The No. 900 chapter opens the Market ding

    The medicine is raised infinitely, looking at Mu Yu, said sadly: "Mu Yu, you are a member of Dan Ding, you have to help us! I know that you are capable. Look at the dry wood, you must help us Danding, I can not watch the Danding faction in crisis, can not let the Dan Ding sent to the day when the dog thief is in the hands! ”

    Mu Yu looked at the medicine's infinitely eager eyes, and he was very hesitant.

    Although he now has the power to kill, but because of the soul of the body, the people who face the Mie Palace, the protection of "blood care and cover the sky" has lost part of it. Qianshange and Wanshuiqi are better than him. A lot, he is not the opponent of these two people.

    However, the Danding School is another home of the dead wood old man. The master of medicine is also a person respected by Mu Yu. He is also a master of the spirit. He cannot watch the Dan Ding faction being destroyed.

    What he lacks now is still repaired. If there is no power to kill, his true strength will only be combined with the four heavens.

    "Mu Yu, beg you."The medicine is so trembling, he knows the truth, but the truth is so cruel that he can't change it all. He only has to pin his hopes on Mu Yu.

    "I am not the opponent of both of them. I am not enough."Mu Yu did not hide anything. If there is only one person in the other party, Mu Yu will shoot. Now it is Qianshange and Wanshuiyu, plus Hongyuan and Hongyi, he is difficult to get benefits.

    The violent gaze of the medicine dimmed, and the whole person was sitting on the ground in a decadent, and fell into deep despair.

    "Thousands of mountains and Wanshui control two people, Hong Yuan and Hong Yi, you are the third person to be controlled, then at least the other people in the Danding are not controlled. The master of medicine, just now they said that Yundan Taoist has a strong bodyguard body, and the pattern is in this place. What does this mean? ”Mu Yu asked.

    The master of medicine sighed and did not hide it. He said: "This is the secret of our Danding party. Every head of the Danding party will be protected by the Dan. We have a very powerful ancestor for thousands of years ago. He is not only an alchemy master, but also a very powerful squad. ”

    The master of medicine took a look at Mu Yu and continued: "Like you, you will use powerful arrays and alchemy. It is he who used this aura to build a transmission array to the Double Heaven. Not only that, because our alchemy division’s combat power is low, in order to prevent the head of the person from being controlled, the leaders of the past generations will be the sacred place of the Holy Land after their successor. protection. This tar pattern is very powerful, and it is also the core of the entire Danding party's guardianship method, protecting our Danding faction for thousands of years without invasion. ”

    “Where is the dandy?”Mu Yu asked.

    The master of medicine pointed to the blocked transmission array in the center of the cave.

Said: "Although this is a secret of the Dan Ding faction, but you are a descendant of the dead wood brother, knowing this is also understandable. Dan is in this transmission array. This transmission array is not just for the double heavens. There is also a hidden field of formation in this cave. ”

    "A field of surgery?"

    In the heart of Mu Yu, he put his gaze on the transmission array and then scanned the entire tall and bright cave. He did not notice any existence in the field of the array except for the faint fluctuations in the transmission.

    The medicine is like a reminder of something, suddenly the face gradually recovered the blood, and became very excited: "Yes! That's right! How can I forget this? You are a squad, you can try to get the inheritance of the Dansian predecessors! As long as you can get his inheritance, then you may be able to save us Dan Ding! ”

    The medicine stood up in anger and excitedly, looking at the wood feathers with enthusiasm.

    "The inheritance of Dan Zhenxian?"Mu Yu is not very clear about this person, but he can be sure that he is not a qualified alchemy.

    "Yes! The Dan dynasty ancestors left a powerful alchemy and array, but unfortunately the alchemy teacher had always looked down on the squad, and he could not afford to practice. No one went to practice. Until now, we have no time to learn. The ancient array is different from the current array. We simply can't understand it, and we can't get the inheritance of the Danshen ancestor, but you may be able to, because you are The apprentice of dead wood! ”The more excited the medicine, the more excited it is, as if it caught the last straw.

    "Ancient array?"

    Mu Yu knows that many ancestral things have been lost to this day, and the same is true of ancient arrays. He came here only to delve into this transmission array, but if he was to learn ancient arrays, it might cost A lot of effort.

    However, the medicine is not knowing how to do this. He still hopes to look at Mu Yu with his hope: "We don't know anyone in the Dan Ding faction. Even when we go to heaven, we don't even know the skin of the Danshen. The most powerful convenience of Dan Xianxian is to combine alchemy and array. His array can make Dan medicine exert a powerful effect in another strange way. Feng Dan was invented by him. The array can play a very terrible power to the blast, I don't know, but I think you can try it. ”

    "Broken Dan and the combination of surgery?"

