Chapter 901, the original self

    "how could be? how could be? Mu Yu, you are an apprentice of dead wood. When he first stepped on the pattern, he disappeared directly in front of our eyes. You should also disappear in front of me. Why are you still standing here? You should be recognized by Kai Ding Ding! ”The medicine is unwilling to look at the foot of the pattern.

    "I have no chance to open a market because I am not a pure alchemy teacher."Mu Yu shook his head.

    "Do not! Do not! He is not a pure alchemy teacher! There must be something wrong! Yes, it must have been done in the sky, it must be! Unforgivable! I want to kill him! ”

    The medicine is roaring, and it is going to go outside, but Mu Yu stopped him.

    "Master of medicine, the opening of the market is very powerful, it is not the time when the villain can do the tricks, I can't get the recognition of the open market."

    For the first time, Mu Yu saw the usual steady and polite drug masters lose their minds.

    The medicine is extremely provocative, and the whole person seems to be kneeling down. His face is gray: "I thought that you can, you have been recognized by the open market, and you can save the Dan Ding faction by the inheritance of the open market, but why? why? Is it really the day to die of my Danding pie? ”

    The medicine is infinitely sorrowful, and the usual hair that has been meticulously combed has become disordered. The whole body's spiritual power is uneasy and the emotion has reached the edge of collapse.

    The life and death of the Danding School, the safety of Yundan Taoist people, the Yuande Dao people have lost their memory, the two emperors are controlled by the Sangong Palace, and the treacherous person will control the Dan Ding School, everyone will live in the future. Among the lies, crouching at the foot of the sky…

    The medicine is not reconciled, he really is not reconciled, he hopes that Mu Yu can save the Dan Ding in the deep water, but the repair of the wood feather is not enough, and the inheritance of the opening of the market is not obtained, all hopes are shattered!

    Mu Yu looked at the imminent drug that was about to collapse. He knelt down and took a shot of the promise of the shoulder: "Master of medicine, now Dan Ding has only one of you who understands, you can't fall!" Once you fall, the Danding party will fall. Do you understand? ”

    The medicine is extremely bitter and laughs: "What is the difference between the situation and the situation that I have fallen down and not fallen?"

    "There is a difference! If you lose your hopes for yourself, you can’t really recover. I will definitely help you, I will kill when I am going to heaven, this is what I have been doing, you can believe me! ”Mu Yu said seriously.

    "But your cultivation is not enough. You are a disciple of dead wood. If you are not sure to deal with them, I can't let you die."The master of medicine sighed.

    Mu Yu took a deep breath,

Said: "I don't have a chance to open a market, but I can't calm down. You give me some time, don't lose hope!"

    He slowly walked to the center of the open market and sat down.

    Mu Yu knows why Kai Ding will not admit him. He is a strategist. Unlike Wujiu, Mu Yu can feel the strong undulations of Kai Ding, and he also knows the state of Kai Ding. Strong repulsive force is resisting him.

    Resist the killing power and soul power in his body!

    His whole body is full of strong killing atmosphere, and there is still uncontrollable soul power in the meridians. These two breaths are contrary to the atmosphere of the opening of the market, and the opening of the market has rejected these two breaths. Wood feathers are not allowed to enter the open market.

    For the rejection of the killing power, this point can be understood, but Mu Yu did not expect to open the market and even rejected the soul, it seems that the soul is also regarded as an evil force, does not allow the existence of soul power.

    However, a little thought, Mu Yu will be relieved.

    Under the sacred appearance of the Mie Palace, there is an ugly face hidden. Their soul power comes from the dead, and the dead are their own strength. How can this power be accepted in front of the vast and simple opening of the market? Presumably, this is why Qianshange and Wanshui can't enter the market.

    Whether it is the power of killing, or the sacred soul power, it is all dirty, and it seems so small in front of the magnificent atmosphere of the open market.

    "No wonder when I returned to the sect, I felt that the temple was also rejecting me."Mu Yu pondered.

    At that time, when everyone was brought into the temple, he felt that there was a resilience in the temple. It was because of the existence of chaotic yin and yang in his body, so he did not care about the repulsive force.

    According to Mu Yu, the opening of the market is definitely not a thing. It should be a level of ancient existence with the array of battles and the array of stone. The power of the temple and the sacred stone can be the master of the Three Palaces. Blocked outside, then open the market can certainly!

    It’s just how to get into the open market but it has become a problem.

    At the beginning, Kai Ding wanted to accept Mu Yu, but after discovering the two dirty forces on him, there was an instant rejection. If Mu Yu wants to enter the open market, he must find a way to remove these two forces.

    However, the killing power was removed, and then what to compete with the Triple Palace?

    Mu Yu is silent. He relies on the power of killing. This force makes him strong. He is more than enough to kill the Mie Palace, but this power also makes him cold.

    "Little handsome, what should I do?"Mu Yu asked.

    Xiaoshuai scratched his head: "I don't know, it depends on your own choice."

    "The power of killing is my dependence on the Triple Palace."

    "But it is also affecting your heart, and the power of killing is not something fun."

