Chapter 899 Three Controlled Persons

    It’s time to go to heaven!

    Not only that, two people wearing robes and robes are behind, and these two are inevitably the thirteenth and fourteenth thousand sacred songs and Wanshui. The breath of these two people is concealed and powerful, even if they are hooded through the robes, they can feel the faint pressure from them.

    In addition to these three people, there are two white-haired old men who are in the sky. Although there is no strong Qianshan song and Wanshui, they are also a real-time robbery period. These two are definitely Danding. The two generations of Hongyuan and Hongyi are the same as the Yuande Dao.

    Both Hongyuan and Hongyi are quite unique. Although they are the younger brothers of Yuande Dao, they have entered the robbery period earlier than the Yuande Dao. However, alchemy is far less than the Yuande Taoist. They are only the seventh-order alchemy teacher. They usually do not refine the medicinal herbs, but they are concentrating on cultivation.

    Now a total of four self-cultivators of the robbery period appear in this small cave, which is a huge pressure for Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu was hidden in the inconspicuous branches of the master of medicine. He had concealed the murder in his heart, and did not reveal any points.

    Qianshange and Wanshui are from Sangong Palace, and the cultivation of the two of them is even stronger than the cloud that was seen in the present day. Now that Mu Yu has hidden souls in his body, the people of Sangong Palace can already hurt him. Once exposed, he is not the opponent of these four robberies!

    "When you go to heaven, what are you doing here?"The master of medicine asked unceremoniously.

    The master of medicine is now erased by Mu Yu, and I don’t know if these two people are from the Mie. He is also worthy of the two immigrants who are pleased to return to the sky. Because they are both in the sky, they are coming to the fore. If there are two people in the robbery period, it is enough to threaten the sky. Dan Ding sent other elders to come!

    When Deng Tiantian showed a sneer: "What is the younger brother doing here?"

    "This is our place of cultivation. How can I not be here, but you, actually brought two outsiders to come in!"

    The master of medicine did not have any retreat. It is not only a simple transmission array, but also a mysterious eye. The transmission array is built on the eye of Reiki. All the elders of the Ding Ding School are able to cultivate here. The master of medicine is the pulse of Xuan Hongfeng. There is nothing wrong with it here.

    However, Hongyuan Taoist said: "Bold, medicine is promising, pay attention to your tone of voice! Qianshan Song and Wanshuiyu are the guests of our Danding School. How are they outsiders? ”

    "Two uncles, you don't forget, even the guest is forbidden to enter here! Never forget the rules that Dan Ding should have for the so-called guest.

I am still the pulse of Dan Ding Xuan Hongfeng, I have the right to pursue this matter! ”

    There is no fear of the drug in the face of the four-year-old robbery. He is a person who knows the general affairs. In any case, he supports the Yundan Taoist and will not yield to the threat of being in the sky.

    The Qianshan song, which was relatively strong, went slowly to the front of the medicine, and gave a hearty laugh: "Master of medicine, this is rude, and should not break into the forbidden area of ​​Danding, and indeed disrespect!"

    Thousands of mountains and songs talked with the kind of justice accent that is unique to the Mie Palace. The voice is also bright and fascinating.

    However, the Promise of Medicine did not show any respect for the Qianshan song during the robbery at this juncture. He knew that when he was arrogant, he snorted: "I don't care if you are a fairy, here is my Dan Ding. Forbidden places, except for our own elders, no one is allowed to come in. You two are also invited to go out."

    Hongyidao people angered: "Bold! Promise medicine, do you dare to speak to our guests? ”

    "I am the pulse master!"The medicine said infinitely coldly, "I think I still have this right to protect the secret of Dan Ding! Instead, the two uncles, you two have not forgotten their identity for outsiders. ”

    "Still, is this your tone?"

    Hongyi Taoist and Hongyuan Taoren still want to say something, but Wanshuiyu behind him said: "Offended, master of medicine! We will leave immediately. ”

    Wanshui 谣 谣 谣 谣 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 谣 When he passed the medicine promise, his hand suddenly inadvertently extended, and he was placed on the back of the medicine, and with the repair of his robbery period, the medicine Wuji could not resist!

    A white soul is turned into a medicine in the body.

    The soul of the Mie Palace!

    The medicine is infinitely stunned and his hands are hanging down.

    "The medicine is promising. Do you know who we are now?"Wanshui stopped and asked.

