Chapter 880 The confrontation between the forests

    The figure of Mu Yu has stopped, and the demon element left to him by the white demon king has begun to spread all over the body, covering his killing atmosphere, and he also converged his own murder.

    In the woods ahead, slowly walked out of a figure wearing a black hood and covering the whole body. The figure walked slowly between the forests and seemed to be taking a leisurely walk, but every step was a hundred meters away.

    The breath of this person is very peaceful, and even with a sacred and inviolable majesty, this sacred atmosphere reveals a strong murder.

    The murderous lock in the woods in the air Wende and Zhuge, and the people on the top of those who are unaware!

    What is strange is that even if it is full of killings, this person seems to be a justice executioner. It seems that even if he kills someone, it makes people feel that it is a just trial.

    However, this figure suddenly noticed something, stopped at the place and stopped moving, letting the Yuande Dao and the Zhuge Xiaosheng and others in the air leave.

    "I noticed your existence."

    The mouth is talking about a woman with a sound and ethereal voice. This voice is very sweet, and it is reminiscent of the faint fairy who is talking, dignified and elegant.

    This is the present day cloud that monitors the white demon king outside Qingshuicheng.

    No one answered.

    "I can't see you, but you have already shown your killing."

    Today, Yun looked around for a moment. She looked at the numerous leaves falling in the woods, watching the branches tremble slightly, and the insects screaming, the distant beasts were vertical and horizontal, but the forest was empty, she did not see anything.

    Mu Yu was just ten meters away from her, staring at the Mie Gong people with cold eyes.

    In the face of the Miegong people, the killing in his heart is like a huge wave, and I can't wait to tear the woman in front of me, even if the breath on the other side is just right, the sound will be murky!

    But he hid the killings very well, and the woman in front gave him a very dangerous feeling, even more powerful than the ancient winds encountered in the desert! The advantage of Mu Yu now is that his blood is protecting the sky. As long as he does not do it, the other party can't see him.

    Mu Yu is waiting for an opportunity, waiting for a chance to kill!

    "I am very curious, I feel our strength in your body, when did you have the soul?"Asked this evening.

    Mu Yu clenched his fist, and this evening the cloud really knows this.

    "Actually, I can tell you how the soul of your body came from."The cloud on the eve is like talking to himself.

    Mu Yu is already accumulating, and now the other party still doesn't know where he is. This is his advantage. If he can't kill the woman with a single blow, then it's hard to kill the other person, because Mu Yu's own position will be exposed, and there will be a fierce battle between the two.

    It is not an easy thing for Mu Yu to kill the cloud today. He has a soul in his body. This cloud can hurt him.

    "We found a lot of people who died a long time ago but did not produce soul power, so we have been investigating this matter. Later, according to all kinds of clues, we discovered that those who did not produce soul power are killing you! You sucked away their soul power. ”

    This evening, Yun smiled: "You never understand what the soul means? It is impossible for you to use our soul power, because with your heart, you can't do this kind of thing. ”

    "Although you have hidden the killings well, but you want to kill me, then I can hold you."

    The cloud's gaze is still paying attention to the surrounding leaves, paying attention to the flow of air and the change of aura.

    This evening, the cloud began to walk. This time, she is like an ordinary person. She walks forward and walks forward. Every step is so casual, but every step is so chilling.




    The footsteps fell on the leaves and made a crisp sound. The forest also had the footsteps of the clouds.

    She is only one step away from Mu Yu, but she still does not see where Mu Yu is.

    Mu Yu did not do it. He would expose his position when he started. Once he did not kill the other person for the first time, it would be even less likely to kill!

    Mu Yu is waiting, waiting for the chance to kill.

    This evening, the cloud has been shoulder to shoulder with the wooden feather.

    "Are you wondering why I am here?"

    This evening, Yun suddenly stopped at the right side of Mu Yu, and the two met together but separated by three inches.

    The distance is very short, but between the masters, three inches is enough to break out a lot of confrontation.

    The two are shoulder to shoulder, but the face is standing in the opposite direction.

    Time seems to have stopped at that moment.

    Mu Yu even heard the slight breath of the other party.

    He is ready to shoot because it is the best chance!

    A piece of yellow leaves slowly descended from the treetops, swirling, and fell to the gap between the two.

    The air seems to sway for a while!

    The leaves suddenly revived, and the veins pulled out countless branches in an instant, and the clouds rushed over to the present day. The numerous leaves on the ground also passed through the void like sharp flying knives, sharply cut.

    At this time, the shadow sword in the hands of Mu Yu has also been shot!

    The blue light is open, the sharpness is exposed, and the sword is stunned!


    In the rotating leaves, the three-footed Qingfeng stabbed the eve with the horrible murder!

