89th Chapter Underground Cemetery

It was a middle-aged man, who was not acquainted with the wood plume, and was able to see clearly his appearance by the green light of the Shadow Sword. Seeing his dress is also a self-cultivator. If Mu Yu remembers it correctly, this should be a disciple of the empty-shoulder. When he was in the Qingsong test, he and the disciples of the empty-shoulders.

The death of this person is very miserable, the neck is bloody, look at only the deep claw marks, the blood of the chest is blurred, there is a hole, the heart is gone.

His death is exactly the same as Xiao Hu and Tu Panshan.

Mu Yu licked his nose. When he wanted to look more closely, the man’s heart suddenly exploded several mice, fleeing around, and one rushed from the foot of the wooden feather. Rao is Mu Yu, now a comprehension is also very worried about this kind of thing. It is not a pleasant thing to see the body and the mouse in the gloomy sewer.

Mu Yu forced himself to calm down. He touched his head. He just wanted to fly up subconsciously. As a result, he bumped into his head, and now he still has a pain.

This person has been dead for at least a month. Some parts of the body have begun to rot. The stomach is flat and the internal organs are probably smashed by the mouse. The eyes are so big that they feel like they are coming out of the eyelids.

"There are people who are dying outside, some people are collecting corpses, and you are only a savage companion of rats here. It is really pitiful."

Mu Yu silently sighed a few times, then continued to move forward. Along the way through the drainage channel, there will be bright light, and the entrance to the sewer of the other house will be above. He turned into a passage and saw another body.

This time he was relatively calm. He knew this corpse. He was the one who saw the gray disciple and disappeared the night before.

The same death, the same death is not eye-catching.

Mu Yu has been able to determine his own speculation. It is estimated that he will take a few more steps and turn a few passages to find the body of Fang Chang last night.

There are some creeps in Mu Yu’s heart. There are so many self-cultivating bodies lying on the ground floor of these large schools. These bodies are rotten here and become the food of the mice. No one is aware that it is really sad.

Every day, people come and go, and people are missing. Presumably, the dreams of these comprehensions will not be imagined. The missing brothers and sisters are underground in the school.

Under the school, it seems to be a hell on earth. He walks along the passage. Within an hour, he has discovered more than a dozen bodies, each of which has a different degree of decay. He is not familiar with the topography of the school, and he does not know which hospital he has gone to, but he does not know what corps these corpses are.

These passages are all newly dug, and there are fallen soils on the ground. Most of the soil seems to have been transported out, leaving only a little bit of soil residue. Such a huge project is to be used to place the body. It should be that the murderer does not want the body to be stacked in the sewer to cause blockage.

But who is the murderer? Why use such a cruel way? Where is their heart gone? Isn't it true that the Yao people are murderers? Is the Yaozu murdered casually or purposefully?

"No, so if you go down, you will see the body and you can't find anything."

Mu Yu suddenly thought, how did the shadow know that the gray disciple was bullied? Unless he was nearby, or the gray disciple told him. If you want to find the murderer, you should be in the gray disciple.

In other words, maybe a gray disciple is the murderer!

Is this only possible? If the gray disciple has the ability to kill, is it still necessary to hide the tail? He should have shown his ability to join a certain sect, and he no longer has to be a person who is called to call all day. Is there anything he can't see?

No matter how to determine this matter, it must be checked from the gray disciples' other hospitals.

When he wants to return, Mu Yu is dumbfounded. It is well-connected here. He doesn't know which way to go back.

There are actually many other colleges in the school, not just for the sects.

There is also the use of rest for the rest, those who are in the hospital are spending spiritual stone. Moreover, there are more than a dozen small courtyards in the gray disciples' courtyards. There are also drainage outlets on the road. There are at least one hundred outlets in the entire school. The school is so big, Mu Yu turns around and turns, where knows where he has turned.

"It seems that only one is looking for one."

Mu Yu sighed, but fortunately he was prepared and brought some roots to the grass. He took a few steps to the left and found an exit. Going over and sneak out the roots and observe the situation around.

Here is a strange courtyard, where several comprehensions chat and chat. Mu Yu faintly heard that they were busy with the Qingsong Alliance and Jiuhua. The establishment of the Qingsong Alliance and Jiuhua has made the entire revision community have to pay attention to it.

