Chapter 897 Dan Ding’s Uninvited Guest

The Danding faction was ravaged by the invasion of the Yumeng Mozu. However, it is still unclear how the Yumeng Mozu appeared in the past half a month. The lives of Yuande Dao and Zhuge Xiaosheng are unknown. Has been severely questioned. /p>
The Yundan Taoist people are in a hurry. The Yuande Dao people are one of the top pillars of the Danding School. However, they did not expect to have such a thing. Now they are questioned by the realm of comprehension. /p>
And just this day, the master of medicine is back! /p>
The emergence of the master of medicine can bring about the hope brought to the Danding School. The Yundan Taoist immediately took the medicine to find out what happened in the past. What they want to know most is Yuande Dao and Zhuge Xiaosheng. Where is it now? /p>
But what everyone hears is a terrible loss! /p>
In order to protect everyone, the Yuande Dao people died alone and lost their lives to the hands of the Yumeng Mozu. Zhuge Xiaosheng tried his best to escape with everyone and used the transmission array to return to the sect. At this time, he was seriously injured. Closed-door practice! /p>
When the news came out, it shocked the entire Danding faction and shocked the entire realm of cultivation! /p>
The death of the Yuande Dao people made the Dan Ding School bleak up and down. An eighth-order alchemist broke the hand in the hands of the Yumeng Mozu, which was equivalent to letting Dan Ding send an arm, which is deeply deplorable! /p>
These reactions were all expected in the wood feathers. He turned into a branch and followed the medicine to enter the Danding School for two days. In the past two days, the medicine has no need to tell Yundan Taoist people, and was called to go to various questions, so there is no time to bring wood feathers to transfer the array. Mu Yu can only wait for the medicine to end things and finish it. /p>
二The transmission array of the heavy sky is the heavy place of the Danding School. Before Mu Yu went to the Double Heaven, he once went there once, but there was a strict guard, there will be a guard in the shadows in almost ten steps, and there are some special ones. The organ can eliminate the camouflage of the array, and Mu Yu wants to quietly approach the place where he needs the help of medicine. /p>
Xuan Hongfeng. /p>
The spirit is now a distracting one, and he is very talented, but after all, he is an alchemy teacher. The usual focus is On alchemy. At this age, he can reach the distraction period and Mu Yu originally removed the wood residue for him. Things are inseparable. /p>
At this time, the spirit was excited to tease the young handsome, and also Take out his private roast duck and shochu to Xiaoshuai to eat. Mu Yu did not look at him, appeared in front of the sorrow, and told the singer. Cai Li is a friend of Mu Yu, Mu Yu can believe him. /p >
"It turns out that my master is yours to save, and I don’t thank you. I will find something in the future!"Said with gratitude. /p>
Mu Yu smiled and then Asked: "Danding was ambushed by the Yumeng Mozu, is your Dan Ding faction’s reputation in the realm of cultivation really good?"/>

Chin Said: “The entire incident of the real world has been raging, and the head of the division is a big squad. All circles have questioned our Danding faction. You also know that the white scorpion king escaped from our Danding party. The reputation of our Danding School has been hit. Now the Yumeng Mozu has killed people in our Danding party. Now, Yuande’s ancestors have had an accident, oh…”/p>
“But the alchemists will never be outdated. Even if they are going to war with Yumeng in the future, the comprehensions will still depend on you, so they will not be like you. “Mu Yu said. /p>
He did not tell the story of the Mie Palace, and what should be said about what should not be said. He had counts in his heart. He did It is true that this is true, but it is not good to pass it out.

