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Chapter 876 Chu Unyield

Many self-cultivators on the street are doing all kinds of business, and the Xuanzhen Zhibao on the freckles youth booth has been snapped up. The comprehensions bought are complacent. Those who have not bought the comprehension are somewhat dejected and very upset. One step ahead. /p>
“Don’t we dismantle them?”Xiaoshuai asked. /p>
"Why do you want to take it apart?"Mu Yu said. / p>
“What do you mean by looking at it? Aren't you going to smash the spot? ”Xiaoshuai is puzzled. He thought that he was going to the scene. He liked what he liked most. /p>
"There is no need to go to the field, I just think that the three are not simple."Mu Yu said thoughtfully. /p>
“Would it be that the people who broke into our squad ran out of bad reputation?”Xiaoshuai finished the last buns on the bamboo stick. /p>
Mu Yu stood still and kept watching the three people. /p>
Soon the crowd dissipated from the booth, and the young freckles also took the little girl to pick up something and sneaked into a small alley. /p>
At this time, the bald old man was waiting for them in the alley. /p>
" Come and come, today is a big profit!"The bald old man smiled and said hello. /p>
"Master, we sold 79 pieces today and earned hundreds of thousands of Lingshi!"The freckled youth smiled slyly. /p>
The little girl behind me seems to be somewhat dissatisfied: "I said Master, we are cheating like this. When those people know that we are selling fakes, what should we do?"/p>
"It doesn't matter, they are being cheated and can't find us!"The old bald head licked his hand and let his apprentice quickly take the money out. /p>
The freckles youth piled a lot of Lingshi in the alley, and the bald old man also laid a piece of surgery. The alley was like a water pattern, and then the three figures in the alley disappeared. /p>
This bald old man did have two sons. He laid a magical array in this remote alley, covering up the whereabouts of the three. /p>
"Xiao Qing, don't think too much, we have so many Lingshi, we haven't used it for a long time."The freckled youth said with a smile. /p>
The bald-headed old man sat on the ground with his face full of money, and his eyes seemed to be unable to move away from the stone. /p>
The girl, known as Xiaoqing, muttered her mouth and was reluctant to face her face. Although she was also very hard at the show, she obviously did not agree with her master and her brother’s actions. She was only forced. . /p>
"Now everyone is afraid of the Yumeng Mozu, we are just taking advantage of the potential to make some money! Besides, the mysterious saga that I made is really effective! ”The bald old man doesn't feel embarrassed at all. /p>
"But the propaganda is overdone! Where did you deal with the Eugene Mozu? At most, deal with the Golden Age? ”Xiao Qing said. /p>
"The strength of the Golden Age of the Yumeng Mozu is also Xuanjie Youmeng! What we advertise is to deal with the mysterious order. The Xuan order is the equivalent of the Yuan Ying period and the Jin Dan period. I have not specified which kind of it. They look at the repair of my Yuan Ying period and believe it, no wonder me! ”The bald old man said slyly. /p>
The bald-headed old man took the test of the gold control array with the strength of the Yuan Ying period, and secretly released the water, so that the onlookers thought that the gold control array really blocked the strike of the Yuan Ying period, and then they paid attention to it and began to snap up the goods. /p>
However, at this moment, the surrounding scene suddenly seemed to be melted. The sky was covered with clouds, lightning and thunder, and a thick bucket of lightning smashed from the sky. The walls on both sides were directly shattered, and the waves were instantly immersed from the surroundings. Come over, the waves are rough,

