Chapter 895

    Mu Yu thinks again and again, his strength is still too small, since he is the door of the door, then you should make reasonable use of this identity.

    The Mie Palace is a huge monster. It is very difficult to fight alone. Mu Yu needs someone he can trust to help him.

    He must tell the truth to Zhu Ge Xiaosheng and others. If they don't want to believe it, then Mu Yu will not force it. On the road against the Triple Palace, it was already very difficult, and Mu Yu was prepared to deal with any misunderstanding.

    Zhuge Xiaosheng's three faces are awe-inspiring. Mu Yu has the ability of the Yumeng Mozu, and they can accept it. But if they want to let them fight against the Mie Palace and stand on the opposite side of the Terran, how can this happen?

    The atmosphere seems to have solidified in an instant, and everyone has not made a sound. If you fight the Triple Palace, you will certainly suffer from the whole cultivation of the real world.

    Zhuge Xiaosheng broke the silence for the first time: "Can you tell me the reason?"

    Mu Yu glanced at Zhuge Xiaosheng and said slowly: "The Mie Palace, colluding with the Yumeng Mozu."

    When the words came out, the three were even more surprised!

    When the Yumeng Mozu is arrogant, the Sangong Palace can lead the Terran to defeat the Yumeng Mozu. It is the hope of the entire comprehension community, the belief of all comprehensions, and why does Mu Yu say such a big rebellious statement?

    Lu Xianshi’s face looked a little restless. His eyes flickered and he said for a long time: “Mu Yu, you are not a targetless person, I will do anything for you, but about the collusion between the Mie Palace and the Yumeng Mozu Do you have any misunderstandings about this matter?"

    Mu Chenghong frowned and said: "Questioning the Triple Palace, this is a very dangerous move. It is very likely that we will take our battles and bring the future battles into a land of eternal annihilation."

    Zhuge Xiaosheng looked at Mu Yu, and his pale face was even more stunned. He said: "If you question the Three Palaces, you can't talk about it."

    Mu Yu knew that they would react like this. The Mie Palace created a panic, and all the self-cultivators regarded them as saviors, waiting to be saved.

    The supreme majesty of the Mie Palace is deeply rooted in the minds of all people. If anyone dares to question the Mie Palace and wants to overthrow the Mie Palace, it will be pointed out by thousands of people!

    If Zhuge Xiaosheng, Lu Xianshi and Mu Chenghong are three people who are extremely trusted by Mu Yu, he will not say these words at all. If anyone hears that Mu Yu says this, he will use Mu Yu as The spies sent by the Yumeng Mozu were allegedly crusted.

    Mu Yu continued: "The sovereign,

Didn't he tell you the nature of Sangong Palace? ”

    Zhuge Xiaosheng shook his head: "The founder did not tell me more about the Sangong Palace."

    Mu Yu was somewhat disappointed. He thought that Tiandao would tell Zhuge Xiaosheng about these things. Because after the accident of the dead wood, the sleepy Xianji connected the thoughts of the defenders. The heavens should also see the white world. The conspiracy is.

    Lu Xianshi said with a straightforward voice: "The Yuande Dao people must have been tempted by the Yumeng Mozu."

    Mu Yu shook his head: "If the Yumeng Mozu can control the Yuande Dao who has been repaired by the robbery, then do you think other comprehensions will be spared? I am afraid that the Terran has long been defeated by the Yumeng Mozu. ”

    Lu Xianshi wanted to stop and he could not find an excuse for rebuttal.

    The Yuande Dao, who was repaired during the robbery period, is no longer inferior in strength. It is also standing at the peak of the comprehension world. It is not an ordinary match. If even such a person can be controlled by the Yumeng Mozu, then the entire comprehension community can't stop the Yumeng Mozu.

    "The Yuande Dao is…"Zhuge Xiaosheng asked.

    "The Yuande Dao people are controlled by the people of the Mie Palace."Mu Yu said slowly.

    Everyone was shocked. The Triple Palace controlled the Yuande Dao people?

    This is too ridiculous!

    "So what do you mean by saying that the Mie Palace wants to kill me?"

    Zhuge Xiaosheng remembered the white mang that was lit up when the Yuande Dao wanted to kill him. Although he did not talk to him about the specific situation of the Sangong Palace, he once accidentally mentioned the people who had white people. It is a triple palace man, so he can't calm down in his heart.

