Chapter 902 enters the open market

The sword gas gradually condensed in his chest, and he sat down again, and the dusty heart began to work.
As was the last time, his consciousness gradually left his body, can clearly see his body structure, black and white spirit in the body flow, the soul force attached to the body of the meridians, killing the gas throughout the body of every inch of the skin.
Mu Yu consciousness also condensed into his body, his hand appeared in the Shadow Sword, the Shadow Sword light flow, in the sword gas, Panzuo the moment, the body also appeared a sword gas. He continued to operate the sword nine, the body of the sword gas also began to walk in the middle of the meridians.
The sword is magnificent and magnificent, and it is full of vitality and vitality. It contains a sense of endless life. Wherever the sword gas went, the black and white spirit did not have any influence. On the contrary, the attached soul force began to be touched, just like meeting the nemesis, and constantly avoiding the sword.
The body's killing gas was also forced by the sword, and it collided with the soul. Soul force and killing seem to be a pair of nature. They have been avoiding the sword, fleeing from one part of the body to another, and they have no way to compete with Haoran sword.
However, there is no way for Mu Yu to expel them from the body. These have become part of his body, and they are extremely stripped and cannot be destroyed. He pondered for a moment, forced these breaths to his left arm, and used the sword to wrap the killing spirit and soul.
Then he moved in his heart and realized that the repulsive force of Kai Ding had disappeared. He can already enter the open market!
Mu Yuโ€™s consciousness gradually returned to his body, slowly opening his eyes and glanced at his left arm. His left arm seemed to be attached to the dirty force, powerful and violent.
However, the whole person feels very relaxed, just like returning to the time when there is no killing power, leisurely and full of optimism and hope for life.
"This is the real me. โ€
Mu Yu stood up, stretched his muscles and bones, and the lines of his feet were no longer a hindrance to him. He glanced at the medicine that was sitting on one side and sighed alone, and then walked to the medicine.
"The master of medicine, as you wish, I have already been recognized by Kai Ding. โ€Mu Yu said.
The medicine looked up infinitely, and the dry eyes seemed to light up the hope of the light: "Really, really?"
Mu Yu squatted down, stretched out his right hand, knocked on the lines under his feet, and his movements fluctuated, and his hand entered the open market without any hindrance.
The medicine looked at Mu Yu's right hand with great enthusiasm, and the whole body gradually trembled: "You did it!" you did it! You really did it! โ€
The medicine held the hand of Mu Yu tightly, and it was so happy that he cried: "The founder said that the opening of the market can protect our Danding faction, which means that our Dan Ding faction has been saved, the dead wood brother, you are also blessed in the Spirit of Heaven. We are Danding, aren't we?"
Mu Yu thinks of the dead wood old man, the most loved person who always does not like the old man who expresses his mouth. Here is his home. Even if the dead wood old man once made the Dan Ding party worthless, but Mu Yu is still back. to here.
At first, Mu Yu could not protect the dead wood, but this time he wanted to protect the home of the dead wood.
"Master medicine, rest assured! The Dan Ding faction will not be destroyed. โ€Mu Yu is unwavering.
The medicine nodded nodly: "Thank you, thank you! You have to go into the open market, you must learn the array of the ancestors left by the Dan dynasty, only then we can save! โ€
Mu Yu was silent for a moment, said: "Master of medicine, after I entered the market, in order to avoid doubt, you must leave here. If you stay here for too long, maybe they will…"
The medicine promise stood up and immediately said: "I know, I will leave!"
Mu Yu hesitated and said: "Master of medicine, just in case,

