Chapter 88 Drainage Channel

If let Mu Yu himself to insult the Gray disciple he will naturally not do, he felt guilty. If you do too much, it is estimated that the other party will not be fooled. Therefore, he intends to secretly pay attention to the self-cultivators who specifically insult the gray disciples, which is more practical.

Although most of the self-cultivators look down on the gray disciples, not everyone will intentionally marry them. Some of the self-cultivators are also very friendly towards the gray disciples.

But the friendly is a minority, not to dominate the gray disciples, the rest are those who have nothing to do to insult the gray disciples, this is also the goal of Mu Yu.

Mu Yu observed all day at the door of the gray disciple's courtyard, and saw those who were comprehensible would go to deliberately find gray disciples. The work of the gray disciple in the school every day is probably to clean up the hygiene, to pour the tea, and to meet the various needs of the past practitioners.

From time to time, there will be comprehensions who come to the gray disciples to tell them to come over and do things. Most of them are indifferent expressions, telling the gray disciples to leave after they do something, and they look proud and arrogant. They don’t want to say anything, but they don’t have to go through it. Gray disciple.

Mu Yu waited for a long time and finally waited for a search.

It was a middle-aged man who was flying high and low, but his arrogance was arrogant, his face was sallow, and he looked like malnutrition. He didn't know what martial art he came from. At this moment, he is teaching a gray disciple in his twenties. The gray disciple's face is flushed and apparently being wronged.

"Fang Gongzi, you have told me that I have not bought the bone grass, I have not found it in the entire market!"The gray disciple whispered, he was grievous and felt like he was about to cry.

Fang Gongzi angered: "The city of Qingshou City does not have, you will not go to the city of Yicheng to see? I really don't understand that every martial art has to pay a spiritual stone every year to support what your school disciples do. Even this little thing can't be done, waste! ”

"Yicheng's square market is on the mountain, and it is so far away from here. I just practiced a heavy day of cultivation. I haven't learned to fly yet. It will take five or six days to go back and forth!"The gray disciple voice was crying.

"Let me give me nonsense, I only waited for three days in the school. If you didn't buy the bone grass I wanted within three days, I would interrupt your leg!" There are so many gray disciples in the school, not one of you! ”Fang Gongzi's momentum in the foundation period was pressed against the gray disciple. The gray disciple fell pale to the wall and looked at Fang Gongzi with horror. His mouth was scared to say nothing.

Mu Yu frowned and looked at the Fangzi. He had a period of repairing the foundation. If he went to Changi City in person, it was a very quick thing, but he wanted to call such a gray disciple. It’s impossible for the gray disciple who is practicing a hard-working day to complete the matter within three days, and will definitely be punished by then.

He also knows that this kind of plant has excellent healing effect. It is relatively rare, and it is generally grown on the bones of the third-order or more monsters. The third-order monsters in the living area of ​​the monster forest are generally not daring to get involved, which also leads to the scarcity of bones and grasses. Even if the gray disciple runs to Yicheng, I am afraid it may not be able to buy it.

Fang Gongzi left, but the gray disciple did not have any relaxed look. He looked at the back of Fang Gongzi with a sly look, and there was a hint of helplessness in his eyes. Serving these comprehensions must be fearful all day, and if you don't, you will be beaten.

He also envied the kind of comprehension who was a high-level comprehension, able to fly the sword and cast spells. At the age of sixteen, I hoped to stay with it, hoping to be lucky enough to enter a certain division, but unfortunately it was counterproductive. No one looked at his unspeakable cultivation talent. It’s too late to regret it. Looking for a deacon, when you choose to stay, there are only two ways to leave the school. One is to be seen by one of the sects, to become a disciple, and the other is to die.

The gray disciple shook his head and turned helplessly into the hospital. He was going to clean up and see if he could do it in three days.

"This Fangzi is really damn."

Mu Yu’s heart is chanting,

However, when I think about it, the people in the realm of repairing are like Fang Gongzi. Many people have gone to the high school. If they are high, they will be low. Can everyone who is a high person damn it?

Mu Yu did not know how to judge a person's reason for damn, he did not think too much, to keep up with this Fangzi.

This party is called Fang Chang, a disciple of the Xuan Bing School. The strength of Xuan Bing is considered to be on the top, so the talent of their disciples is also better. Mu Yu followed Fang Fang to the other side of the Xuan Bing School. Unfortunately, he did not enter the other hospital. There were no trees in the other courtyard to enter. This made Mu Yu somewhat helpless and could only stay in the trees outside.

As night fell, Mu Yu waited for a day outside the Xuan Bing faction. I don’t know if the shadow would come to the party’s trouble at night. He is actually not sure, because there may be other comprehensions in this day who are insulting the gray disciples, not only Fang Chang, who knows whether the shadows will start?

