Chapter 881 Crisis Coming!

    Yuande Dao and Zhuge Xiaosheng have passed through the forest and flew to three mountains. However, there is still a lurking breath that looms and locks them.

    They did not know that the danger was getting closer.

    "Zhuge Zongzhu, now the realm of the Yumeng Mozu is arrogant, and there is a gospel in your true comprehension. If Yumeng Mozu and the comprehens are engaged in the battle, then the comprehension will be safer. You can be said to be A long way to go!"Yuande Dao people laughed.

    All kinds of mysterious arrays can deal with the Yumeng Mozu, and the actor will only be taken seriously by people at this time.

    Zhuge Xiaosheng arched the hand: "Yuande's predecessors raised our sects, and the disciples of the sects of the Yumeng Mozu, our disciples, could not continue to fight. They could only use the support of the array. It was really shameful!"

    Lu Xianshi and others also slightly nodded. This is the shortcoming of the squad. Their intensive strategists spent a considerable amount of money in the battle. It is not cost-effective for them to fight. Their role is to arrange each A kind of defense against the array, the attack array requires a lot of comprehensions to display at the same time.

    The Yuande Dao people laughed: "You don't have to care too much. Compared to your squad, our alchemists are not suitable for fighting. They can only be responsible for the rescue."

    The Danding School's alchemy teacher acts as a physician in the battle between the Terran and the Yumeng Mozu, using the medicinal herbs to treat the injured comprehens, or using the medicinal herbs to make the comprehens strong in a short time. The strength of the battle.

    There are three big mountains in front, and they have crossed the first mountain.

    "The war between the Terran and the Yumeng Mozu is inevitable. Our squad and alchemy divisions do their best."Zhuge Xiaosheng nodded with a smile.

    "Zhuge Zongzhu said very much."

    Yuande adults took everyone to continue flying to the second mountain.

    But at this moment, Yuande Dao suddenly snorted with a vigilance and stopped.

    "What happened?"Zhuge Xiaosheng looked at the movements of Yuande Dao and asked inexplicably.

    "I feel that something is wrong, the medicine is promising, come over and make sure."

    The Yuande Dao people carefully looked around and then set their sights on the second mountain.

    The second mountain is densely covered with cypress and cypress, and there are strange and strange peaks in the meantime.

    The medicine is also flying to the side of Yuande Dao.

Looking at the second mountain, then the brow wrinkled: "Return to Shi Bo, this mountain does seem to be very different, but…"

    "But I can't say where it is different."The Yuande Dao people said seriously.

    The medicine nodded nodly.

    Here is the boundary of the Danding School. These three mountains are also the only places where they traveled from Dancheng to Danding. They have been familiar for decades. But today the mountain suddenly gave them a A strange feeling.

    It is impossible to say where this strange place is.

    "Maybe we are suspicious, right? We still have to go back quickly, don't delay the business, Shi Bo. ”

    Outsiders don't know the nature of the old man, but the medicine is very well known. The old Shouge old man always has a look of injustice in front of his own people. Sometimes he can't help the Yundan Taoist people. If there is something different, he will definitely check it out.

    Zhuge Xiaosheng's eyes sparkled with a different light, because the terrain here is not familiar, so they did not express any opinions, just waiting for the instructions of the Yuande Dao.

    Yuande Dao people seem to think that it is not good to delay, but the eyes are still full of doubts. "I don't know why, I feel a little uneasy today. What went wrong?"

    After thinking for a moment, the Yuande Dao people said: "Zhu Ge Zongzhu, let you laugh, let's go!"

    Then he flew to the second mountain with everyone.

    However, at this time, the change is prominent!




    After a series of broken sounds suddenly sounded from the second mountain, there were countless powerful stones between the dense pines and cypresses. These stones were of different sizes. The small ones were only the size of the fingertips, but the big ones were several tens of meters long. Cover the sky.

    The stones quickly floated in the air, arranged in a variety of strangely chaotic but orderly ways, encircling Yuande Dao and Zhuge Xiaosheng and others!

    Then each piece of stone slowly appeared a figure of different body colors. These figures and the height of the comprehension are almost the same, but their skin is covered with a hard horny, some very rough, some It is very smooth, and some are as crystal clear as diamonds!

    Tuyoumeng Mozu!

    Yuande Dao and Zhuge Xiaosheng and others changed their faces. They never expected to encounter so many Tuyoumen here. I am afraid there are no more than a thousand under the count!

    "It seems that a few of you are the people we are looking for in this trip!"

    Headed by a stone man with a dark body and a strange purple light, the height of two meters, every inch of the skin is uneven, but it contains a powerful force. The fist in his hand, Huo Huosheng, hit the chest and slammed the thunder, as if a punch would break the mountain and river, destroying the void, making people tremble!

    The priest of the priests during the catastrophe!


    The leaves of the forest flew, the atmosphere was very depressed, the snow eagle fell on the treetop above the wood feather, stretching its wings happily, but did not take off, its shadow and the shadow of the wood feather overlap.

