90th Chapter Shadow

If you don't have light in the dark, and there is a strong breathing sound that suddenly appears behind you, without any foresight, then you will appear behind the air, what will you do?

Mu Yu instincts jumped up again, then hit his head again, he still has no long-term memory. But this time he couldn't care for the pain, he rolled forward and the shadow sword had already stabbed in the back.


The shadow sword seemed to encounter something hard, and then it was bounced off. The wood feather saw only one shadow flashing past and disappeared into the drain. The figure was so fast that he did not react.

He took a sigh of relief and thought that it was really dangerous just now. If the shadows started on their own, then they must be fierce. However, the shadow seems to want to avoid him, do not want to meet him, chose to escape.

He fixed his mind, climbed up, stepped on his toes and chased the dark shadow.

The passage is too dark, he can only feel the shadow is moving, like a gust of wind, light and fast. The shadow was extremely fast. After a while, I turned a corner. I didn’t have a brake foot. I drifted directly. The skillful drifting body Muyu was the first time I saw it.

The channel is not suitable for flying, so the wood feather can only be used. Fortunately, he learned a mysterious dust step, and his body shape was very agile when he was turning, so he would not be separated by a black shadow. However, Mu Yu’s dust-stepping method has been played to the extreme, but he still has not caught up with the shadow. The speed of the shadow is no less than that of Mu Yu.

The other side seems to be familiar with the terrain here, at least more familiar than the wood feathers. The black shadow made a sharp turn three times and five times. He wanted to open the track of the wooden feathers. He also avoided the light from the ground from time to time. However, the speed was still not reduced, so that Mu Yu did not see the shadow for a long time. Long sample.

If it isn’t for Mu Yu’s blessing, he’s probably lost.

"Give me a stop!"

Mu Yu shouted, he hoped to be able to shout over the comprehens on the ground to help him intercept the shadow, but the above people estimated that no one would care about the sewer.

In his heart, he was scared for a while, and the speed of the other party was so fast. If he wanted to attack, he had already been injured.

The breath of the black shadow does not seem to be very stable. It is only the cultivation of the base period. It is so good that the wooden feathers can confirm the strength of this guy, the few builders who built the base period, and the speed at the base period. There are few opponents among the repairers.

I don't know how long it has been chasing. The drain channel has been shorter, and some of the protruding stones almost hit the head of Mu Yu. The shadows flashed aside and turned into another channel.

This passage is very long, not like the one just walked for a while. In the narrow passage, only the sound of wooden feathers hunted, the shadows and the wooden feathers did not make any sound under the feet.

Mu Yu has already locked the breath of the shadow, and the light of the shadow sword is not enough to illuminate the shadow, but it will not be lost. The shadow has not been decelerated, and the physical strength is very strong. If it wasn't for Mu Yu, who was often forced to go to the mountain road by An Shu, and exercised his endurance, he couldn't catch up with this guy. He knew that flying could save more than running.


Mu Yu suddenly turned bright, and the bright light shone on his eyes, giving him a thorn in front of his eyes. It’s really uncomfortable to run to the light in a dark place. He found himself unknowingly out of the passage and came to a hill. This hill slope Mu Yu knows that it is near Qingshou City. He has already left the Qingshou City!

The shadow disappeared in the bushes in front, and Mu Yu didn't have time to think too much, and quickly followed.

In the wide area, Mu Yu directly stepped on the flying sword, no longer running, his speed is also fast. At this moment, it was a big noon. When the sun was shining, Mu Yu finally saw what the black shadow looked like.

That is really a monster!

This monster looks like a wolf, and the whole body is black and inky, but it has two red tails, leaving behind the shadows.

It runs very fast, and even if the wood feathers fly, it can't catch up with it.

"Is this not a third-order monster, a soul-soul wolf?"

Mu Yu looked at the Soul Eater in surprise, and when he said that he usually took them out, he would talk to them about the characteristics of many monsters. The Soul Eater is one of them.

This kind of monsters are not common. They generally live in the center of the monster forest. Their strength is tyrannical. They are comparable to the repairers of the Golden Age. The ordinary base-builders are not their opponents at all. The Soul Eater is ferocious, only eats the heart of the prey, and then drinks the blood of the prey. The rest of the prey does not move. It is a bit of a wasteful feeling, but this is in line with the characteristics of those who died in the school.

But the Soul Eaters are not wise, even if they have the Golden Age, they will not be as smart as the people of the Golden Age. How can this Soul Eater appear in the school of Qingshoucheng? How can you attack those who are comprehension?