    "Impossible, the Mie Palace is unlikely to want to kill the Sovereign. The Sovereign is now a very important figure in the realm of cultivation!"Lu Xianshi could not help but say.

    The Yumeng Mozu made the position of the squadron rise, and the whole squad became another holy place in the eyes of the comprehension. Zhuge Xiaosheng became the awe of all the self-cultivators.

    "Sovereign, when you used to repair the city to protect the city, did you find anything wrong?"Mu Yu asked.

    Zhuge Xiaosheng hesitated for a moment, then said: "Every city's moat is lacking a part of the formation, which makes it impossible to evenly spread the attack outside the moat to every corner of the city. I originally thought it was caused by disrepair, but then I accidentally discovered…"

    “Unintentional discovery is man-made destruction.”Mu Yu finished speaking for him.

    Zhuge Xiaosheng nodded, but then his eyes changed slightly, and he thought of the legend of Tuyu Dongsha City at the beginning, and then thought of the wood control ability of Mu Yu, and looked at Mu Yu with amazement: "Mu Yu, this should not be what you did, is Not?"

    The moat is a very powerful array, which combines the power of nature. Only those who can use the power of nature in the array are Zhuge Xiaosheng, but Zhuge Xiaosheng believes that Mu Yu will also have the power of nature. Then, who knows how to destroy the moat, Mu Yu is certainly one of them.

    Xiaoshuai said unceremoniously: "Hey, you are confused old man!" Still suspect that we are coming up? Mu Yu and Yumeng Mozu fight hard to fight, you in turn suspect Mu Yu, really saved a white-eyed wolf! ”

    "I don't mean this, but there are not many people who can destroy the moats of the moat…"

    Zhuge Xiaosheng looked at Xiaoshuai a little slyly. He knew that Xiaoshuai and Muyu had a very close relationship. A sect of the ancestors was stunned by a little urchin who seemed to be only three or four years old.

    Mu Yu continued: "This kind of thing is done by the Mie Palace. I don't care if you believe what I said, but I think it is necessary for you to know, at least beware of the Mie."

    Mu Yu is also helpless, he knows that it is still too difficult to convince others. The White Demon King said that the Mie Palace has been profitable for the human race since ancient times, but it has only reached the generation of the white world. Instead, it has become a ghost, and it is awkward.

    It is a matter of the Three Palaces. This is a matter of subverting everyone's cognition. Lu Xianshi still couldn't accept it. The atmosphere once again fell into awkwardness, and everyone did not speak again.

    But Zhuge Xiaosheng suddenly thought of something, silently took out a piece of exquisite jade, the above is full of brilliance, has a very strong formation fluctuations, and a breath that makes Mu Yu feel familiar.

    Zhuge a glance at the wood Plume, said: "The Lord, the founder in the fairy before also said, if one day the owner has some kind of dangerous idea, make very puzzling behavior, even put the array into dangerous situation, let me take out this piece of jade, he will solve all the trouble. ”

    Mu Yu was amazed. He didn't know that Tiandao Dao had left such a hand to Zhuge Xiaosheng.

    "Resolve all troubles? Is the lord and the ancestor trying to withdraw the position of the door of Mu Yu? ”Lu Xianshi was shocked and quickly said, "The lord, before things are clear, never do this! Mu Yu is the hope of our rise in the door! ”

    Zhuge Xiaosheng said seriously to Lu Xianshi: "I don't know what orders the ancestors have left, but the ancestors have insight into all the secrets. I will unconditionally believe in any of his orders. I don't believe in Mu Yu, but I must consider it for our future. ”

    Zhuge Xiaosheng hesitated for a moment and persuaded: "The doorkeeper, I don't want to offend you, and I don't want to use the orders of the founder to ask you. You can be the first doorkeeper of the door for thousands of years. The squadron was carried forward and re-emerged as one of the nine gates. The jade of the founder is the thing I least want to use. I will support anything you do, but this fact is too ridiculous, I can't…"

    The gate of the array gate is different from the other eight doors, eight gate owners can directly determine the candidate, but the door of the gate must be a chaotic yin and yang recognition, thousands of years have never been successful, Mu Yu is the first to become the gate of the gate, but also the key to the future of the array to flourish, So Zhuge did not want to let Mu Yu lose the door master this position.

    But as the lord of the sect, he needs to consider the future of the sect. At the beginning, because there was no talent in the sect, the Fu Zong was mixed in. He learned the lesson. In the past few years when Mu Yu was absent, he has been making great efforts to renovate the face of the sect. The whole squad has been completely renewed.

