Chapter 896, the back of the heavens

    Zhuge Xiaosheng hesitated: "Mu Yu, the jade that the ancestors left is not an ordinary thing, he is likely to make you lose the position of the door."

    "Not always."Mu Yu showed a relieved smile.

    Zhuge Xiaosheng said seriously: "Mu Yu, this is not a joke."

    "I'm not kidding."Mu Yu said.

    Zhuge Xiaosheng still doesn't understand. He looks at Mu Yu, but Mu Yu's expression is very natural.

    He once again took out Yu Pei. When the ancestor gave this piece of jade to him, the look on his face seemed to be gambling on something, as if he was hesitating about his own practice. At that time, Zhuge Xiaosheng was not thinking about what the founder was thinking, but he did not ask much.

    The white lines slowly entered the jade from Zhuge Xiaosheng's hand, and Yu Pei exudes a glimmer of light, the magnificent glory that belongs to the heavens and the sky, which shines like a vast star, let Zhu Gexiao Life and others are involuntarily awe-inspiring.

    "The Mie Palace is not a good class, Mu Yu can believe."

    A short sentence, like crossing the time and space, fell in the ears of Zhuge Xiaosheng, but let them see it!

    There is no powerful array to take away the position of the door of Mu Yu. There is only one sentence, simple, but heavy, containing supreme majesty, and like a desperate attempt to make people feel shocked.

    Mu Yu looked at the figure of Tiandao, smiled slightly, without any accident.

    In this world, among the people who are trusted by Mu Yu, in addition to the swordsmanship and the dead wood, the formation of the two are beyond the reach of Mu Yu, and one person is also unable to catch up with Mu Yu, that is the array. Heaven.

    At the beginning of the day, the Heavenly Road and the Dead Wood Evergreen and the White World and the Evil are not old together to help the Jianying dust wind stabilize the sleepy Xianzong. At the moment when the Dead Wood Evergreen died, the Guardian of the Sleeping Xianzong appeared a temporary memory. Tiandao also saw the hidden conspiracy of the White World and knew the truth about the Yumeng Mozu and the Terran War.

    Tian Tiandao handed the squad to Mu Yu’s hand because he believed that Mu Yu could stop the plot of the Triple Palace, but he also knew what kind of dilemma Mu Yu would face in the future.

    When everyone used the Triple Palace as a god, Mu Yu wanted to convince others to expose the conspiracy of the Triple Palace, and no one would believe him at all.

    Therefore, the road left the back.

    The doubts of Zhuge Xiaosheng’s eyes dissipated,

His face is solemn and solemn. Heaven is a belief. When Tiandao says that the Sangong Palace is not a good class, then the Sangong Palace must not be a good class!

    The illusion of the heavens turned to Mu Yu. He seemed to have his own consciousness. He knew that Mu Yu stood there. His eyes were so deep that he could see everything.

    "I pinned the ancestor to you, and it was destroyed. It is the number of lives of the sect." I would rather die than live in a lie. Jian Shadow dust and dead wood Evergreen believe in you, so I believe in you too. ”

    Tiandao glanced at everyone, and then his illusion gradually disappeared and merged into jade.

    Zhuge Xiaosheng no longer doubts, he can doubt anything, but Yu Pei's things can't be faked, because Yu Pei has been on him, no one can have a chance to do it.

    He solemnly bowed to Mu Yu: "I want to follow the door to death!"

    "I am willing to follow the door to death!"Lu Xianshi and Mu Chenghong also squatted.

    Mu Yu raised three people and nodded. "Now, I can tell you the details of the Sangong Palace."


    Yuande Dao lost his memory. He forgot everything, forgot who he was, why he was here, and what happened.

    He kept saying a word in his mouth. This is the only sentence he remembered: "I am not a coward, I am not a coward, I am not a coward…"

    Yuande Dao people curled up in the corner, muttered to himself, and looked painful. He desperately wanted to recall some things, but the more he thought, the more he had a headache, and he couldn't remember.

    Mu Yu silently looked at the Yuande Dao people in front of him, and the medicine was standing on the side, his face was bleak.

    "The day when the sister wanted to go to the sky when she wanted to kill, no one stopped her, but Shi Bo personally stopped. Shi Bo’s self-blame was that he should not leave the dead wood that day, and the snow and ice that knew the truth was extremely angry. When he was young, the younger sister’s mother also went out with Shi Bo. Shi Bo temporarily left for a while, causing Mr. Shi’s wife to be buried in the mouth of the demon. Shi Shi still refuses to forgive him. ”

    The medicine said infinitely: "The teacher said to Shi Bo that day: Mother died because of your departure, dead wood died because you left, you didn't dare to go to the beast to revenge, now you stop me from revenge, you Only be a coward!"

    The medicine is promising and said: "Sister Shi is very decisive. Shi Bo wants to stay, but he can't keep it. The teacher's words hurt his heart. When the teacher had an accident, Shi Bo had only a period of embarrassment. He did not know what the beast had killed the teacher, because nothing but blood and clothing debris left. The animal was very clever. ”

    Mu Yu walked to the Yuande Dao people, looked at the poor old man, patted him on the shoulder and said: "You are not a coward, don't care. I will deal with the dead wood things, and it doesn't matter to you. ”

    The reason why the Yuan Dao Dao people left the dead wood was because the Sangong Palace opened him. Mu Yu has never complained about Yuan Dedao people. He has a head debt and has a master. The Yuande Taoist did nothing, even if he prevented his daughter from killing when he was killed, it was also to avoid making mistakes.