    Xiaoshuai jumped into the pattern of the open space above the open market, and stretched out the small claws to knock on the lines under his feet. The lines of the lines began to make a sound, and a melodious light sounded.

    "Right, Mu Yu, how long have you not calmed down?"Xiaoshuai asked thoughtfully.


    "Don't you need to be meditation when you practiced the dust?" You are always killed and murdered, your heart is full of murderousness, you can't calm down. I remember who told me that the dusty mind can make people feel at ease. Maybe you can make the right choice if you think about it. . ”Xiaoshuai touched his head.

    Mu Yu closed his eyes and was running the dusty heart. The heart gradually sank, and the black and white spirit in the body remained in a wonderful state, slowly flowing. There is a suffocating suffocation in his body, not only in the meridians, but also in every inch of skin, as if he is a killing tool.

    The killing atmosphere made him very enjoyable, but he forced himself to hate it, and only then could he not get caught up in it.

    What should he do?

    Mu Yu's thoughts passed through the vast expanse of space-time, his memories back many years ago, at that time he just stepped into the real world soon, he is still ignorant of the juvenile, in the Fallout Mountain, living the simplest life, there are easy-going master and close to the elder sister, there are two naughty empty and wonderful, At that time he did not need to pay attention to the world of good and evil, he will only the mysterious sword.

    At that time, he did not know that the swordsman he had learned was the unparalleled sword of the heavens under the sun. The most powerful swordsmanship in the realm of the real world was in his hands, but now he seems to gradually forget the Tianjian.

    That should be his strongest dependence, but he gave up his original belief and relied on the power of killing.

    Mu Yu took a deep breath and stood up. The shadow of the sword flashed, and the whole person has begun to practice Tianjian.

    Tianjian nine cited the first style: the leaves are flying, the flying leaves are spinning, and the movement is quiet.

    Tian Jian Jiu cited the second type: smoldering dust, gathering gas and breaking spirits, and spirits returning to dust.

    Tianjian nine cited the third type: the sword fell back to the horse, the sword fell invisible, the meaning of the heart.

    Tianjian nine cited the fourth type: the star-studded sword, the star-studded sword shadow, the shadow of the mysterious space.

    Tianjian nine cited the fifth type: falling dragons and whistling, illusion tangible, to the virtual to the real.

    Tianjian nine leads to the sixth style: the wind sweeps the moon, the sword rises, and the moon falls.

    Tianjian nine cited the seventh style: Xuan Cang thunder, Daosheng all things, Lei Zhang.

    Tianjian nine cited the eighth style: the shadow disappeared, Wan Ying returned one, the virtual shadow did not exist.

    Tianjian nine cited the ninth style: ninety-nine one, the road to Jane, back to the truth.

    The pace of Mu Yu's foot is very mysterious. Stepping on the pattern of the opening of the market, it is like a water-like movement, and the body shape moves with the shadow sword. The whole person has been integrated into the sword.

    His heart has become extremely quiet, and I don’t know when he has never been so deeply immersed in Tianjian.

    Now that he has picked up Tianjian’s nine quotes, he discovered that he has not tried to practice these nine swords for a long time. Usually he moves, the shadow sword will automatically evolve the sword, to the point of moving, but the heart is moving, but the body is rusty.

    The original things are always so easy to forget.

    The shadow sword in the hand of Mu Yu gradually turns to the last one. It is the simplest one, and the most powerful one. A sword is pierced, and the sword is turned into a thousand. The sword belongs to one type. It seems to be flawless, but that Unstoppable!


    The vast swords flow from the whole body of Mu Yu, condensed in the shadow of the sword, as if to pierce the void, to smash the star river, to destroy everything. But at the moment when the sword gas will be sent out from the tip of the sword, the wood feathers will suffocate, and all the swords will be scattered and returned to the source.

    His sword has already reached the level of freedom.

    The shadow sword whispers softly, and a sword illusionizes the nine swords. It flashes around the wood feathers. The sword is full of breath, and the atmosphere is melodious, without any extra breath.

    A sigh of breath in the heart slowly spit out.

    He was amazed, because this time, his sword has already had the momentum of the first generation, and UU reading has no killing atmosphere in it, as if everything is back.

    His swordsmanship returned to its original essence, and it was full of vigor and vitality. It was like a flowing vitality that made people happy.

    "How long have you not felt this way!"Mu Yu sighed.

    After the anger and death of the grass, his swordsmanship lacked the original vitality and lost his own characteristics.

    Just as the sword of the Cheng Yan is mature and steady, Luo Jian’s sword is hot and bloody, and the sword to the south is thick and powerful. The sword of Mu Yu has always been vigorous.

    But this time, whenever the sword is out, his sword is always killing, like a god of death, wanting to get the pleasure of killing, has already violated the initial heart.

    "Killing, not my intention, is that I am too persistent."

    Mu Yu knows what he wants. () "Jian Yu Jiu Tian Tian" only represents the author's point of view of Hurricane Mu Yu. If it finds that its content is inconsistent with the national laws, please delete it. The position is only devoted to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!

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