I have to erase your memory. The gods they set for you have been lifted by me, but for you and for others, I must make you a controlled person…"
The medicine has been stunned for a moment, and he knows what Mu Yu is scrupulous about. The soul of the soul can control the Yuande Taoist people to kill Zhuge Xiaosheng without knowing it. He naturally understands what this formation means.
Now Miegong and Shi Dengtian think that he is controlled. Once he does not show the actions of the controlled person, he will lead to suspicion and force him to tell the truth of the whole thing by various means…
The medicine promise thought of now Dan Ding faction of all kinds of situation, the whole Dan Ding faction is triple Palace control in hand, Yun Dan as the master but was forced to give up the position of the master, when the help of the outside people will control the entire Dan ding pie, Yuan de Taoist because swept array and lost the mind, hung far and Hung Yi two of the previous robbery period predecessors also were controlled, The whole Dan Ding pie will fall into the darkness …
As the pulse of Xuan Hongfeng, he can't do anything. The only thing he can do is to be a controlled person.
The medicine took a deep breath and the look on his face suddenly became very firm.
"Mu Yu, you can rest assured! Since they think they control me, then I will not reveal a little secret. Even if they are kneeling and being insulted by them, I will smile and smile, and listen to their orders like a loyal dog! For you, for Yundan brothers, for the Yuande Shibo, for the Danding pie of the ancestors, I can bear the burden! The Mie Palace has blinded us for so long, this time I want to be sober and face all this! โ€
The promising voice of the drug is powerful, without any hesitation, and his attitude is absolutely determined. If he is erased by Mu Yu, he will not know anything, and he will be kept in the same way as everyone else. But the Danding faction has already reached this point. He can't save it. He can't resist his foreign enemies by himself. Do you still have to live in a dream like a bystander?
The medicine is not reconciled, he wants to deal with all this soberly, and deal with the coming darkness of the Dan Ding faction. Only then will he know what the Danding faction has experienced in the future, and only then will he learn more profoundly. He doesn't want to escape!
"As long as I can save the Dan Ding, I can be a person without dignity. โ€The medicine is infinitely biting the teeth, almost extruding the words from the teeth.
Medicine Promise is a person who is highly conserved and knows the book. Such a person will not abandon his dignity, but it is related to the survival of Dan Ding. He chooses to lay down his dignity and be a person who is "controlled" by them!
"Master of medicine…"
Mu Yu looked at the master's firm eyes and gave birth to a respect. This admirable predecessor is like a glimpse of the Dan Ding faction, igniting the blood of Mu Yu.
"Master of medicine, your humiliation will not be ruthless, I will come back for you in the future! โ€
Mu Yu did not think about erasing the memory of the master of medicine. Since this dear and respectable predecessor made his own choice and wanted to face the reality of the Dan Ding school as a sober person, then he should respect other side.
"Mu Yu, I believe in you, I believe that you can get the inheritance of the Dan dynasty ancestor and help us to pass this catastrophe. For the future of Dan Ding, I will be a good person. โ€
The master of medicine resolutely turned and left the place, and his expression was determined, leaving only a firm and bleak back.
"Can he really do it? Do you have a controlled person? โ€Xiaoshuai asked curiously.
"The master of medicine is the most stable person besides Yundan Tao. He understands what time he should do something. What we can do is to find a way to control the opening of the market. The treasure of Kaixuan Ding is very similar to the atmosphere of the temple. I think the key to the Ding Dingโ€™s passing through this crisis is whether we can let Kai Ding play like a temple. โ€
Mu Yu looked at the master of medicine. He had no reason not to help Dan Ding. This is not only the home of the dead wood, but also the brave and determined predecessor of the master of medicine.
Mu Yuโ€™s sword gas sealed the killing spirit and soul power in his left hand. Xiao Shuai jumped to Mu Yuโ€™s shoulder. This guy didnโ€™t have to worry about restrictions when he went there. The wooden feather slowly sinks into the open market, and it is a strange world.
He seems to be in a chaotic chaos, surrounded by a faint mist, UU reading these fog looks very ethereal, can not be touched, but clearly visible.
Over these fogs, you can see the inner wall of the open market. The walls are filled with large and small inscriptions. The order of these inscriptions is very mysterious. It seems to follow some strange rules, but it is so messy.
"this is notโ€ฆโ€ฆ"
Mu Yu was amazed, because he had seen these inscriptions. When he was combined with the array of stone and the temple, he and Fu Zongzong Chang Tiancheng entered a chaos, and they saw these inscriptions!
At that time, Chang Tiancheng refining the inscriptions in a way that he understood, but Mu Yu did not refine these inscriptions. He did not even know what these inscriptions represented.
But Mu Yu knows how to understand these inscriptions. These inscriptions do not mean anything. Its meaning can represent thousands of things, but once the meaning of an inscription is determined, it must be found for the remaining inscriptions.
He came to the wall and looked at the inscriptions engraved on Dan Ding. The mind was completely attracted.
Although the inscription is engraved on the wall, in the eyes of the wood, these inscriptions seem to have their own life. Every inscription is like a world. It can represent anything in the world, but once it is given a In other words, other inscriptions associated with them will change.
All the inscriptions here are related to each other. Different inscriptions are arranged in each other to form a strange word, but no matter how the inscriptions are arranged and how they are reorganized, they have only eighty-one shapes, that is, eighty inscriptions are composed in different order. The large and small chapters on this wall.
"These inscriptions are like scriptures, we can't read them! It would be great if you were a big man. โ€Xiaoshuai remembered the dragon dragon guy. )Download the free reader!!

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