Chapter 903, the person who bears the burden of burden (on)

Mu Yu was close to Dingbi, and looked at these weird inscriptions and said, "Dragon is not there, let us try it for ourselves."

In front of him is a chapter composed of twenty-seven inscriptions, which is as unique as a statement. But this sentence Mu Yu couldn't read it directly. He had to combine all the inscriptions on the wall to infer the meaning.

There are only eighty inscriptions. These eighty-one can be composed in different order, so Mu Yu must think in his own way what these eighty inscriptions mean.

However, after he gave each of the eight inscriptions a meaning, Mu Yu was surprised to find that things were far from simple. The arrangement of these inscriptions changed and changed a whole sentence.

Just as if it was deliberately joking with Mu Yu, once Mu Yu once again defined a meaning to the inscription, the inscription will change again, and Mu Yu needs to start all over again.

"No, there is a problem."

Mu Yu has discovered the clue, and the inscription here is deliberately disguising himself.

"It's still fine!"Xiaoshuai said with amazement.

"But if it is not interpreted in this way, then how should it be interpreted in that way?"Mu Yu is quite puzzled.

All the inscriptions are slowly flashing, suddenly and small, just like breathing.

Mu Yu looked at the rhythm of those inscriptions, and his heart seemed to understand what it was.

He retired to the center of the open market, looked at the inscription in front of him, and then slowly moved his body. Every time he moved a position, all the inscriptions would change quietly, and it would be like a glimpse of heaven. The stars are average.

"It turns out to be."

Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully, his eyes flashed with lines, seemingly moving a few steps at random, and his heart was deduced, and he understood everything.

"What is it?" Why don't I understand? ”Xiaoshuai asked curiously.

β€œIf these inscriptions are to be deliberately interpreted, they will change at any time. Every time I change a vision, it will change, as if I had to follow the footsteps of the inscription changes.”

At the foot of Mu Yu, he walked a little and stood in the middle of the open market. A huge gossip pattern appeared at his feet. He stood on the boundary line between the black and white yin and yang fish in the middle of the gossip.

"Every time I go, they change regularly, just like deliberately confusing me. But on the other hand, I can also let them change with my pace. ”

Mu Yu has jumped in the direction of the southwest winds of the Eight Diagrams.

As soon as he moved, the inscriptions would change to a specific state as he moved.

Everything is relative, the inscription seems to change in order to avoid the prying of the wood feather, but in fact, once the wood feather moves in its own determined position, those inscriptions will change according to the law that Mu Yu wants to know.

"Oh, it turned out to be like this! Because the inscriptions are a total of eighty-one forms, no matter how we change, it can't escape these eighty-one changes, so we can make them show a certain state at a certain time according to this law! Wow! I am so smart! ”

Xiaoshuai suddenly realized that his cerebellum

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