No. 882 Chapter Soul Clock

Over the woods, the figure of the night Fei An stopped the front of the wood feather, this time he does not need to identify the position of the wood feather, because the wood feather body is already full of strong murder, as dazzling as a bright light in the night! /p>
Thirteen white beads were spinning around in the night, as if they were as dazzling as the thirteen stars, firmly locking the position of the wood feathers. /p>
There has been a huge roar in the distance, resounding through the clouds, and alarming the side of Mu Yu, the killing atmosphere is like a day, and the smell of Mu Yu is almost the same! /p>
"Tuyoumeng priests, they are already under your control!"/p>
The people of the Tuyumun priest and the Sangong Palace appeared here at the same time. It is not necessary to know that the four Yumen priests who are now powerful in killing are afraid to follow the command of the Sangong Palace. The Yumeng priests destroy a hundred thousand comprehensions for the killing power. The existence of the city pool means that hundreds of thousands of people have the soul to become the source of strength for the Mie Palace! /p>
Sadly, those who are still comprehending are still counting on the Triple Palace to lead them to defeat the Yumeng Mozu! /p>
"You are wrong. I only Know that the Yumeng Mozu is yours."/p>
The night fly laughed, his laughter made people feel like a spring breeze, very mellow, anyone will treat him as a good person through laughter. /p>

The shadow sword in the hand of Mu Yu has already shot, and the sword is rising from the ground, and the night is flying to kill the Past. He must fight, the strength of the priests of Tuyoumeng is terrible, far from being the alchemy of the Yuande Dao people who can compete against each other. Once the wood feathers are dragged, then the Yuande Dao people will be fierce! p>
"The comprehension will only know that I am here to capture you on behalf of the Triple Palace!"/p>
The black clothes on the night of Fei’an’s body are All scattered, revealing a white-brown body. There is no need to hide themselves here, because they are all blocked by Tuyoumeng, and no one who is comprehension will come. /p>
Thirteen white beads squirmed in abruptly, emitting a glare of light, forming a road barrier in front, blocking the sword of the wood feather! /p>
"He has thirteen white beads, and the white witch below has twelve white beads. Isn’t the less the “The matter of the beads of Mu Yu. /” Cold and killing god. His swords are immersed in the sky, just like a giant sword, stirring the sky above the sky, mixed with the atmosphere of destroying the earth, let the air They are all stunned! /p>
The Swords of the heavens are mixed with the power of terror, and the void is destroyed, and the night is flying down! /p>
"The soul of the law, the soul of the clock!"
Night Fei’an faced Mu Yu, this incomparable sword, and did not dare to take a nap. He was also slightly shocked, because Mu Yu seems to be stronger than the strength he saw in the suffocating city. /p>
Thirteen fist-sized white beads merged in front of the night flying, and the white beads turned into a white giant ball with a hundred feet high. It was like a bright moon. Then the white giant ball melted like a general one, revealing a huge white ancient clock depicting weird textures. /p>
This huge sorrowful clock instantly enveloped the night flight, and the whole swaying clock became transparent, and it was clear that the night phoenix fell in the center of The sorrow clock. At the same time, the wooden feathers mixed with the arrogant and arrogant swordsmanship descended from the sky, and slammed into the soul of the soul! /p>
Hey! /p>
The sorrowful clock And the sword slammed into the air, and a sharp voice came out. The sound was transmitted in all di

