Chapter 9 Stone Color

"Of course I know that you are a village, but your village has only two people who can cultivate immortals in ten years. Isn't it nothing?"The little tiger laughed.

Xiaohu is naturally the son of the big tiger. The big tiger can’t look down on the Liushui Village, so Xiaohu’s eyes and ears also look down on Liushui Village.

"Many people don't mean anything. What kind of martial art can be entered is the most important thing?"Mu Yu said calmly, he does not like this arrogant guy, he is eager to find a chance to frustrate this guy's spirit.

"Is it a big sect that you want to enter the Qingsong faction? Haha! I want to eat swan meat! ”The big tiger and the other three people laughed. At this moment, a few people are standing behind the team. The middle-aged immortal who is responsible for maintaining order did not notice them, so they dared to laugh at Mu Yu with impunity.

Mu Yu smiled slightly, he couldn't make a profit with these people. Can you enter which sect? It is not a few taunts to decide now. I haven't tested it yet. No one can say what the result is.

"The last time I used to test the roots of the celestial teacher for me was to ask me to come. I personally said that I am a good cultivator. I don't know what your immortal teacher is saying about you?"The big tiger said proudly.

Mu Yu silently said, in fact, he thought about it, it is best not to enter the Qingsong faction. The Qingsong Taoist of the Qingsong School was inscrutable. If it was discovered that he would control the trees, it would be dangerous. Mu Yu would control the plant's ability and the village chief would not be known until he left.

The immortal master has always been swearing with the Yumeng Mozu. If the singer knows that Mu Yu has the ability of the Yumeng Mozu, then I am afraid there will be trouble.

"It's hard to say!"

Mu Yu shook his head slightly. He ignored the four people and turned his gaze back to the person on the stage. The stone on the stage showed yellow at the moment. The little boy was once again noticed by many people. What is the color of my own test?

Soon the team is getting shorter and shorter, and it’s already the big tiger in the big village. Xiaohu smiled softly at Mu Yu, then went up and pressed his hand on the stone –

blue! Actually it is blue!

Green and cyan are different, and the cyan light is between green and blue, obviously higher than green. The moment when the blue light was shining on the stage, many immortals even stood up, looking at the little tiger with gaze, and even the high-spirited white waves of the Qingsong Taoist were even moved. Looking for a deacon is also a big mouth, and for a time he forgot to hand the sign to the tiger.

"It is actually cyan! God! ”

The middle-aged fairy teacher whispered, "I remember that the last time the cyan talent was the white-wave son of the Qingsong school, this son will become the pride of the day, such as the white-lange son, hehe! I knew that I should please him. ”The middle-aged immortal teacher showed a trace of annoyance.

Xiaohu is not a fool. Seeing the reaction of the immortal teacher around him, he knows that his talent is definitely top-notch. He glanced at the wood feathers triumphantly, and compared the wooden feathers with a provocative gesture, and then said impatiently: "Hey! Old man, my brand? ”

"Sorry, this is yours."

Looking for the deacon that just reacted to the little tiger's rudeness he didn't even get angry, just a smile almost flattering like to the Cyan brand to give, even the name has become "you", can be seen how the Tiger's gift to his attention, no accident, and will appear a white wave that genius, then the tiger casually say a word, To find a deacon is an order, where he would care about the tiger's rudeness?

"Is the white wave also blue?"

Mu Yu’s heart still has some waves, and Xiaohu really does not lie. His qualifications are really good. It is actually a level of talent with Bailang. It seems that Xiaohu will enter the Qingsong faction. This is beyond doubt.

The blue light stayed on the stone for a long time before it gradually dissipated. The wood feather noticed the time when the stone light dissipated, such as red and orange. The stone only showed ten breaths and then dissipated, while yellow and green stayed for a long time. ,

This cyan stayed for almost a quarter of an hour, which interrupted the test for a while.

Soon, the other three people in the big point village also passed the test. The two of them are orange, and the other one is yellow. The talent is also in the middle. The people in the big village are really powerful. The qualifications for those who can cultivate the immortals are also extraordinary. .

Mu Yu looked at the people who had already tested, and they all stood in the assigned colors. The tiger stood alone in one place, and obviously the only person who tested the result was blue. There are about ten people holding green signs, there are more than 20 people in yellow, and there are more than 50 people in orange. The red color is the most, about eighty or ninety people, and the remaining color is about 30 people. The most careless little thin man is green, and both the young master and the little fat man are yellow.