Mu Yu heard that two of his disciples seemed to be arguing about something. They carefully thought that they were trying to join the Qingsong League or the Jiuhua League, but Mu Yu had confirmed from their words that the courtyard belonged to the Ningning School. .

The wooden feathers of the Ningning faction are known to be separated from the Qingsong faction by three courtyards. Because the Qingsong faction is more distinguished, it needs the gray disciples to wait for the whole day, so the other hospitals of the Qingsong faction are next to the gray disciples.

Mu Yu looked for the route in memory and finally found the sewer under the Qingsong faction.

However, when he turned into the passage, he was shocked. He found seven or eight bodies in the passage below the Qingsong courtyard. The dress shows that these people are all Qingsong disciples!

The Qingsong faction secretly died seven or eight disciples, while the other people of the Qingsong faction did not notice! Presumably these days are busy preparing for the celebration of the Qingsong Taoist people, so the disappearance of these people does not seem to matter.

"This is strange. Why don't you move your body to the following when you kill Xiaohu and Jiuhua disciples?"

Mu Yu is puzzled. If Xiao Hu is unable to move the body of Xiao Hu in time because of his intervention, it is understandable, but why did the four disciples of Jiuhua School not hide their bodies?

When Mu Yu saw the body of the Qingsong disciple, he couldn’t get up. He thought: "It's a pity that you are not a tiger, or your disappearance should also attract attention."

I am afraid that these people are more or less killed by insulting the gray disciples. Among all the sects, the Qingsong faction has the worst attitude towards the gray disciples. They are born with an inexplicable sense of superiority and feel that they are superior. Although they actually have advantages over other sects, they do have advantages.

The Qingsong disciples did not scream for the gray disciples who struggled at the bottom of the comprehension, and could not set off their noble status.

They don't look at the gray disciples, they end up paying the price of their lives, and they will die forever in the dark.

But the murderer killed them because they bullied the gray disciples, and it was a bit too much.

Mu Yu turned to the Qingsong faction and went straight to the gray disciple. However, at this moment, a heavy breathing sound suddenly came out from the corner!

This breathing sound came so sudden that the wood feathers almost took a beat!

He started a goose bump, and after walking for so long, all the people seen in this dark and rancid sewer were dead. The dead can't breathe. The only thing that can be heard is the mouse and dripping sound, as well as his own breathing.

But this sudden sound is clear and audible, and it is still a bit deep, like something whispering, this is definitely not a dead person.

Is that mysterious shadow?

Mu Yu’s heartbeat began to accelerate. Is the black shadow a human or a demon? Does he usually live in this dark place? Then what does he rely on to survive, is it not by the heart of eating people to live? That is definitely not human.

The light of the shadow sword gradually darkened, and the wood feather slowly approached the corner, trying not to make a sound.

The breathing is getting closer and closer and seems to be accompanied by some asthma. He thought to himself, this shadow will not have asthma? I have been breathing in this ghost place for a long time, UU reading www.uukanshu. It is not surprising that com has asthma.

Mu Yu held his breath, did he have to rush straight to fight this black shadow? Wouldn't it be too rash to be able to do so?

"who cares! I would like to see if you are a human or a ghost! ”

Mu Yu stepped out in one step, and the shadow of the sword in his hand shined brightly, illuminating the entire passage –

no one!

"How can this be?"

Mu Yu looked at the whole passage in amazement. The breath statement just came from here. Is it a problem with his hearing?

He touched the passage, and the heavy breathing sound disappeared. The entire passage was still full of claw marks and some damp. Under the light of the blue light, Mu Yu found a shocking blood in the beach!

This blood has not yet solidified, that is to say, it was left not long ago. Mu Yu squatted down and looked at the blood of the beach. Some of it was black. He reached out and touched it. There was still some temperature, which looked like human blood. He also saw a piece of ragged clothes, almost all made into a cloth, dirty, do not know how long it did not wash, from the clothes can not know which martial art comprehension.

The channel is quiet again, and the wood feathers can only hear their own breathing. He found that his breathing sound became a bit thicker and became similar to the breathing sound just now, but not right, how could his breathing sound be slightly out of sync?

Breathing out of sync? No, this is obviously two breaths!

Mu Yu’s neck feels a little cold, like a slight breath blowing on his back neck, the breath comes so suddenly, like it appears out of thin air…

The heavy breathing is behind my own! Someone behind!

Mu Yu feel his heart stopped beating, that do not know is a man or a ghost when the guy actually ran to his back!

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