No. 875 Chapter The Treasure of the Xuan array

In the past, the cultivation of the real world has been plagued by the malpractices of the squad. The squad is the most explosive self-cultivator, but it is also the most despotic existence, because they often fight once, and the strongest arrays are displayed. It started to be weak, and the enemy who was not dead was waiting to be enemies, so everyone was not optimistic about the division.

However, the most important use of the squad is to arrange various arrays. The arrays are fixed. Most of the formations are mainly based on defense. When confronting the Yumeng Mozu, it is quite effective, so in this kind of Yumeng At the juncture of the gang, everyone remembered the benefits of the squad.

Now the Yumeng Mozu has slaughtered several cities, but the moat does not seem to be as effective as the legend. Everyone doubts that the moat has been out of repair for a long time, which has led to the Yumeng Mozu repeatedly succeeding. The array needs experienced people to check and repair.

The sect of the non-invasive sect Zhuge Xiaosheng is the one who can take on this important task!

Now the Zhuge of the Lord have become the presence of everyone's admiration, status and prestige has gone beyond the existence of eight, almost every city will invite him to check the guard city of the firm, but also to ask him to decorate the transport array, if the Youmont attack too suddenly, then can also be the real people quietly sent out of the city.

The faculty of the past has been like an alchemy teacher. It is admirable wherever you go!

"Is it heard? The patriarch Zhuge Xiaosheng will come to Dancheng tomorrow! ”

"what? The big man of Zhuge Zongzhu is coming? ”

"Yes! The Dandan party’s head, Yundan Dao, personally invited him to come, and invited him to Dan Ding to be a guest! ”

"Well, yes, I have heard about this incident. We have not arranged a transmission array in Dancheng. Zhuge Xiaosheng is here to make a transmission array, and there are various arrays for conveying messages to each other. When Yumen attacked, he could quickly pass the news to other cities and quickly come to support."

"Is it possible to remove the statue of the sword shadow dust?" I saw the statue of the sword and the dusty wind, because he only let the Yumeng Mozu raging. ”

"I heard that Zhuge Xiaosheng did not agree to remove the statue of the sword shadow dust, because the statue is the base of the moat, there is no substitute, the statue of Zhuge Xiaosheng personally checked the city, the shadow of the sword shadow Have been kept down. Those cities that had previously removed the statue of the shadow of the sword and shadows would be miserable. They were equal to destroying the moat. ”

"Is the stone monument of Miegong not being a base?"

"The stone tablets were set up by themselves, not the three palaces, so it seems that they can't. Now those people in the city are worried!"

"I didn't know who the moat array was. I used the statue of the sword and the dusty wind as the base. Now it is a mistake to think about it!"

"But then, now the squad is really a savory occupation (Posing Stone Academy https://)

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