The sound of the waves is shaking. /p>
"what? What happened? ”The bald old man suddenly screamed. /p>
"How come suddenly so much water? Ah, is the water invaded? ”The freckled youth and his master hugged tightly together. /p>
Xiao Qing was also shocked and quickly leaned into his master's arms. The three of them were clearly standing in the remote, no-one alleys, and they were not surrounded by the tides, as if they were trapped on an isolated island. /p>
The waves were arranged, and the wooden feathers came from the waves and stopped in front of the mentoring three. /p>
"You, you, you, who are you…"The bald old man sat on the ground and grabbed his two apprentices and asked nervously. /p>
When Mu Yu looked at the three guys and laughed in his heart, he said, "I am a sect, why have you never seen three of you before?"/p>
"what? Master, you see, let you not sell goods with the name of others, sooner or later, someone else will come to the door. ”Xiao Qing snorted her master's beard in the bald old man's arms and said nervously. /p>
The bald old man is also a bit dumbfounded: "Ah, boy, you, are you a squad?"/p>
"Yes! Where are the three of you coming, come from the real! ”Xiaoshuai asked on a wave of flowers. /p>
"Adult! We are not deliberate, we are just mixing rice, now the world is uneasy, we are also forced to use the name of the sect, the adults, I have the old and the small, you adults do not count the villain, let go Let’s go, we promise that it won’t be next time…”/p>
The bald old man sat on the ground and hugged his two apprentices with a bitter face, trying to squeeze out his tears, but Not successful. /p>
"Master, you are not old, only two of us are small."The freckled youth whispered. /p>
"Then you still don't hurry for me?"The old bald head knocked on the head of the freckled youth. /p>
The freckled youth hurriedly shouted: "Adult, I have this old man to send to the end, there are younger sisters to raise, life is very hard, if you don't count the villain, let us go, we promise not to be next time… …"/p>
"What is the end of the game, I want to live a hundred years old, you are a rabbit!"The old bald head knocked on the head of the freckled youth again. /p>
"Hey, what are your names?"Xiaoshuai asked unceremoniously. /p>
"Adult, my name is Chu Xiaoqing. He is my brother, Chu Chuxia. This is my master Chu, who is not rude. We really do not deliberately corrupt the reputation of your ancestors."Chu Xiaoqing said quickly. /p>
"Can't you go out?" Also called this name? Where are you trapped? ”Xiaoshuai asked in surprise. /p>
"It’s not that you can’t go out, it’s unyielding and indomitable…No, it is unyielding and unyielding. ”Chu unyielding people quickly corrected the road. /p>
Mu Yu looked at this wonderful teacher and apprentice, and felt helpless. He asked: "Your array is very good, where did you learn?"/p>
Those fire squads and gold control squads are all portrayed with cheap squads. They are not so well advertised, but the arrays are indeed very hot, but the cheap base cannot provide enough spiritual power. Throw out the power. /p>
"It's my ancestral battle!"/p>
"It was my master who had stolen school!"/p>
"It was a book that my master had stolen."/p>
When Chu did not swear, he was angry. He knocked on the heads of the two apprentices and said, "What big truth do you say? Looking for a fight? ”/p>
Chu Xiaoqing and Chu Xia late both hugged their heads. /p>
Mu Yu looked at the teacher and the disciples three, and the doubts in his heart flashed past. He always thought that the three were not simple, but now they look at the three of them, it seems that they are more concerned. /p>
"okay! I don't want to investigate, you should be careful to sell fakes in the future. The lord of the sect will come here tomorrow. It is not such a simple matter to be caught by him. ”/p>
When Mu Yu waved his hand, the raging waves around him retreated, the sky returned to the sky, the wall of the alley was still good, and the illusion had been withdrawn. /p>
"Let's go!"/p>
"Are we leaving like this?"Xiaoshuai is a little disappointed. /p>
"I think more, they are just ordinary comprehensions."Mu Yu turned and left. /p>
Chu unyielding people quickly lost their smiles: "Thank you for the adults, thank you Xiaoge, Xiaoqing, and quickly give these youngsters a treasure to the young man."/p>
Chu is unyielding to the two pieces of Xuanzhen that have not been sold to Bao Xiao to Chu Xiaoqing. /p>
"Master, where can people see it! Don't lose face? ”Chu Xiaoqing whispered quietly. /p>
"What a shame? It’s amazing for the division’s array, or why are you so rushing to buy it? We are called polite, do not understand! ”Chu does not blame the people to blame. /p>
"It’s not that you are rushing to buy it."/p>
Chu Xiaoqing pouted his mouth and stood up from the ground. He ran to the front of Muyu and handed two pieces of Xuanzhengbao to Muyu. He said with a little uneasiness: "This son, my master, he said this is Xie Li. Thank you, the son does not pursue this matter."/p>
Although Chu Xiaoqing is only fifteen or six years old, but looks so slim, it looks quite cute, especially the big eyes, it seems to be covered with water mist. /p>
Mu Yu smiled and shook his head: "I don't need these two things."/p>
"Wow!"Chu Xiaoqing looked at Mu Yu, UU reading suddenly inexplicably called. /p>
"what happened?"Mu Yu asked strangely. /p>
"No, I mean, son, you must accept it, or my master will marry me again."Chu Xiaoqing had some confusion on his face, and there was a hint of blush, and he quickly concealed it. /p>
Mu Yu hesitated for a moment, took over the two pieces of the sacred array of treasures carved with cheap ordinary base, and then nodded, and left with Xiaoshuai. /p>
Chu Xiaoqing has been staring at the back to look at the back of Mu Yu, until Mu Yu disappeared in the line of sight, this is the endless recollection of his eyes, turned his head and looked at it, now his master and brother are staring at the wealthy Looking at Lingshi, I smiled very happy on my face. /p>
The water mist in Chu Xiaoqing’s big eyes gradually disappeared into a blue light. She re-sitting to the side of Chu’s incompetent person and stunned the master’s beard in the count of Lingshi. She said, “Master, the original disciple of the true God. This way!"/p>
"Otherwise, do you think he looks like?" I will give you the opportunity to show you his true colors. What are you? ”Chu did not give up and said no to the head. /p>
"I am wow."Chu Xiaoqing snorted. /p>
"What's the difference, no matter what, it's important to count our spirits, and the eunuchs who care about his true God are like you, anyway!"Chu is not convinced that the people do not care. /p>
"Master, but the apprentice of the true God laughs so handsome! You said that you are so handsome, you have to hide it with a magical array? More waste! ”Chu Xiaoqing licked his eyes and made a flower idiot. /p>
"Sister, you see, I laugh very handsome…" /p>) Download the free reader!!

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