    Nowadays, because of the emergence of the Yumeng Mozu, the formation has begun to be valued by the comprehension community. The status of the ancestors can be contiguous with the eight gates. This should be a happy thing. The array can rely on the Yumeng Mozu. And rise, return to the glory of the past.

    However, Mu Yu was the master of the squadron, but he said that he would like to fight against the triple palace. If Zhuge Xiaosheng chooses to believe in Mu Yu, it means that the sect must be right against the realm of cultivation, and it is impossible to rise!

    Zhuge Xiaosheng wants to make the ancestor carry forward, Mu Yu controls chaos yin and yang, and is a very talented person. As long as he waits for a few more years, Mu Yu will definitely bring the ancestor to the glory. This is Zhuge Xiaosheng always wanted Seeing things, he did not want Mu Yu to be removed from the door of the door by a piece of jade.

    Mu Yu looked at the jade in the hands of Zhuge Xiaosheng and suddenly said: "You use this piece of jade!"

    Zhuge Xiaosheng stunned and said: "The owner, my intention is not this. You have to understand the ability of the founder. Even if the old man is not there now, he has the ability to control everything. This jade is very likely to let you… ”

    "Do you know that I have a temple and a plaque, so that all of you can't resist?"Mu Yu’s hand appeared black and white, which is the breath of chaotic yin and yang.

    Chaos yin and yang, whether it is Zhuge Xiaosheng or Lu Xianshi, all three of them feel an involuntary sense of awe and rise from the bottom of their hearts. The body's patterns also change with the flow of chaotic yin and yang, even the entire array. The temples began to exude a majestic atmosphere, majestic and magnificent.

    Chaos Yin Yang controls the temple, and the array of the temple envelopes the entire array. As long as the array or the teacher is in the array of the temple, it will be controlled by Mu Yu!

    Zhuge Xiaosheng feels that the spiritual power flowing in the body seems to be suppressed. Any array of techniques can't be displayed, and there is no way to control this piece of jade in his hand.

    "I can control everyone in the battle, but I don't want to do this because I respect your opinions."Mu Yu said softly.

    Chaos yin and yang's breath blinked away without a trace, Zhuge Xiaosheng and others seemed to be relieved, and the heavy feeling that pressed against their hearts had dispersed.

    Xiaoshuai continued to swear next to him: "I am confused about the old guy, do you know what price Muyu spent in order to save you?" In total, we got four magic weapons to retain the ability of the field. In order to save you a few, we used two at a time, let alone one of the undead areas is specially used on you! You are doing well now, suspected to come to doubt, not bothered! ”

    Zhuge Xiaosheng was a little surprised. He naturally heard of this kind of thing in the field. It was the ability that the Mahayana period had, and the ability of a field could destroy the world. It was extremely precious. I didn’t expect Mu Yu to save him. It took such a big price.

    Zhuge Xiaosheng now understands what Mu Yu has done for him. In his heart, he is also extremely worried. He said quickly: "Please ask the door to forgive sins, and the subordinates do not know."

    Mu Yu shook his head: "There is nothing to be forgiven. I will save anyone I think is worth saving, no matter what the price."

    Zhuge Xiaosheng smiled bitterly, hesitated for a moment, and finally put away the piece of jade, UU reading said: "You tell me about the Three Palaces!"

    Mu Yu has chaotic yin and yang. If he wants to force Zhuge Xiaosheng and other people to do things, there is no need to discuss with Zhuge Xiaosheng and others, and directly use the ability of chaotic yin and yang to force them to do things. There is no way to resist Zhuge Xiaosheng.

    Mu Yu said: "You still use that piece of jade!"

    Zhuge Xiaosheng shook his head: "No, I don't think I am qualified to use it. We can't live without you."

    The strength of the original Tiandao Road is not clear, but his array is second to none, very powerful, and the things left are very powerful. It is not impossible to remove the position of the door of Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu looked at Zhuge Xiaosheng and said slowly: "I also want to know what the predecessors of the Tiandao Road want to do with me."

    Only by spreading everything and being honest, can Mu Yu decide whether to rely on these people in the future. () "Jian Yu Jiu Tian Tian" only represents the author's point of view of Hurricane Mu Yu. If it finds that its content is inconsistent with the national laws, please delete it. The position is only devoted to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!

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