    Shadow killing the winter solstice is standing in the shadow of Mu Yu, only a group of blurred light and shadow, can not see his true face.

    "I am not interested in your mission."

    The sword in the hands of Mu Yu is ready to go. He should deal with the killing of the shadows, knowing the power of the latent film, but it is even more dangerous to kill the winter solstice.

    "I am coming to accept your commission."Shadow killing the winter solstice said indifference.

    "Accept my commission?"Wood feather frowned slightly.

    The colorful leaves fell from the treetops and fell on the shadow of the winter solstice, but passed through his body and continued to fall on the ground, as if his body was a shadow, to the illusory, unpredictable.

    "You have a mission to give me."

    The sound of the shadow of the winter solstice is still so stunned, but it seems to be sharp.

    Mu Yu’s heart was deeper in doubt. He pondered for a moment and said, “Can you accept any task?”

    "As long as the price is fair."

    "Even if you killed the Mie Palace?"

    "Kill everyone is the same."

    The shadow killing winter solstice did not appear any strange look because of the Triple Palace.


    "Three strains of Tianxin turned back to the grass."

    "Do you mean this?"

    Three blue heavens have come back to the grass in the void in front of Muyu.

    "Without the killing atmosphere."

    Mu Yu couldn't do it, and his woody plants had a strong killing power. Tianxin's return to the grass is a very rare plant. Even if it is bought at a high price, it may not be able to buy it. If you want to buy it without killing, you must find it yourself.

    "Why do you need this?"

    "This is not what you have to manage."The shadow killing winter solstice did not explain.

    Mu Yu looked at the cloud in front of the eyes without talking. He wanted to leave here quickly to save the Yuande Taoist.

    "I can't give it to you now!"

    "When you find it, I will find you."

    Shadow killing the winter solstice said indifference.

    "Okay, kill her."Mu Yu looked at the cloud this evening.

    The snow eagle of the treetop fluttered its wings, and its body fell out of several feathers. The feathers were floating in the air, leaving a myriad of invisible shadows on the ground.

    "The deal."

    The shadow killing winter solstice has disappeared into the shadow of Mu Yu, his voice echoing in the woods, as if the killing messenger has been incarnation, everywhere.

    A shadow blade smashed out, and the white woods had been cut through a hole, and the trap under the cloud was torn.

    "Thank you."

    Mu Yu wants to kill the cloud today, but now he has more important things to do.

    This evening, Yun did not stop Mu Yu because she knew she couldn't stop it.

    "Shadow killing the winter solstice, do you know what is going to hinder the end of our triple palace?"Today, the cloud stood in the same place, she could not detect the specific location of the shadow killing.

    "I am only responsible for the task."

    "I am a fairy, and you are not. If you kill me, you can't live!"The pressure on the cloud is getting bigger and bigger.

    But the shadow killing winter solstice did not speak again, the feathers fluttered in the air lightly, leaving a faint shadow suddenly bursting out countless shadow blades, just like the shadow of death is bound by the clouds of the present day!

    "Mu Yu, forgot to tell you, I have more than one helper!"

    Today, Yun looked at the wooden feathers that had already left, and gave a pleasant laugh.

    Mu Yu was shocked. He just left the woods, and then a figure stopped him again.

    "The cloud is right now."

    Night Fei An is already waiting for him outside.


    The second mountain has been completely destroyed, turned into a Yumeng Mozu, surrounded by Yuande Dao and Zhuge Xiaosheng.

    "Tuyou priest!"Zhuge Xiaosheng Shen Sheng.

    The priests of the earth, the priests of the earth, are now leading the Tuyumeng Mozu. According to the survivors of Dongsha City, the priests of Tuyumen are nearly 20 meters tall and have terrible destructive power. The front is clearly the body of the other side, but the overbearing and terrifying killing atmosphere makes everyone in the room feel that they are in the Shura field!

    “How come the Tuyumen Mozu here?”

    The face of Yuande Dao was also shocked. This place is quite close to the Dan Ding School. UU read but I didn’t expect it to be mixed into the Tuyu Mozu, let alone the temperament of the Tuyumen priest. Beyond him!


    Yuande Dao people did not hesitate to protect everyone wanting to withdraw below. However, the densely packed gravel in the air has formed a huge sphere with a radius of 100 meters under the control of each of the soils, and wrapped them in it!

    The crutches in the hands of Yuan Dedao once again blasted and hit the encirclement of Tuyoumeng!


    A loud noise, but the Yuande Dao’s arm trembled, and those gravel lines did not move!

    There is a certain gap between these gravel blocks and gravel blocks, but each stone has a special force connected to each other, which is the technique of earthwork in the five-line array method.

    The Tuyoumeng Mou not only possesses terrible power, but also has a strong defensive power. The Yuande Dao is an alchemy teacher. It is not good at fighting at all, and it is impossible to break the defense of Tuyoumeng!

    Zhuge Xiaosheng flashed a strange light in his eyes.

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