    Because there is no evidence that the death of dead wood is related to the time when it is cold and snow, if it is found in the sky when it is killed, she will be imprisoned for life.

    Yuande Dao looked up and looked at Mu Yu. The murky eyes were confused. He didn't know who Mu Yu was.

    "I am not a coward, I am not…"

    Yuande Dao took a crying room and held Mu Yu’s clothes tightly, like an old man who was abandoned and wanted to find a harbor. He forgot everything, but did not forget the words his daughter said to him.

    Because that sentence hurts him too deeply.

    "You are a good person, not a coward."Mu Yu held the hand of Yuande Dao, who was only a victim and was the victim of the control of the Triple Palace.

    Mu Yu sighed and stood up and said to the Promise: "Master of medicine, I have one thing that needs your help."

    "Despite your saying, I will try my best."The medicine has no enthusiasm and even did not ask what Mu Yu is.

    When Mu Yu waved his hand, the spirit of the soul had already shrouded the medicine in it, and the illuminating eyes of the medicine were scattered.

    "Sorry, Master of Medicine, I have to do this."Mu Yu apologized.

    The medicine is extremely unlikely to stay in the battle forever, he must return to the Dan Ding. Medicine Promise is different from Zhuge Xiaosheng and others. Mu Yu can tell Zhu Ge Xiaosheng about the truth about the Sangong Palace, but he can't tell the drug to the Promise. The medicine is not a person of the Danding School, and may not believe in wood. Yu Yu, Mu Yu did not want him too embarrassed.

    He intends to modify the medicine's memory of the Promise, let him leave the sect, return to the Dan Ding, and send some news. As for the Yuande Dao, Mu Yu did not want him to return to Dan Ding, otherwise Mie Gong is likely to kill him for confidentiality.

    Now the Yuande Dao people have become like this. Before he recovers, he must stay in the ancestor. With the strength of Zhuge Xiaosheng, there is no way to look at the Yuande Dao people who have been in the robbery period. This is beyond doubt.

    "Sovereign, you have to raise your wounds. Everything in the realm of cultivation is not to be involved now. Don't recruit any disciples to come in, and don't leave the ancestor to do anything." The array was sealed up, and the runes of the palace and the array were infiltrated by those who could withstand the triple house. ”Mu Yu shouted.

    "I know."Zhuge Xiaosheng nodded.

    "Mu Yu, you must be careful when you go to Dan Ding, don't accident."Lu Xianshi said with concern.

    Mu Chenghong looked at Mu Yu: "You have never let me down."

    Mu Chenghong’s eyes are very clear, like a clear water.

    Mu Yu nodded. Now they only know the truth of the Mie Palace. Mu Yu told them everything in detail. Although they were deeply shocked by the practice of the Mie Palace, they no longer doubt anything at this time.

    "Lu Xianshi, Yuandedao is controlled by the Triple Palace. Just like when you were controlled by Zhou Jinglin, you are involuntarily, understand? Don't hurt him, take good care of him, and don't let his still alive message leak out. ”Mu Yu looked at Lu Xianshi seriously.

    Lu Xianshi turned red. When he was controlled by Zhou Jinglin, he almost let the ruins die. He was deeply touched when he was controlled. He also understood what this means. It is an unsuspecting state. When you wake up, the mistake is irreparable. If it wasn't for Mu Yu, I am afraid that the sect would really be destroyed in his hands.

    "I know, Mu Yu."Lu Xianshi nodded solemnly and looked at the Yuande Dao who curled up in the corner with some pity. The killing of the Yuande Taoist people disappeared.

    Mu Yu was ready to leave with medicine, but Mu Chenghong suddenly said: "Do you really want to see your brother?"

    Mu Yu stopped his footsteps: "You didn't tell him the truth, didn't you?"

    Mu Chenghong said: "I did not tell him your identity. He has been asking what kind of person you are, he wants to know your past. He feels that you are a great hero to save humanity. UU reads and waits for you to stand up and lead the leader to defeat the Yumeng Mozu. ”

    Mu Yu was silent for a long time and shook his head: "I am not."

    Mu Yu didn't want to tell the truth to Mu Hao because he didn't want to let his brother's illusion be broken. Mu Hao admired him, regarded him as the person he took for granted, and tried to learn from his "Mu Yu brother".

    However, Mu Yu has stood on the opposite side of the Terran, and cannot be a hero of the Terran, nor will he be a hero of the Terran.

    Mu Chenghong continued: "He will discover the truth one day."

    "I know."

    Mu Yu sighed slightly, he can not care about anyone's gaze, but he only keeps a trace of inexplicable hope for this blindly worshipping his younger brother.

    If Mu Hao discovers the truth, his personality is unacceptable. () "Jian Yu Jiu Tian Tian" only represents the author's point of view of Hurricane Mu Yu. If it finds that its content is inconsistent with the national laws, please delete it. The position is only devoted to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!

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