Chapter 898, when you go to heaven, the wolf ambition

    "what happened?"

    Mu Yu was deeply surprised. He thought that the singer would come to persuade him, but instead he said something that seemed to be very big.

    In the form of the Dan Ding faction today, a seventh-order alchemy teacher is precious, and the disciple who is a member of the Dan Ding School says that he wants to kill when he goes to heaven, if he is listened to by other Ding Ding disciples. To be severely punished!

    Xiaoshuai also curiously asked: "Jie Lie, are you drunk?"

    "I am not drunk!"

    He took a heavy sip and said: "When you go to heaven, he is ambitious and wants to take over the Dan Ding!"

    "Taking the Dan Ding School?"Mu Yu frowned. "What do you mean?"

    "My Master has been missing for more than half a month. Everyone thought that he had an accident. He went to our Xuan Hongfeng the day before yesterday, and came to the name of my master. I came to talk to some elders of Xuanhongfeng. The position of the main character of Xuan Hongfeng."

    When I think of it, I seem to be angry. I took another drink and said, "I accidentally overheard. When Deng Tian said that the reason why the Dan Ding faction was questioned in the realm of cultivation is because of the internal disunity. . There are five veins within the Dan Ding faction. The rights are not concentrated enough to effectively respond quickly after the accident. Therefore, he believes that the system of the five veins should be abolished. ”

    "He is completely nonsense! The five veins are in charge of each other, but in fact, the Yundan Taoist people of Danding Peak are the main ones. In the face of major events, every disciple of the pulse must unconditionally listen to the dispatch of the head. There has never been a rapid response. . ”Said with anger.

    Mu Yu was silent for a moment and asked: "So he persuaded your elders of this vein?"

    Nodded and nodded: "He brought a very fairy, I don't know if it is a thousand mountain songs or a million miles, in short, one of them. The fairy did not say anything, just sitting there, let us fear. ”

    "There are five of them," said the Lord. But the withered Musseber, that is, your this vein-shaped with no names, cold Snow elder away from home, the pulse of the Lord is originally from Wende ancestor again in charge, and now is a decapitated, and my master also thought that there was an accident, we have not chosen the pulse of the main candidate, When you want to swoop in. ”

    "So now that the master of medicine is back, does it mean that he has become a stumbling block?"Mu Yu asked.

    Nodded hard: "So I don't know now that it is not a good thing to save my master." to be honest,

A few days ago, there have been rumors and winds, and many of the disciples have actually brought back the two immortals of the two priests as guest clerk. If he is to be the head, it will definitely make the Ding Ding school develop better. ”

    Mu Yu snorted: "When the sky wants to overthrow the Yundan Taoist, is he the head?" Other ignorant old people will agree to this? Is there not two elders in the Danding party? ”

    Strictly said: "Weird is here! I heard that the two predecessors of the martial art called Yundan Shibo to blame the meal, saying that the Danding faction was already in jeopardy under his leadership, and that it involved you…"

    "Is it involved?"

    "Do you forget it? When the dead wood teacher gave the position of the pulse of the Qingzhufeng to you, the head teacher said that he was angry, but still let you become the pulse master. In fact, if he does not admit it, you can't save the dead wood teacher, and because you released the demon king, the reputation of the Dan Ding faction was hit, but the head teacher did not pursue these things to you. Therefore, all the actions you have made have been smashed out by the two predecessors. ”

    He paused, and continued: "Now I hear that the two old-timers are going to take you seriously, the Masters Siber originally indulge you to participate in Dan Ding pie Dan Test, get into the place of two heavy days and so on things now became he in charge of the period of the black stain, that day two old-timers or in front of all disciple's face scold him, Said it was time to reconsider looking for a new one. ”

    Mu Yu’s heart was surprisingly calm: “They offered to let the day go to the head, isn’t it?”

    He nodded, and then said: "But the matter of the head must be approved by at least half of the elders, even if it is slammed, so it has not been implemented yet, so when the sky began to come to the door."

    "Now people who have a relationship with me will not be better. You should be careful."Mu Yu reminded.

    The singer may not know why the two Ding Ding predecessors of the two catastrophes will make such unreasonable things, but Mu Yu knows.

    When the Yuande Dao people said that those who had completed the robbery period had to go to the Sangong Palace, the Yuande Dao people were controlled. The two old people should be the same end, otherwise they would not be in this way. Responsible for Yundan Taoist.

    Compared with Yundan Taoist, Shi Dengtian is more able to execute the command of the Triple Palace perfectly. Presumably, the two thousand mountain songs and the Wanshui Temple are the three palaces to assist in the heavens.

    Mu Yu suddenly moved his mind and looked at the depths of the woods. Then he said, "Your Master is back."

    Not a moment, the medicine has been gone, his face is angry, it seems that he is angry because of something.

