Chapter 871 ungratefulness

"The film kills the person who wants to kill, never lost his hand, how did you escape from his hand?"Ghost three asked.

"Back to adults, I was responsible for the transmission of intelligence, the day happened to carry out intelligence missions outside." When I was about to go back, I saw the far-off winter solstice and used the means of terror to kill all the people in our 12 groups. I was so scared that I could only escape without a choice. ”

The ghost sheep whispered to the side: "Do you know what punishment will be imposed for the execution of the mission?"

The Ghosts of the 12th group of Jurassic were frightened and pale, crouching on the ground and begging for mercy: "The adults are forgiving, I am only doing the repairs in the flood season. It is not the opponent of the winter solstice. It is just a death!" Please let me know! ”

"Okay, get up."Ghost three shouted.

The ancient ghosts stood up in battle and quickly shrank into the dark corners, and the atmosphere did not dare to breathe.

The ghost three squinted, and the fingers protruding from the joints gently tapped the table and said: "The shadow killing of the winter solstice has extinguished a total of five groups of our Jurassic. It’s impossible to take the initiative to kill us. It’s just a hired killer. So who is going to be so clear about us? ”

"These five groups are ambushing in advance outside the city where the Yumeng Mozu will attack, waiting to collect the souls killed by the Yumeng Mozu. We are very secretive in this matter. Is it not that there is a traitor?"

The ghost sheep glanced at the other ghost gates. All the ghost gates were cringed by him and they dared not answer.

The wooden feathers on the roof are so disgusting to the ghosts. I didn’t expect that when the Yumeng Mobs attacked the city of comprehension, the ghosts thought about how to assist the comprehensions against the Yumeng Mozu, but instead waited for the people in the city. After the death of the monks, they came to collect the soul.

This kind of behavior is exactly the same as that of the Mie Palace. The Mie Palace is waiting for the Umon Mozu to kill the city, and begins to collect the soul of the dead. The Ghostmen are waiting for the soul of the dead after the Yumun Mozu.

This is a game developed by the Mie Palace. Ghosts are familiar with the rules of the Mie Palace and are the deputies of the Mie Palace. Otherwise, they will not know when the Umon Mozu will go to the city, and will not send the so-called Jura. The members came to the ambush in advance and waited for the Yumeng to kill the city.

"It's really annoying! The comprehension is also ignorant, blindly believe in the Triple Palace, as if it was sold and replaced by the number of people. ”Xiaoshuai shouted.

Mu Yu agrees with Xiao Shuai’s point of view.

But now it seems that there is still a person who still tirelessly wants to save the self-cultivator, do something that he can, and spend a lot of money to kill the winter solstice to eliminate the ghost door.

So who is this person?

"Mu Yu, Ghostmen are the legs of the Mie Palace, you have to kill them (Posing Stone Academy https://)

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