The sound waves are clearly visible, and the aura in the air is also like a layer of huge waves that are rushing toward the wood feathers. /p>
The sharp voice just got into The wood feather ear, and there were countless hallucinations in the wood feathers. He saw that Zhuge Xiao vividly used a powerful array to directly kill the Yuande Dao! /p>
Mu Yu just broke free from the illusion in an instant. The sound wave of this sorrowful clock will actually make people feel the most worrying illusion in their minds and disturb people’s mind. /p>
When he came back to God, the night Fei An had already swayed the law in the soul of The sorrowful soul, hit it with a palm, and slammed it on the screaming clock. The screaming clock suddenly trembled, and the white sound wave swept out again. It is like a stormy sea, covering the wood feathers. /p>
Mu Yuvail closed his own hearing, the only way to be unaffected by the soul of the clock, the sword in his h And turned, the cloud of the sky is like a center of his shadow sword, rotating a whirlpool, Wanli Cangwu The sword could not be integrated into his shadow sword. /p>
A sword moves nine! /p>
The sword gas instantly fell, in the air like a canoe riding the wind and waves, smashing the sound waves like the waves, once again banged on the soul of the soul! /p>
Hey! /p>
The sharp sound wave came out again, but the sorrowful clock was only slightly trembled, resisting the sword meaning from the sky, but the shape of the whole sorrow clock became a solid point. There is also a dignified appearance on the sacred face. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ The sword squats again, the air of the void is like being crushed violently, and even the faults appear in the air. The blue light shines on the whole piece of wood, which is extremely embarrassing! /p>
"The soul of the law, the soul is gone!"/p>
Night Fei An once again shot a palm, banged on the sorcerer's clock, the sorrowful bell screamed, all the screaming horror sound waves gathered together, rotating each other to form a huge whirlwind, the whirlwind let The air has a strong buzzing sound, welcoming the sword of the wooden feathers from the sky! /p>
Hey! /p>
The sound wave swirled rapidly, and it was actually a slow-moving slowdown in the trend of Mu Yuโ€™s sword, and the two sides were deadlocked in the air for a time! /p>
"My soul clock is not something you can avoid when you close your hearing!"/p>
At the same time, the whole person of the night flying has been turned into a phantom, and it has been slamming on the screaming clock. His every foot and every foot slamming on the soul clock will make the sorrowful clock more intense. The white sound waves, these white sound waves circumvented the sword from different angles and went toward the body of the wood feather. /p>
The golden patterns are covered in the wood feathers for a moment, like a layer of ripples. The white sound waves are surrounding the wood feathers, rolling forward, blending into the golden patterns, and constantly moving forward. However, there is always no way to reach Mu Yu. /p>
Array surgery, a long way to go! /p>
However, more and more white sound waves are swept out of the sorrowful clock, and they are integrated into the golden squall. The pressure of the wooden feathers is also increasing. He can only maintain the sword and the body shape. Quit, and at this time the tumbling white sound wave has shattered the world, passing him by, a small sound wave contaminated his shoulder๏ผ /p>
hiss! /p>
Just like the burning of fire, Mu Yu feels that his shoulder is like a sharp blade, and the whole shoulder is burning! /p>
Soul attack! /p>
The white sound waves are clocked out from the sorrowful soul, which can sway the soul and directly harm the soul. /p>
The pain in Mu Yu made him slow down, and the white sound wave has been surrounded by the sorrow clock, and this time he can no longer escape! /p>
"This time I want you to die!"/p>
The night flies and laughs, he has already seen that Mu Yu can't dodge, can only bear this blow! So many white sound waves are smeared, and the wound is the soul. If the soul is damaged, it will lose its ability to move. Even if they are in the Triple Palace, they will not be spared! /p>
Mu Yu made his left hand, and the pattern was entangled at the fingertips, rippling on his chest, and then it was like a transparent scorpion condensing out, covering him! /p>
At this time, the white sound wave also slammed on him – />
Those white sound waves do not have the night fly to imagine that the wood feathers do not want to live, but hit the body of Mu Yu, through the body of Mu Yu, as if there is no impact on the wood feather! /p>
A whistling sound came from the back of the screaming clock. The night sings and turned to look at it, but now the white sound wave that slammed into the wood feather did not know when to bypass the wood feather and come to himself. /p>
Mirror array, the original dead wood pointing to an improved array of wood feathers! /p>
These white sound waves were guided by the wooden feathers to the other side in a clever form. They passed the feeling of the night flying and turned to the sorrowful clock. The sorrowful clock was stable in the air, strong and heavy, and even flying at night. Andu is too late to dodge! /p>
boom! /p>
The white sound wave came from the soul clock, and when it was re-bounced on the soul clock, it was not absorbed by the soul clock, but a roaring earth-shattering sound made the whole soul clock tremble quickly. /p>
Fight! /p>
The blood spurted out from the night flight, and splashed on the sorcerer's clock. He had a painful look on the sacred face of the white mans, and the whole person also had a painful snoring! /p>
"I said why this little white idiot was hiding in the clock. UU reading was not shocked by the knocking of Tianjian. It was only his own sound wave that could hurt him!"Xiaoshuai shouted. /p>
"Whether hurting people can hurt others, is that the case?"/p>
Mu Yu looked coldly at the night of Fei's breath, and the night of Fei'an's sorrowful clock was too strong. The white sound wave was so strong that he would be shocked by his own sound waves. /p>
The night Fei An is also a horror. He used to control the direction of the white sound wave when he used the soul clock. He wouldnโ€™t let the white sound wave touch the soul clock. I didnโ€™t expect this time to eat under the wood feathers. A big loss! /p>
boom! /p>
In the distance, the roar of countless boulders came, and Wood Yu was slightly surprised! /p>
"Mu Yu, you must go to help Yuande Dao people, or they will be killed by the Tuyou Mozu or the controlled Zhuge Xiaosheng!"Xiaoshuai reminded. /p>
Mu Yu nodded, he looked at the night Fei An, and looked at the hurricane formed by the group of sound waves with his sword's stalemate, three white hairs appeared in his hands! /p>
"Since you are afraid of your own sound, then I will help you!"/p>
The spiritual power of Mu Yu has been input into a white hair. This is the ability of the White Demon King to give him the life-saving ability. In order to save the Yuande Dao and Zhuge Xiaosheng trapped by the Yumeng Mozu He has to use the power of the field! /p>
The power of terror emerged from Mu Yu, and all gathered in the shadow sword of Mu Yuโ€™s right hand. The sword in the sky is like feeling the power of violent in the wood feather body. /p>)Download a free reader!!

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