    Mu Yu did not evade anything, and the medicine was infinitely exerted by him. Even if he stood in front of Mu Yu, he could not see Mu Yu. He did not even know the existence of Mu Yu. When he accepted the inquiry of Yundan Taoist, he also According to the memory that Mu Yu helped him to tamper with.

    All this is for the sake of safety, Mu Yu must ensure that the drug master does not say leaks.

    It’s not clear about this. He asked with concern: “Master, are you okay? What are they not doing to you? ”

    The medicine sighed with a sigh: "I have nothing to do, but the Dan Ding faction seems to be doing something big."

    "What's big?"It’s hard to understand.

    "After seven days, the two presiding elders will personally preside over whether to oust the current general meeting. All the Ding Ding disciples will go to the ceremony and hold a voting ceremony. Every elder of the pulse has the right to participate in this voting. Once the number of people who agree is more than half, then Yundan’s brother will be forced to give way.”The medicine has a clenched fist.

    The singer was also shocked by the news: "Master, is this true?"

    He originally thought that this matter would not progress so fast, I did not expect the speed of landing to the sky so fast!

    The medicine was infinitely cold and snorted: "When you go to heaven, this wolf-hearted dog, I didn't expect to dare to make such a big thing!" It was a mistake to be too tolerant to him at the beginning! I really don't understand what Hongyuan and Hongyi are doing in the end! So rashly decided to remove the position of the head? Isn't this a joke? ”

    Mu Yu sat silently, and the reason why the Mie Palace chose to support when he was in the sky, I am afraid that because of the time when he went to heaven and he had a festival, he did not need to control when he was in the sky, he would be able to follow the Three Palaces. Willing to act.

    The medicine is like a reminder of something, stood up and said: "Right, I am going to send a glimpse!"

    "Master, what is the transmission array?"Asked sharply.

    "I don't know, but I feel that this matter cannot be delayed."The medicine was hurriedly left in a hurry.

    Mu Yu said softly: "Remember, don't mention anything about me with anyone, and don't talk to anyone about where your master went, especially when you go to heaven."

    It is said that he has turned into a streamer and followed the medicine of the Promise, which is naturally what he controlled the master of medicine.


    The transmission of Danding to the second heaven is on an extremely inconspicuous mountain. Don't look at the mountain, but in fact there are countless masters hidden in the forest.

    At that time, Mu Yu came here only during the Yuan Ying period. He thought that the guards here were only in the Yuan Ying period, but the medicine Wuji told him that there are many masters of the fit period sitting in the town, not the alchemy, but willingly come here to guard. Most of the comprehensions are voluntarily guarded for precious medicinal herbs.

    Mu Yu is not familiar with this place. He is not afraid of these fit periods, but he does not want to be a stunned snake. Once the guards of these fit periods are alarmed, I am afraid that the entire Dan Ding party will besiege him, especially he has only one person now, and Dan There are four people in the Dingpai period, and he has no chance of winning.

    Exposing your identity is a very cumbersome thing, and Mu Yu must be careful.

    The medicine is the mainstay of the pulse, he can enter and leave the Dan Ding party, but even if you come here, you need to be checked.

    At the entrance of the cave are two old men who are very old. They look very old, their hair is sparse, and the orange-like wrinkles are piled on their faces. It seems that their eyes are not open. It seems that the next moment will be cut off, but the wood feathers However, I know that the cultivation of these two people is in the same nine days!

    The master of the nine-day match is a guard here, and only the big forces of the Dan Ding faction can come.

    The medicine has been told that Mu Yu, the reason why these two people will be guarded here because they do not live long and fear of death, so come here to seek the highest order of the fate, in exchange, they have to serve the Dan Ding Only then.

    At this time, the two old men in the match are playing chess under the tree in the hole. One of them is undecided and has not been settled for a long time. UU reading book www.

    "Master of medicine."One of the old cockroaches nodded.

    The medicine was infinitely and they simply said hello and went straight into the cave. They didn't ask about the Promise to do what is here. Although it is the place of the Dan Ding faction, the Medicine Promise is a pulse of the Dan Ding School. No matter what he does here, it is not their two things. They are only responsible. It’s just that you don’t let the idlers break in.

    Among the caves is a step down the stairs. Every ten steps, there is a shadow hidden in the shadows, and the security is strict. However, they all knew the medicine, and they did not obstruct anything. Soon they came to the blue water curtain. When they passed the water curtain, they could not use any spiritual power. This was when Yundan Taoist took them. I already said it when I came.

    However, at this moment, there was a voice in the water curtain:

    "Pharmacist, what are you doing here?"

    Medicine Promise and Mu Yu were shocked at the same time! () "Jian Yu Jiu Tian Tian" only represents the author's point of view of Hurricane Mu Yu. If it finds that its content is inconsistent with the national laws, please delete it. The position is only devoted to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!

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