    The medicine's promise eyes are scattered, and then a respectful look is revealed: "Yes, adults! It is offensive, please forgive me! ”

    "On the top of the main hall, I have no scruples before I start to attack you. I hope that you will tell me what happened on the day. Is it that the human traitor of Mu Yu rescued you? Is it the same as the winter solstice? How did he kill the clouds of the present day? ”Wan Shui asked.

    The medicine is infinitely shaking his head: "It is not a wooden feather shot, but Zhuge Xiaosheng used the transmission array to forcibly rescue us, after Yuande Shibo died. Then I don't know who the cloud is today, I have never seen her, I only saw the priests of Tuyou. ”

    "lie! The priest of Youyoug said that the cloud was entangled by a man this evening, and that person was the shadow of the winter solstice! ”Qianshan song is on the sidelines.

    "I have not seen Mu Yu."The medicine is infinitely said again.

    Qianshan song still wants to say something, but Wan Shuiyu stopped him and shook his head: "He is controlled by our gods, and there is no way to lie."

    "But I still don't believe it. We sent the priests to the ambush. This thing is very concealed. How can Zhuge Xiaosheng prepare for this in advance?"Thousands of mountains and songs are cold.

    Wan Shuiyu looked at the respectful medicine promise, saying: "Okay, even if there is something we can't ask anything, the only thing that medicine knows is." The spirit of the Lord's control is flawed. There are only three people in our hands who can control it. The soul of the soul is now used in the medicine of the Promise, which means that we can no longer control the Yundan Taoist. ”

    "But the medicine is not a body of the Dan Ding faction. It is also very beneficial to control him. If he agrees that Dan Ding will change his head, then it will not matter if the control does not control the Yundan Taoist. The Yundan Taoist will still We are forced to go down."Qianshan song asked in an understatement.

    Wan Shuiqi nodded: "When it comes back, the Dan Ding faction has also had a group of techniques that are not weaker than the people on the Lord. They have rich backgrounds. The head of Yundan Taoist has a powerful bodyguard. We can't control the cloud. Dan Dao. However, since it is necessary to dismiss the Yundan Taoist people, the decision of the medicine is very important. The control of the medicine is also able to stop the Yundan Taoist. ”

    The two of them originally intended to use the soul of the gods in the Yundan Taoist, but the Yundan Taoist had the protection of Dan Ding's own method and could not be controlled. They had no choice but to control the medicine.

    Qianshan song turned to look at the sky, and said profoundly: "When we go to heaven, we have no control over you, but we also need to support you as the head of the Danding party. Don't let us down!"

    When Deng Tiantian quickly squatted down, his charming face was on his face: "The two adults are assured that they will do their best for the two adults. After that, the Danding will be two adults, and they will fully listen. The dispatch of the Mie Palace!"

    The Dan Ding School's alchemy teacher has a great right to speak in the realm of comprehension. He can call on a group of comprehensions to do things for them. Selling people with medicinal herbs, as long as they control the Ding Ding faction, Mie Gong will be more unimpeded in the future. .

    "No, the Dan Ding will be yours in the future."Qianshan song laughed.

    "Thank you, adults!"When Deng Tiantian put his head on the ground.

    "Get up! Then wait seven days for the Yundan Taoist to hand over the throne of the Dan Ding faction, and then we can come here to incorporate the lines belonging to the head into your body. ”Thousands of mountains and songs have already walked toward the stairs.

    Wan Shui 谣 took a shot of the promise shoulder: "What should you do when you go, don't let people notice abnormalities, go!"

    "Yes! grown ups. ”The medicine's endless eyes recovered a clear and clear, and went to the water curtain. He came here to cultivate, so naturally he must enter the holy land of the Dan Ding.

    When Deng Tian stood up, when the medicine was walking past him, he smiled and said: "Pharmaceutical brother, you can protect me well in the future!"

    "What the brothers are saying."The medicine nodded, and then the body shape disappeared into the water curtain.


    The anti-transmission array of the Danding sent to the Double Heaven is built on the eye of Reiki, which is inevitable, because the most convenient way to go to another world is the Reiki Eye, which is the weakest place in the space barrier.

    The aura of the Danding School is located in this cave, where the ancient and powerful transmission array is located.

    After confirming that the five people outside had left, Mu Yu quietly played a pattern and integrated into the entire cave, confirming that there were no traps set by Qianshange and Wanshui, and this came out.

    The promising face of the drug has become irritated.

    Mu Yu was silent for a moment and said: "Master of medicine, you now know the truth."