However, our Danding party invited two mysterious guests of the robbery period. The two people who were in the robbery period are said to be the thirteenth and fourteenth geniuses on the top of the list. It seems that they are owed to the sky. The feelings, I am willing to…” /p>
Jie Lie said that he suddenly closed his mouth and knew that Mu Yu had always wanted to kill. /p>
"So when you are in the sky, are there two people in the robbery period who are protecting him?"Mu Yu asked calmly. /p>
The thirteenth and the fourteenth place are extremely immortal. I don’t want to know that these two people must be the minions of the Mie. Mie Palace really put the black hand to the Dan Ding pie! /p>
The little handsome snorted: "The little white man who is not scattered."/p>
He did not know that Mu Yu’s current cultivation was done. In order to avoid some inappropriate actions by Mu Yu, he quickly reminded: “When Deng Tian is now a man of the Dan Ding faction, you must do something before Be careful."/p>
"He is just the wind, I will kill him."/p>
Mu Yu did not conceal anything, when he went to heaven is his murderer. As for the two people sent by the Mie Palace, it is necessary to investigate the Yuande Dao people. There is a chance that Mu Yu will find a way to kill them both! /p>
Shook his head: "You don't want to kill him now, at least you have to deal with the two immortals." I will tell you the current situation of the Danding School. You also know that it is very difficult for our alchemists to upgrade to the robbery period. Originally, our Danding School had three predecessors. There are three compradors who are in the middle of the robbery period, and they are enough to sit on the same level as the eight gates. However, the Yuande Shizu is now in trouble, which means that the strength of the Danding School will be questioned. At this time, the two immortals invited by Deng Tian undoubtedly gave us a sigh of relief, which is equal to the charcoal in the snow. ”/p>
At the moment when the Yuande Dao’s people were killed and the strength of the Danding School was questioned by the comprehension circles, the two immortals of the catastrophe came to the Danding School to help stabilize the status and reputation. I don’t need to know how the whole Danding party would treat both. people. /p>
He said helplessly: "Think about it, it is a fairy!" This means that they are not over forty years old and are two geniuses! When Deng Tiantian can be said to have made great contributions to the Danding School, there are two great immortals who are willing to guard the Danding School. This is a big event for our low-density Danding School! ”/p>
Then he suddenly shot his thigh and said: "Yes, I have forgotten it! Are you not the 19th in the rankings? In other words, have you reached the robbery period? ”/p>
Looking at the wood feathers eagerly. /p>
"Yes, I killed the 19th."Mu Yu nodded. /p>
"awesome! This means that we have three masters of the robbery period, and we don’t have to rely on them. ”/p>
With a fist and a fist, I can't wait to tell this other people immediately. After all, Mu Yu is also the pulse of Dan Ding's Qingzhufeng. /p>
"Let's take it, you know that because of outside rumors, I can't disclose the things I went to Dan Ding?"Mu Yu said. /p>
Reminiscent of the identity of today's Mu Yu, many people in the real world are now crusades on wood feathers, and that Mu Yu and Yumeng Mozu collude. At this time, the identity of Mu Yu is very sensitive. /p>
"I don't believe in those ghost rumors!"Said with disdain, then looked at Mu Yu, "Do you really want to tell the head of the game to the master?" You know, the head of the division is not very welcome for the two great immortals who come to the sky, because he said that we have one of you, and you don't need to rely on those two outsiders. If he knows that you are coming back, it will definitely be more exciting than me. ”/p>
"I don't have a good reputation outside, don't tell him first."Mu Yu Road. /p>
There was some disappointment. He wanted to come back to Muyu, and Danding could rely on himself. He didn’t have to be led by the two guests who were brought to the sky. /p>
Mu Yu then asked: "Do you have information on the immortal list? What are the names of the two people? ”/p>
He took out one of the most detailed list of great immortals and handed it to Mu Yu. Then he said: "The top 20 on the list of the immortals have no background information, only the name, oh yes, except for the ninth southward… …Wait, let me tell you, is South Korea really your brother? Another apprentice of the true God? ”/p>
Lie was very curious about this. /p>
"how? Do you still believe that my Master is a true God? ”/p>
Mu Yu smiled a little, then opened the list of the most popular, began to look at it in detail. /p>
The nod was nodded. "I am different from those people. The sword and the dust are the true gods. I will not be shaken by rumors. I have always felt that the outside rumors are hurting you maliciously. Who are we with whom? There is still doubt."/p>
"you are right."Mu Yu knows that the words of the spirit are true. /p>
Mu Yu has already scanned the top 20, and only three of the top 20 names are written in great detail:
——Southward: The disciple of Jianying Dustwind, the owner of the ability of Tuyoumeng, one of the five most dangerous people in the realm. The magic weapon: Guan Xingjian, the inheritor of the Tianjian Nine Swords, can control the Tuyoumeng Mozu. The Danding School suffered the mastermind of the Tuyoumon incident. Yuande Dao and Zhuge Xiaosheng have already lost their lives in his hands. They have been repaired for at least five days in the robbery. The five cities that have been slaughtered in the real world are all him. attended. /p>
He saw his own information again: /p>
– Mu Yu: The disciple of the sword shadow dust, the owner of Mu Youmeng's ability, one of the five most dangerous people in the realm. The magic weapon: the shadow sword, the inheritance of the sword of the Tianjian nine, can control the wood Yumeng Mozu. One of the masterminds of the murder of the 10,000-person mortal massacre in the Great Desert of Qingshui City, one of the masterminds of the 50,000 mortal massacres of the suffocating city, was repaired at least five days. /p>
Mu Yu frowned, and then saw the introduction of Luo Wei and Cheng Yan. Even Qiao Xue was illustrated as an apprentice of the sword shadow dust, involved in various slaughter of the comprehension, the city massacre, and even There are a total of 50 million Lingshi rewards for the traces of five of them! /p>
The list of these celestial list is from the celestial pavilion of each city. Under the control of the Mie Palace, the genus of the genus of all the sacred sects of the sacred sects of the sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred They are forced to go to nowhere. /p>
"The Fairy Pavilion is really a confusing one. If they say something, they can't believe a word!"It’s said that it’s not good. /p>
"What do you want to add to your sin?"Mu Yu wave said without a shock. /p>
For Mu Yu, who has been slaughtered in Dongsha City, he already knows how to deal with killing. Who does not know the life and death to find his arrogance, killing is that the ignorant and selfish comprehension is not enough! Because if these comprehensions don't kill, then the kind of people like the old masters He Jinglong and Xuan Zhengtang will be killed, he will not allow the same thing to regenerate. /p>
He came to the Danding School to study the ancient transmission array, to create his own array of techniques, to save those who are grateful and conscience, rather than the cowards who can push others out to save their lives. /p>
"Look, you are worth 50 million! The value is really high! ”The grin pointed at the notes below the polar list and grinned. /p>
"what? Mu Yu, have you cut the price? Didn't you sell 70 million last time? ”Xiaoshuai asked inexplicably. /p>
Mu Yu played another small head of Xiaoshuai: "Good to eat your roast duck."/p>
"You don't ask me, is this really true?"Mu Yu smiled slightly. /p>
"Of course it is fake, I still don't know you?"He replied without hesitation. /p>
Mu Yu did not say anything. There was only one thing in the incident here. That was the incident in Dongsha City. There were once 100,000 people who died in front of him. He could do nothing. /p>
"How much do you know about the details of the two immortals?"Mu Yu asked. /p>
He shook his head and shook his head: "I have only seen it once, it is very mysterious, and I refuse to show my face. I have a hood around my body. The two of them said that they were scattered. When they owe it, Shibo’s feelings came to Danding. One was called Qianshange, ranking thirteenth. One was named Wanshui, ranking 14th. Because of the low-key habits, So I didn't take the hood when I saw the head. The head of the division seems to be very unhappy, because their practice is rude, and now both of them are staying at the peak of Shi Bo, not going out. ”/p>
“What special place is there besides this?”Mu Yu’s heart is already a bit counted. /p>
Taking a moment to think about it for a moment, UU read the book said: "Yes, the figure of the two of them, giving people a very sacred feeling, how do you feel about it? In addition to awe or awe, two people who seem to have a sense of justice? ”/p>
"sense of justice? Do you only see the two of them wearing hoods and seeing the sense of justice? If you look at me, do you think that I am seeing 'a handsome messy feeling'? ”/p>
Xiaoshuai interjected, and he was happily screaming at the roasting ducks. He had a lot of roast ducks in his possession, and he had already entered the small handsome man’s stomach. /p>
"No, I saw a narcissistic madman, and there is no burning duck, let me leave some."Pulling the tail of Xiaoshuai, he wanted to grab the last duck leg, but Xiaoshuai stuffed the duck's butt into the hand of the singer. His skill was much faster than the slap. /p>
Xiaoshuai became the appearance of a little beast. Mu Yu did not let him run around, nor let him turn into a human form. When it was convenient to accident, he left with Xiaoshuai directly. Xiaoshuai is another sign to confirm Muyu’s identity. It will be very troublesome to be seen. /p>
"Oh, yes, there is one thing that I forgot to say. When Dengtian was in trouble with Yuande’s ancestors, he broke into the fit period inexplicably. Now it is a seventh-order alchemy teacher. It is very important for the martial art. Even so, I Still hope you…"It’s a sigh of relief. /p>
"It has nothing to do with you, I don't want to bring you in."Mu Yu simply replied. /p>
Drinking a strong drink with a sigh of relief, he snorted: "No, I want to say that I still hope you can kill him!"/p>
Mu Yu’s brows were awkward, and he did not expect the singer to say such things. /p>)Download a free reader!!

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