Chapter 905 sees chaotic yin and yang

"Is that you?"Mu Yu looked at the inscription that Xiaoshuai pointed. &1t;/p>

Tianhengchang persists in chaos closure, and Shadow God is not within the Five Elements. &1t;/p>

"Yes, I am not very clear about the previous sentence, but the latter sentence I feel is saying me."Xiaoshuai said curiously. &1t;/p>

"saying you? Are you not within the five elements? The shadow god spirit is not within the five elements, not within the five elements, not within the five elements…and many more! I feel like I have heard similar words in some places! ”&1t;/p>

Mu Yu began to recall, some flashes in his mind, the memory flowed like a reversal in his mind, and suddenly he suddenly thought: "Right! Illusion! The illusion said something similar! ”&1t;/p>

At the time of the second heaven, the illusion of guarding the grass created an illusion that Mu Yu could not distinguish the true and false, almost let the wood feather collapse, unable to distinguish what is reality, what is the fantasy, and later because of Xiaoshuai The existence of the wood feather suddenly combed the illusion. &1t;/p>

At that time, the confused little handsome said that he seemed to know the illusion, and the illusion said a word to Xiaoshuai: &1t;/p>

"Like you, you can't guess my identity, and I can't put you into the dreams I created. We are always bound by the respective laws of heaven and earth. Beyond the five elements, there is an inexplicable force that limits our existence like us, isn't it? ”&1t;/p>

The illusion said that he and Xiaoshuai came out of the five elements, and the inscription here also mentioned that "the shadow god is not in the five elements", Xiaoshuai is the sword spirit of the sword shadow dust, as for the illusion, if the wood feather does not guess If it is wrong, it should be a kind of sword spirit around the phantom rain. &1t;/p>

So what is the “shadowing spirit” mentioned in the inscription here? &1t;/p>

"Shadow God refers to the old man with white beard! The spirit is referring to me. ”Xiaoshuai suddenly said with great certainty. &1t;/p>

"but……So is the shadow god symbolizing identity or symbolizing strength? ”&1t;/p>

Mu Yu was puzzled. He couldn’t catch up with Master’s footsteps. Master’s feelings were too mysterious. At this time, the Master was suddenly given a strange name, and this kind of title was even heard. never heard of that. &1t;/p>

Xiaoshuai said thoughtfully: "I think it should be a kind of strength? It should be enough to be a shadow god! You see, sword shadow dust, phantom rain, evil shadow is not old, why do their names bring a shadow? ”&1t;/p>

"Isn't that white world a shadow god?"&1t;/p>

Mu Yu remembers what Bai Bian has done. Although he hates this person, he has to say that this person is very powerful. &1t;/p>

"He is a fart! If he is a god of shadow, he will not have to bother to think of the eternal life of the white-bearded old man. He does not have the same breath as me. ”Xiaoshuai said. &1t;/p>

"Then what happened to you and Master, why do you become like this now?"Mu Yu asked. &1t;/p>

"I don't know, I can't remember. It seems that the old man with white beard took me to do a very important thing. I am sure that it is not the reason for the imprisonment. It is not here in Santian. As a result, he suffered. Very serious injury, I also suffered a very serious injury, probably just like this! Otherwise, it will be framed by the stupid white world! ”&1t;/p>

Xiaoshuai touched the little brain, and there were some fragmentary fragments flashing in his mind. These fragments were captured again by the wooden feathers in the heart. &1t;/p>

It is a place where stars shine, countless boulders fly, familiar swords and sorrows, bloody sky, powerful enemies seem to want to crush the whole piece of void,

The sword shadow dust and Xiaoshuai are surrounded by many people hiding behind the fog. The horrible cultivation of those people can destroy a big 6 in a flash. &1t;/p>

The war is at the touch! &1t;/p>

Then the blood flowed into the river, and the body fell down. There was a huge black whirlpool in the void, as if it was beginning to devour everything, and it made people feel horrified, but the sword shadow dust and Xiaoshuai stunned toward the group. The black vortex flew over…&1t;/p>

Then there was a huge explosion, destroying the earth and destroying the earth. &1t;/p>

Then there are only a few chicken legs and duck legs left in the memory of Xiaoshuai. &1t;/p>

Oh, yes, the legs of the roast goose. &1t;/p>

"Why do you think about these things at the crucial moment!" Can't think more about it? ”Mu Yu can't wait to kill this food. &1t;/p>

"I can't think of it, anyway, the most important thing to eat."Xiaoshuai said indifferently. &1t;/p>

"If you are as good as it used to be, we don't have to have such a headache now."Mu Yu shook his head. &1t;/p>

"Damn! You are not very good at me, I am handsome. ”Xiaoshuai shook his head and said. &1t;/p>

Mu Yu has no way to learn more memories from Xiao Shuai's mind, so he can't find more information. After he has recorded these inscriptions, he needs to pay attention to the following questions: What should I do after reading these inscriptions? &1t;/p>

Even if the inscription was interpreted by Mu Yu, he did not find any way to use the open market from these inscriptions. These inscriptions only recorded some obscure information. &1t;/p>

Mu Yu stared at the inscription in the air for a long time, and suddenly there was a flash of light in his mind, thinking of something. &1t;/p>