    Three inches apart, one hit will kill!

    But this evening, the cloud suddenly made a clear laugh, the whole person was like a phantom burst, and when it appeared again, it was already behind the wood feather.

    "I found you!"

    Twelve white beads appeared on the cloud today, and the sacred light was emitted from the beads. All the fallen leaves were smashed, and the wooden wing's sword front was also blocked by a white barrier!

    Xiaoshuai lightly slammed, because he remembered that there were thirteen white beads on the night Fei An and Gu Chaofeng who saw it!

    "I am not as easy to kill as you are in the ancient wind!"

    This evening, the cloud exudes a very strong atmosphere!

    There is no nonsense in Mu Yu, and the swordsman has risen to the ground and rushed to the present day.

    As long as this swordmanship rushes into the sky, it will surely alarm the Yuande Dao and others in front of them, reminding them to be careful!

    However, there was a slight tremor around the woods. There were countless white lights in all directions, and the woody feathers were blocked. There was no such forest.

    "At the beginning, you were trapped in the desert by the law, and I was also a ritual."

    This evening, the cloud is already ready!

    This forest has been intercepted by the means of the cloud today, which is equivalent to trapping the wood feathers.

    "I think you have guessed who I am going to kill, but do you really think that I am alone?"

    The cloud continues to say this evening.

    The words of the present day cloud made Wood Yu feel amazed!

    Is there a night fly in addition to the clouds today?

    "I just need to contain you, and the real people are not me."This evening, the cloud once again sent out a laughter.


    At the foot of the wooden feathers, the flashes of the lines have already rushed toward the present day. To get out of here, he must first kill the woman in front of him!

    Twelve white beads suddenly hang together, like a necklace, the air seems to become a little sticky, and suddenly the woody sword will be swayed! But then the figure of the cloud on this evening has already receded, she does not want to fight with Mu Yu!

    "You killed the ancient wind, I will kill the people you care about, and then hold you back, this is fair."

    This evening, Yun did not intend to start with Mu Yu. She had to wait for her own person to kill the wood-tailed protector and then start with Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu’s heart is already full of anger, and he has held the three velvets of the white demon king in his hand. Only by exerting the power of the white demon king’s field, “the power of the galaxy” can kill the cloud today, and then rush to Yuande Dao and Zhuge Xiaosheng.

    However, there was a sudden change in the woods!

    The sky seems to suddenly become gloomy. It is clear that the last quarter of an hour is still clear, and the next moment is like darkness. The woods were originally covered by the white brilliance of the clouds of the present day, but at this time the white brilliance is like some kind of weird The darkness is pressed down.

    Mu Yu and Jin Xiyun stopped involuntarily, and they did not rush to shoot, because the sudden and strange atmosphere brought them a great sense of oppression!

    Both of them stared tightly at a banyan tree in front of them. The banyan tree covered the sky, and the shadow under the tree was as dark as ink splashing. It seemed to be an endless dark abyss. No light could be done. In the past, even the white brilliance of this evening cloud could not be projected on the shadow.

    A group of shadows slowly emerged from the shadow of the banyan tree, as if standing there for a long time, and the shadow of the banyan tree seemed to be integrated into one, the trees around it began to form a layer of frost, and the temperature dropped rapidly, as if the winter would to!

    Mu Yu jumped in his heart and killed the winter solstice!

    This breath will never admit his mistake. In the abandoned village in the abandoned mountain village outside Chun'an City, he killed all the ghosts and the winter solstice!

    The wooden feather heart sank into the bottom of the valley.

    A cloud on the eve of the day makes Mu Yu very difficult to deal with, but did not expect to come back to a shadow to kill the winter solstice, even if he is alone, he does not think that it is not the opponent of the winter solstice, let alone fight two people at the same time!

    "Shadow killing the winter solstice? What are you doing here? ”This evening, the cloud suddenly opened. UU reading

    There is a hint of doubt and surprise in the tone of the cloud today, letting the wooden feathers glimpse.

    The shadow killing winter solstice is not coming to the cloud this evening?

    "I am going to perform the task."

    The sound of the shadow of the winter solstice is very bleak, just like the cold iron without any fluctuations.

    "What task?"

    "The task is not revealed."

    A snow eagle flew in the air, dexterously shuttled through the forest, its shadow crossed the branches, flashed across the ground, and came under the banyan tree.

    And just in such an instant, the shadow of the winter solstice moved, he took a step, the shadow of the snow eagle moved forward one step, the snow eagle's flight is very fast, he stepped out every step of the forest also rises and falls, then falls In the shadow behind the wood feathers.

    "But I can reveal the task to you."

    This is what the shadow of the winter solstice said to Mu Yu.

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