow to do things for you!"This is a young man with a pale face. His arrogance is full of contempt for the eyes of the gray disciple.

"Okay, Lin Shidi, don't always have something to do with the gray disciple." We hurry back, the brother is waiting for us! ”Said another young man with a national face next to him.

"They were just giving us a servant!"The Lin Shidi kicked the gray disciple and left with the young people of the national character face.

Mu Yu sighed in the trees, and the gray disciples of the school were always tempted by the self-cultivators. Many of the comprehensions looked down on the gray disciples. This has become a practice. He really wanted to go out and teach the Lin Shidi, but he thought he had another purpose at night, so he still resisted. He entered the courtyard of the Qingsong faction with a tree from the wall of the other house and lurked in the tree.

He has some expectations for this shadow, what is the sacredness of this black shadow? Will you show up at night? Bailang left the school, this time is a good time to assassinate the two Qingsong disciples!

Moonlight ζœ¦θƒ§, the building of the school seems to be covered with a layer of silver yarn, quiet and peaceful, only a few lights flashing, no one will think that there will be bloody things here.

The night gradually deepened, and the evening breeze, the rooms of the two disciples of the Qingsong School were still lit. They had not come out since the arrival of Mu Yu. They should be meditating in it, and even the sound never came out.

Wood feathers nestled in the tree for one night, and the grass on the ground was his eyes.

As long as the shadow appears, he must cross the grass, and the wood feather can be found.

However, this night was safe, no one came to the suffocation of the two Qingsong disciples, and the shadow did not appear. Mu Yu waited for one night, but there was no result, which made him somewhat disappointed. When the sun rose, the white wave suddenly opened the door and walked out. His expression was a little tired.

"It seems that the murderer is not fooled, you clean up, we have to go back to the mountains."Bai Lang said to the house.

A wooden feather, this guy did not go! The courageous white wave is deliberately creating the illusion of leaving the school. He wants to come out and lead the snake out of the hole. This is not even noticed by the wooden feathers that stayed outside for one night.

Unfortunately, the shadow seems to have already seen the white wave trick, and did not be fooled, did not show up last night.

Mu Yu yawned and left the Qingsong monastery with his trees and went to his residence. There was no gain last night, which made him sleepy. He needed to make up for it. During the day, many comprehensions come and go, and the shadows will not start.

"Brother, have you seen Lin Shidi?"

Two disciples who did not know what the martial art had walked out from the front corner in the morning, one of the young people asked. The young Mu Yu had seen it last night and had a national character face. The Lin Shidi in his mouth was the one who had a gray disciple last night, but the Lin Shidi was not with him now. He was a stranger with him. man.

"No, don't you go there?" Did he come back last night? ”Another older man said.

"He came back with me last night. I saw him when I got up in the middle of the night, but when I was awakened by the wind in the early morning, I didn't see him. He was sleeping in the same room as me! ”

"It's really trouble! Where did you go, knowing that you are going back today. ”

The two people were a little angry about Lin Shidi’s resignation, and did not care about Mu Yu, but just passed by Mu Yu.

And Mu Yu wrinkled his brow. Did Lin Shidi, who had bullied the gray disciple last night, disappeared?

Mu Yu suddenly remembered one thing. The black shadow attacked the tiger on the same day because the tiger forced three beautiful gray female disciples to accompany the bed. At that time, there were four people in the room besides the wood feather. Why did the black shadow kill the tiger alone? But let go of the three gray disciples?

When Jiuhua sent his disciples to die, Mu Yu went to inquire about the situation the next day. He listened to the surrounding arguments that Tu Panshan and others had healed the gray disciples, and a gray disciple had some scorpions, and was scrapped by Tu Panshan and others. One arm, then Tu Panshan and others were killed?

Last night, I saw that the pale-faced Lin Shidi had no reason to blame the gray disciple. Then Lin Shidi disappeared in the morning?

All this is just a coincidence, or is someone venting for the gray disciple?

Mu Yu feels that he seems to be blinded by what he has always thought that the black shadow of the assassination of the Jiuhua School and the Qingsong disciples should be someone who deliberately provoked the contradiction of the martial art, but he never thought about other possibilities.

If someone can't understand the fact that the self-cultivator bullies the gray disciple and kills these people for the gray disciple, is this hypothesis possible?

"It's hard to say that Lin Shidi has no evidence that he was killed."Mu Yu denied his guess, and this guess is also untenable.

None of the people in the realm of cultivation can afford to see the gray disciples. Who would be willing to go out for the gray disciples? Maybe if the deacon is still there, he may defend these gray disciples, but the deacon has been killed by the tiger. Even if he is lucky, he will not have the ability to kill the true person. He is just a gray disciple, his talent is very poor, and he is impossible to kill.

Will it be someone who is a gray disciple, who has become a self-cultivator, and then comes to revenge those who insult the gray disciples?

Mu Yu remembered the lonely day, he was also a gray disciple, and he was lucky to be accepted as an apprentice by the Boyang Taoist. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com He walked through physical training, and his strength was much stronger than that of other martial art practitioners. It is possible to make these things with his character. However, Lonely Day does not like to do sneaky things. His thoughts are relatively simple, and he will not secretly sneak his hands. Therefore, the suspicion of Lonely Heaven is not big.

Having said that, if the shadow is in the gray disciple, then he is definitely in the school, otherwise how does he know who is insulting the gray disciple?

Every day, more or less people in the school have insulted the gray disciples. Apart from the deaths of the people such as Tu Panshan and Xiaohu, the disciples of other sects have not heard of anyone who was killed or missing.

"and many more! Was killed and missing? ”

Mu Yu slaps his head, and the school is a station in the comprehension area of ​​the Moyun Mountain. Every day people come and go, whoever has time to care about who is missing. Even if they are missing, they only leave the school. Besides the people in the same door, they will look for them. Who else will take care of other self-cultivators? If the missing person is a less powerful martial art disciple, it is not worth mentioning.

However, it is not the same as the Xiaohu of the Qingsong School and the Tupanshan of the Jiuhua School. Their death will certainly cause a sensation. That is to say, the school may be missing or killed every day, but no one cares.

For example, this missing Lin Shidi, if he did not leave the school himself, but because the bully of the gray disciple was killed? His death will not be as sensational as Xiaohu and Tupanshan.

In other words, is it possible that many of the self-cultivators of the school are often mysteriously missing, but because of the special status of Xiaohu and Tupanshan, this matter has attracted everyone's attention?

Mu Yu thinks extremely, who will do this kind of thing? Is killing the comprehension really just for the gray disciples?

Mu Yu is uplifted and ready to verify his ideas.

There is only one way to know the truth!

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