Mu Yu found a tall tree and was able to see the situation inside the Xuanbing School. The square room was lit with lights at the moment, and Mu Yu’s eyes kept staring at his room. Just when Mu Yu was about to give up, the lights in Fang Chang’s room suddenly disappeared.

Mu Yu’s heart is tight, and the light does not know what it means. If he just wants to go to bed, maybe. But at this moment, the door of Fang Chang’s room was quietly opened, and a shadow flashed out. He seemed to be holding another person, and quickly rushed into the darkness of the other yard, and then disappeared.

Mu Yu’s eyes widened and he wanted to see what happened. It’s just that each sectarian school has its own escort tactics. If he is hard-hitting, he will surely touch the tactics. If Fang Chang’s accident happens and he is seen on the spot, it will not be cleaned.

He couldn't help but wait until the next day, went to the Xuan Bing School to inquire about the news below. Sure enough, the people who listened to the Xuan Bing School said that Fang Chang had left the school last night.

But this is impossible. Mu Yu stayed outside for one night and did not see anyone coming out of the Xuan Bing faction.

"Is it really someone who is out of gas for the gray disciple?"

Mu Yu thought in his heart, he was also present at the night when Xiaohu was killed. When he went to chase the shadow, he just disappeared after chasing the yard. This time, too, there is a secret road in every yard. ?

Mu Yu is still a bit stunned by this idea. If that person dug a secret passage in the courtyard of each sect of the school without being discovered, this is impossible. It is a great project to dig a secret road, and the school is a self-cultivator. It is too difficult to get through the comprehension.

However, Mu Yu returned to his yard and began to search carefully.

The other houses of the Dust School were very small, and it took no long time for the wood feathers to search their yards. No abnormalities were found. The only thing that leads to the outside world is a drainage channel, but the drainage channel is narrow, the width is only the head of the next person, and the shoulders of the body are too late.

Mu Yu still does not believe in evil. He controls a stubborn root of grass, so that its roots must slowly penetrate into this drainage channel. It doesn't matter. He was surprised to find that the drainage channel is so wide! It is completely possible for two people to pass at the same time.

This means that if the shadow is really dependent on the drainage channel to enter and exit the various courtyards, the entrance size of the drainage channel does not matter, as long as the piece of land is cut. Enter the drain and cover the land, which is invisible from the outside without careful attention.

The wooden yard of Muyu has not been cut, and it is obvious that the shadow has not been visited.

The wood feathers fell on the drainage channel against the roots. This drainage channel was only used to allow the rainwater to flow out. It is reasonable to say that it is not necessary. Mu Yu stood in the dark drainage channel, and the light of the shadow sword illumined the road ahead, and a scent hit him, causing him to frown.

He walked a few meters along the drain and found a rugged passage next to it. There was mud in the passage, and there were some strange claw marks on the passage wall, like what the animals dug out.

Claw marks!

Mu Yu remembers the claw marks on the neck of the Qingsong and Jiuhua disciples and the lost heart. Only the claw marks can make the kind of wound. Mu Yu turned into this passage, the soil of the passage was very wet, he just walked a few steps, slammed and stepped on something.

Seen by Qingguang, it is the bone of a mouse. The mouse has not completely rotted. The wood feather just stepped on its head and stepped out its brains. This made him look very uncomfortable and quickly went forward. go. The passage was straight, and after a while he returned to the drain.

Mu Yu saw the light in front. He walked over and looked up. This should be the drain of another hospital. He didn't know what the meaning of these rugged passages was. He continued to follow the drain.

It’s too quiet here, only occasionally I don’t know where the dripping sound came from, it’s echoing in the drain, it’s scary.

Mu Yu didn't know where he was going. Every time he had light, he had to look at it and lifted it to see if he could lift the ground around the drain, but he didn't succeed. After about half an hour, a thick rancid smell came.

This rancid smell came so suddenly that Mu Yu almost spit out the overnight meal. The rancid smell seems to be mixed with heavy bloody smell, which is disgusting.

He fixed his mind and turned into a passage. In front of it, I heard that the sound of Sosso came, like something in the teeth, accompanied by squeaking.

"Don't scare me!"

Mu Yu has despised himself and said that he is also a self-cultivator, and he is afraid of this kind of thing. He waved the shadow sword forward, and the blue light of the shadow sword just fell. Mu Yu suddenly saw a pair of big eyes with edema and white hair, glaring at him.

This is the human eye!


Mu Yu jumped up and hit his head at the top of the passage. He screamed painfully and felt his hair was erected.

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