    Mu Yu’s heart is slightly stunned. Isn’t that the original technique used by the dead wood? Then he thought again, how can a person with a dead wood as an alchemy teacher have such a powerful array? Could it be that his array is to inherit the Dan dynasty?

    "You come with me!"

    The medicine is infinitely pulling the wood feathers and can't help but fly to the transmission array. After the two people fall on the transmission array, there is a complicated pattern in the medicine Promise. He seems to only remember one gesture and does not use the array.

    With the traction of the medicine's promise gestures, the formations emerged from the transmission line under the feet, and the glory of the brilliance from the transmission array, Mu Yu felt that his body was violently pulled, and has entered a space of nothingness. in.

    Array field!

    This time Mu Yu was really surprised, because it is indeed the atmosphere of the field of surgery!

    It seems to be at the top of a mountain, with scent of scent and white clouds. And they are in a vast field, with a gossip texture at the foot, slowly flowing, and a huge Danding is emerging not far from the front, up to three hundred feet, majestic and magnificent, covered with A variety of golden patterns!

    The Danding School exudes a vast and simple atmosphere, and it is as good as the most pure god in the world. It is simple and grand, and makes people feel clear.

    Mu Yu remembers this Dan Ding. When he first came to the Dan Ding School, he saw the great Ding Ding of the Dan Ding School. At that time, he still thought that the Ding Ding School was really a rich place, and it would cost a lot of money. To build a three hundred feet of Dan Ding, where the money is not good.

    At the time, he also wanted to introduce him to the origin of this tripod, saying that it was to suppress the gas transmission of the Danding faction, but the dead wood old man interrupted the excuse of "Mu Yu heard about the origin of Dan Ding". Introduction, because he does not want to let Mu Yu appear to know nothing. Later, the dead wood old man also forgot to introduce to Mu Yu that this Dan Ding is dry, I did not expect that Mu Yu would see the same great Dan Ding here!

    "This Dan Ding is connected with Dan Ding of our Danding School. I don't know if there is any dead wood and you have introduced it. It guards the Danding faction and is not invaded by foreign enemies. Our Danding School's alchemy division is not high, but With the guardian of this open market, even a few hundred self-cultivators of the robbery period can't force it to attack!"The Promise of Medicine is quite proud of it.

    However, he thought of the dilemma of the Dan Ding faction now, his face once again dimmed, and the powerful guardian could not stop the ghost in the sky.

    "Our elders usually come here to practice. This Danding ancestor was named 'Opening the Market', and Yundan’s brother was protected by the 'opening of the market' as the head. There is almost no danger to life. But once he is forced to give up the position of the head, he must destroy the dans in his body, and by then he will be fierce. ”The medicine has a sigh.

    Kai Xuan, Mu Yu heard this name for the first time, and now I finally understand what the purpose of the talented Qianshan song and Wanshuiyu came here, I am afraid that I want to deal with this open market, but the power of the market Far from being able to reach these two people.

    Medicine Promise went on to say: "The aura here is very abundant, and practicing here can achieve twice the result with half the effort. The Dan dynasty ancestor said, but if there is a lover, you can enter the open market to practice, and experience the forging of the open market, there will be some good! So far it seems that only dead wood and Kai Ding are related. He has entered once, but did not tell us what is going on inside. So I think, as an apprentice of the dead wood, you should also have a relationship with the open market! ”

    Medicine Promise has great hope for Mu Yu.

    "Are you dead here, have you been here?"

    Mu Yu hesitated for a moment, leaping high, and the medicine Wuji together fell on the edge of this huge Ding Ding.

    The entire Dan Ding's mouth is covered by a layer of mysterious lines. I can't see what it is. At first glance, Danding looks like a colorful world, and it seems that something is burning. Unbelievable.

    "You try to step in! If you have a relationship with it, it will let you in! ”

    The medicine has been stepping on the pattern, UU reading www. He couldn't get in, because he couldn't get the recognition of Kai Ding, but he firmly believed that Mu Yu could do it. After all, so many people had only one dead wood, and the medicine was convinced that Mu Yu could do it.

    The medicine looked at Mu Yu with great hope and hoped that Mu Yu could enter the open market.

    Mu Yu was silent for a long while, took a step, stepped on the formation, and the squalls swayed like water ripples, and there was a burst of ripples.

    Then he gradually became calm and disappeared.

    As with the medicine, there is no reaction in the pattern.

    The eyes of the medicine's infinite hopes suddenly caught, and Mu Yu could not enter the market!


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