Chapter 904, the person who bears the burden of burden (below)

The medicine looked at Yundan Taoist infinitely indifferently and continued:

"Dan Dingpai, under your leadership, has suffered a great blow to his reputation. Many people in the realm of comprehension have begun to question whether our Dan Ding faction is qualified and eight shoulders. We all think that our alchemists are not worth such a huge Special treatment, and the squad should be respected!"

"The squad and our alchemists have different strengths, but we still have an advantage over them!"Yundan Taoist perceives that the medicine is not the right thing.

"Is there an advantage? Zhuo Xiaosheng, the patriarch of the ancestor, was attacked by the Tuyoumeng Mozu on the site of our Danding School. As the head of the Danding School, there was no timely rescue. Even Yuande Shibo was killed in Yumeng. Family hands!

If it weren’t for Zhuge Xiaosheng’s manpower to turn the tide, I’m afraid I would not be spared! Now that the outside world is passing, the squad is the future of the realm of cultivation. You are not the head of the Dan Ding faction. Do you still understand this? ”

"Pharmaceutical brother, pay attention to your tone of voice! You are an alchemy teacher! ”The voice of Yundan Taoist is mixed with anger.

The medicine is infinitely staring at Yundan Taoist: "Because I am an alchemy teacher, I know that the future of the Dan Ding School is correct!"

"What do you mean?"There is a hint of anger in the voice of Yundan Taoist.

"I mean, it is time for Danding to change the head!"The medicine said infinitely.


The stone table under the Yundan Taoist was broken into powder.

"So you were also bought by the time?"Yundan Taoist angered.

The medicine is extremely cold and cold: "I just think that the Danding party will go further under the leadership of the brothers!"


Yundan Taoist stood up and pointed to the Promise, and he was extremely angry with the medicine. He never imagined that his most trusted younger brother had betrayed himself, and he also said this inhumanity.

"Hahaha! Pharmacist, you can say that it is a bit wrong, Yundan brother is still our head brother, you can not be rude! ”

When Deng Tiantian slowly walked up from the small road below the cliff, he looked radiantly at the medicine.

"See the time brother."

The medicine is infinitely slightly covered, with a respectful and humble smile on his face, and the attitude of being indifferent to the two is as if he is welcoming the true master of the Danding.

Yundan Taoist looked at the promising state of medicine, he was so angry that he trembled!

"Pharmaceutical brother, you just said this, but the bully annihilation ancestors! Although Hong Yuan and Hong Yi are interested in reforming the Dan Ding faction, the change of the head of the house must be agreed upon by all the elders of each vein. Next time, please don’t let me hear similar words again. . ”When Deng Tian smiled.

The medicine is infinitely smiling: "Brother, I am only thinking about the future of the Dan Ding School. I think the Dan Ding faction must have a capable person to lead. Now the brothers can invite the two immortals to visit the elders of the emperor. At this festival, it is to consolidate the status of the Dan Ding in the realm of comprehension. I believe that under the leadership of the brothers, the Dan Ding will go even further. far. ”

"The medicine is promising, you are arrogant!"Yundan Taoist angered, his body swayed uncomfortably, and there was no wind in Tsing Yi.

There is no fear of medicine, and he looks at the eyes of Yundan Taoist people full of contempt: "Yundan brother, Dan Ding sent under your leadership, even the right to tell the truth is gone?"


When did the Yundan Taoist have been so angry? As a head of the family, he was so degraded by his own younger brother. Even if he cultivated again, it would be irritating.

However, when I recall the current situation, the head of the Danding School is still him, but the elders of Hongyuan and Hongyi still have the right to decide whether he will continue to be the head, and other elders are also afraid of the power of the sky. I dare not say anything more.

Today's Dan Ding faction has been smoldering, and when it was all over the world, he was in control. In his hands, he was unable to return to heaven.


The Yundan Taoist sighed and sighed, shook his head, and then slowly left the top of the mountain. His figure looked so bleak in the air.

"Sorry, Master Yundan, but I have to do this. Only then can I get the trust of going to heaven and know the plan to go to heaven."

The medicine is endlessly bleeding in the heart, he can not wait to fan himself a few slaps! He knows all this root

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