    Just now, when Wanshui wanted to control the medicine with the soul of the soul, the wood feather had already protected the medicine's promise meridians in time, and the medicine was not controlled.

    The main function of the soul of the soul is the soul of the wood, the soul of the wood of the wood can be forged, and his array is much higher than the Wanshui, so Wanshui is not aware.

    In order to prevent it, Mu Yu took control of him and made him respectful expressions while keeping his medicine awake.

    "How could this be?"

    The horror of the medicine's endless heart is not small, only the words he said are controlled by Mu Yu, and now he still can't believe it.

    "How can the Miegong do this kind of thing? How can they control our Danding party? I always thought that they were just, and they should lead the Terran and the Yumeng to fight! ”

    The medicine has a feeling that the brain can't turn around, but the incident just happened clearly. When Deng Tiantian said that the Danding party would listen to the Mie Palace at any time.

    Mu Yu was silent for a moment and asked: "Master of medicine, do you still believe in the word justice?"

    There is no justice in this world, and some are just deception and lies.

    "When the heart of the wolf is in the lungs, go to heaven! I dare to do something like this to bully the ancestors! ”The medicine is so violent that it is trembling. Is the Danding pie after being controlled still a Danding pie?

    His heart couldn't calm down for a long time. Now there is such an accident in the Dan Ding faction. Even the Miegong Palace has penetrated in. When Deng Tiantian is still willing to be the running dog of the Mie Palace, all kinds of facts make it impossible for the medicine to be promising. accept.

    "That Hongyuan and Hongyi are two uncles…"The medicine is infinitely looking up at Mu Yu.

    "They are also controlled by the spirits, just like they just wanted to control you."Mu Yu did not hide anything.

    The medicine is infinitely gasping, and his face becomes pale in an instant: "The two divisions are really controlled. It is no wonder that they will support the practice of going to heaven, and they want to let Yundan’s brother abdicate…"

    The two predecessors of Hongyuan and Hongyi are the masters of the Danding party today. If they are all controlled, it means that the Danding faction has fallen into the hands of the Mie Palace and become the Mie of the Triple Palace. !

    "This……This……How can this happen? How can Miegong do this kind of thing? ”

    The medicine is sitting on the stone on the side, the brain is in chaos, and the Mie Palace was originally a symbol of justice in everyone's mind, but now it is unbelievable.

    At the time of the battle, Mu Yu erased the memory of the master of medicine, that is, he did not want to let the master of medicine be embarrassed, and did not want to tell the master of medicine. But now the Danding faction has also been involved in the conspiracy of the Mie Palace. The master of medicine also saw the Sangong Palace with his own eyes, which is more convincing than Mu Yu explained.

    "Mu Yu, can you control me like them?"The medicine is infinitely asked.

    Mu Yu’s face apologized: “Yes, I have no malice against you. I just don’t want to involve you in this matter.”

    "That, then I am a teacher, is he really dead?"The medicine asked innocently and angrily.

    Mu Yu hesitated for a moment, then extended his finger and clicked on the forehead of the medicine. The medicines that have been falsified have gradually returned to the medicine of the Promise, and returned to normal.

    "Shi Bo he is fine! Great, great! At least one of our sects has a robbery period that is not controlled! ”

    After the anger and anger, the drug has finally seen a glimmer of hope. UU reading knows the truth and then understands what Yuande Dao means to him.

    "Sorry, I have to be this to you. If I don't do this, you will…"Mu Yu wants to explain.

    The medicine has shook his head and shook his head: "No, Mu Yu, you are doing right. If you don't do this, I will tell you the truth after I come back. I will screw up everything. Yuande Shibo will be chased again. I should thank you. ”

    If it wasn't for Wu Yu's control of the drug in the state of preserving the drug's immersive consciousness, the drug promise would not know the truth at all, then Mu Yu would like to let the drug infinitely believe that the conspiracy of Mie Miyah could not be done.

    "Danding is now in this dilemma, what should I do!"

    The medicine is infinitely sighed, and the Yundan Taoist will be forced to give way. When Dengtian is supported by the two controlled seniors of Hongyuan and Hongyi, it will become the new head of the Danding School. Can't stop, he is just a distracted alchemy teacher, the strength is too weak! () "Jian Yu Jiu Tian Tian" only represents the author's point of view of Hurricane Mu Yu. If it finds that its content is inconsistent with the national laws, please delete it. The position is only devoted to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!

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