Mu Yu didn't think much, and he always chased the Soul Eater. It is said that the Soul Eater must see that the prey must be killed, very cruel, but it just has a chance to kill himself, but did not start with himself. Why?

After chasing an hour, the Soul Eater has already rushed into the woods. This forest is the forest of the beast that the old wood feathers passed. There are monsters everywhere, and the more you go inside, the higher the strength of the monsters, and the ordinary comprehensions are afraid to go too far.

Mu Yu is obviously not an ordinary comprehension. Although he only has the foundation period, he has the ability to control wood. The woods are the most favorable battlefield for him.

This soul-eating wolf entered the woods and basically could not escape the palm of the hand.

"call out!"

The wood feathers are integrated into the trees, and the trees come to the Soul Eater through the trees. The branches of the trees are entwined with the Soul Eater, but the Soul Eater is quick to respond, and several flash jumps escape the branches controlled by the wood feathers. Run before.

"I really don't believe that you can run me in the woods?"

The wood feathers rolled up the grass on the ground and firmly wrapped the limbs of the Soul Eater, but the power of the Soul Eater was too great, but the foot was broken and the grass was broken and escaped. The front branches swept again, the Soul Eater leaped high, the front paws shed light, and all the branches were chopped in front of its claws like tofu.

Wrong, this cold claw is the claw that Mu Yu saw that night!

The moment when the Soul Eater clawed out, its figure was slightly blocked. Mu Yu seized the opportunity, and the shadow sword had already risen. A magnificent sword slammed into the soul of the Soul Eater. It hit the ground.


The Soul Eater screamed, and its back flowed out of scarlet blood, and the wound was shocking. However, the speed of the figure is still fast, and he turned over and went to the depths of the woods.

Mu Yu did not want to hurt this Soul Eater, because in the sewer, the Soul Eater did not want to kill him, but forced to help only shot.

He originally thought that the Soul Eater is a third-order monster, and its strength is equivalent to the Jindan period repairer. It is impossible to be hurt by the strength of his own base period. But this Soul Eater does not seem to be a pure beast. It lacks a wildness and does not have the momentum of the Golden Age. Apart from running away, there is no idea to fight with Muyu.

The body shape of the Soul Eater suddenly disappeared, and a deep cave appeared in front of it, and it got into the cave. Mu Yu stopped in front of the cave, and the last experience told him that this cave should not be invaded, and that there are no plants inside which are not safe. The Soul Eater is a third-order monster. If it is shot, there is no room for a hand in the cave.

He walked to a pine tree, and the branches of the trees moved and extended into the cave, and the figure of the wood feathers had disappeared into the trees.

The more spacious the cave seems to go, the more strange stones on the stone walls of the cave illuminate the entire cave, which looks bright. The cave quickly became wide and large, with some grass clippings around it, and then the wood feathers saw a shadow at the end. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

what happened? Have you passed the road?

What shocked Mu Yu was that this shadow was not the soul-slung wolf that Mu Yu saw, but a person!

How can this be? Mu Yu remembers that it was obvious that the Soul Eater ran in. He scanned the cave and had no other exits, but the Soul Eater was gone, replaced by a thin human.

The human body did not wear any clothes, and he was lying on his side and curled up there. There was a scarred scar on his back, which was left by the sword of Mu Yu!

Is this a demon?

There is a thought in the heart of Mu Yu, which is transformed between humans and monsters, and only the Yaozu can do it. He had already encountered the Yaozu in Fulong Mountain, so this time he was very cautious.

However, the Yaozu cannot be completely transformed into human beings. They will more or less leave behind the characteristics of the monsters. Mu Yu thinks that maybe the person who is going to see this guy’s face will also see the face of a soul-soul wolf. indefinite.

The branches rolled into the cave, attached to the wall, and the wood feathers came out of the tree and stood on a pile of grass clippings. There were some dirty cloth around the pile of grass, like what was torn and shattered, there was solid blood on the ground and some rock piles.

He blocked the shadow sword in his chest and slowly approached the demon. As long as this person had any change, he would definitely not hesitate to put out the sword!

"Can you…Keke, can you give me a piece of clothing? ”

The demon did not turn around, but said very weakly, his voice seemed to be weather-beaten, and it fell like a thunder in the ears of Mu Yu!

Although the Yao people will spit out words, their voices are different from human beings, and the guys in front of them are not the Yao people, but the human voice.

Even after many years, he can still hear it all at once. This is the voice of the deacon!

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