"If the meaning of these inscriptions represents the position of the gossip, then this inscription should represent the dry, this representative is away, and there are 艮, 巽, 坤, 震, 兑, 坎, in this case, you can try to connect these eight inscriptions together. ."&1t;/p>

The wood feathers began to move slowly, the light in the hands refracted on each inscription, and they were connected together. When the light was illuminated from different inscriptions, the inscriptions in the air also showed some changes in the arrangement. . &1t;/p>

When the wood feathers go to a certain angle, the inscriptions of the refracted rays in the air form a gossip shape. At this time, the position of the gossip is just above the top of the wood feather head, and the wood feathers are also standing. The center of the market. &1t;/p>

Hey! &1t;/p>

The slight sounding seems to come from the ancient call, mysterious and mighty, which makes people feel shocked. All the inscriptions in the air disappeared, leaving only the eight inscriptions trembled with each other, and the sound of the heart was heard. &1t;/p>

A black and white light circulates from the gossip formation in the sky. The black and white rays cover the cyan formations in the hands of the wooden feathers, and they are directly illuminated, and the wood feathers are also shrouded in them. &1t;/p>

At the foot of Mu Yu, it was originally a hard open market. I don’t know what material to make. The black and white rays are wrapped around the wooden feathers and fall on the place where Mu Yu’s feet stand. &1t;/p>

It’s like two stones falling into the water, and a slight shackle is formed. The feet of Muyu are like two eyes on the taiwan yin and yang fish in the central part of the gossip, and a huge gossip appears on the bottom of the open market. The formation is shimmering with a golden glow, and the black and white atmosphere begins to rotate around the wood feather. &1t;/p>

Oh! &1t;/p>

It is like a fish jumping out of the water, splashing water, the two black and white gas at the foot of the wooden feather began to rush out of the bottom of the open market, the black chaotic gas has white eyes, the white chaotic gas has black eye. &1t;/p>

They chase each other, entangle each other, separate and aggregate, as if two active elves are wandering around the open market. &1t;/p>

"this is not……Is this not chaotic yin and yang? ”&1t;/p>

Mu Yu was shocked. He didn't expect that there would be chaos and yin and yang! &1t;/p>

However, the chaotic yin and yang in this chaotic yin and yang are not the same as the chaotic yin and yang in the wood feather. The specific difference is not clear, because the chaotic yin and yang are two black and white, but the chaotic yin and yang on the open market No closeness. &1t;/p>

“Does this mean that you have to conquer these two things again?”&1t;/p>

The black and white air in the open market is swimming in lightness, and the small handsome who is still in the air is bounced up. The two breaths wash each other and put the little handsome on top of each other, just like playing. . &1t;/p>

"Haha, don't make trouble! Don't make trouble! Very itchy! ”&1t;/p>

Xiaoshuai was happily bombarded in the air, but he was not injured at all. The two breaths were like being very close to Xiaoshuai, and cheerfully wandering around the young handsome. &1t;/p>

Xiaoshuai jumped in the air and jumped to the top of the black chaotic gas. He stepped on the black chaotic gas and shouted: "Chong! My little black man! ”&1t;/p>

The black chaotic gas is like a mount carrying a small handsome swimming around, the white chaotic gas jumps, lightly put the little handsome to the top, and then squatted, caught the young handsome. &1t;/p>

"Little white man! Let's take the little black together! ”&1t;/p>

Xiaoshuai became a human figure, sitting on his little white mount, but the black chaotic gas was not happy, and suddenly the young handsome was grabbed on top of his head. &1t;/p>

Xiao Shuai and a black and white chaotic gas are very happy in the air. They are like the most primitive creatures, playing innocently and innocently. &1t;/p>

Mu Yu looked thoughtfully at Xiao Shuai's figure, chaotic yin and yang will actually have a good impression on Xiaoshuai, UU reading This is what Mu Yu did not expect, the last time Mu Yu entered the temple In the chaos, Xiaoshuai did not go in, Mu Yu is now only Xiaoshuai is so extraordinary. &1t;/p>

At this time, his heart was fretting, because he felt that the chaotic yin and yang of his body had been silent for a while, and they also wanted to run out. Mu Yu did not stop, and then his body's black and white gas also rushed out, joined the play in the air. &1t;/p>

There are four chaos in the open market, and there is Xiaoshou, a playful little boy. Xiaoshuai is in the midst of these four chaos, and every chaotic gas seems to want to make small. Handsome rides on himself. &1t;/p>

"You call Dabai, you are Xiaobai, you are called Big Black, you are Xiaohei!"&1t;/p>

Xiaoshuai has casually named the four chaotic yin and yang in the air, and then carried all kinds of interesting moves with his little black, white and black. &1t;/p>

Mu Yu can distinguish which two chaotic yin and yang are their own. Since the chaotic yin and yang recognized him as the main, there has not been such a situation. It is like finding a companion who has been separated for many years and playing around the young handsome. Very happy. &1t;/p>

"How do I deal with the chaotic yin and yang here?"&1t;/p>

Mu Yu is quite puzzled. This chaotic yin and yang is like a few children, playing with Xiaoshuai, but Mu Yu knows that he must use the chaotic yin and yang to control the opening of the market. If you can do it, maybe open the market. Ding can, like the temple, directly drive the people of Sangong Palace out of the Danding School. &1t;/p>


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