Finally, it was the turn of the wood feathers. Mu Yu took a deep breath and then slowly walked up. He saw that the tiger began to sneer at it again. Mu Yu ignored him and paid attention to the gray stone in front of him.

"let's start! Remember not to resist what is going to happen. ”Looking for a deacon to nod. Before everyone tests, the look of the deacon is always amiable, because he doesn't know who will be a blockbuster. If you give a bad impression to the kind of genius like Xiaohu, then obviously it is not very good.

Mu Yu put his hand on the gray stone and closed his eyes.

A strange warmth came from his palm, and the warmth came from this inconspicuous stone. The warmth drifted gently in the body of Mu Yu, as if he was groping for something. Mu Yu did not resist, but let the warmth spread throughout the body of the limbs, and he felt very comfortable, like in the hot springs, the pores of the whole body seemed to expand.

Mu Yu’s body is full of strength, and he wants to vent his body. The warm current was surging, very slow at first, without any vision, but gradually, the warm current began to flow to the lower abdomen of Muyu, which was called Dantian.

Then the warm stream looks like it was found in the wood plume, and became a little hurried up, then Mu Yu found his body lost initiative, as if the control of the body was the warmth of the loss away, and his senses have become extremely sharp, he can feel the grass around the ground in a cheerful rhythm, some grass bud Huaguduo even have the tendency to bloom , some of the grass seeds in the crevices even began to sprout green buds, and soon began its new life.

The thriving scene makes Mu Yu very happy. He wants to let all the plants grow up in his breath, absorb the rain and dew, and interpret the best life. If he wants, he can let the surroundings Become a living meadow.

"No, you can't grow."

Mu Yu suddenly remembered the village chief's embarrassment. If there are a lot of grasses here, there will definitely be doubts. When he can control the ability of plants, he is known. It is not good to be mistaken as a Muyou Mozu. It is. There are immortals everywhere, and there are some changes around them that can't escape their eyes. He must regain control of the body and stop the growth of the grass.

Mu Yu’s heart must have begun to resist the warm current. The warm current obviously does not want to recede, because it has not completed its mission, and is still entangled in the Dantian of Mu Yu. But Mu Yu’s will is very firm. He can’t expose his ability, otherwise he will be tempted to kill himself.

He forced the warm current from his arm. Gradually he felt his hand move, and he immediately retracted his hand and opened his eyes in a panting breath. It cost him a lot of energy to fight with the warm current. In general, his clothes are even soaked in sweat.

Then he noticed the color of the stone in front of him –


There is no change in the stone at all, or the ugly gray. Because the wood feathers are disconnected from the stone, the warm current is as disappearing as the snow and ice disappear, as if it never existed.

"Gray sign, take it, stand there."The deacons handed a gray sign to Mu Yu, then gestured Mu Yu to go to the side.

Mu Yu bite his teeth, gray?

He took the gray sign, and suddenly he was very embarrassed. UU read Needless to say, he also knows how bad his test results are. The gray test results mean that he will only stay in the third-rate martial art. Even the martial art wants him to be a problem. He remembered the village chief father. If the father saw this scene, he would be very disappointed.

Fortunately, no one has taken a look at Mu Yu, and the rhythm of the grass has returned to tranquility. No one cares about the abnormality of the grass. Mu Yu’s heart is not a taste. He knows that if he doesn’t withdraw his hand at the last minute, maybe the result will not be just gray. He feels that the power in his body is very majestic, at least yellow.

But now everything is too late, the test results have been set, even if he is re-tested, I am afraid the same result. If the village chief knows that he has given up the test because he can't expose the ability of the Muyou Mozu, he should understand it?

Mu Yu saw Xiaohu laughing there proudly. He couldn’t help Xiaohu shut up. He wanted to give this guy a punch, but he knew that if he really did, I’m afraid many immortals would immediately Will destroy yourself, after all, a hangover and a tomorrow genius, everyone will stand in the latter.

There are more than twenty people behind Mu Yu, and they have all passed the test. The test results are not paid attention to by Mu Yu. He is not in the mood to pay attention. He only hopes that he can be seen by a certain school and smoothly enter a certain martial art. Don't let the village chief down.

All the tests are done, which means that the next step is to pick the disciples. All the fairies stood up, apparently hoping that their own door faction would be able to choose a better disciple, but in fact, the urgency also does not help, because the order of choice has been set, that is, the Ching Chung School must be the first to pick the disciples of the school, and the only talent for the Blue Tiger, needless to say certainly will be the Pine school income bag.

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